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She was naked. Really naked.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen a naked girl before. He had seen plenty. But none had ever seemed as naked as she did right now.

She was in the shower. Had just started it. And the curtains were open. He was watching her from the doorway. The bathroom was small, so as he leaned on the wall just outside the doorway, he was about four feet from her. Maybe less.

And she was naked and running her hair under the water, getting it wet, turning to get her body wet. Running her mouth under the stream, knowing he was watching her. But not looking toward him. Just focusing on the shower.

He looked at her naked body. He had never seen her naked. It didn’t seem to faze her. It was the way she wanted him to watch, was moving under the water, that made her seem all the more vulnerable, and all the more naked and exposed.

Her eyes were closed as the hot water hit her face. If the door wasn’t open, the bathroom would have filled with steam, but the ventilation released it. And he looked down her body, looked at her mouth, her breasts, her belly, and because she was sideways, that was all he could see.

For now.

Her tongue reached out for the pounding water, and she reached for the vanilla soap she always used. She poured some in her hand and the heat swirled the room in sweet vanilla as she ran it over her body, getting it soapy and slippery. She still hadn’t glanced his way.

Her hands moved over her breasts, moving the soapy water around them, and he could see the water dripping between them. He wanted to lick that. Her hands moved around her breasts down to the nipple and in the slippery soap she worked her nipples and he heard he sigh softly, making them hard and tight, holding them under the water pressure, and he saw her eyes flutter.

She still squeezed and worked her nipples and he saw her legs part slightly, but still he couldn’t see between them. He could wait. He was enjoying her working her wet nipples under the water, cradling her breasts, and they were so big they were hard for her to hold, but she managed, pulling and squeezing her soapy nipples harder, her mouth opening to the stream of water again, her tongue out to feel the pounding pressure of the water.

He watched her lean slightly against the wall as the sensations took her over, and her legs opened more, and one hand moved down between them. He wanted to see.

She held out though, keeping her legs turned slightly away, and he knew she was doing it on purpose, but his hard dick didn’t seem to mind as he watched her canlı bahis şirketleri wet body move, writhe under the water, watched her slippery wet tits rise as she ran her hands through her wet hair.

She looked hot and wet and he wanted to see her pussy.

She ran her fingers down again between her legs, and the other hand went to her mouth and she sucked her thumb into her mouth, and he knew she was thinking of him especially when she did that. And his dick got harder. He was getting impatient.

And finally she turned, and looked right into his eyes, with a smile that could only be described as dirty, and she held onto the bar above her that held the shower curtain, fully facing him now, but still, he wanted her open.

She held the bar and lifted herself up with it, her nipples pointed outward and upward, right at him, wet and hot, and she leaned toward him, her wet mouth seeking his, but he didn’t move, and she pulled back before he could, still smiling.

And she finally leaned herself back on the wall of the bathtub. And he stood up straighter because he knew. Still keeping eye contact with him, just with the upper part of her back against the wall, so her breasts stood up and out, and her hips jutted out toward him, she lifted her left leg to brace herself on the tub, and with the hot water pounding her wet body, she turned to the side, eyes closed, to open her wet pussy for him.

To show him.

Her other hand worked one of her nipples and her fingers held her pussy open wide, and even from looking at it he could tell it wasn’t just wet from the water. It looked hot, wet, and as she worked it with her fingers, her eyes fluttered, her teeth it into her lower lip, and she squeezed her clit and sighed loudly.

He wasn’t sure when his position of leaning on the door turned into both hands gripping the doorway.

He wasn’t sure when he felt holding onto the doorframe was holding him in place. But now he held tightly to it, because he wasn’t sure what would happen if he let go.

He watched her fingers inside her, he watched them wet and working herself. He watched her other hand pulling and stroking her nipples. He watched her start to shake. He knew it was coming.

He watched her wet mouth, open, the shower beating down, sighing, her eyes closed, her head back, knowing he was there, and it made it so much better for her, and he held tightly to the doorway, and it was something she did after the last time she sighed, and just before he knew she was going to come, that forced him to let go.

Watching canlı kaçak iddaa her wet and ready to come, eyes closed, she sighed his name. And he knew she didn’t do it because he was there. She would have done it anyway.

That was it. He had only just enough patience to quickly get his sneakers and socks off and he was in the tub with her, fully dressed, and because her eyes were closed, she was totally shocked as he fell to his knees in the tub, lifted her against the wall with one leg over each shoulder and buried his mouth in her soaking wet pussy.

He sucked her into his mouth, pushed his tongue inside her, and she was so dripping wet, and he worked her clit and held tightly to her hips. And he couldn’t get enough of her.

And the orgasm that raged through her immediately was more intense because of the pure surprise, and that shock made it impossible for her to control her loud, raking reaction to it. Her fingers were in his wet hair, pulling tightly as he relentlessly licked her and sucked her already swollen and aching pussy. It was too much. As the shower pounded down on them, she came over and over, and he felt her coming and wanted more. She was slippery and wet in a way that he knew had nothing to do with the shower.

Finally she begged him to stop, and he didn’t want to, but she pushed him off, pushing him against the wall, peeling his wet shirt off, and it was so erotic to her to peel his wet layers away to reveal his body underneath, his skin she craved to touch and taste, and taste it she did, their wet mouths drinking from each other, kissing and finding each others’ tongues, his hands never stopping to move over her slippery wet body that felt so delicious and her mouth working her way down his chest as she got him out of the last of his wet clothes and found his rock hard dick with her mouth.

And now his back was against the wall and his hands were in her hair and her mouth was hungry, her tongue working his cock deeper into her mouth, her hands finding his balls and stroking them, pulling him out of her mouth to lick his wet balls and cradle them with her tongue and then back on his dick again, wanting more of it. Still more.

She sucked him hard until he knew he was going to come and he couldn’t stop it, it was too good and he was too hard and it was too wet and she was too hungry for it and he knew that was what she wanted and she wouldn’t stop until he did. And so he came hard, holding her hair tightly as she lapped up all he had to give and wanted more still, and moved up off her knees and never canlı kaçak bahis took her hand off his dick, stroking it, keeping him there.

I’m dirty, she said, and poured her soap between them again, and his hands moved over her heavy breasts, moving in circles to make them soapy and slippery and she rubbed her body up and down the front of his, still working his dick with her hand. And he rubbed the soap all over her naked wet body and she kissed him again, drinking the water from his lips, sucking on his wet tongue, until they were rinsed clear of soap and he was hard again.

She shut the water off and coaxed him to the floor of the tub, his hard dick never out of her hands. He was lying on his back and she moved over him and looked him in the eye just before she moved him to her wet pussy and slid down onto him, slowly.

Slowly, she controlled herself, sliding up and down, watching his face, and his face made it harder to go slowly, because the heat in his eyes was getting her wetter and hotter, and she started to go faster.

He couldn’t stay down on the floor of the tub as good as it felt. He was tired of standing still. He needed to move.

He lifted her gently off him and out of the tub. Their bodies were still wet from the shower and he kissed her against the wall and slowly moved her, backing her to the sink, kissing her, tongues twisted around each other, the whole time, until she was against the sink.

She had no idea where she was or where she was going but was lost in his mouth as he lifted her onto the sink, and his mouth moved to her neck and he lifted one leg over his arm, her knee in the crook of his elbow, and moved her hips to him, and then she was there.

And he slid his hard dick inside her slowly, his mouth still working her neck, her head back, as he moved faster, deeper, and she urged him on, with whatever voice she had left, harder, faster, more.

The bathroom was hot from the remaining steam and they both were sweating. She licked a drop of sweat that ran down his neck as he made her come again. It had been so many times she had lost count.

Still, she held on for the ride and whispered in his ear. She whispered what she wanted. What she wanted was him.

All over her.

He got faster and harder and her arms wrapped around his neck as his breathing got faster. And just as she had started, she finished him by whispering his name in his ear. And he pulled out as he came and she held him tightly in her hands and he came all over her hands, her belly, and her pussy.

He pulled her tightly to him and her arm was tightly and jealously around his neck and they were wet with sweat and the shower and sticky with his come.

With his breathing fast against her neck, she licked her fingers and could not remember when she last was dry.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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