Valentine’s Day Dinner

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When Grace walked into the mall to shop for her lover’s Valentine’s Day present, she still hadn’t decided what to buy him. Since it was February 13th, time had run out and she couldn’t leave without both a gift and a card. Armed with a shiny new credit card and a desire to please her man, she cheerfully joined the crowd of other last-minute shoppers.

Grace and Justin had only been dating for five months, but theirs was an intense relationship, and she knew this would be an important night together. She realized that in addition to shopping for him, she needed to get herself a sexy outfit to make the evening special. Deciding that new clothes would be easier to find than a present, that became priority one. Her assumption was that getting one task accomplished would instill confidence and provide energy for the next.

Justin had told her that he would be surprising her with dinner out, but wouldn’t provide any clues about his plans. Unsure about what to expect, she figured that a simple black dress would cover just about any situation. Then she realized that a sexy, shiny red would be more appropriate for a Valentine’s Day meal. A quick trip to the department store that anchored the busy end of the mall provided many options, and as Grace checked her reflection in the dressing room mirror, she realized that the third dress she tried was perfect. Short and clingy, it hugged the breasts she felt were her best feature, with just enough cleavage showing to provoke a spark. The length drew attention to her tight ass and great legs, which reminded her that some new heels would be a good investment.

The shoe department was crowded with other women shopping for last-minute holiday outfits. Grace didn’t know what color would go with red, so she opted for a pair of shiny silver heels that would go great with a purse she already owned. The heels were higher than usual, which also accentuated the lower half of her torso.

Excited that she would look so good that night, she headed out of the department store to look for the card store a few shops down. Unsure whether to go “romantic” of “humorous,” Grace found a card that mentioned whips and whipped cream. Keeping with her sexy attitude, she opted to go with that idea. Maybe it would put some raunchy ideas in her normally-conservative boyfriend’s mind.

Still unsure what would make a good present for Justin, Grace passed a luggage store, and was struck by an idea. Ten minutes later, she had purchased a high-end weekend bag that was perfect for a man, and was on her way home. Logging onto a travel website, she booked a room at a bed and breakfast for the upcoming weekend. The bed and breakfast was about two hours away — just far enough to make it feel like they had traveled without taking so much time that the weekend would be wasted. Grace illegal bahis and Justin had chatted about catching a movie that weekend, so she was sure he’d be available.

Thinking about the upcoming weekend suddenly made Grace incredibly horny. She had always been a woman for whom the anticipation of sex could be as exciting as the sex itself. As she thought about packing lingerie, she felt the area between her legs growing moist. Shifting in her chair, she wondered if she should do something about her situation. When she glanced down at her chest and noticed that her nipples were hard, a slow grin crept over her face and she headed to the bedroom.

Stripping her clothes off as she padded into the room, she threw back the comforter and top sheet and almost jumped into bed. Grace liked to fantasize while she masturbated, and this was a no-brainer. She thought about Justin’s long, hard cock, and how she felt when he was above her, thrusting into her. As she envisioned that happening at the romantic bed and breakfast, she squeezed her large breasts and raised the nipples to her mouth. She loved how it felt when she licked her nipples, and waves of pleasure went through her body. Her right hand moved down between her legs, and she began stroking her clit quickly. The combination of trying on sexy clothes and sexy shoes along with planning a weekend away enabled her to reach a quick, satisfying climax.

When Justin rang the doorbell the next night, he was amazed at what greeted him. Grace looked as good in her new red dress as she had hoped, and the high silver heels only added to the sexy effect. “Are you sure we need to go to dinner, Babe?” he asked. “You look too good to unleash on the general public.” He hoped the leer in his eyes and voice wasn’t too obvious.

“Don’t worry, Hon,” Grace responded. “You might not need to drop me at the door at the end of the evening. I just might invite you in.” Grace winked, grabbed her purse, and the two were off. She remembered that she had no idea where she going, but knew the night would be special based on the look in Justin’s eyes.

When Justin pulled his car into Le Jardin, a huge grin crept across Grace’s face. It was the best restaurant in town, but so expensive that she had never eaten there. The food was known to be as excellent as it was pricey, and she was thrilled that she was finally going to experience the famous cuisine. As the maitre d’ showed them to her table, Grace was certain that almost everyone there could be classified as one of the beautiful people, but in her special Valentine’s Day outfit, she felt as though she fit right in.

Justin and Grace were led to a door that opened onto a small, private dining room, and the décor took Grace’s breath away. The walls and banquette were finished in a plush red velvet, and the fixtures illegal bahis siteleri were all gold, or at least gold-plated. She felt as though she had stepped into Marie Antoinette’s private dining room. Handed menus and a wine list, the couple was left alone to decide on their order. On the way out, the maitre d’ asked if they wanted the door open or closed, and Justin asked that it be closed.

When Grace started to open her menu, Justin closed his hand over hers, and told her it was too soon to order. He put his arm around her shoulders, pulled her close, and kissed her deeply. When Grace felt herself melting into him, she pulled back and looked anxiously toward the door. Justin assured her that he had spoken to the restaurant earlier in the week, and learned that the signal for privacy was a closed door. With that, Grace relaxed and responded to his ardent kisses.

It quickly became apparent that this was no ordinary makeout session. Justin ran the palm of his hand across Grace’s breasts in a way that he knew would make her nipples respond, and when they did, he gave them gentle twists through the clingy fabric of her new red dress. With a sharp intake of breath, Grace arched her body to press closer to Justin’s. Taking this as a signal that she was comfortable with their somewhat-public setting, he ran his hand down her side and pushed the hemline of her dress up to her waist. Pushing aside the crotch of her bikini panties, he slipped two fingers inside her pussy to gauge her readiness. Feeling how wet she already was, he dropped to his knees and pushed his tongue into the crevice between her legs. Tonguing her clit, he reinserted the two fingers, working them in and out slowly, then quickly, then slowly again, continuing to alternate the speed. All the while, he made circles around her clit with his tongue, slowly increasing both the speed and pressure. As Grace began rocking her hips up and down, Justin continued exactly what he was doing, and a long, low moan left her lips and filled the room with the sound of pleasure.

After catching her breath and rearranging her clothes, Grace gave Justin a gentle swat and admonished him for being such a naughty boy. Laughing, he got up and opened the door. A waiter appeared almost immediately, and they placed their food and appetizer orders. After the food and drinks had been delivered, Grace asked the waiter to close the door on the way out.

“Now what?” asked Justin.

“Well, first of all, you ordered oysters, which we all know has the effect of an aphrodisiac. Secondly, I want to bring you the same pleasure that you provided for me,” she responded.

The two fed each other the oysters, taking turns, giggling, and having a good time. They experimented with different sauces and made funny slurping noises. One of the canlı bahis siteleri best aspects of their relationship was that they genuinely had fun with each other. When they were finished, they made use of the fancy restaurant’s finger bowls and nice hand towels.

“Speaking of slurping,” said Grace, “I have some more slurping I’d like to enjoy now. Please free your massive cock from your pants.”

Justin stared at Grace, because she was not one to speak that way, but rather than question the little vixen that had emerged, he quickly unzipped his pants, and pulled out his dick. Grace pushed him back against the rich velvet and dropped to her knees. Taking him in her hand, she lowered her mouth over him, enveloping as much as possible in her mouth. Although comfortable with giving head, Justin’s size was always a challenge at first. Once she had moistened him completely, she pumped his shaft with her hand, concentrating her mouth on the head of his penis. Her head bobbed up and down, her tongue continued to circle him and lick beneath the tip, and her hand continued its motion. The combination brought Justin to the brink of orgasm.

“Oh Gracie,” he moaned. “You’re driving me crazy. It feels so good. You feel so good.” A shudder went through him, and Grace’s mouth filled with his cum. Swallowing quickly, she enjoyed the wave after wave that followed. Once it was clear that there was no more, she continued stroking, sucking, and licking until he was erect again.

“What are you doing to me, woman?” Justin asked, short of breath.

“Well, I’ve had fun and you’ve had fun, but Valentine’s Day is about couples, so I thought we should have some fun now,” she responded. With that, she reached down, pulled her panties off, straddled him, and lowered herself onto him. Justin was pleased to feel that Grace had evidently been almost as excited by going down on him as he had been to benefit from her talent, because she was hot and wet. He lifted her dress over her head and removed her bra so that he could access her breasts. After caressing them for a while, he sucked on each nipple. When Grace groaned with pleasure, Justin moved his hands to her hips. He helped move her up and down, although she seemed to have enough energy for them both. A combination of bouncing up and down and moving back and forth brought them to a very satisfying, simultaneous orgasm.

As they gazed into each other’s eyes, smiles spread across each of their faces. Each had now experienced a pair of intense climaxes, and they collapsed into each other’s arms for a few moments. Realizing where they were, they laughed and nervously dressed.

“I guess you can open the door again,” Grace said to Justin. “Let them serve dinner so we can finish our evening.”

“Gee, I hope you’re still planning to invite me in,” he responded, and they both smiled at the double entendre.

“Sure,” said Grace. “I have a present waiting for you at home.” She realized now that it didn’t matter what she packed for the weekend, because this Valentine’s Day was already a rousing success.

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