Welcome to Miami

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The drive from Orlando to Miami was a great time to clear my head. Two days of meetings gave me time to detach from the struggles that Eva and I were having at home. For 7 years we had been on the same page and now we had some realigning to consider.

The simple truth was that our bedroom had slowly gone from an A+ to a solid C and it scared us.

We’d pretty much explored everything we could do together and it felt as though something was missing. I felt as though all I could think about was sex with her and the interest from her was only about pleasing me. We both almost always came, but I worried that her lack of desire was only going to decline over time.

So we planned to meet in Miami after our business trips in Florida. It was her suggestion and she planned every detail. But her coordination was very mechanical. The conversation leading up to the trip didn’t feel like a second honeymoon. It felt like a crossroads.

When I arrived at the hotel an attendant took my car while another took my bag to our room. “Mr. Ramirez,” he said, “Mrs. Ramirez is waiting for you in the restaurant.”

If the drive to Miami was long, the walk to the restaurant was infinite. I immediately thought that Eva had booked two rooms just in case our conversation hadn’t gone well.

I scanned the room to find Eva’s oversized Afro at a booth next to an Asian woman I didn’t recognize. As I approached the table I felt a nervousness between the two of them that went beyond friends or acquaintances.

“Carlos,” Eva said when she saw me turn the corner, “please sit.” She saw that I was just as nervous as the two of them were.

Not two seconds later a tall Asian man approached the table with an equally perplexed and nervous demeanor.

“John,” the Asian woman said to the man as though I was watching a replay, “please sit down.”

The nervous smile from the two women was held together by their hands intertwined on the table. Whatever we were about to be told needed the strength of two women. I quickly assumed that my wife was going to leave our marriage for a woman – which would explain the sexual disinterest – but why the fuck did I need to meet this John guy.

“Carlos,” Eva started, “this is my friend Anne and her husband John. They are from Houston.” Her nervous smile was turning more confident.

But I was starting to melt.

“John,” Anne began, “this is my friend Eva and her husband Carlos. They are from Boston.”

John and I smiled nervously at each other.

“Eva and I met online six months ago,” Anne continued. “We were both arguing with a woman about intersectional feminism or something like that and we just kept writing to each other. We had a similar spirit and a similar vibe and a similar demeanor and a…”

“Similar marriage,” Eva interrupted.

At this point, Eva grabbed my hand with her free hand and I could see Anne was doing the same with John.

Anne’s eyes were locked on me and Eva’s eye were locked on John.

“For quite some time I’ve had a sexual interest that I thought would ruin my marriage,” Anne said as she pleaded into my eyes. “I wanted to have a threesome.”

“But if I was honest,” Eva continued as she held my hand tighter, “I didn’t just want another woman in my bed. That wasn’t what occupied my thoughts when I was supposed to be working or doing the laundry or driving to work.”

“All I could think about was being filled by two men that cared about me,” Anne admitted as I began to sense her beauty. .

“And I worried that the fantasy would never leave my mind and thus ruin the otherwise amazing marriage to the man I love with all, ALL of my heart,” Eva said with the most confidence I’d heard from her in the last two years.

The standoff was now reaching a tension that the room had to be feeling.

Anne and I were locked in a stare.

John and Eva were locked in a stare.

Eva and I were locked in hands.

John and Anne were locked in hands.

Eva and Anne were locked in hands.

“But Anne and I found each other. Once we admitted to ourselves and another person on this planet what we wanted, we couldn’t unsee the truth. So we shared photos of each other. Of the two of you. Of us having sex. Every raw thing we could. And that kept us going. Everything about the four of us is a completely mirror. From dick size to likes in bed. We were a match made in heaven. Eventually we discussed how we would bring this up to you and Carlos,” Eva said.

“So we decided to put it all on the table here in Miami to see if either of you would be repulsed by the idea,” Anne said as she licked her lips at me. “Not every man would be comfortable with his wife sucking another man’s dick while he fucked her from behind. Not every man could handle watching his wife riding another man’s dick while another woman was simultaneously riding his dick.”

“So we hoped and prayed that the planets would align this evening,” Eva said to John as she released her grip from my hand to reach down to my throbbing dick, “and that beylikdüzü escort the men in our lives would be equally turned on by the prospect of skipping dinner and heading straight up stairs where our Presidential suite awaits whatever disgusting acts we want to indulge in.”

The smiles on Anne and Eva’s faces said that they had both found the confirmation that they had hoped for.

“Now if you’ll excuse us gentlemen,” Anne explained as both women shifted themselves over us and out of the booth, “we will head up to the penthouse to get ready while the two of you let your dicks relax enough to walk through the hotel lobby.”

As the two women walked away I smiled knowing that Eva knew that I would notice that Anne was easily 6 ft tall in heels. I’d always joked that I could easily be taken from her by any woman one inch taller than her. Anne was one inch taller.

As John and I spun back into the booth, we both knew what we had to do.

“Waiter!” John shouted.

“Four whiskeys, please,” I followed.

“So I’m not sure where to start,” John opened up, “but I thought they were leaving us for each other.”

“Me too!” I exclaimed. “Which I must admit I thought would have been hot because, well . . . your wife is kind of hot.”

“Your wife is pretty fucking hot, too,” John countered.

“I hope so because it looks like your dick will be in her mouth in about 15 minutes,” I nervously joked.

“Will that be before or after your balls deep in my wife?” John replied.

The weight of the situation finally settled in on us.

We sat in silence until our drinks arrived.

“Would you have signed up for this if Anne would have told you about this in Texas at your kitchen table?” I asked.

“I would do anything for her but I’m pretty sure I would have gotten cold feet at some point,” John surmised.

“And Eva would have let me off the hook before we got too far,” I concluded.

“But I don’t think I’m that kind of guy, ya know,” John said with a shrug.

“Me neither,” I sadly admitted.

Then, with no pause, we both knocked back two whiskeys and headed toward the elevator with limp dicks to give the bad news to our wives.

As we road the elevator to the penthouse we were both assuming that our marriages were about to take a turn for the worse.

When we opened the door to the suite, Eva and Anne were still holding hands. Only this time they were only wearing high heels and devilish grins. They walked up to their husbands, while staring at the other man. Anne’s eyes were locked with mine as she released John’s dick from his pants. The same was happening with Eva, John and my dick.

As Eva and Anne’s dropped to lick their respective husband’s hard dicks, John and I gave each other a look that said, “Tonight, we will be those guys.”

Standing next to another couple while my wife was sucking my dick was on a level I could not describe. That moment alone would have been plenty for me.

Then the ladies stood up and walked hand in had to the master suite bed. John and I shedded our clothes as we followed them.

Eva and Anne crawled on top of the bed and gave us the come-hither finger so they could continue the blowjobs they started in the entry area.

As we stepped closer to our respective spouses, Eva and Anne gave us a disapproving head shake. That’s when we realized, the fun was about to begin.

We shifted positions and the focus was clear. Anne pulled me closer to her mouth by pulling gently on my balls, while Eva was doing the same to John. Eva’s eyes never left mine. As her head bobbed up and down John’s shaft her eyes were telling me ‘thank you’ and ‘to enjoy myself’ because she needed to know that I was happy.

Admittedly, I was preoccupied with how much my wife was enjoying sucking John’s dick and whether John was being respectful of my wife to enjoy Anne’s mouth on my own dick. Mind you, I did think that it was hot to see my wife sucking someone else’s dick, but my head was too full of other shit to focus.

But Eva and Anne had spent months planning out every detail so they were prepared for our lack of focus.

And on cue Eva’s eyes left my eyes just as I felt a warm and lubricated finger find my asshole.

Eva is the only person that’s ever gone there. But now Anne was slowly circling my ass. Our eyes locked again as she smiled with a mouth full of dick and finger in my ass. Her movement and rhythm was so perfect that she must have been coached by Eva on what spots to hit because she was hitting every note with precision.

Focus achieved.

But John and I weren’t just going be pawns in this game.

So I pushed Anne away from my dick so I could regain composure. John got a glimpse of me because were thinking the same thing.

We pushed the women down onto the bed and buried our faces into their wet pussies. As I reached up to grab Anne’s breasts, my tongue worked her clit like melting ice cream.

Eva and Anne were moaning beylikdüzü eve gelen escort and grabbing for each other while John and I worked their pussies with our mouths until the women had their first orgasms.

If the ladies had won the first battle in getting us into the room, we smiled about our win to each other with soaked faces.

But that victory didn’t last long.

Eva and Anne came to their senses and crawled up to each other. As they look over each other’s shoulders their breast danced together in a way that got my dick harder than it had ever been.

Simultaneously the wives said to John and myself, “Please get behind your wife so I can see how you fuck her before I let you fuck me.”

As I eased myself behind my wife I stared at Anne as her greedy smile turned into ecstasy as John filled her pussy with his dick. As I pushed into Eva I felt her buck against me. The women held onto each other while John and pounded each of them from behind. The clapping noise was a rhythm that John and I kept going for as long as our wives could handle. ‘Fuck her harder’ they both mouthed to John and I. ‘Fuck her harder!’

The bed felt like it was going to give in to our thrust before our wives were, but the rhythm had only intensified with each moan from Eva and Anne. I don’t know who started to come first but it didn’t matter. The wives were starting to writhe in orgasm as John and I kept the force breaking their rhythm.

But, as expected their orgasms triggered their husband’s own finishing act. While I was prepared to simply come in my wife, Eva and Jane had other intentions.

With speed and dexterity each wife pulled themselves from their impaler and stretched forward. Before I could make heads or tails of what I wanted, Anne’s mouth was wrapped around my dick so tightly that my come had no place to go but on her tongue. As she held my balls until she drained every drop I wanted to look over at Eva but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to ruin the high I had of Anne’s mouth taking in my thick load.

Both John and I slumped to the bed while our wives simply stared at each other. Quietly and motionlessly they gulped with a smile that said that they’d clearly won round one.

John and I were now ‘those guys’ and there was no looking back.

As the high from the savage fuck dissipated Eva grabbed me by the hand and pulled me off the bed toward the shower on the east side of the suite. Anne and John headed in the opposite direction.

Eva found the optimum temperature before leading us into the waterfall shower.

“Thank you,” Eva said as she nestled into my chest.

“Thank you,” I responded without hesitation.

We cleaned each other with a love that we hadn’t shown in months. I could feel the happiness in her body. A weight had been lifted.

After the shower, we exited the bathroom to another bedroom where our bags were brought.

“Get some sleep,” Eva commanded. “Busy day tomorrow.”

The next day I woke to my phone buzzing in my ear. A text from Eva read ‘Meet Anne on 4F for a workout in 10 minutes. A real workout you sicko’ and I laughed.

I jumped into my t-shirt and shorts before popping my head into the master bedroom to see if John was still there. “I’m headed down to meet Anne for a workout,”

I shouted to the third bedroom.

“I’m meeting Eva for yoga,” John yelled back.

A minute later we were headed out of the suite when we started taking stock of what happened last night.

We ride down the elevator in silence until we reach the fifth floor yoga studio.

“We still doing this?” I said just before the door opened.

“I haven’t seen Anne this happy in a year,” John replied.

With that we smiled at each other knowing that we weren’t exactly sure what ride we’d gotten on, but we weren’t about to get off any time soon.

On the the fourth floor, Anne was waiting by the doors to drag me into a cardio fitness class. The instructor was a pit bull of a woman that drove her 12 students for a hard sixty minutes. Fortunately the workout was a good distraction from Anne’s body in her black tights. I didn’t even have time to wonder if John was looking at Eva the same way.

After the class Anne and I cooled down by the smoothie bar.

“I love John with all of my heart,” Anne opened with.

I smiled. She wanted me not to judge her, because if I did I would be judging Eva.

“John is perfect in every way outside of the bedroom and inside the bedroom,” Anne professed. “But I couldn’t match his energy sexually because I was missing something. He would constantly send me sexts or nudes and all I wanted to send him back was a request to fuck two guys at once.”

I heard Eva speaking through Anne.

“For months I watched porn with 2 guys and one girl,” Anne continued. “John would have loved how much I loved porn, but I didn’t know if he would have been okay if I told him that I watched that kind of porn out of want as opposed beylikdüzü masöz escort to curiosity. I was obsessed and embarrassed and scared.”

“And then you met Eva?” I asked.

“We’d shared recipes and business links for a couple of months already when I accidentally shared a screen shot with my internet history on the side,” Anne continued. “There was a reference to MMF – male male female porn – and she spotted it. She made a joke about seeing my husband’s porn interest and I just confessed that the history was all mine.”

“So you had more in common than banana bread,” I joked.

“We LOVE that recipe!” Anne shouted.

“And more?” I offered.

Anne and I talked for an hour like two old friends. I learned about her Korean immigrant parents and John’s meddling Taiwanese sister. I talked about my Dominican parents and Eva’s family home in Puerto Rico. We stayed away from anything related sex until an awkward pause. Anne’s hand was resting on my thigh.

“For weeks we shared our favorite videos and pictures until we both realized that we only had one type of porn that we liked – MMF,” Anne explained. “We both had an itch.”

Anne began to relax. “So I asked to see a picture of you,” she said. “And she asked for one of John. And then I asked for a naked picture. And then she asked for video and the next thing you know we planned all of this adventure that we are currently in the middle of.”

“So last night was just breaking the ice?” I asked.

“Tonight we will have a light dinner – you and I, so we can continue to build up this pleasant chemistry,” Anne explained. “I need to feel more comfortable with you before I let you put your dick in my pussy. Same for Eva. But we have to keep you men apart so you don’t get too jealous or too comfy. Jealous tension could ruin the moment and too much camaraderie between men could leave us feeling fucked. Like you’d be high-fiving after. That’s not what we are looking for.”

Anne and Eva had clearly done their research. We all needed to feel safe. We all needed to feel connected. But the women needed to feel as if they were treated like queens instead of whores. That was important to them.

When we made it back up to our respective rooms, Anne and John were already getting ready to shower. I waved goodbye to Anne and headed to my room to join Eva.

“Good workout?” Eva asked as she commenced to larger me up from head to toe.

“Even better talk,” I answered.

“Anne is amazing,” Eva said as she pulled me right beneath the water. “John is amazing. And you are incredible.”

That evening Anne and I took a car to small tapas restaurant about a mile away from our hotel. We talked about everything from music to politics. I could see the connection that Eva must have had. The two women were quite alike. I just enjoyed our conversation for nothing more than two friends of friends.

And then the alarm on Anne’s phone sounded.

Anne got quiet.

“We don’t have to do this,” I offered as I sensed her nervousness. “We’ve done a lot of things that I wouldn’t have imagined 24 hours ago.”

“I’m just worried about hurting John,” Anne confided. “You two never asked for this. Yesterday was already so much.”

We paid for our dinner and headed back to the hotel.

All four of us arrived at the elevators together.

The ride up was quiet. Very quiet.

The exact same conversation must have happened between Eva and John.

As we walked down the hallway to the master suite I said to John, “I don’t know if I’m more excited to fuck Anne or to watch you fuck Eva.”

“I’m assuming the odd woman out will be recording the whole thing so we can watch it later,” John added. “They planned every other detail of this debauchery.”

Eva squeezed my hand as we entered the room. The women understood that we weren’t just doing this to keep them happy anymore. John and I were in with both feet.

As the women walked ahead of us to the bed they discarded their heels and pulled their dresses above their heads. While we were not surprised to see that their panties were optional for dinner, we were shocked to see that butt plugs had been mandatory.

And there would be no need for a videographer because there was an iPad on a tripod on the opposite side of the bed – which was now theatrically lit by the overhead lighting.

Eva placed herself between John and myself as she grabbed each of our dicks in her brown hands. As she leaned toward me I watched Anne get behind John and apply a heavy dose of lube to his rock hard dick. I sat in front of Eva with my legs open as she began bobbing emphatically on my dick.

Her enthusiastic fellatio was given a brief pause as Anne pushed John’s dick into Eva’s only available hole.

I wasn’t sure how I would take that scene but it was definitely lessened by Anne staring directly at me with a smile that she was simply translating from Eva – who at this point was preoccupied by my dick in her mouth.

As John’s pace was hastened by Anne, I got the sense that her control was not just verbal messages in his ear. Her heavily lubed index finger had found another hole to occupy. John was literally and figuratively Anne’s puppet.

As the intensity of the strokes ramped up I caressed Eva’s nipples until she couldn’t control it any longer. She squeezed my hand as the spasms began gently.

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