Welcome To The Cum Factory Ch. 6

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Anti Feminism

Author’s Note: Sorry for the delay between installments. Thanks to all of those who have emailed in response to the stories. Please keep up the feedback.

* * * * *

It was Saturday afternoon, and Chris stood under the shower, letting the hot water spray the back of his neck. He replayed the events of the last couple of weeks in his head. Two weeks ago, he had been your average high school virgin senior. Now, out of nowhere, he was the school stud. He had fucked the brains out of the cheerleading squad, losing his virginity to the head cheerleader, no less. He had given a tremendous facial to the “untouchable” girl in the school. Although Casey had begged for him to fuck her, he was just too exhausted, and promised her a rain check. Can you believe that? He was giving girls rain checks on fucking him. He had barely staggered out to his car and made it home. His parents were out of town for the next week, and he had slept all morning. Now he stood in the shower, trying to revive himself, which was occurring faster than he thought.

Chris got out of the shower and toweled off. I’ve got the house to myself, he thought. No need for clothes. He stretched out on the couch and settled in for an afternoon of TV. After about an hour, Chris heard the side door open and a female voice call, “Hello? Chris?”

Uh, oh, Chris thought. He had forgotten his mom had asked Ms. Hart to stop by to check on him and bring some dinner. The side door was in the next room and Chris was standing up, trying to figure out what to do when Ms. Hart stepped into the room. “Hey, Chris. There you… Oh! Sorry!” Ms. Hart stammered as she caught sight of Chris standing naked in the middle of the den. She quickly turned away.

“Sorry! So sorry! I should have knocked and waited. I…” Slowly, though, Ms. Hart stopped her stammering and turned back toward Chris. After the events of the last couple days, Chris’s confidence was through the roof, and he figured he might as well see how far he could take this gift of his. He stood, unashamedly, in the middle of his room, his thick, semi-hard cock hanging against his huge balls.

Ms. Hart did a double take, and then could not look away. She stood staring at Chris’s crotch. Chris smiled and took in Ms. Hart. She was their next door neighbor of about 2 years. She was about 35, divorced and taught 3rd grade at the local elementary school. Chris had always admired her looks, as she took great care of her body. About 5’7″, she was a frosted blonde with medium illegal bahis sized tits, a tight waist, and great ass, and, best of all, long, smooth, toned legs. She was wearing short khaki shorts and a light yellow designer tank top, which showed the swell of her breasts. Chris felt himself begin to harden under Ms. Hart’s gaze.

“Uh. Chris. I, uh, I was… I mean, I… I just wanted…Oh, wow. I, I had no idea…” Ms. Hart stammered as she stood there staring at Chris’s cock. Her breasts were heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Without realizing it, her left hand had risen to gently squeeze her left breast.

“Hey, Ms. Hart,” Chris said coolly. “I was just watching some TV. I forgot you were stopping by. I should probably go put some clothes on.”

“Yeah. I mean, no. Wait,” Ms. Hart managed to say. She walked around the sofa and sat down on the edge of the couch right in front of Chris, so that his swelling cock was eye level with her. “It’s amazing, Chris. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s, it’s huge,” Ms. Hart said, practically whispering to herself. Her attention was bringing Chris into a heightened state of arousal. Here was Ms. Hart, his neighbor, and the object of more than a few of his jerk-offs, sitting in front of him admiring his cock.

He stepped forward until he was right in front of her. Ms. Hart reached up and wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft. “Chris, we really shouldn’t…” her voice trailed off as she began slowly stroking her hand up and down his long shaft. “I mean, we just really shouldn’t be doing this.” While she was saying this, however, she was leaning forward, bringing her face closer and closer to his thick cockhead, her eyes completely covered by lust. “It’s just not the right…umff” Ms. Hart never finished the sentence as Chris leaned his hips forward and slipped his bulbous cockhead between her full lips. Without hesitation, Ms. Hart began bobbing her head over Chris long dick, taking in inch after inch of his warm cockmeat. She was moaning around his cock as she sucked over half of it into her mouth. Her hands roamed over his legs and ass, pulling more of him into her mouth.

Chris watched with a smile as Ms. Hart reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, shoving a hand into her shorts and fingering herself wildly. Chris leaned his head back, not believing the incredible sensations Ms. Hart was giving him. She was an incredibly talented cocksucker, taking him all the way into her throat and massaging his entire illegal bahis siteleri member with her tongue and throat muscles. “That’s it. Suck my cock, Ms. Hart. Oh, that’s good!” Chris moaned, not believing what he was saying, but growing bolder by the moment. His words seemed to ignite Ms. Hart, as she began sucking his cock wildly, slurping and sucking his meat and bathing him with her tongue and saliva. She began whimpering and moaning as her fingers brought her to a quivering orgasm. She brought her hand up, fingers dripping with her pussy juices and began massaging Chris’s balls, which hung heavy between his legs. He moaned at the feeling of her sticky, wet fingers on his balls. It drove him over the edge. “OH, YEAH!! I’m gonna cum, Ms. Hart. I’M GONNA CUM!!” Chis yelled.

He felt his enormous load surge up his shaft. Ms. Hart pulled him from her throat and held his swelling cockhead in her mouth, eager to taste the young stud’s seed. She had no idea what she was in for. Chris’s first blast was one of his thickest, completely coating her tongue. Then it began in earnest. Shot after shot of his huge load flooded Ms. Hart’s mouth. She swallowed rapidly, trying in vain to keep up with the torrent. A small stream began trickling out the corner of her mouth and down her chin. Chris moaned as he felt his semen continue to pour into Ms. Hart’s mouth. Ms. Hart moaned and pulled Chris all of the way into her mouth until her nose was in his pubes and he was well down her throat, and he finished firing his load straight down her open throat.

Finally his load subsided, and Ms. Hart reluctantly let him pull from his mouth. “Oh my God,” she cried, looking up at Chris as she scooped the cum from her chin and sucked it off of her fingers. “That was the most incredible experience of my life. Chris, your cock is amazing.! I can’t believe how much cum you have! That was the most incredible load I’ve ever heard of. And…holy shit!” She exclaimed. “It’s still hard!!” She stared in disbelief at Chris’s still throbbing cockmeat, now glistening in front of her with a combination of his cum and her saliva. As if in a trance, Ms. Hart started pulling her sweater over her head. Chris smiled as she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, releasing her tanned, firm breasts. Without taking her eyes off of Chris’s dick, she reached down and slid her shorts and panties off in one move. She spread her legs and began fingering her pussy anew. She finally looked up at Chris, standing above her.

“Please, canlı bahis siteleri Chris. Please fuck me with that unbelievable cock. It’s been sooo long, Chris. I’ll do anything. Please fuck my pussy with that huge cock, Chris.”

Chris couldn’t believe his ears. What his friends would give for a tape of this scene. Even the audio. Chris was getting comfortable with this attention, however. He reached down and squeezed his cock in his hand, making his bulbous purple head swell even larger. “You want this, Ms. Hart?”

“Oh, yes!! Please, Chris, please!!”

“Turn over.”

Ms. Hart quickly heeded his command, turning over and climbing onto the sofa on her knees, leaning over the back of the sofa, her tits pressed against the back cushions and her ass sticking straight in the air at Chris. She looked back over her shoulder as Chris moved up and in one motion plunged his huge cock all the way to the hilt. “AAAAHHHHHHHHH!! OH MY GOD!! I’M CUMMMMMMMING!! I’M CUMMMING!! OH!! OH!! FUCK!! YES!! FUCK!!” Ms. Hart screamed, thrashing her head wildly and shaking and bucking beneath Chris. He gave her no relief as he immediately began fucking Ms. Hart’s brains out, pounding her pussy in a steady rhythm. Ms. Hart had never experienced anything like it, so full of cock. She could barely catch her breath, as wave after wave of the most intense orgasm of her life washed over her. Chris squeezed her ass cheeks as his cock quickly disappeared and reappeared from her quivering pussy. “YESS!! CHRIS, DON’T STOP FUCKING MY PUSSY!! YEEESSSSS!!”

And Chris didn’t. He slipped into a steady rhythm, watching her ass jiggle with each inward thrust. He reached under her and cradled a full breast in one hand, while his other began fingering Ms. Hart’s swollen clit. This pushed Ms. Hart over the edge for the fourth or fifth time. She thought she was going to pass out. Her pussy was on fire, and so wet that Chris’s cock was practically splashing into her cunt. Chris pulled out and turned her over. With her lying on her back, Chris held her calves in his hands, spread wide, and plunged his cock back into her pussy, pounding her with reckless abandon. He felt the familiar surge begin. After two more deep thrusts, he pulled out of Ms. Hart’s pussy just as another huge load was unleashed. His thick ropes of cum splashed all over Ms. Hart’s tits and stomach. “OHHHH!! YESSSS!! SHOOT YOUR CUM ALL OVER ME!! YESS!!” She screamed. Chris watched as his cum puddled in pools all over her. She was completely drowned in his cum.

They both sat there trying to catch their breath. Chris just smiled. He thought about the way word of mouth had spread around the girls at school. What had he unleashed through this encounter with Ms. Hart, he wondered…

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