Welcome to the Resort Ch. 06

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Dinner past, John rose to his feet and tapped the side of his glass with a fork. The chatter slowly drained away and every eye was on him. He turned around, a smile on his face, and then addressed the room.

“Good evening, ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, but only those over eighteen.” He waited for the polite chuckle to pass. “Today I had the pleasure of inducting five new guests to our resort.” He motioned for the girls to stand. “For those who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them, this is Isabella,” the raven haired Latina waved, “Josephine,” the brunette looked around, meeting a few eyes, then blushed, “the blonde girls are Monica and Lisa, and if you can’t tell them apart don’t worry, they’re each as hot as the other.” The twins grinned around the room. John continued, “I’m afraid my wife has taken a liking to Anna here,” the half Japanese girl darted a smile at Sophia, “so you might have difficulty getting a hold of her,” chuckling, “however if you are that lucky I have to say that she is pint sized dynamite. I’m sure Sophia would agree.” The copper haired beauty laughed. “Try to make them welcome, by which I mean roger them senseless whenever the opportunity presents itself,” again a round of laughter. “Josie, Isabelle and Anna all made green today, Monica and Lisa are still amber, but I plan to change that very soon.” The five girls squirmed involuntarily at the reference to the large stainless plugs that were currently lodged between their buttocks; the twins exchanged glances, smiling at John’s inference.

There were restrained cheers at that, and then John added, “I’m sure Sophia would vouch for their skill with the lady parts.” The smouldering look Sophia directed at Anna sent a jolt through the girl’s body; an echoing heat concentrated between her legs.

John ran a big hand back through his hair. Looking around, he picked out a curvaceous brunette woman, the woman Monica and Lisa had met earlier. “Amelia.” The woman nodded. “You have a couple of girls who want to put on a show?”

The woman smiled at him, “Yes, Connie and Cynthia.” She motioned to the main doors. “They said they’d set up in the gymnasium. A couple of the guys volunteered to help.”

John nodded, chuckling. “Hopefully they got stuck into the work, and not into each other.” There were chuckles at his dry comment. He turned to the five girls. “Amelia runs a fight club for women. People pay to come to watch the girls wrestle and box. The novelty is that they fight in the Greek fashion, nude except for a layer of olive oil.” Isabella bit her lip, contemplating the idea.

“What time do they plan to start?” John asked. The woman glanced at her watch.

“They thought they’d take about an hour to get set up; that was about half an hour ago, so we have another half to wait?” John nodded.

“Well in that case, fill in time in any way that takes your fancy.” He grinned down at Sophia. “You take my fancy.” The redhead’s languid smile was followed by her slender hand sliding under his tunic, enfolding his swelling shaft in an experienced grip. There was a rumble of moving chairs and beylikdüzü otele gelen escort tables, the rustle of clothing being discarded, the murmur of voices with lust filled intent.

Anna watched as Sophia’s lips parted, accepting the head of her husband’s cock. Green eyes looked up into his deep blue. A hand about the base, her mouth slid further along the shaft until the watching girl could tell he was hitting her throat. Sophia repositioned, straightening the angle, allowing his shaft deeper passage. Anna started when two hands slid around her to cup her small breasts. “Hello beautiful,” Marie, the waitress who had served them, had discarded her white spandex uniform, and her olive breasts pressed hardened nipples against Anna’s back.

“Umm, hello,” Anna squeaked. Shock warred with the delightful sensation elicited by the other woman’s hands. Eventually sensation won. She turned her head, kissing Marie’s full lips. As she turned she caught Sophia’s eye, the redhead managed to wink at her before continuing the throating of her husband’s cock. Across the table she saw Josie and Isabella in each other’s arms, while the dark haired twins, Heather and Michelle, paired off with the blonde twins Monica and Lisa. Blonde Cindy sat straddling dark haired William, his thick cock buried deep inside her.

Some women lay back on tables while their partners, male and female, either knelt or stood between their legs. Others bent over, shapely asses presented for hard slaps, delicate kisses, or rigid cocks. Out of the corner of her eye Anna saw Yoko, her petite Japanese mother, lifted onto Tobias’s black cock. Martin, her father, bent Judith over their table, and from the angle appeared to be thrusting his big cock into her dusky ass. The woman’s expression was one of enthralled pleasure.

Anna returned her attention to her new lover. Marie knelt before her, with Anna seated they were eye to eye and their kisses were unbridled expressions of their passion. Anna dug her fingers into the other woman’s dark silky hair and the waitress returned the motion. Their tongues danced with each other, probing deep, sliding over each other, Anna slid deeper and deeper into the eroticism of the moment. Marie’s fingers traced delicate lines down her belly, to the aching cleft of her sex. Anna whimpered as those fingers started to stroke her clitoris, answering her need. She buried her face in Marie’s shoulder, gasping as those skilful slender fingers drove her closer to her peak, teasing her, tormenting her. As she felt her body begin to crest, suddenly the sensation stopped and she opened her eyes to see Marie licking her fingers. “Mmm, you’re tasty girl.” Anna tried to press against her, to achieve her orgasm, but Marie denied her, even capturing her wrists when she attempted to take matters into her own hands, “not yet little girl.” Through gritted teeth, Anna submitted to Marie’s lead, rewarded by Marie’s teasing fingers returning to her sex when the immediacy of her orgasm abated. The sequence of stimulation and denial was repeated several beylikdüzü rus escort times, and each time Anna’s moans of protest grew louder. When Marie finally plunged face first into her cunt, Anna’s hands locked behind her head, hips bucking as the woman’s tongue finally pushed her over the edge.

A hoarse scream left Anna’s throat as she arched back, an explosion of sensation left her reeling on the edge of consciousness. She clutched the other woman like a rock in the midst of a flood.

When she opened her eyes she found those around the table looking at her, some smiling; some concerned. “Are you okay?” Cindy asked. Anna nodded weakly, lost for words. Marie smiled up at her, face glistening with her juices.

“Better than okay, am I right?” Anna nodded again, again her voice failing her. Marie rose up to kiss her, her lips smelling and tasting of pussy. Anna clung to her, her body feeling drained of all strength.

Anna watched John lift Sophia to her feet then bend her over the table edge. Marie sat across her thighs, and Anna could feel the moisture dripping from between the other woman’s legs. She slipped her arms around the other woman as they both watched John’s big hands slide the green wrap up over the redhead’s hips, baring the soft curves of her thighs and ass. Unbidden Sophia’s hands rose to spread her cheeks, exposing the folds of her sex and the puckered ring of her anus.

John ignored his wife’s cunt, lining his bulbous head with the wrinkled ring and pressing in. Sophia pushed back, her trained muscles opening for the massive intrusion, taking him with the ease of long practise. The ring closed behind his glans, and then John pulled out. Anna exhaled softly at the sight of Sophia’s open hole, almost disappointed when John slid into her again. John continued his teasing, entering and withdrawing until Sophia was involuntarily thrusting back, trying to capture her husband’s cock. Marie whispered to Anna, “I love watching them fuck. It’s almost as good as being there.” Anna squeezed her tightly. With a deep growl John finally thrust himself into his wife completely, every swollen inch buried in her tight rear. Sophia arched, her breath leaving her lungs in a deep sensual groan. John held still, pinning her to the table with his impaling shaft.

Anna exhaled, feeling Marie shake with excitement. She whispered in the other woman’s ear, “Do you have a John Doe around?” The olive skinned beauty flashed a surprised smile and nodded. Slipping from the oriental girl’s lap she made her way to one of the cabinets that were in every public room. Already opened by one of the persons copulating around her, she pulled out the required sex toy and returned to Anna. Standing, the younger woman took the dual pronged rubber toy and admired it for a moment. The full shaft was modelled on John’s own large phallus, with the pony end used by the wearer modelled after his top three inches. Anna noted that the one she held included a thin waist strap to keep it in place. Feeling the weight of it she could understand why.

Anna beylikdüzü türbanlı escort took a deep breath and guided the pony between her legs. Even with her recent pleasure and ample lubrication she felt the same stretch as she had with John earlier that day. It truly was a replica. Her eyes half closed, mouth half open, Anna worked the short tip into her pussy. Her hips rotated almost without thought as she once again felt split in half. “How did I take this up my ass?” she asked herself. The steel plug in her ass made the experience even more intense. Seated deep, the pressure pad against her clit, she fastened the band around her waist. She moved, feeling the sudden awkwardness and pressure as the heavy shaft swung before her. “Oh God,” she mouthed, looking down. The way the thick shaft jutted from her slender body was both ridiculous and obscene. Marie smiled at her, taking the rubber cock in hand, stroking it; stroking her cock. Anna rose on her toes, fingers behind Marie’s head, pulling her down to kiss her, “On the table, slut.”

Marie responded with alacrity, placing herself along Sophia’s right side. The redhead focused long enough to kiss her, and then returned to the mental space John’s sodomising took her to. Marie spread her cheeks, expecting what Anna had intended. “Lubrication,” Anna muttered, seizing an oversized tube that lay on the table. She slathered it on her cock, and then squirted more across Marie’s asshole. “Ready slut?” she didn’t wait for an answer, pressing the massive head into the tiny orifice. Marie moaned, relaxing to take the rubber tool. The size was certainly nothing new to her. Anna hesitated for a moment, and then started to press the tool deeper. Marie’s moans almost echoed those of Sophia as she was so thoroughly violated. Inch after inch Anna worked her way in, the view of Marie’s ring being stretched as stimulating to her mind as the friction of the toy against her clit was for her body. Both women sighed as Anna finally sheathed the last inch in Marie’s asshole.

Anna was startled by Sophia’s sudden cry, and then fevered breathing. The woman lying to the left of Marie was flushed, panting, her hips moving steadily. Anna expected the orgasm to decline, but it did not. Sophia just kept moving, obviously lost in a delirium of pleasure. John nudged Anna.

“Don’t worry. She does that sometimes. Just keeps cumming until the stimulation stops or she blacks out.” He kept thrusting into his wife’s ass. “Why waste an opportunity?” Marie pressed back against Anna.

“Speaking of which,” Chagrined, Anna began to fuck the other woman, glistening shaft sliding in and out of the tight ring. She could see that Cindy and William were now cuddling, their lust temporarily sated. The twins had switched partners. Blonde hair on blonde, sable on sable; face to pussy, pussy to face. Josie straddled Isabella’s face, enjoying the woman’s tongue as she twisted her own nipples.

Josie squirmed on Isabelle’s tongue, the Latin beauty was very skilled at pussy eating and Josie was very appreciative. The pain from her fingers mingled wonderfully with the pleasure emanating between her legs. Arching her back, the Latina’s tongue triggered a delightful orgasm.

She was broken from her reverie by soft lips being pressed against hers. Kissing back, she opened her eyes to look into a face nearly a mirror of her own. Shock thrust her backwards, “Mom?”

The older woman smiled. “Hello Josie, it’s been a while.”

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