Wendy’s College Adventures

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My first group sex, and then some.

It was a typical college Friday night for my second year. Classes were finished for the week, and I had gone out for supper with a friend. We had stopped by a dance club/tavern and shared a pitcher of margaritas. After we finished the pitcher, we left, each going to our own dorm rooms.

I was not smashed but was feeling pretty good, got into my nightshirt, and soon fell asleep. I was vaguely aware of Gayle coming into the room we shared a little after midnight, and from the sound of it, she had a guy with her. This was the first time she had done that, as we had made a pact about no male visitors if the two of us were here. Things got quiet and I sort of drifted off. But just before I did really fall asleep, I heard little moans from Gayle, and heavier breathing from him. “Oh Greg, not in my panties.” After a few minutes, Gayle gave up. The rustling of the bed told me the clothes were coming off. I inhaled, and Gayle’s pussy scent was quite evident.

The noise from Gayle’s side of the room changed from giggles and rustling covers to squeaking springs. It was more than I could ignore, and my fingers found my nipples. First one, then the other and they were rising, rising quickly. My nipples were feeling good, (they are usually sensitive), but there was an urge building in me that I couldn’t resist. Fingers slid under the elastic and the warm wetness of my puss was my reward.

Rubbing a clit is not a quiet affair. Even though I tried to stifle them, my throat gave moans that I couldn’t control. Listening to Gayle’s increasing sounds of getting close, I, too, became louder. When she came, I joined her almost simultaneously. Gayle might have been in the throes of passion, but her hearing was not diminished. “Wendy, did you just cum?”

“Uh huh” was my weak answer. I heard giggles from both Gayle and her lover. I heard the rustling of the covers, the squeak of a bed. Oh my gosh, they are climbing in my bed, one on each side of me!

I feel a hand on my left breast, whose I don’t know. Then a kiss on the left side of my neck. A bit of scratchy chin, so it must be him. From the side of my neck being kissed, it must be his hand on my left boob. A kiss on my other side, soft and smooth, so I am getting the attention of both. This is turning into quite a Friday night. Exciting!!

I feel fingers caress both my nipples thru my nightshirt. The fingers belonging to Gayle do a better job of pleasuring me. Someone is lifting my nightshirt and there are warm hands cupping both my boobs. Eyes closed, I lay back and dream. I smile at how well I am being treated.

My moans must have motivated them, for soon fingers are tugging at my panties. I raise my butt to ease someone’s efforts. I feel a scratchy chin in my cleavage as he traces his tongue all over one nipple, then the other. His teeth hold one nipple, his fingers twirl the other. He might not know how to shave well, but he sure knows how to work nipples.

An unseen hand pulls my panties down my legs; I am breathing faster, heavier, and kick them off all the way. While he is still suckling my nipples, a smaller hand rubs my mound, curling bakırköy escort fingers in my trimmed pelt and tugging gently, then a bit more eagerly. Lower the fingers go, sliding into my moist slit, and rubbing my clit up and down from both sides. This has to be Gayle, as the fingers know how to treat a clit. I feel one finger enter my puss, deep deeeper, DEEEEPPP. Her knuckle mashes my clitty as she strokes me.

The one finger is joined by another. They slide deep, filling me, my puss hot and wet now. Gayle’s fingers go halfway, and do the “come here” curl on my G-spot. My thighs tighten around her hand, my hips bucking, matching her ever-increasing speed. Then there is nothing, but only for a moment.

Gayle’s hot breath warms my mound. “Wendy, your scent is delightful.” I don’t need any more of a hint, as my legs open fully for her. I feel thumbs spreading my labia, then a tongue doing long, slow licks from low up to my clit. The tongue rubs my clit, then lips surround it, sucking my bud and a tongue flicks it. Relentlessly. My hips buck eagerly, my thighs hold her head, my nails rake her hair, pulling her into me so she can’t escape until I am ready to let go.

Meantime, my nipples have been receiving lots of kisses, sucking, with teeth holding them gently before giving a little nibble. I have never been double-teamed before—this is exciting, really exciting. And it doesn’t take long for this attention to my pussy and nipples to have the desired result. OHHHHH UUUGGGHHHH as I buck my hips, my thighs holding Gayle’s face in my puss.

It takes a while for my breathing to subside. Gayle moves up to kiss me; I taste myself on her lips. “Wendy, you squirted all over my face,” she giggles.

I feel fingers in my puss, rubbing deeply. Then, they are rubbing my nectar in my cleavage. Greg straddles my tummy, placing his cock between my titties, and squeezes them together. Oh, I am getting titty-fucked! I wrap my hand around the end of his cock, and massage it, my fingers sliding in my own juices that coat it. He presses forward, almost to my lips, and I stretch to suck the tip.

“Gayle, you just got fucked, so it’s my turn now.” Greg gets off my tummy, and lays down between Gayle and me. I straddle his hips, and grab his cock, sliding it in my slit, getting it coated with my pussy honey. Then, I descend slooowly, taking it into my pussy, I am impaled all the way. I feel him against my cervix. I start rising, descending, rising , descending, doing all the work as he lays there. His hand holds the base of his cock, with a thumb raised to give my clit a target to aim for.

By now, Gayle has straddled his face, grinding her pussy into his mouth, his nose, all over his cheeks. I don’t remember whose moans were the loudest or the most—Greg’s, Gayle’s or mine.

In the dark, doing all this by feel and smell, I find Gayle’s lips, still sticky with my nectar. We kiss as deeply as we can without interrupting my riding his cock or her grinding her pussy on his face. “Gayle, you’re starting to drown me, smother me. I need some air!” She and I both laugh and pause for a minute, before resuming bakırköy eve gelen escort our assault on Greg’s cock and face. Who is going to win this race, I wonder, as the three of us tear at each other frantically. “AHHHH” we hear from Greg as he shoots his second load of the evening. I feel his pulsations—once, twice, a third time as his balls unload his wad of cum deep in my vagina. Then, its Gayle, her grinding on Greg’s face with her puss and clit has been successful: “OH FUUUCKKK.” I hear her almost breathless cry. Two down, one to go. I reach for my clit, attack it furiously, and finally it’s my cries that fill the room. My vagina lets go of all the blended juices generated by Greg’s rod and my orgasm. My loins are drenched.

The three of us collapse on my bed, crowded but we don’t mind. We fall asleep till dawn starts to bring light into the room.

In the half-light, I see Greg getting dressed. Soon, it is just Gayle and me. We lay together, arms draped around each other. Gayle is the first to find a second wind, kissing me gently. I inhale her tongue, sucking it in, inhaling my pussy aroma from her cheeks. She reacts by pinching my nipples, one then the other. Wanting to return her efforts, and encourage more, I find her nipples, too. We are soon twisting, pinching, tugging as we continue our french kiss.

Wanting more and knowing Gayle does too, I slide my finger into her slit, thumb mashing her pearl, which is soon followed by Gayle’s copy-cat action in my own pussy.

Mere rubbing of slits and clits is just foreplay. Soon, we have two fingers buried in the other’s puss, stroking gently, before thrusting hard, harder, then HARDDD.

Remembering how Gayle had licked me to orgasm, I made the first move to the 69. Lying on our sides, heads buried between thighs, inhaling pussy scent, working our tongues. With fingers stroking in and out, really finger-fucking each other good, we found the Big O together. We drift off into a dreamy sleep. I don’t know how long we slept, dreaming of our recent shared satisfaction, and Greg’s role in it,too.

A knock on the door, and Megan from across the hall appears in the partially opened door. “Wendy, Gayle, I’m going to breakfast. Do you want to join. . . ” She never finished the sentence. “This room reeks of pussy!!”

Red-faced, even in the low light, Gayle and I just sit there stunned, found out, busted. Oh, what are we going to do? What is she going to do?

Gayle was always thinking faster than I do. She reaches for Megan’s hand and places it on her bare boob. I follow Gayle’s lead, and Megan is cupping two different boobs, a startled look on her face that in a few seconds turns into a look of amazement. “Are you girls real? Is this really happening?” As she doesn’t remove her hands from our boobs, Gayle and I take this as a sign. Megan’s tee shirt is soon on the floor, followed by her bra and shorts.

Megan’s little cute as a button nipples stand out, just begging for attention, which they soon get. Gayle caresses one, rolling it in her fingers, and I play with the other. Gayle and I bump cheeks as we each bakırköy grup yapan escort kiss and suck a nipple. As if to encourage us, Megan caresses my boobs and Gayle’s, giving as good as she is getting.

We all fall into the bed, the sheets still hot from Gayle and me cuddling. Megan’s perky breasts don’t fall over, but stand erect as Gayle and I inhale them, sucking gently in, all the way, stretching them until Megan moans, which only encourages our further sucking. Megan digs her nails into my hair, and presses, barely letting me come up for air before pressing me into her fine smooth warm flesh again.

I feel Gayle leave the breast she has been working and she slides down Megan’s tummy. “Gayle, your tongue in my navel tickles.”

From the corner of my eye, I see Gayle cupping and rubbing Megan’s mound, still covered by her panties. Lower the hand goes, being teased yet encouraged by Megan’s slowly parting thighs, as if making Gayle beg for her treasure. Gayle pushes her nose into the silky pantie crotch, rubbing it from side to side on what must be Megan’s clit, as more little squeals come from Megan.

It’s too much for Megan. She raises her butt, aiding Gayle in sliding the panties off to expose her treasure, removing the last barrier to a warm, wet slit. I hear Gayle’s appreciation: “Megan, you are gorgeous.” With that, Gayle buries her face between Megan’s thighs, wildly licking and sucking from the squishy sounds I hear coming from “down there.”

On hands and knees, I dangle my boobs just inches from Megan’s face. I feel a hand cupping one, guiding it to Megan’s lips. Oh, that girl knows how to tongue a nipple. Megan’s other hand finds my tummy, my mound, and doesn’t stop there. I feel her strong long finger sliding up and down my slit, which is still quite wet from what Gayle had done to me.

“Wendy, you feel like hot, wet velvet,” With that, Megan curls a finger and slides it into me, and starts to stroke slowly. Gayle, face still buried in Megan’s pussy, must be licking harder and faster, and Megan starts to keep up with Gayle. Soon, my puss is getting thrashed really good.

Gayle comes up for air, sees Megan sucking my nipple and finger fucking me. “I’m doing a lot of work and I need to get some.” Gayle and I make eye contact , and the idea is born. The bed isn’t large enough, so we pile blankets on the floor, and the three of us lay down. Gayle is the mistress of ceremonies, and arranges us in a circle: Gayle tugs gently on Megan’s hair, pulling her face to Gayle’s pussy; Gayle then pushes my face in Megan’s puss, and Gayle descends into mine. A threesome! A daisy chain of pussy licking and tongue fucking!!

What an exciting, savory session. Soon, Megan is moaning, and it becomes a contest of who will get to the Big O first. Gayle? Megan? Me? It’s our new arrival—Megan lets out a deep squeal as her orgasm hits. My face, buried in her puss, is drenched with her squirting honey. Gayle knows what little tricks turn me on from our earlier session, and soon it’s my turn. OHHHHHH FUCKKKKK!!

as my hips buck to meet her face grinding into my puss. Gayle is still holding out, but not for long. “Megan, faster, deeper with your tongue.” Gayle’s commands produce results: ” MMMMM MMMM that’s sooooo good.”

We lay back, lost in ecstasy and our thoughts. This is a first group sex for me, starting with Gayle and Greg, and ending with Gayle and Megan. We doze, cuddled together for the rest of the morning. We never did get to breakfast.

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