White Sweater: Tap Twice

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I never even got her name. I have no contact information for her, nor any way of ever seeing her again. Unless I see her ad again or go back to the same spot and hope she is still wearing her white Cashmere sweater and that it means the same thing it meant last week. I have jumped ahead a little bit…

(Last Thursday)

I was at work and bored as usual. I was flipping from sight to sight trying to find some way of passing my time. Nothing too graphic, mind you, you never know who may be looking at the history on a work computer. I was just bouncing around the singles sights and the boring dating sights looking for anything to pique my interest. Most of the ads looked a little wishy-washy and all required a picture to garner a response. I, of course, had no way to submit anything seeing how I have no pictures of any kind at my office. So, the lackluster experience was about to come to an end when a small non-glittering ad with no special accoutrements caught my eye. The heading was simple and to the point:

“I will be sitting next to the magazines at a table with one chair in the bookstore, wearing a white cashmere sweater. Tap me on the shoulder 3 times and I will know its you.”

This approach was very new to me. This was clearly someone who was neither picky nor selective when it came to her trysts. I was instantly curious to see what happens when you tap her on the shoulder. I checked the timestamp on the post and realized that it had been posted about thirty-five minutes prior to my reading. It’s possible that she may actually be there. I knew that the odds were against this even being a real situation, but being that there is only 1 bookstore near me, and her post fell within my zip code, I thought it might be worth a shot.

(15 minutes later)

I was in the process of parking my car in a busy parking lot in front of the busy store. Think supermarket sized bookstore and you will have an idea of where I was. The parking lot was easily half full, which meant there were probably about forty-five to fifty people inside. This should be interesting. As I was walking in, I found myself becoming a little nervous. I had never done anything like this and what was I going to say when I saw her and tapped her shoulder, assuming she was even there.

I nonchalantly walked into the store, looking the entire world like I did not belong there. I have a hefty build, similar to an athlete who has since ceased being an athlete over the last ten years, but still an attractive man. But not the scholarly looking type you expect to see in a bookstore. Granted, I am a very well read and educated man, but I am more of a library person, really. Passing through the automatic doors and cringing at the a-little-too-loud beep that announced my presence I made a beeline to the first set of shelves that I could find. They happened to be cooking, which was fine. I also began to notice that my hands were a little bit clammy and that my heart was fluttering a little. I felt as nervous as an eighth grader at his first dance.

(10 minutes later)

After glancing emptily at the cooking books and travel section I decided to meander over to the small cafe where all the tables were. I had calmed my self down a little bit by convincing myself that what I was doing was bordering emek escort on sheer idiocy. What kind of woman would post something like that and actually be here. Who was I kidding to think that someone would actually do this?

I continued to approach the cafe and when I came to the cafe, I took a brief look around. There were a few people there reading or talking but every table was filled. I looked closer at the tables and saw that three of them had only one chair. Unfortunately they were not filled with women wearing white cashmere. I muttered to myself of my own follies and got into line to get a coffee before I left. To my surprise, I got into line with a woman wearing a white cashmere sweater. She was holding a magazine and was staring quietly at the floor while the person in front of her ordered a coffee with far too many instructions to be considered coffee. She had a nice frame, not too thin, but definitely not fat. Curvy, I think is the word that people use to describe that build. She had long curly brown hair and an olive complexion that was reminiscent of Greek or somewhere else on the Mediterranean.

She moved forward in the line and began to say her order for some weird lemon chai tea something or other but I was not paying attention to her order. Here she was!! The Cashmere Sweater Girl. I was absolutely amazed and immediately my palms began to sweat again as my mind raced a hundred miles per minute. I glanced at the cafe tables and saw that one had just emptied and that it had two chairs in front of it as well as being right next to the magazine rack. She collected her drink and walked over to it and scooted the other chair over to another table with a quick apology to the woman there about being cramped. She sat down and opened her magazine and leaned back in her chair, looking as relaxed as a person could look.

“Sir.” An impatient voice stirred from my staring. “Sir, would you like to order something?” a voice said as I brought my attention back to the counter where a pierced-nose’d teenager looked impatiently at me. I mumble an order quickly to her and gave her money and did not grab my change. I grabbed my drink tightly and began to walk towards the table where my cashmere’d angel was sitting.

(The moment of truth)

I was walking impossibly slow and was immediately wondering what I should do. Should I just tap her on the shoulder or should I say, “Excuse me” after I tap her. What should I do? My moment of truth was fast approaching, as there was only about fifteen feet between her table and myself. I found myself becoming incredibly aroused by the possibilities of what could happen. A thousand scenarios played through my mind, from the incredibly dirty and sleazy to the quietly sensual.

I reached her table and she was facing away from me. Mustering all of the strength that I could, I gently tapped her three times quickly and said nothing. She set her magazine down and shuddered visibly for an instant. I realized that she was probably experiencing all of the same feelings that I might be, just a little different point of view on them.

She slowly turned around and said with a smile, “Please don’t say anything just walk outside of the building and go left towards the far side near the highway. Keep following eryaman escort the edge until you get to the generator, I will be there in two minutes”.

I had no idea how to respond. My mouth was so impossibly dry from the anticipation I could not do anything but mouth “okay” and slowly walk away from her. I followed her instructions implicitly and took many sips of my beverage on the way. I was so glad that I had gotten a mango/kiwi-flavored water. I made it to the generator and waited. I slowly turned around and looked at my settings and silently wondered what could possibly be in store for me.

By the time I had gone a full circle around she had come around the corner. She had a small smile on her face and one finger over her lips. It was obvious she wanted silence for this.

(The embrace)

She slowly walked towards me with that finger over her lips and before I knew it she was inches away from me. She looked straight into my eyes and lunged forward with her lips. She caught me in a tight kiss with one hand encircling my waist and the other hand scratching my head with her fingernails. Scratching hard enough to be noticed but not hard enough to hurt. It took me almost two whole seconds to begin kissing her back and she immediately responded by slipping her warm tongue into my mouth and creating suction. The kiss was fantastic.

Her eyes closed, she pulled away and grabbed one of my hands and placed it on her breast outside of that sweater. Cashmere had never felt so soft. She leaned into me and licked my neck with a moan as I began to lightly rub her breast through the sweater. I felt her nipple was rigid through the sweater and also noticed, not surprisingly that she was braless. I reached up with my other, until now, useless hand and grabbed her not too tightly on the nape of her neck lightly brushing her hairline with my thumb. Her hair, which smelled slightly of a familiar French perfume that I forget the name of, was soft and warm.

She licked my neck softly and breathed deeply as she slowly moved her free hand from my waist and slid it underneath the seam of my shirt and again scratched not hard, but hard enough to notice down my side. She began to nibble at my neck and moved into me a little as she continued to moan. Feeling some of my primordial MAN taking over I gently moved my other hand from her neck to her other breast and savored her wordless and breathful reaction. Using my new leverage to move her back into a full deep kiss, I felt my manhood becoming hard and straining in my jeans. She noticed as well and immediately moved the one hand from my head down to the zipper of my jeans and slowly began to undue them.

With both of our eyes closed we began to move closer into each other and she was no longer the only one moaning. I moved both my hands under the sweater and felt the supple prizes underneath in all their ripeness. Both of her nipples seemed painfully hard, as I was, and her nibbling became a little more frantic and hard. She took both hands and pushed me back against the wall as she used her hands to begin to undue my belt. With one last hard bite to my neck she slowly slid her face down to where my unzipped and unbelted pants were. Using that same pretty mouth she gripped the button on my jeans ankara escort and deftly unbuttoned them, freeing me.

Without looking up and without a word she took me into her warm mouth. With light suction she took me half in and slowly out. The feeling was amazing. I immediately began to rock forward a little bit as she took more of me into her mouth. After three or four motions she had me all the way in. My breathing was already a little bit heavy from the hotness of this whole situation and I put one hand on her shoulder and the other hand on the nape of her neck. I began to rock forward in and out of her mouth when she quickly pulled off and said the first words she had said since we were inside “Don’t move too much, I just want to suck your cock and I don’t want to gag.” Without any kind of response from me she quickly engulfed me again with her warm and wet mouth. She was moaning lightly and did not seem to mind that I was gripping her hair tightly. She put both hands on my ass and really began to work my cock quickly. I wanted this to last forever, but being a man, knew that it would not.

She continued to work my penis with her mouth and tongue, even grazing her teeth light along the tip every so often and then she pulled my pants down. Without missing a beat, even though the angle had changed she began to suck even harder on me. I felt myself contracting a little in my glands as I was nearing the point of no return. She took both hands and roughly raked her fingernails along my ass and began to moan a little louder knowing that I was about to come. I was gripping her hair and shoulder tightly as she pulled all the way off and then thrust all the way back on. I was watching my cock disappear into the mouth of a total stranger and the thought in my mind shouted that I knew I would not be able to hang much more. With a tightened grip of her hair and one more raking of her fingernails, I felt my balls contract a little and my cock swell. She felt it too and immediately backed off about halfway but continued. She looked up at me with eyes that said that she wanted me to come. With one last hard suck I could not take any more and closed my eyes and gripped her hair tightly and began to come. I felt everything contract and pulsate and she continued to suck hard on my cock as I came in her mouth. I seemed to come forever and she swallowed it as it came up moaning as loudly as she could I noticed one hand was between her legs as I was coming and she was getting off just as much as I was. With one last small gyration, I pumped my last shot into her sweet mouth. Keeping her mouth pursed tightly over the tip of my dick to get it all, she slowly stood up, taking the hand that had been between her legs, shoved two fingers in my mouth so that I could taste her. I sucked slowly because I did want to taste her. She used her other hand to pull the sweater down over her breasts and leaned up and to kiss my cheek. A small peck on the cheek before she leaned up to say, “Thank You.”

She strutted away quickly around the corner and left me to collect myself, which, after what had just happened, took about fifteen seconds to calm down and get rebuttoned. I quickly dashed around the corner of the building and could not see her. Just like that she was gone and I have never seen her since.

I walked back to the scene of the crime by the generator, where she had left her magazine, but there was no name on it. I took the magazine home with me, and believe me, it is better than any porno or story, and it is a magazine about makeup and hairstyling.

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