Visions of a Shared surprise

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We will make her ours angel

* * *

I struggled to hear the connected tone as I held the phone away from my dripping hair, water running down the nape of my neck and those few drops running over my forehead that had been missed by the wrapped towel, you picked up.

“Hello you,” I said as I heard your standard phone greeting, smiling at myself as I heard the tone in your voice change and that smile break before you replied.

“Well hello there angel, all ok?”

“Sure is, but Tash is running late, going to be a late dinner, would you mind dropping by to pick me up in say an hour,?” watching my lips move as I said the words in the mirror, smiling to see if I could see the wet on my lips that you said you could always here.

I heard you suck in air over your lips and teeth, that sound you sometimes made just before you let out the softest ‘mmmmmm,’ as thoughts of Tash flashed through your mind. “And how is the delicious Tash today, still teasing you I hope?” Your voice dipping into those wicked thoughts you were having about me and my hair dresser.

“I will be sure to tell you all and don’t you tease me or I may just bite you later, so an hour then, see ya.” Then I clicked my phone closed.

I looked to my left and at her reflection, Tash was without question a stunning woman, she had that ‘something about her’ going on and yet she was so very down to earth. Natasha, but I or anyone one else I had ever heard never called her that, she warned me when we had first met about a year ago, that I may leave with green, orange or at the worst no hair at all, if I dared to call her that, so Tash it was! Italian, curves, tall, carried her self with class, was one of the boys and yet she just oozed woman. Her hair, smooth and gathered into a pony tail tied with the brightest green ribbon that stood out against darkest brunette. Her olive skin just glowed, cropped white cotton top and pants showing enough of her soft flesh.

She looked back as she laughed, maybe something said by the customer she was dealing with and caught me watching her, I smiled, she winked then she mouthed, “ten minuets babe,” I nodded and grinned back.

Picking up the magazine in front of me I flicked through the pages, not reading, just looking at the trashy gossip that this type of magazine loved to pump out week in, week out, stars and their love lives, how hard the have it, oh what sorrow us mere mortals could not possible suffer, condescending crap!!

Was no matter as my mind was on Tash. A woman I had known for just over a year, seen every six or so weeks, conversations had that covered everything, invitations for drinks and dinner that had never been filled by either of us, a teasing that showed we were relaxed and very comfortable in each others company. Sexual likes, dislikes, fantasies talked about at length, both telling we liked men and women, girly chats about hair, make up, and every visit greeted and left with a kiss, not a peck on the cheek but a kiss, soft, not lingering but lip to lip, everything more than just friendly hair dresser make chat, and this woman was stood but twenty feet from me.

You had asked me about her time after time, you knew my want to take things further, yet I had hesitated not wanting to risk a friendship that had built, was I reading the signs wrong from her? I bit my lip as I subconsciously shook my head, no, the signs were right, she and I would play, just a matter of when and where.


Her voice snapping me back from lost thoughts, not noticing that she and I were now alone in the salon, “White please sexy,” I smiled and watched as she locked the door then pulled the blinds.

“Oh setting the mood are you, you bad girl, you wont be safe if I drink you know.”

She laughed and winking just said back “And who says I wana be?” Her Italian accent tinged with Australian.

I sighed, if she only knew, I thought as she changed the music and danced past to the back of the shop then in a matter of seconds swayed back into view, two glasses and a bottle in her hands, a cork screw sticking out of the top. I reached and took both of the glasses she held out as in the next motion she put the bottle between her thighs and began to pull at the cork.

“So Bella, what’s your plans for this evening and how’s that hunk of yours doing?” she asked as she poured the wine filling both glass.

Bella, a name she called everyone, I chuckled wondering if she called us all that to save trying to remember clients names, “Hunks just fine but he is still teasing me about you, oh and a take out for dinner is my night, what about you?”

“Teasing you? About me?” she attempted to say with a shocked look on her face but failed and just giggled, “What have you been telling him about me Bella?”

I blushed, the towel pulled from my head, her fingers now sliding down over my hair as she trimmed and fluffed, then scooped up and held against the comb, “Wine, you and I locked in here, alone, mmmmmmmaybe you avcılar elit escort don’t wana know Bella,” I muttered as I held the glass just under my lips, raising my eyebrow so she could see it in the mirror.

She dipped and pulled the hair from my right ear and whispered, “Tell me.”

My spine tingled as her voice welled through my body, I sighed took a sip from my glass, crossing my legs I began to tell her. I told how you liked, no, loved a sexy brunette, a complete opposite of my blonde, how she and I clicked, shared and told each other stories, the fantasies we had shared in such detail. That she had been the subject of your teasing me more than once during sex, asking, pushing me to tell you would I love to have her in our bed. That I found her so very attractive, how wondered many times after she had kissed me what would it feel like to have more.

“And do you?” she asked

“Do I what?” I stuttered, not expecting a question.

“Want me in your bed silly,” she scoffed

Sarcastically but smiling I replied “NO, what I just said was utter crap, I want you on your knees right here and now!”

We both laughed, she continued to cut my hair, a little trim more fingers fluffing each time it was cut, but nothing more was said, not a silence, she hummed to the music in the background, I wondered, ‘OK now what?’ Three cuts and she was done, I looked in the mirror watching as she moved to the side of me, putting down her scissors and comb she took a drink, not a sip, a big gulp she took a deep breath, pushing out her tits, nipples hard, as they always seemed to be, then she spun my chair slowly to face her.

I looked up, her eyes the deepest, darkest hazel, she looked down at me, eyes scanning over my face, until they rested on my lips, she lent in, closer until she was level with my face, “Your beautiful Kelly,” I know I watched those words come out of her mouth, I know I hear them but before I could say a word she kissed me.

* * *

Soft, feeling her lips glide over mine, not hard, moving so softly, I pushed up to meet her lips, pressing harder as I felt her hands wrap under and into my hair, mine finding the curve of her waist, that’s soft span of naked flesh, her smell, I could smell her, my mind screaming OH MY GOD, SHE’S KISSING ME!! We simply kissed, our hands gliding but not moving far, her’s wrapping then pulling through hand fulls of my hair, mine sliding back and forth over her hips then waist, not a kiss that was rushed, not tongues fighting, slobbering, trying to explore every thing all at once, just a soft, melting kiss.

Her hands moved, pushing my hair back, my neck stretched as I leant up to meet her, fingers now moving gently down over my shoulders, finding the straps of my bra, tracing them down towards my tits until she cupped both. Mine doing the same but moving up, fingers finding the hem of her top and pressing against her skin, pushing it upwards, lifting it before my fingers disappeared under to find the curve of her braless tits.

“Wait, wait,” I gasped as I pulled my hands down and out of her top, “please, just wait one minute, I need to make a call.”

She licked her lips, I mine, as if to gather each others tastes, she smiled, her hands not moving, staying, cupping my tits, still covered with my blouse but her thumbs stretched, rubbing my nipples, making them poke against the lace of my bra. She held her smile as I reached for my phone, flicked it open and hit the green key.

I heard the click as you picked up, I cut in before you could even say hello, “Dave ….. Shut the fuck up and listen,” I whispered.

“Kell’s, what the? Are you ok?” your tone worried

“Shhhhhhhhhh Dave, listen, just listen,” I purred back at you as I held the phone just far enough away from my mouth, still pressed to my ear and found Tash’s lips again. Opening, closing, pursing our lips we made sure you could hear the sound of the kiss. Lips wet, tongues flicking, moans and mutters from us both, our breath dipping as our lips closed then shallow gasps as they opened again.

“Who the fuck is that? God no! NOT her!” we both heard you bellow.

“Her kiss, Dave you should feel her lips, they are so soft, she’s going to take me Dave.” I said. “Her hands were cupping my tits, thumbs rubbing, but she’s stopped, she’s lifting, OH my God her nipples are so dark,” I gasped as I watched her step back and lift her top up then off dropping it onto the chair behind her. Her hands moved straight down to the top of her pants and she simply pulled them down until she stood there in just her thong.

“What’s she doing Kells?”

“Stripping!! Get in the car and get here now; you’re going to watch this not listen; now Dave, back door, move!” I was panting from holding my breath having watched Tash strip, not a care, her curves fuller than mine, her tits had the smallest sag but were full enough to carry it off, her skin, I was right, perfect, olive, I wanted to lick avcılar escort her body, not caring about sex, I just wanted to feel her skin. She reached and took the phone from my hand and put it down on the worktop, I didn’t notice if the call had ended, were you on your way to the salon? Could you still hear? I didn’t care I wanted this woman and she and I were going to have, right here, right now.

* * *

I stood, “You don’t mind Dave coming do you?” I asked as I reached drawing a finger tip from one nipple then the other.

Shaking her head she just smiled then reached and began to un-button my blouse, her eyes watching as she exposed more, her fingers working down wards, one button then the next until she had opened them all, my blouse hung, my tits rising and falling softly, the flush of excitement making the red blush cover both. She moved her hands up, finger tips walking up from my stomach to the edge of my bra then round behind me to find the clasp, finding flicking, opening but leaving it resting, held against me.

I peeled my blouse off, pulling it away, watching her eyes flick over me as next I peeled both bra straps off, easing the lace away so she could see me as I could see her. My skirt next, wrap around, untied and then pushed until it crumpled around my feet, I stepped out of it, all that now covered me was white lace panties, I reached for her hand.

She gave it to me and I pulled her close, our hand holding as we kissed, bodies now touching, flesh to flesh, feeling each others breaths as we took, mouths open, nibbling each others lips, kissing tiny kisses, tracing them up and down necks, her then I, taking it in turn. I wriggled my fingers out of her’s and dipped my head, hand lifting, cupping her right breast, she stood and let me, I kissed, I flicked my tongue over that stunning dark nipple then suck it into my mouth, I held it, I felt her body push against my mouth, I sucked harder, her moan getting louder as I used my teeth to hold gently as I moved them from side to side. “Yes, just like that,” She gasped as I pulled back and let it slip from my lips and then again as I found her other, I sucked them, making them glisten with the wet from my mouth.

Her smell, coco butter, I recognised it as I dropped to my knees and pressed my lips against her tummy button, she stroked the top of my head, whispering, moaning, gasping nothing more than “Bella” over and over. I eased my fingers across the top of her mound, feeling her bush, hairs pushing through the sheer, then twisting my hand I pressed my palm flat against her and pushed down. I could feel the raw heat from between her thighs, my middle finger pushing upwards against her slit, feeling the wet beginning to soak the white sheer.

“Will you cum for me Tash?” my voice so soft I didn’t know if she would have heard, I was lost watching my fingers as each one pressed then glistened.

“Yes, yes Kelly, yessssssssss,” she whispered and as she did her hand left the top of my head pushing past my chin, under then across, she pulled her thong to the side, parted her legs and offered herself to me.

Her bush was trimmed, full but trimmed neatly, her skin silky soft on the insides of her thighs as I let my tongue trace from the curve then over to the edge of her bush. I inhaled, remembering, the smell of Lisa, the first woman I had kissed, nothing like Tash, both delicate, both sweet, both different.

My hand was shaking as I moved it so that I could open her lips, fingers pushing one on either side, opening, showing me her pink inner lips, the hood covering her clit. One finger pressed then I let it glide down, dipping into her heat and then up to smother her clit in her juices, I sucked, I felt her body rock as she gasped, then her hand replaced mine, pushing my fingers away so that she could hold her lips open.

I lapped, tongue wide and flat, probing into her wet and then dragging up before sucking her clit again. Over and over the same moves, she panted, lifting onto her toes, making me lick lower, followed by the slow dip so that my tongue trailed. I could feel her knees trembling, the insides of her thighs shuddering. “Kelly,” she groaned. I pushed, adding fingers now, two, slipping deep into her pink then out, opening, spreading her walls then easing out before adding another, still sucking but softly on her clit, letting her body melt into my face. Hands grabbing and pulling my hair, bucking her hip against my fingers, encouraging me to be harder, her pussy squelching I could feel her grip, wanting to hold my fingers as I eased them out before letting them dip back inside.

Circling one, adding a second, pushing deep then pulling out, letting them slide down and round to her arse, pressing against the puckered flesh but not in. I was dragging the tip of my nails over then back through her lips to rub her clit, mixing her juices, tasting that deeper taste over and over as I let my fingers gather and coat before I licked.

“Bella, avcılar eve gelen escort baby, babyyyyy don’t stop,” she stuttered, I worked my fingers and tongue slowly, not wanting this to end, but I would feel her cum on my lips, not my fingers and she was so close. Her hands had long since left her lips and were stroking then pulling a fist full of my hair, pulling then pushing, fucking my tongue and fingers as they fucked her. She slammed her hand onto my head almost making me fall backwards, my free hand grabbing her arse and holding tight, I ripped my fingers from her insides, fighting my hand up between us I reached, wanting her to taste, telling her to taste.

“Suck them! Cum PLEASE!” I begged her.

I forced my face as far between her thighs as I could without letting her sit, I wanted her cum to run, to drip out over my already soaking waiting lips, I felt her tense, I felt the gasp almost vibrating up from her toes then out of her lips, her head dipped, trying to suck my fingers as she groaned, then she came. Her tummy convulsed, pumping, muscled clenching as her orgasm tore through her, I held her tight as her sweet juices drenched me.

I stayed so very still, letting her come down off the wave, my tongue flicking but now slow, more gathering than taking as her breath slowed and body relaxed, before she sighed that deep sigh of satisfaction with an added, “Fuck Kelly!”

I rocked back onto my heels and looked up at her, my face soaked in her juices, her thong stretched slowly sliding back to cover her and I just giggled. No erotic slow stand to make her lick my face or to kiss her and smother her in her own juices like you see in a porn movie, I smiled. Triumphant I would guess, I had felt, touched, and tasted this woman, at last!! I managed to reply, “Oh yeah FUCK is right Tash!”

* * *

The sound of clapping hands behind me made me turn and spin so fast I felt my ankles buckle so that I ended up with my arse on the floor. “Well ladies that was quiet an opener, what’s the next act contain?”

“And just how long have you been watching Dave, oh by the way Tash meet Dave, Dave meet Tash,” I pointed one finger to you then swung it back to her.

“Long enough,” you smirked.

I looked up at Tash, the smile on her face said it all, those nights of teasing me were now over, this is for real, I reached out my hand and Tash pulled me to my feet. I kept hold of her hand and clenched it, leaning in I asked was she ok with this, her reply simple and to the point, “Very Bella?” and she winked.

“Come with me,” I cooed and walked her hand in hand over to where you were stood, the few feet feeling like yards until we closed the gap in front of you. I slipped my fingers out of hers but still holding her hand I leant in to kiss you. I pushed her hand between us, pressing it against the hardness so visible in your jeans. You didn’t kiss me, I let you lick, I let you taste her from my nose, cheeks, chin and then lips before we did kiss, deep, tongues probing, swirling, mixing her with us. I felt her fingers wriggling against my mound as I pressed it harder into you, she moved them slowly up then down, stroking you, making your pre cum darken the denim before I broke our kiss and stepped back.

I watched as you looked down then up, finding her eyes then leaning pushing your hips forward, grinding your hard cock into her touch. “Magnifico Bella, so hard Bella,” Tash purred as she spread then closed her fingers over you.

“You have no idea yet my sweet,” I smirked back stepping closer pulling her hand away, she didn’t resist as I pushed it against my lace so she could feel the wet she had made. “Taste me through the lace,” not waiting for her to answer I brushed past you and sat in the nearest chair. Opening and closed my legs, the balls of my feet pressed hard against the tiles, the sway slow and hopefully inviting as I gave you and her glimpses of the wet. She stood for a second, hand still out where my mound had been before she seemed to blink and wake up then move, almost in one motion, forward dropping to her knees at the same time.

“You’re a slut Kelly Louise,” you said as your eyes flicked between my open thighs and her arse, that perfect looking, olive skin that was now showing, her thong tucked between her cheeks, those lines where her skin darkened from her bikini all so very inviting.

I dipped my eyes, that almost coy look but still mixed with a smirk crossing my face as I looked up at you and said, “Come here,” you did, you stood simply watching.

I never took my eyes from yours as I felt her hands slide up and hold open my thighs, feeling her breath before her lips, kissing a trail, stopping to tease with a flick of her tongue over the wet patch on my lace panties before she made the same trail across and down the other thigh. My fingers creeping up your thigh to find the bulge of your hardness and then those five silver buttons, I bit my lip. Slowly one by one, eye still fixed to yours I flicked them open, my fingers pushing in to feel through your hairs, until the next was open and I found the shaft of your cock. Palm pressed flat, fingers pushing the denim away I eased it free, the head shimmering, covered in pre-cum I let it rest in my open hand before wrapping my fingers gently I began to wank you.

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