Weird Fantasies 21: Surprises

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I’m walking home at night with someone I just met, and I suddenly feel like kinky alleyway sex. So we do.

I lean against a wall, and I have high enough heels on he can reach with us both standing, so we fuck, face to face, and kiss as we do. But kissing isn’t really sordid dark alleyway sex with a stranger, so I whisper to him to hold my neck and pull my hair and choke me, and he does.

I mean, he seems surprised when I say it, and starts gently, but he does.

So we do that too.

He’s choking me, and fucking me, and there’s spit on my face, when someone behind him says, “Fuck, get off her you asshole.”

So we jump. Badly. Um, as you would. And we stop having sex disappointingly suddenly. I can’t see past him, to see what’s happening, and there’s suddenly an awful lot of pulling at clothes and being surprised which is taking all my attention. And then right after that, a lot of me saying, “No wait, stop, it’s fine, I want him to.” And a bit of shouting too.

Basically three other guys have come along, and been horrified, and were about to save me from the dude I was having sex with. So that’s nice. I mean, that people want to help. Except now I have to save sex-guy from the other three who want to save me. So I’m going stop, wait, and trying to explain, and I have to say several times over that I’m fine, everything’s fine, yep he was holding my neck and spitting on me and banging me on the wall, but I wanted him to. I like that.

Which is kind of embarrassing to say. Especially while I hold my dress closed from where he started to unzip it, and while I am acutely, horribly aware that they saw exactly what we were doing.

So I’m embarrassed, basically. I mean, I think everyone ankara escort is embarrassed, but eventually, after a bit of talking, everything calms down. I say thank you, and that I’m really glad they were worried, and wanted to help. And then we all stand there looking at each other.

I’m still horny. I’m still really horny, now the fuss is over. And maybe a bit more than before, actually, because of being seen and caught and everything, now that I’m getting over the being embarrassed. I’m also trying to think of some way to tell the three new guys they can go. Without just saying, “um, go away so we can keep having sex.”

Then I suddenly wonder whether I actually want them to go.

I think about that.

And then I say, “Um, do you want to join in too?”

Everyone is surprised. All four of them, including the first guy.

Which I suppose you would be.

They’re surprised, and then they’re not. Then, suddenly, they’re just interested, and they all say yep and okay.

So we do.

We start off with me against the wall, and them all helping hold me there, and one of them inside me, taking turns. But that doesn’t work as well with so many people. They’re all in each other’s way, really, and we keep bumping elbows into faces and things. Which I don’t mind, but they do.

So they put me on a pile of pallets, face down, holding me. They hold me there, pulling my hair, with my arms twisted behind my back, and they all take turns fucking me.

They fuck me, and I can’t see who’s inside me, and who’s doing what. I don’t even know whose cock it is I actually come on. I fuck, and am held down, and they all have me, and in the end, they all finish. And it’s sexy. It’s desperately darkly sexy.

When they’re all done, I escort ankara sit up and kiss each of them and say thank you heaps, and sorry to have worried them. And then I go home with the first guy, and we have lots more sex.




I’m on your bed, being licked out and pleasantly happily happy. My wrists are cuffed, just because, and you spanked me earlier, just because too, and now I’m being licked and everything is good.

Everything in the world is good.

Then you get up, and pull me off the bed, and walk me down the hall.

“I hadn’t finished,” I say.

“I know.”

You open the spare bedroom door, and push me inside, and close it again. You stay out in the hall.

It’s kind of odd.

I stand there for a moment, puzzled. I’m naked and my arms are tied and I’m still pretty horny.

Then I realize there’s someone else in the room. I can hear something breathing.

“Hello,” I say, a little scared.

Whoever it is grabs me. I kind of go, “Hey,” but whoever it is grabs me anyway and pushes me down onto my knees and puts a cock in my mouth.

I’m surprised. I’m really quite surprised. I’m excited, too. I don’t know who this is, or what’s going on. It’s a dark room, and I’m cuffed, and there’s someone trying to stick his cock in my mouth.

So I let him. I open my mouth and suck him. I suck, and he comes, and then he lets me go.

I kind of stay kneeling there, unsure what to do now. He lifts me up onto the bed by my arms and licks me out. He licks, and I’m really quite surprised by that, but I move my knees to make it easier for him. I kind of wriggle and lift up at him until I come, and then he disappears.

“Um, was that all?” I say.

He doesn’t ankara escort bayan answer. He opens the door. I can see him standing to the side of it, but I can’t see any details, or anything about him against the light.

I think I understand what to do. I get off the bed, and go back into the main bedroom. Back to you.

“Well?” you say to me. “How was it?”

“Um, interesting,” I say.

“Did you like?”

“Kind of. You should probably get back to what you were doing, though.”

You do, you lick me too, and it’s wonderful to be licked by two people like this, one right after the other.

You lick me and I come again. With the taste of the other guy still in my mouth.




I’m at your place, sleeping in at the weekend, and you’ve gone off somewhere and left me asleep. I wake up in your bed, and you aren’t there, so I decide to go and get water.

I go as I am. Like in undies and a top, or maybe shorts. Something like that. I go into the kitchen and there’s three men there looking at me, and I kind of go, “Oh fuck, who are you?”

They grab me.

They grab me, and push me face-down on the counter and pull my shorts off and start fucking me. And I’m sleepy, and confused, and so surprised I actually just let them.

I suppose you and I already had sex earlier, maybe. So I’m still wet. Like wet enough they can go inside me without it hurting or anything.

They all fuck me, holding me down, and I just lie there, still a bit startled.

When they’re done, you come out of the lounge, grinning. You’d been watching all along.

“You asshole,” I say.

“You said you liked this kind of thing.”

“I know,” I say. “But without warning me? Asshole.”

You laugh, and I storm off to the bathroom in a huff because three dudes just fucked me and I’m wet and kind of need to wipe.

Later I say thank you, but that I’m still a little annoyed.

Later you lick me out to say sorry.

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