Upsetting the apple cart part 4

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Sandra knocked on her sisters door and waited. It had been over a week since she had last met up with her sister and she was looking forward to some friendly company.
In the six months since her breakup Sandra only had her sister and her own two kids for companionship, not wanting her friends prying into her breakup, if it hadn’t been for her sisters support she would have cracked under the stress of it all.
‘Where was she and who does that X5 belong to’ Sandra thought.
Sandra had been waiting about a minute and was just about to get her key from her bag when she saw Lynn coming down the stairs through the stained glass front door panel.
Lynn took a deep breath and opened the door, “Hi sis, sorry i kept you waiting, come in ” Lynn said as she quickly turned her back and headed for the kitchen.
Sandra was shocked to see her sisters appearance. Her disheveled hair and smeared makeup, she looked like she’d been crying and why didn’t she give me a kiss and a hug.
As Sandra followed Lynn towards the kitchen, she realised Lynn was wearing the dress she hated and it had a damp spot just below her bottom.
“Are you okay sis?” asked Sandra, concerned and confused.
“Fine, how are you ” Lynn replied turning to face her sister.
“Oh my god, look at the size of your nipples” Said Sandra in amazement. ” what’s happened to you and who’s X5 is that in the driveway?”.
Lynn could feel herself blushing, she had never kept any secrets from her sister. In fact, Lynn had never even lied to her, even as children. “The car belongs to Jane’s boyfriend Steve, he’s up in Jane’s room waiting for her to come home from college.”
Sandra gave her a quizzical look “Why are you wearing that dress, you hate it, your not even wearing a bra or panties?”.
“I was just about to take a shower when i noticed your phone message. I literally just finished listening to it as you knocked on the door. This dress was hanging on the back of my chair and i put it on in rush. Mark asked me to wear it for the dinner party we had for Steve yesterday. Oh and it’s chafed my nipples as i ran downstairs to let you in”. Lynn almost felt proud of the explanation she came up with.
It was mostly the truth, she had just left out the part about being fucked senseless all morning by Steve.
If it wasn’t for the fact Lynn would be the last person in the world to get up to any funny business, Sandra might not of believed her little sister.
Sandra burst out laughing “For a minute i thought you had a fancy man stashed away upstairs “
“What me, ha, you must be joking ” Lynn replied with a sense of relief.
Sandra gave Lynn a hug and a peck on the cheek, she couldn’t help noticing her sweaty pungent smell, ‘Strange, that’s not her normal fragrant smell ‘ thought Sandra.
“Tell me about Jane’s new boyfriend, Steve. Last time i talked to her she had only just met him. Is he the hunk she told me he was?” enquired Sandra.
“Yes, he’s a nice chap, Jane thinks the world of him” said Lynn as she finished making the coffee.
As Lynn handed Sandra her cup, Sandra noticed her sisters nipples had hardened again, was that chafing or thinking about Steve she wondered.

“Hello ladies, wow, you could be twins ” said Steve as he entered the kitchen.
‘ He is a hunk’ thought Sandra as she gave him the once over, she couldn’t help noticing his crotch, his zip was open.
Lynn noticed it too and wondered if the bastard had done it on purpose. Why couldn’t he have stayed upstairs like i’d asked him to.
“You must be Sandra, Jane’s told me all about you, she says your her favourite aunt, i can see why” said Steve giving her a big smile as he deliberately took his time checking her out.
Sandra was a lot like her sister, smaller tit’s, about Jane’s size, bit more meat on her arse and hips. She was wearing a figure hugging, bright yellow v neck jumper that showed plenty of cleavage. A tight pair of white jeans that showed off her cute arse and a matching pair of yellow flat shoes.
Steve could tell she was dressing this way because she had a need to be desirable, probably as a result of her divorce.
Steve could picture them both sucking his cock.
Sandra felt herself flush at the way Steve brazenly complimented her and ran his eyes over her body, that smile is enough to make any girl go weak at the knees. “She has to say that, i’m her only auntie ” Sandra replied all self conscious.
Lynn took the opportunity to go the loo, all the sex had made her desperate to pee.
While she was out of the kitchen Steve said to Sandra, “You look hotter than Lynn but i bet you don’t fuck as good as she does “.
Sandra’s mouth fell open unable to comprehend what Steve had just said “Pardon ” was all she could say.
“Lyndi Loo’s been cumming on my cock all morning, couldn’t you tell from her slutty appearance, she looks and smells like a woman that’s had the shit fucked out of her “. Steve goaded her.
“I don’t believe you, Lynn would never cheat on her husband, never in a million years, why would you say such things ” Said a shocked Sandra.
Now Steve had made Sandra confused and defensive, he pushed further “What don’t you believe, Lindi Loo would cheat or that she’s a better fuck than you. Incidentally, when was the last time that hot body of yours had the shit fucked our of it”.
Sandra was in complete shock, Steve had struck a nerve, she hadn’t been fucked in a long while and how could her timid little sister be a a better fuck than her.
Just then Lynn came back into the kitchen, her face and hair looked better, her nipples however looked like they were even bigger than before.
Sandra didn’t know what to say, she just stood there rooted to the spot, unable to believe what Steve had just said.
Steve walked up behind Lynn and in full view of Sandra slid his arms through hers and cupped her bra less tiit’s in his hands, his index fingers and thumbs easily latching onto her big fat, inch long, rock hard nipples.
Steve pinched them hard causing Lynn to moan loudly in obvious pleasure.
Sandra couldn’t believe what she was witnessing, her younger married sister moaning like a porn star as her daughters boyfriend, who was half her age played with her tit’s and tweaked her massive nipples.
Sandra didn’t know whether to be appalled or excited by what can only be described as the opening scene of some seedy porn movie. She felt a bit of both.
Lynn couldn’t believe he’d have the nerve to fondle her in front of her sister, although he did have sex with her daughter while she watched.
Lynn was powerless to stop him, as soon as he pinched her nipples, she turned into Lyndi Loo.
“That’s better isn’t it Lyndi Loo, surely its better to let your big sister know that you’ve become an unfaithful cheating slut, rather than trying to keep it a secret. Sisters shouldn’t have secrets, should they Sandra”. Steve said as he held her in his gaze.
“No ” Replied Sandra, transfixed as she watched Steve’s right hand release her sisters breast and nipple, then moving teasingly slow down her stomach, until it cupped her pussy.
Steve rubbed her dress covered cunt a few times, he removed his hand revealing to Sandra a soaking wet patch on the front of her dress.
The fact that Sandra was still stood there, eyes following every move of his hands, her tit’s rising and falling in time with her laboured breathing, told Steve all he needed to know.
Like Lynn had watched him fuck her daughter, so Sandra would stay and see the events unfold.
Steve told Lynn “Lift the hem of your dress up to your waist Lyndi Loo, i want to finger fuck your bare cunt “.
Sandra was mesmerised as she watched her younger sister reach with both hands for the hem of her skirt raising it slowly to revel her thick overgrown bush and her glistening pussy lips.

Steve could see Sandra’s nipples starting to make their prescience known as he cupped Lyndi Loo’s cunt. He curled his thickest two fingers into her soaking snatch, his thumb contacting her clit and began a steady assault on her womanhood.
Lynn moans grew louder and turned into a commentary ” ooh yeees, ooh god, thaaats niiiceee, sooo weeet, feeels soooo goooood, oooh fuuuuuuck, fiiiingeeeers maaakeee cuuuuuunt sooo weeet, doooont stoooooop”
All the time Steve was looking into Sandra’s eyes, he could see the lust building, he observed her biting her bottom lip, he could see her gently squirming.
“Lyndi Loo, what did you promise to do for me in return for me letting you leave the bed after you cum on my big cock” Steve asked her.
“ooh god, i promised to oooo fuck yooooou later oooo fuuuuk when yoooou asked meeee” Lynn answered.
“well i’m asking ” Steve told her, still fixing his eyes on Sandra.
‘ Oh my god, is my goody, goody two shoes little sister really going to fuck him right in front of me’. thought Sandra in disbelief.
Steve took his fingers out of Lindi Loo’s dripping cunt and fed them into her mouth. Lyndi Loo eagerly sucked her sweet sticky fanny juice until he removed them and used them to unzip her dress.
“When was the last time you saw Lindi Loo’s amazing tit’s Sandra?” Steve asked her as he teasingly edged the thin cotton shoulder straps down her arms until half her breasts were revealed.
Sandra couldn’t believe she was getting so turned on watching her sister fondled and slowly stripped. she could feel her rock hard nipples trying to cut their way out of her bra and her pussy was on fire. ” I i ca can’t remember, not si since we were teenagers i suppose ” stammered Sandra.
Steve pulled the straps lower until both her magnificent nlpples pinged free causing Lindi Loo to moan loudly. Steve let go of the straps and all three of them watched her dress slide to the floor. Lyndi Loo stepped out of it
Steve stepped from behind Lindl Loo and standing beside her started to play with her arse cheeks. “Tell Lindi Loo to take my cock out Sandra, i know you want to see it” Steve challenged her.
“I i can’t, oh god this is so hot, i mean so wrong, oh fuck i i don’t know what i mean, oh fuck Lynn, take his cock out “.
Lynn was quickly at his belt buckle fumbling to release his manhood as if she was proud to show off Steve’s beautiful cock to her big sister.
Soon Lynn had his jeans down around his bare feet and Steve kicked them off. As Lynn prepared to pull Steve’s bulging boxer shorts down to reveal the weapon that had taken her to paradise all morning she looked at her sister biting her lip with anticipation.
Slowly Lynn edged down his boxers revealing his thick trapped shaft inch by inch as she teased her sister, with one final tug Steve’s big fat cock sprang free.
Steve saw Sandra gasp, she had a look of shock and lust in her eyes. Steve pulled Lynn back to her feet and took his tee shirt off.
“Lyndi Loo, did you two always share your things like good sisters ” Steve asked Lynn as he playfully slapped her arse.
“Always, we were very good, we shared everything ” answered Lynn.
“Then don’t you think it would be rude not to ask your big sister if she wanted to share my cock” Steve asked her as he watched Sandra go week at the knees.
“Sorry, i was forgetting my manners. Sis, would you like to share Steve’s beautiful big cock with me?”.
Sandra was breathing heavily and couldn’t speak, she just nodded her head almost imperceptibly.
Steve crocked his index finger and gestured her to come to them.
Shakily Sandra covered the few paces until she was right in front of them. Steve gripped the v of her sweater and pulled her trembling lips towards his. Looking passionately into each other’s lust filled eyes they kissed deeply, hungrily slurping on each other’s lips and tongues.
Steve broke the kiss and pulled Lynn in and kissed her the same way, before telling her, “I think one of us is overdressed Lyndi Loo, help me strip your sister “.
Steve told Sandra “Lift your arms above your head “. She complied without question.
Steve eased her sweater up revealing her bra covered tit’s, he continued it’s journey until it was off and consigned to the floor.
While Steve admired the sight of Sandra’s busty tit’s perfectly nestled in their sexy, bright yellow bra, her rock hard nipples straining against the silk and lace material Lyndi Loo had undone the button and zip and was inching her tight white jeans over her sexy arse. Slowly her matching yellow french knickers began to appear, revealing a wet crotch.
Steve was impressed by Jane’s aunties choice of underwear, it looked so much hotter than Lyndi Loo’s frumpy choice of undergarments.
Once sis had removed her shoes and jeans he pulled up Lyndi Loo. Leaving auntie to stand and watch as Steve resumed his fondling of her from behind.
Steve played roughly with her beautiful tit’s, squeezing and juggling them, slapping them together. Pulling her big nipples making her tit’s stretch out, before letting them fall and bounce back to their natural position.
Lyndl Loo was moaning like a banshee. Steve gripped a handful of her hair and pulled her head back so he could kiss her hard on the mouth.
Steve released her hair and started to finger fuck her again, this time Steve took his big hard cock that was trapped between her arse cheeks and pushed it between her legs so his hard shaft rubbed against her dripping pussy lips.
Steve looked at Sandra struggling to keep control of her sexual lust, “Play with yourself Sandra, put on a show for me like the dirty slut you are “.
It was all the encouragement she needed, one hand began teasing her tit’s and hard nipples, while the other disappeared inside her silky french knickers.
Lyndi Loo was lost in her pleasure oblivious to her sisters presence,”Aaah fuck, sooo goood, sooo niiicee, fiiingeeer myyy cuuuuut haaaaard, neeeeed toooo cuuuuuum soooooooo baaaaaad, oooooh fuuuuuuck, oooooooo fuuuuuuuck, neeeeeaaarleeeey theeree, haaaaaardeeeer yooooouuuu baaaaaaastaaaaaard haaaaaaardeeeeer, cuuuuuuuuuuummmmiiiiing aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggg”.

Sandra looked on, captivated by the sight of her nieces boyfriend abusing her married sisters tit’s with one hand, while fingering her pussy with the other. The sight of his big powerful cock appearing and vanishing as it’s large swollen helmet and fat shaft pushed past her hanging pussy flaps was amazing.
Sandra had never been so turned on, she couldn’t believe her straight laced sister was capable of such slutish behaviour, openly flaunting her unfaithfulness with her daughters boyfriend. Allowing him to abuse her sexually in front of her older sister without a single word of protest.
Sandra watched her sister loudly moan obscenities, words she thought her sister never knew, let alone used.
As she watched her sister nearing climax Sandra’s hands became more aggressive, seeking pleasures that had been denied to her over the past year, about the time her husband had started his affair and lost interest in her.
When Lynn screamed out as her powerful release overwhelmed her and she saw her pussy juices splashing over Steve’s fingers and cock, Sandra desperately tried to seek her own long overdue orgasm, but try as she might it wouldn’t materialise.

Steve’s smile beamed as he felt Lyndi Loo erupt on his fingers, her whole kocaeli escort body shaking as she was consumed in her gratification, while he watched her horny as fuck sister playing with her bra clad tit’s with one hand and her other hand, hidden inside her french knickers furiously masturbating her squelching cunt.
Steve swapped women, leaving Lyndi Loo to lean against the counter to steady her wobbly legs and watch as he got behind her sister and cupped her tit’s encased in their sexy silk constraints.
Lyndi Loo felt pangs of jealousy rise inside her as she watched her lover juggle her sisters full, firm, heavy tits while he kissed the side of her neck as he looked down at her undulating cleavage.
She saw him release one breast and watched him intently as he slipped his hand inside her sexy french knickers joining her sisters masturbating hand.
She became even more jealous as he pulled her hand out guiding it to his mouth and began sucking on her pussy juice soaked fingers.
Lynn was shocked as he pushed his own glistening, cum covered, sticky fingers that had just come out of her orgasming pussy between her sisters softly moaning lips.
Sandra sucked and licked all of Lynn’s sweet cum juice from his fingers, Steve slid them back inside her french knickers, noticing how short and trim her pubic hair was.
Finding her honey pot he started to finger fuck her as his other hand reached into her bra cup and began to treat her bare tit roughly, Sandra’s moans got louder.
As soon as Steve pinched her nipple firmly and rolled it between his finger and thumb she responded just like Jane and Lyndi Loo had “aaaaaawwwwww fuuuuuuuck, sooooo gooooood”.
Even though Sandra’s nipples were the smallest of the three of them at three quarters of an inch, they were every bit as sensitive.
Lynn could hear Sandra’s pussy squelching and see her french knickers getting wetter by the second. She saw her sister reach behind her, searching out Steve’s fat cock that was lodged between her arse crack. She knew she had found it when the tell tale signs of her arm moving up and down told Lynn she was wanking it.
Sandra was now getting close, the attention her nipples and cunt were receiving, plus the feel of Steve’s rock hard, throbbing cock in her hand had her on the brink, ” oooh god sooooo niiiiicee, sooooo weeeeet, beeeaaaaauuuutiiifuuulll fiingeeeers, oooooh god beeen soooo loooong, fuuuuuuck neeeaaaarly theeereeee, nooooooo, noooooooo doooont stooop pleeeaaasee fiiiniiish meeee offff, nooo, puuut theeem baaack in ” Sandra begged, denied of her first orgasm in over a year.
“I want the first time you cum to be on my big hard cock as you look into my eyes ” Steve said.

Steve unhooked Sandra’s bra, sliding the straps down her arms, letting it drop to the floor, Sandra’s full heavy tit’s and erect nlpples sitting proudly on her chest with only a hint of sag.
“Lindi Loo, if you take your big sisters french knickers off, i’ll fuck you first” Steve challenged her.
Lynn hooked her thumbs into each side of her sisters sexy french knickers and pushed them down, her thumbnails lightly grazing Sandra’s hips and the outside of her thighs causing her big sister to tremble.
Once Lynn had pushed them all the way to her ankles, she realised she was on her knees, her head inches from her big sisters pussy.
Lynn could see every detail of her vagina, her freshly shaven pussy, topped off with short pubic hair. Her slightly gaping lips soaked in her own juices.
Lynn could smell the intoxicating pungent aroma escaping from her sisters highly aroused sex.
Suddenly Lynn felt two hands on her hips and Steve’s fat hard cock enter her dripping pussy, her well used vagina easily accepting all of his thick eight inches.
Once inside her Steve moved his hands gripping Lyndi Loo’s big juicy tits, pulling her tight against his chest as he began to fuck her hard.
Steve used one hand to pinch her nipple hard and keep her tight to his chest, with the other he reached over her shoulder and began fingering her sisters cunt only inches from her face.
Both sisters were almost in an hypnotic state as they watched each other getting fucked.
Sandra was soon getting close again and moaning loudly ” oooh god, sooo gooooood, sooo weeet, neeed tooo cuuuum, fuuuuck, pleeeeaaaaase leeeeet meeee cuuuuuumm”.
Steve again vacated Sandra’s begging cunt and feeling Lindi Loo getting close slipped his dripping fingers past her tongue and into her mouth.
Lynn was way past making any moral judgements on herself or big sis, Steve’s beautiful big cock fucking her towards yet another orgasm had made sure of that. Lyndii Loo eagerly sucked his nectar covered fingers until he withdrew them. She resumed her slutty diatribe “oooh yeees, fuuuck my juiiiiccceeey cuuuunt, ooooh fuuuuck, biiiiiig coooooock sooo goooood, fuuuuck yooooouuuur sllluuuuuuut, fuuuuuck thiiiiis diiiiirty biiiitccch”.
Steve knew he had full control of both women, Lyndi Loo was lost in the imminent arrival of her latest orgasm. Sandra had been on the brink of her own desperately needed climax and was now playing with her own tit’s as she watched her sister getting fucked from behind.
Steve knew he only had to reach out his hands, grip Sandra’s arse cheeks and pull her, closing the six inches between her dripping wet, begging cunt and her sisters slutty talking hot mouth.
He debated whether to abuse the power he had over them in their most vulnerable moment. If it was right to make one sister eat the other sisters cunt, ‘Ah what the fuck’ he thought as he reached out his hands.

Steve grabbed Sandra’s arse and pulled.
He witnessed one of the hottest scenes he’d ever seen. Lyndi Loo locked her mouth onto her big sister’s cunt, Sandra’s hands left her tit’s and gripped Lyndi Loo’s hair forcing her mouth even tighter onto her cunt and started whimpering again.
Steve let go of Sandra’s arse, he’s hands being replaced by Lyndi Loo’s, he reached up and began playing with Sandra’s beautiful tit’s and nipples.
Steve fucked Lyndi Loo hard and fast and within thirty seconds she went rigid, before bucking violently on his cock and shouting muffled foul mouthed obscenities into Sandra’s cunt.
Sandra was on the brink for a third time when she felt Steve remove his hands from her tit’s and pull her sisters beautiful mouth away from her pulsing cunt. She watched Steve force her sister into a steamy hot kiss, so he could taste the sweet cunt nectar
that had been eagerly lapped from her leaking cunt.
Steve pulled out of Lynda Loo, it allowed a flood of her cum juice to puddle on the kitchen tiles, he stood, helping Lyndi Loo to her unsteady feet.

He took them both by the hand and they followed him to the lounge, “It’s your turn now Sandra, i’m gonna fill that gorgeous neglected cunt with my rock hard throbbing meat and fuck the living daylights out of you. Lay on the sofa, open your legs wide and pull your knees up to your shoulders “.
Sandra, so desperate to cum couldn’t get into position quick enough. Steve followed her, bent down and spent a minute eating her pussy and arse ring out. kneeling back up he gestured for Lyndi Loo to come to him, “Come and kneel beside the sofa, i want you to have a good view of my big cock fucking your sister’s unused cunt”.
Lynn knelt beside him and Steve pulled her into him, kissing her deeply, again she tasted her sister’s freshly secreted vagina juice.
Steve broke the kiss, rubbed his swollen bellend along the length of Sandra’s puffy cunt lips a few times, before penetrating her slowly with just enough pressure to keep it going inside her wet, tight cunt. It took it all despite being unused for a year and quite tight.
Steve held it deep for a while before pulling all the way out, dragging her pussylips with it. Lynn watched in wonder as Steve’s beautiful big cock speared her sister slowly a few more times.
Steve started to pick up the pace and soon he was slamming his meat into her, hard and deep, his bollocks slapping against her sticky sphincter.
At last Sandra knew she was gonna get what she wanted, her cunt battered into submission by a big hard virile young cock.
Steve told her to “Put your hands above your head “, as he placed her legs on his shoulders, ” It’s time to make those fantastic tit’s dance for me and Lyndi Loo”.
Every deep hard thrust had her jugs flopping in all directions, Steve marvelled at Jane’s forty three year old aunt, her tit’s bounced and undulated like they were filled with syrup. Steve had only been fucking the hot bitch for three minutes and already she was close.
” Oh god, oooooh fuuuck, giiiveee iiit tooo meeee yooou baaaastaaaaaard, fuuuuck meeee goooood, huuuurt meeee wiiiiith thaaaat doooonkeeeey coooooock, aaaaarrrrgggg shiiiiiiit, soooo clooooseee, sooooo looooooog, suuuuuuch aaaa looooong tiiiiiimee, fuuuck myy cuuuut, neeeeaaaaarlly theeeeeereee, neeeeeeaaaaaarlly theeeereeeee, ooooh god, fuuuuuuuck , cuuuuuumiiing, aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggg fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk”. Sandra screamed the house down.
All it took was just over three minutes for all the tension, stress, emotion and frustration of the last year to come exploding out of her mouth and cunt.
Sandra had nearly fainted such was the force of her emotionally powerful release. After she stopped shaking, she burst into tears and kept repeating “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you “, like a timid little child.

Steve pushed her knees back towards her shoulders and pulled Lyndi Loo’s head onto her sisters arse cheek, inches away from his cock buried in her well fucked cunt, twisting her hair in his hand Steve held her head tight against her bum cheek.
Lyndi Loo’s eyes widened and she watched spellbound as Steve pulled his frothy white, slime covered, hard cock out of her big sisters pussy, releasing a torrent of her white frothy cum to flow freely down her arse and onto the well used sofa.
Lynn’s eyes widened even more as he pointed his manhood at her lips and pushed in, “Suck it like the good cheating slut you are and i will fuck you next”, ordered Steve.
Lynn used her tongue and lips sucking her sister’s surprisingly sweet cum from his cock as he slowly fucked her mouth. Steve constantly swapping between Sandra’s sloppy cunt and Lyndi Loo’s mouth.
Looking at the clock Steve saw it was almost two, Tom would be home at 3.45. That gives him another ninety minutes fuck time. he wondered what the neighbors would think if they knew what went on behind the net curtains.
Steve released his grip on both girls and standing up said “Come on my sexy sisters, up to Lyndi Loo’s great big bed, i ain’t through fucking the shit out of the pair of you yet”.

Steve followed them up the stairs, watching their middle aged bottoms jiggle slightly as they ascended each step.
Once in the bedroom Steve had them both bend over with their hands on the bed next to each other. He could see both their dripping well fucked cunts there for the taking.
As promised, he entered Lyndi Loo first, taking hold of her hips he smashed his meat repeatedly into her sloppy welcoming cunt.
All three of them were treated to the sight in the mirror opposite of Lyndi Loo’s large hanging tit’s bouncing wildly every time Steve’s pelvis smacked into her backside.
Within a minute Lyndi Loo was close and in full cry, all it took to send her over the edge was Steve wetting his thumb with sylvia and plunging it into her rectum.
“oooooh fuuuuuuck, oooooooh god, oooooooh shiiiiiit, cuuuuuuuuuuuuumiiiiiiiiiiing, aaaaaaarrrrrrgh fuuuuuuuuuuuck”.
Lynn slumped forward onto the bed once her used holes had been vacated.
Steve moved behind Sandra and entered her freshly fucked cunt without any preliminaries and gave her a right pounding, his eyes transfixed on her slightly fleshier arse cheeks rippling every time his fat cock bottomed out.
Sandra could enjoy this fuck for what it was, pure lust and pleasure, no more encumbered with the burden of the emotional stress of her first desperate orgasm in over a year.
She could feel every inch of his beautiful rock hard cock stretching and reaching places the four previous cocks that had fucked her had failed to do.

Unlike her one man younger sister, Sandra had two boyfriends before she met Phil, the first taking her virginity on the back seat of his car when she was sixteen. A year later her second boyfriend fucked her at every opportunity in the two years they were together.
She met Phil when she was twenty and married him two years later.
The fourth man to fuck her happend ten years after she was married.
One of Phil’s work friends was having a big fortieth birthday party at his house.
At about eleven Sandra needed to pee, on leaving the upstairs bathroom, Edward who’s birthday it was, took her in his arms and demanded his birthday kiss, Sandra being a bit tipsy thought it harmless enough and gave him a peck on the cheek.
“That’s not a proper kiss”, said Edward as he half carried her into an adjacent bedroom and forced her into a proper kiss. She could smell and taste the strong alcohol as he forced his tongue inside her mouth. Despite her struggles he continued to force himself on her until he was satisfied.
He broke the kiss and told her, “That’s better, now for the birthday present i’ve wanted since you got here”.
Sandra was too scared and shocked to scream as Edward painfully grabbed the hair at the back of her head, tilting it away from him. He used his other hand to roughly abuse her tit’s before he pulled down her dress straps and removed her bra.
He lent down, his lips and tongue slobbering all over her bare breasts.
The only time Sandra felt any pleasure from his molesting of her, came as he briefly bit on her nipples.
Still painfully gripping her hair he bent her over the bed, he lifted her dress over her back and roughly wrenched her skimpy knickers down to her knees.
“Tell anyone about this you dirty slut and i will tell them how you came on to me, telling me ‘you had a proper present for the hot, sexy birthday boy’ right bitch”. He said and spanked her bare arse cheek with all the force he could muster.
Sandra heard him unzip his trousers and tug them down with his pants. She braced herself as he lined up his six inch rapist cock and forced it balls deep up her dry, unwelcoming vagina.
He then preceded to rape her as hard and as fast as he could.
Sandra was now in pain from her hair being ripped from her scalp, her burning arse cheek and the friction of his cock raping her dry cunt.
Sandra’s tit’s bounced and jiggled as her rapist fucked away, until after five minutes she felt his body stiffen and as he buried his cock as deep as it would go, she felt it pulsing as it spewed out his sperm. “That’s it you whore, take all my jizz in that stuck up cunt of yours, i bet it’s the best fuck you’ve ever had, you frigid cunt”. He said as he humped into her a couple more times before pulling out, pulling his pants and trousers back up and heading for the door, turning back to her just before he left to say “Thanks for my birthday present slag”.
Sandra got herself dressed and peeping through the bedroom door checked it was all clear and kocaeli escort bayan the bathroom was unoccupied.
Once in the bathroom she sat on the toilet and cleaned his sperm that had dripped onto her knicker gusset, she emptied and cleaned her sperm flooded vagina.
Standing, she looked at her appearance in the full length mirror as she straightened herself up, outwardly she showed no signs of the rape she had just been subjected to, apart from her sore scalp, arse and vagina, no one would notice.
Sandra left the bathroom feeling shocked, humiliated, abused and dirty, she was determined not to cry and to never tell another living soul.
Sandra can still remember entering the lounge only to find her husband laughing and joking with Edward, totally unaware that his so called friend had just raped his wife.
Sandra told Phil it was time to go. Edward looked at her like she was a cheap whore, as he said “That’s a shame, i was hoping for another birthday kiss later “.

Sandra could feel his pounding meat bringing her towards her blissful conclusion, when she felt his thumb enter her arse, she knew that this electrifying new sensation would push her over the edge, ” fuuuuuk yeeeeeeaaaaah, soooo fuuuuuckiiiing hot, sooo biiig, aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggg shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit iiiiiiimmmmmmmm cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiing, ooooohhhh god, aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggg”.
Steve slowly slipped his fat prick from Sandra’s froth filled gaping cunt and guided her to a kneeling position beside the bed. He helped Lyndi Loo slide off the bed into the same position on the other side of him.
“Now girls, let’s find out which one of you sisters can suck my cock the best. You can’t use your hands on my cock, although i will mark up your score if you use them on each other. The winner will get fucked first”.

Lyndi Loo and Sandra looked at Steve’s beautiful big penis, thickly coated with each other’s cum juice. Then they looked at each other for a few seconds and as if by some special telepathic sister thing, both middle aged women broke out in a big smile and lent in, both sets of lips latching onto his thick cum covered shaft, their hands resting on each other’s thighs for balance.
Steve watched in awe as they both sucked and licked his shaft in unison. Lyndi Loo was first to strike out on her own, slurping her way up to the crown of his helmet before stretching her lips wide engulfing his bellend and sliding four inches of fat, throbbing shaft past her lips and began bobbing up and down managing to lodge his helmet and an inch of his shaft down her throat without gagging.
Sandra seeing her sister out shining her started to lick and suck his large ball sack, she also cupped her younger sisters breast, squeezing it roughly before firmly rolling her nipple between her finger and thumb.
Lyndi Loo moaned loudly on his cock and bobbed harder sending another inch down her throat, she also retaliated by giving her older sisters breast the same treatment.
Steve could see both sisters were extremely turned on and fiercely competitive, he knew there was nothing they wouldn’t do in their efforts to get fucked next and put one over the other.
Steve knew he was part of something special as he witnessed these two middle aged mothers descending into lust crazed sluts, any morals or taboos cast away to their deepest recesses until their primeval sexual desires were satiated.

It was taking all Steve’s self control and he had plenty of it, to stop himself from cumming. This was turning into the best threesome he’d ever been involved in. He’d been in loads of threesomes, even a few with sisters, but there was something special about having the once totally faithful wife, the straight laced mother of his girlfriend and her only slightly more sexually experienced aunt under his control.
Steve watched the two big titled housewives, twice his age compete for his cock. Sandra slid her hand up her sisters leg and pushed three of her fingers deep inside her slippery pussy. This had the desired effect she was hoping for. Lynn moaned loudly as she released her mouth from Steve’s cock and lifted her head high and tilted it backwards as she arched her back in pleasure.
Sandra quickly replaced her sisters mouth with her own. Soon she was surpassing Lyndi Loo by an inch, with only one inch unable to pass her lips.
Lyndi Loo tried the same tactic as her big sister, sliding her had up her thigh and pushing all her fingers inside her sisters pussy, with her thumb pressed hard on her clit.
Sandra had felt Lynn’s hand coming and braced herself against the adrenaline rush she received, her mouth managing to stay gloved around Steve beautiful hard cock.
Lyndi Loo had to settle for the lower half of Steve’s cock attacking it vigorously with her tongue and lips. She also gave her sister an extra hard pinch on her nipple as payback.

Steve was wishing he had his phone to film this amazing scene, both sisters fingering and fondling each other as they pampered his stiff meat with their mouths. Steve especially liked it when their tongues or lips would clash. It gave him an idea.
Gripping the hair on both of their heads, he pulled Sandra off his cock, pulled Lyndi Loo off his balls. He guided both sets of lips half way up his shaft on opposing sides. Holding their heads still he began sliding his cock back and forth between their lips and tongues.
After a minute he slid his cock completely out leaving their lips to fully clash together. Both sisters froze for about fifteen seconds, looking into each other’s eyes as Steve held their heads still, then both women went for it big time, kissing passionately.
Steve released their hair and watched Jane’s mum and aunt attacking each other’s bodies in a sexual frenzy.
“You sisters look so fucking hot, i want to see you cum on each other’s fingers, squeeze her nipple hard, see how far you can get your tongue into her mouth, finger fuck her slut pussy, as soon as you both cum i’m gonna fuck the shit out of those dripping cunts”. Steve’s encouragement was all they needed to trigger their blissful release. Breaking their kiss and letting go of each other’s breast, both women instinctively gripped the others arse cheek for balance, threw their heads back and finger fucked each other for all they were worth, their fingers a blur as they both shouted obscenities , “fuuuuuck, fuuuuuuuck, fuuuuuuuuuuuk, oooh god, goooonnnnnaaaaa cuuuuuuum soooooooo haaaaaaaard, ooooooooooh shiiiiiiiiiiiit, cuuuuuunt cuuuuuuuuuuuuuumiiiiiiiiiiiig”.
After a minute both sisters fell into each other, squashing their beautiful big tit’s together and panting heavily.
Steve clapped them both, “Wow ladies, that is the hottest, sexiest lesbian show i have ever seen. A true thing of beauty. Now get on that bed, i’m so fucking turned on, i need my hard meat buried in wet cunt right now “.
Sandra and Lyndi Loo looked at each other sheepishly as they slowly removed their fingers from each other’s sodden pussy’s.
Steve helped them to their feet. Taking their dripping fingers into his mouth, he sucked them clean, kissed both sisters passionately, then helped them onto the bed.

“Well girls, it’s impossible to pick a winner, you’re both so fucking hot. I’m gonna fuck Sandra first only because i’ve fucked Lyndi Loo the most “, Steve announced as he laid Sandra down on her back in the middle of the bed.
Steve knew he wanted to get the sisters to sixty nine each other, but first he’d have to get them close to cuming so they would comply without question.
Steve started to fuck Sandra in the missionary position, her legs wrapped around his waist. he began to treat her tit’s roughly, sucking and chewing her engorged nipples.
Once Steve had Sandra simmering nicely he altered his position so he was kneeling up between her legs. As he was ploughing slowly in and out of Sandra’s silky cunt, her undulating tit’s like poetry in motion, he turned his attention to Lyndi Loo kneeling beside them.
She watched them fucking, pangs of jealousy rising once again as his beautiful big cock was making her big sister moan with the pleasure that belonged to Lyndi Loo, she craved to be consumed by his animal lust, her cunt, that she had offered him freely that morning betraying her daughter and husband needed his attention.
Lyndi Loo was snapped out of her jealous voyeurism by Steve’s words, “You didn’t think i was gonna just fuck your sister and let you miss out on all the fun. Come and stand astride big sis so i can eat that sweet tasting wet cunt of yours”.
Lyndi Loo complied all happy like a little puppy dog, Steve grabbed her arse cheeks and pulled her hairy dripping cunt onto his eager mouth and set about firing her passion, Lyndi Loo knitted her fingers into his hair holding him tight against her needy cunt for pleasure and balance.
Sandra had a great view of her sisters pussy being being eaten voraciously by the dirty bastard that was fucking her towards yet another blissful orgasm, it looked so fucking hot.
Steve could tell by the way both sisters were moaning that they wouldn’t have the moral fortitude to refuse his next few instruction requests.
He pulled his mouth off Lyndi Loo’s cunt, despite her efforts to keep him there. “Kneel down on all fours Lyndi Loo, Sandra’s gonna
finish what i started, isn’t that right Sandra, tell Lyndi Loo you’re gonna feast on her sopping cunt until she gives you her sweet nectar cum juice”.
“Oh god yeees, bring that hot cunt here, i want my tongue inside you right now ” pleaded Sandra pulling her sisters hips to place her hot sex on her face.
Lyndi Loo dropped quickly to her knees and edged backwards. Guided by her big sisters hands she soon found the pleasure that had been momentarily denied her as Sandra started to eat her as if it was the last supper.
Steve lightly pushed the back of Lyndi Loo’s head down as he told her. “Now use your lips and tongue to repay your big sister in kind, lick and suck her clit as well as the shaft of my cock like the dirty whore you are “.
Both women eagerly complied in their desire to please and be pleased.
Steve proudly admired his artistry so far, he had Jane’s mother and aunt cheating on her, ravaging each other’s greedy cunt’s, their beautiful big tit’s squashed together between their lustful bodies.
Satisfied in the knowledge he could fuck the three holes at either end of the writhing, moaning mound of sexually charged flesh that was spread out in front of him for the hour he had left.

“I bet the both of you didn’t think you would be in this position when you woke up this morning “. Goaded Steve picking up the pace as he shafted Sandra’s cunt.
Lifting and folding Sandra’s legs, getting Lyndi Loo to trap them inside her arms, allowing them both better access to the double assault they were inflicting on Sandra’s leaking cunt.
Her double assault was soon to be a triple one, as Steve reached under his thrusting shaft and slowly but firmly pushed his thumb fully up her tight sticky arsehole.
The unexpected but exhilarating intrusion pushed her over the edge, her vocal celebration mostly drowned out by her little sisters grinding cunt, managing to pull her mouth away just long enough to scream, “aaaaawww fuuuuck, cuuuuummiiinng” before sis pinned her head to the floor with her calves and desperate cunt.
Steve held his cock deep and swirled his thumb as Sandra tried to buck free from the triple assault on her overloaded senses.
Lyndi Loo was close to coming as she witnessed her sisters amazing stretched cunt convulsing as it squirted it’s sweet nectar past Steve’s thick shaft and over her lips and tongue.
Steve pulled out of Sandra’s pulsing cunt and offered his cock to Lyndi Loo’s lips. There wasn’t a hint of hesitation as she switched from pleasuring her sisters hot pouting cunt, to engulfing her daughters boyfriends magnificent nectar coated meat.
Lyndi Loo was was so close to cumming on her sisters face, she just needed something, a little boost to get her over the line.
She was grinding her pussy hard onto Sandra’s pleasuring mouth and eagerly devouring Steve’s, Sandra flavoured cock but she just couldn’t cum.
The close up sight as Steve removed his cock from her mouth, his thumb from her sisters arse and pressed his swollen helmet into Sandra’s slightly gaping anus was all it took to tip Lyndi Loo over the edge, “aaaahhhh fuuuuck, sooooo goooood”.
Sandra tried to scream’ no’, as Steve invaded her virgin arsehole. It hurt like hell and as she tried to protest into her sisters pussy, she was met with a flood of Lyndi Loo’s cum as she erupted into her orgasm. It was a case of swallow or drown as squirt after squirt of sweet nectar shot straight into her mouth from Lyndi Loo’s spasming pussy.
Steve pushed deeper into Sandra’s tight but slowly relenting shitter, he pushed Lyndi Loo’s head down so she could feast on her sisters empty cunt and distract Sandra’s attention away from the pain.
“That’s a good slut Lyndi Loo, eat that complaining, ungrateful whore of a sisters sloppy cunt and enjoy the close up view while i sodomise the dirty bitch”. Instructed Steve.

Steve finally bottomed out and began fucking her arse by just pulling back a couple of inches and pushing back to the hilt, when Steve sensed the pain had eased to discomfort . He slid all the way out and lifting Lyndi Loo’s head up by an handful of her hair, shoved his big hard cock past her wet lips and tongue to the back of her throat.
Lyndi Loo gagged as Steve held it deep, before taking it out, coated in drool and beading sylvia he resumed his fucking of Sandra’s tight shitter.
Lynn coughed and spluttered at the double shock of nearly choking and tasting her sisters arse. She briefly wondered how far she was prepared to degrade herself in her pursuit of gratification. She was snapped out of such thoughts as her face was pushed onto her sisters cunt. As Lyndi Loo slurped enthusiastically on the exposed cunt below her, she could see and feel Sandra’s cunt being distorted as Steve sodomised her.

Now he had control of all their holes, Steve pounded Sandra’s shitter hard, despite being trapped under Lyndi Loo, Sandra managed to respond to the growing pleasure being arse fucked gave her, meeting his thrusts with limited thrusts of her own.
Both women were in an heightened state of arousal as they performed oral sex on each other, Steve cock was just the icing on the cake.
Sandra was the first to climax, Steve’s cock and her younger sisters tongue overpowering her sensitive nerve endings, turning her into a quivering wreck. As Sandra’s cunt emptied its contents into her sisters mouth, her mouth emptied its moans and obscenities into Lyndi Loo’s cunt.
Steve spent the next five minutes plundering all three holes that were presented to him. Arse to mouth to pussy to mouth to arse.
When Steve pulled out of Sandra’s well fucked arse, her sphincter rendered useless by the abuse of his big fat prick, gapped wide open. Pushing Lyndi Loo’s mouth onto her sisters shit cave, he told her, “Be a good sister to Sandra and soothe her battered arsehole with your soft wet tongue, if you do a good job i’ll reward izmit escort you with that orgasm that’s struggling to get out “.
Lyndi Loo desperately wanted the bliss that only a powerful climax could provide, she quickly reasoned she’d been tasting her sisters arse off Steve’s cock anyway and if it meant she’d be fucked to fulfilment by her daughters boyfriends gorgeous weapon, then so be it. “Just fuck my cunt you dirty bastard, i’ll do it, just make me cum “. Answered Lyndi Loo, almost animal like, as she set about her most degrading act so far.

Steve moved to the opposite end of the slurping sisters, kneeling down astride Sandra’s head, having moved Lyndi Loo’s legs from their vice like grip on her sisters head to a wider position.
Sandra reprieve from her claustrophobic ordeal was short lived as a Steve pushed his fat cock past her lips and into her throat.
She could taste her own arse and pussy juices as she was forced to swallow more of his cock than previously. The amazing sensation of her sisters tongue and lips rooting about on the raw nerve endings of her well fucked arse, being countered by the panic of choking on the throbbing slab of meat wedged in her throat.
Steve withdrew his cock, the arse and cunt juice replaced with thick clingy sylvia . “That’s a good slut, you’re getting better at swallowing cock, when we’ve got more time il teach you both to deep throat all eight inches without gagging. Now grip the base of my cock and feed it into your slut sisters dripping cunt, so i can fuck her to that orgasm i promised her”.
Sandra did as ordered, amazed at the close up view as the beautifully erect penis, that rightfully belonged to her niece, parted her sisters glistening cunt lips and disappeared inch by thick veined inch up her forest covered cunt.
Sandra could feel and hear her sisters loud moans of pleasure as his cock bottomed out. She could feel her arsehole being reamed out with renewed vigour and as she watched Steve begin to pound her sisters cunt hard, she felt four of her sisters fingers enter her wet cunt unasked, finger fucking her with the same intensity with which she was being fucked. Sandra reached up and gripped her sisters arse cheeks, allowing her to raise her head and lick her sisters clitoris as well as Steve’s fat shaft and balls.

Steve was blown away by the sight of two middle aged sisters, so abandoned in their lust, that they would reduce themselves to performing degrading sexual acts on each other that would have made them physically sick if asked yesterday.
Lyndi Loo stiffened and clamped down on Sandra’s anus, then erupted, her pussy squirting her cum juice past Steve’s embedded shaft, covering his balls and filling her big sisters mouth.
The sensations Sandra was receiving to her arse and pussy, plus the beautiful sweet tasting nectar was too much for her, she too burst into a rapturous orgasm, bucking wildly as she sprayed Lindi Loo’s face with cum, shouting obscenities , “oh fuck, you dirty bitch i’m cuuuuumiiing, fuuuuuuck, sooo goooood”.
Steve was on the brink of losing it, even his remarkable will power and staying ability couldn’t compete with the mind blowing excitement that Jane’s mum and aunt had unwittingly provided.
Steve pulled out his cock, gripped it tightly just below the helmet and aiming his pulsing cock at Lyndi Loo’s wrinkled brown eye, he loosened his grip, firing a thick stream of spunk, hitting it dead centre, covering and clinging to her arse and pussy. His next volley aimed at and hitting Sandra on the forehead, covering her eye, nose and lips .
Steve fired his last three streams over the top half of her tit’s and the bottom half of Lyndi Loo’s tit’s. He lined up his still hard cock with Lyndi Loo’s spunk covered ring piece and easily penetrated her still slack arsehole. He gripped her hips and arse fucked her furiously.
He knew he could cum again quickly if he continued to fuck hard and fast.
Lyndi Loo was on the verge of quickly repeating the climax she’d just had and couldn’t help eating her sisters clit as her fingers rapidly fucked Sandra’s squelching cunt.
Sandra fired by lust latched her cum splattered lips onto Lyndi Loo’s cum splattered pussy, Steve’s thick shaft grazing her nose and his swinging balls smacking her forehead.
Steve was the first to cum, “Fuck me, you dirty sluts are gonna make me cum in Lyndi Loo’s shithole, fuuuck here it cum’s”.
Steve pumped three jets of hot sticky spunk into Lyndi Loo’s bowels.
Both sisters were set off by Steve’s orgasm, making a mess of each other’s faces as they moaned and whimpered a tirade of filth into their siblings squirting cunt.
Once the sisters had finished cumming, Steve eased his deflating prick out of Lyndi Loo’s destroyed arsehole, it fell with a plop onto Sandra’s face and lips quickly followed by a flood of his arse juice flavoured cum. “Drink it all up auntie and then swallow my cock “.
Sandra did as she was told gulping down a big mouthful of Steve’s salty cum, mixed with a splash of sis’s nectar and a twist of arse juice. It was a cocktail that wasn’t as unpleasant as it sounded.
Steve tilted Sandra’s head back and fed his spent cock into her mouth, it still had enough meat about it to hit the back of her throat, she could taste the strong flavour of her sisters arse coating on his rapidly shrinking cock.
Steve relieved Sandra’s mouth of his flaccid worn out cock ad stood beside the bed. “Now i want you to clean every bit of juice from each other’s pussy and arsehole “. He ordered.

Unseen by the sisters obeying his order, while still in a high state of sexual bliss, Steve quickly retrieved his iphone from downstairs and returned to film the sisters feasting on pussy and arse in the same sixty nine position he’d just fucked them senseless in.
“Get them tongues deep, soothe those red raw sphincters” Steve encouraged.
Sandra had the most work to do with the copious amount of spunk that had splattered against Lyndi Loo’s backside and leaking arse.
Steve had about two minutes of quality video when he told the women “That’s your cunt’s and arseholes taken care of, now kneel up and clean each other’s cum covered tit’s and faces”.
Steve held his phone behind his back briefly as they knelt up. Steve resumed filming as they took turns licking and sucking each other’s cum covered tit’s.
He captured their moans each time a nipple was sucked or chewed. Lyndi Loo then licked and sucked her way up her older sisters neck and then turned her attention to her messy cum covered face.
Lyndi Loo sucked up and swallowed the globs of thick clinging sperm hanging from her chin, bypassing her lips, she cleaned her nose, then her eye and forehead.
” Now clean her spunk covered lips and play with each other’s tit’s while you make a proper job of lt “. Steve told them, making no effort to conceal his phone as he documented their every move.
They looked into each other’s eyes knowing what they had done all afternoon was so wrong on every level. The feeling coming from their bodies, especially their nipples was trying to convince them otherwise and winning.
Lyndi Loo stuck out her tongue and began to sensually lick the beads of sperm from her sisters lips. Sandra pinched Lynn’s nipples hard, causing Lynn to reciprocate and plunge her tongue deep into her sisters mouth.
Soon they were french kissing passionately, lost in the moment, pleasuring each other’s tit’s and mouths, roughly treating each other in the same way that Steve had done, both women reached one hand down until they found their sisters cunt and began finger fucking each other in a need to satisfy some primeval built in desire.
As Steve filmed the erotic scene before him he could feel his cock twitching, looking at the beside clock he saw there was just twenty minutes until Tom came home. More fun and games would have to wait until later.
“Smile for the camera you pair of dirty, horny sluts”, said Steve as both girls snapped out of their lust filled embrace, looking in horror at a grinning Steve filming their shameful exhibition. They didn’t know if they were more upset by the filming or the fact he’d interrupted them before they’d achieved their climax. “You bastard, stop, no, turn it off, my god what if someone sees it, please stop, please” Sandra pleaded.
Lyndi Loo just looked on in horror, she remembered the video clip he sent to her of Jane sucking his cock. She didn’t want to think of what he might do with it.
Steve loved it as he filmed their tit’s jiggling as they both scrambled off the bed. “Well my sexy sluts, you can spend time complaining about being porn stars or you can spend the next twenty minutes before Tom gets home trying to look like you haven’t been fucking like a couple of dirty cheating sluts. What’s it to be”? His words stopped them in their tracks.
“Oh shit ” they both said in unison, looking panic stricken.
Steve threw his phone on the bed and grabbed them both by the wrist with pussy soaked fingers. “Don’t panic ladies, Tom wouldn’t notice if you both had your fingers still stuck up each other. As long as you’re both dressed and Sandra’s ready to take him. That gives Lyndi Loo an hour to clean the house and stop it smelling like a brothel before Jane the daughter and niece you’ve both been cheating on comes home “, Steve told them, then pulled their hands to his mouth and quickly sucked their sweet tasting fingers.
Steve gave both their arses a slap and told them “Better get cracking girls, clocks ticking “. He picked up his phone and filmed them as he followed them down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Steve and Sandra dressed quickly, Lynn picked up her dress and ran back upstairs to dress in something more appropriate.
Once they were both dressed Steve cupped Sandra’s jean clad cunt and told her ” I take it all back, you’re every bit as good a fuck as your sister. Now give me your mobile number “.
Sandra was starting to realise the enormity of the situation her actions could lead to and the repercussions and consequences to both their families. “Why do you want my phone number “? Sandra asked panic stricken”. “Because we need to talk to get a level perspective on all the fucking the three of us did ” Steve told her.
Sandra knew they all needed to talk about what had happened. Just the thought of looking her sister in the eye after the shameful things they did to each other filled her with dread.
Sandra timidly told him her number and Steve added it to his contact list under Auntie.
Lynn entered the kitchen and sheepishly handed Sandra an hairbrush without making eye contact. She also realised that her relationship with her sister had been changed irrevocably.
She silently made three mugs of coffee and placed them on the breakfast bar. She stayed standing up, her pussy and arse way too sore to sit, now the sexual rush and adrenaline had ceased to flow.
How had she been so easily coerced to take part in such sickening acts of depravity. It was bad enough committing depraved sexual acts with her daughters boyfriend, but with her sister, what in gods name was she thinking about, what could have possessed her.

Steve could tell the sisters were tearing themselves apart with the shame and the guilt of pleasuring each other, lost in their overwhelming desire and need of gratification. He also knew it was all his doing, he could easily have fucked them both without manipulating and coercing them, taking advantage of their sexually intoxicated state to make them perform on each other.
He also knew, if he wanted more fun with the pair of them, he would have to repair the psychological damage he had caused them both.
He glanced at the kitchen clock, seeing it was already approaching four, he hoped Tom would be late as he addressed both silent sisters.
“Look girls, i know you’re both beating yourselves up over the way you acted, but you’ve got to realise it’s just sex, not love or any kind of an emotional relationship between the three of us. The only emotion, was the emotion of lust, a deep primeval desire for pleasure, the deeply rooted survival instinct to breed.
You were both just caught up in the moment, your normal train of thought perverted by the hormones and stimulation of every nerve and fibre of your bodies screaming at your brains to give them the blissful release they craved.
If you were both to go back upstairs to bed now, knowing you wouldn’t be disturbed for the rest of the day. You wouldn’t have sex with each other, you’re not lesbians, you would both kiss each other on the cheek and go to sleep.
You both need to separate the two sides of your personality, the normal loving wife and mother. and the passionate sexually demanding slut.
I suspect Lynn is halfway there, blaming Lyndi Loo for the cheating, unfaithful, sexual slut side of her personality she never knew existed, until i unleashed it from deep inside her. Am i right Lynn “.
Lynn looked him in the eye for the first time since she came into the kitchen and answered “Yes, you released Lyndi Loo, you made her the woman that Lynn could never be”.
Steve turned to Sandra “What name shall we give to your alto ego, the slut that comes out to play when her sexual buttons are pressed “.
“I don’t know, i’ve never had a nickname before ” Sandra replied, looking at Steve for guidance.
“I think we should call her Randi Sandi. That’s the slut to blame for your bad behaviour ” Steve told her with a smile.
“I think i like that name, it suits the dirty bitch” laughed Sandra.
” Right , now we’ve established that Lyndi Loo and Randi Sandi are a couple of filthy, cock hungry sluts. I want to see Lynn and Sandra look each other in the eye and tell one another ‘ I’m your sister and i love you ‘. Then hug and kiss each other the way you normally do “. Steve ordered them.
The two sisters did just that, feeling comfortable in themselves that they were not responsible for the dirty things they did between them. Both knew it was the fault of that other person inside them.
They all heard the front door open as Tom arrived home.

Steve waited until Sandra left with Tom. He reminded Lynn “Clean the sofa and that pussy puddle on the floor there, open some windows and spray air freshener around.
Then have a nice relaxing bath before Jane gets home. I’ll probably take Jane out tonight. It will give you a nice peaceful evening and time to shave that forest between your legs, next time i see Lyndi Loo’s hot pussy, i want it as smooth as silk”.
Lynn was a bit shocked at his request and a bit confused in her feelings. She felt jealous when he’d told her he would be taking Jane out. She knew he intended to fuck Lyndi Loo again by his request to shave her pubic hair.
After the most surreal day she’d ever experienced, Lynn craved that long relaxing bath.
Steve pulled Lyndi loo into a passionate embrace, kissing her deeply as he pulled her in tight by her arse cheeks. “I’ve got to go, keep it warm”. Steve told her, breaking away and cupping her pussy.
Lynn felt sexually flushed and sad at the same time as she watched him leave, before snapping out of it and set about cleaning up the evidence of what she could only describe as a sexual orgy.

Steve left with a massive grin on his face, that was an amazing day. All he had to do now is come up with a plan to fuck Jane and Lyndi loo together over the weekend.

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