Up Against a Wall

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*****This is in relation with my own fantasy to be taken up against a wall. All characters are at least 21 or older*****

Nika slipped out onto her patio, quietly closing the sliding glass door behind her shutting out the loudness of the party and gazed up at the stars. The summer night air was fresh and surprisingly cool. She sighed as a slight breeze blew by, causing her to clutch her towel for warmth, her skimpy bikini not providing much coverage. She glanced at the hot tub and dreaded the task of opening the top on her own. It was fairly heavy, weighing more than 50 pounds, but in order for there to be comfortable space, she needed to move the entirety of it all the way off, and then stow it in the space between the brick wall of her house and the tub itself.

She sighed again, more heavily this time, set her folded towel on the bench adjacent to the tub and made her way over to it. Thus, she began the process of lifting the lid off. Opening the one half and folding it over the other and then walking over to the other side and pushing the whole thing up and over the edge. It seemed simple enough, but it was just a hassle to have to exert more energy when all she wanted to do was relax. She slipped into the hot water and turned the jets on, enjoying the soothing feel of them on her sore muscles. She closed her eyes, letting the steady stream of water massage her achiness, allowing her to get away from the noise of all her drunk friends.

She heard the sliding door open and close again, the sounds of incoherent shouting coming and going, but the person doing so remained silent. She opened her eyes lazily and looked over at the person. It was one of her newer acquaintances, Lance. He was her friend Delaney’s attempt to loosen Nika up. She wasn’t particularly fond of being set up and practically avoided him the entire night. However, right now, he didn’t appear to be drunk like majority of the people still here. Although it bothered Nika to have so many people spend the night, she wouldn’t tolerate anyone’s drunk driving from a party held at her house. Even if it wasn’t really her party.

“So, this is where you disappeared off to?” Lance said.

It was a statement but mused as a question. She didn’t bother saying anything, simply nodding and closing her eyes again.

He waited a few moments before saying: “It’s nice out.”

“Mmm, yeah,” she mumbled.

She could feel him watching her and fought the urge to tell him to mind his own business.

The silence reigned over the both of them for a bit, until he shattered it again: “Your place is really sweet. I would love to have a Jacuzzi of my own”

Giving in to his efforts for conversation, Nika opened her eyes and sat up, showing off her sexy shoulders and ample cleavage.

“Thanks, I suppose success has made me comfortable, and I mean if you want to join me, you’re welcome to.”

She didn’t particularly mean this: she rather wanted to be alone at the moment.

“I don’t have a suit,” Lance admitted.


She looked at him, examining what he was wearing…and what he looked like. He was tall, taller than her 5’4″, probably about 5’11” or even 6′. His sturdy build, and toned arms led up to his prominent jaw-line and even more prominent cheekbones. Even in the dark she could see a tendon in his jaw pulsing as if he were clenching and unclenching his teeth. She couldn’t tell if he was angry or if that’s just how he appeared. His longish dark curls slipped over his intriguing green eyes shadowing his eyebrows furled in disappointment, but he seemed happy enough. He was by all means attractive. However, Nika could see that he held much pain behind those eyes; a look that she’d worn for years and recognized as if it were her own reflection.

“Uhm, you could just go in… in your boxers. Or naked if you don’t wanna get those wet,” she suggested in attempt to maintain her hospitality.

Lance half-smiled and said something Nika couldn’t hear. He slipped his shirt over his head, revealing his toned abs and pectorals, the cords of muscles rippling in the moonlight. Nika felt a familiar flutter that she hadn’t felt since high school. She hoped he wasn’t taking too much notice of her staring as he undressed himself. He stripped down to his boxers and slipped into the hot tub beside her.

The two of them started talking deliberately awkward and stiff. As they got into more pressing topics, their walls seemed to come down and their conversation became warmer and more sincere. Work, politics, family, their common friends and interests. They both agreed that Delaney was pretty insane and almost never right when she tried her skills at match-making. It was strange how easily Nika trusted him. Of course, there were things she held in, but he did too. Eventually, as the shouts from their friends died out, their conversation sort of petered out as well. They’d seemed to run themselves dry of topics.

Lance smiled rather mischievously, illegal bahis the corner of his mouth upturned in the sexiest way. Nika desperately wanted those lips to be on hers, but then realizing what she was thinking she shooed the thoughts away. Lance is my friend right now. There’s nothing going on between us. She looked down staring into the water, watching bubbles froth from the jets and sifting them with her hands. The chlorinated water slipped right through her fingers. She sensed Lance’s eyes on her, studying her movements.

“Nika, I don’t mean to come off as rude, but you are sexy as hell.”

She laughed softly, hiding her smirk with her long, dark hair, before saying: “You’re not so bad yourself, Lance,” she said looking over at him catching his eyes with hers.

Ohmygod, his eyes. How daring is he?

“Hey, we should play a game,” voiced Nika.

“Okay sure, how about the classic high school Truth or Dare?” Lance suggested, “Do you want to go first?”

She laughed at this, some memories from her own high school days coming to mind.

“Alright, and Um, truth.”

Lance was silent for a few moments, thinking of something. His eyes glimmered, making Nika think he’d come up with something naughty. And just how right she was.

“What’s a sexual fantasy you’ve always had?” Lance asked, shattering the silence.

Nika was surprised at this, but staggered on, “I mean…it’s always been a secret fantasy of mine to do it up against a wall” she willingly confessed.

“Ah, I see,” Lance said, glancing back at the walls of her house.

“Don’t you get any ideas,” She said laughing and shoved him playfully, “Okay, truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Lance said chuckling, “Your embarrassment is enthralling.”

“Who said I was embarrassed? Just because I haven’t picked a dare yet?” Nika said defensively.

“Well I suppose no one technically said you were embarrassed. But yes, you didn’t pick a dare. Truth or dare?”

“What? No fair that wasn’t a truth!” Nika exclaimed, but seeing that he wasn’t backing down, she relented. “Fine. Dare. You happy?”

“Extremely. I dare you to turn me on without touching me.” Lance said.

Nika’s face burned. She hoped he couldn’t see this sign of embarrassment. And as much as she didn’t want to admit it, she was, in fact, embarrassed. But she wanted to prove herself for some reason. Going about this by making all sorts of noises probably wasn’t the best idea. And then she had an idea. She smiled as she reached for the strings holding her skimpy yellow bikini on her body. And then she pulled one looser and looser until it untied. She let the top fall off and then scooped it up and hung it on the edge of the tub. She grabbed her breasts with her hands giving them a quick squeeze, smiling wickedly before letting them snake down to her bikini bottom.

She pulled one side, untying it and then the other, letting it drop into the steamy water. She made a big show of picking it up and hanging it on the edge of the hot tub next to its matching top. Nika was completely exposed now. Her ample breasts responded to the sudden coolness of air by perking up, her nipples hardening into pert little buds. Her sinewy legs were smooth and shiny with water, leading up to her gloriously smooth pubic mound. The contours of her stomach complemented her pussy and breasts deliciously. She slipped back into the water, Lance’s full attention on her. She had obviously completed her dare.

Lance opened his mouth and closed it again twice before saying “Well, two can play at that game.”

He stripped off his boxers, revealing his half-mast cock. He just smirked when he noticed Nika eyeing it.

She floated over to him, positioning herself on his lap in a way so that both of them were comfortable but being paid attention to. A drop of water was perched on Lance’s rough upper lip. Nika drew closer to him licked her lips, their close range allowing her to taste it. His eyes bore deep into hers. Both their lips were slightly parted and they could feel one another’s hot breath on their skin. Lance took the bait and leaned closer to her, their lips just barely touching before they crashed into each other. Lance and Nika’s eyes fluttered closed as their tongues ferociously combated one another. Nibbling and occasional biting of lips fit in between all the sucking and intertwining of lips. The two of them had not kissed like that before. Not with this desperate need and voracious hunger.

The ferocity of the kiss dimmed as they slowed more and the kissing became more sensual and sexually awakening. Lance was stroking Nika’s smooth legs, his hands then moving up to her waist and arms. Nika had her arms around his neck, tousling his hair behind his ears and at the nape of his neck. They were feeling as hot as the water they’d been relaxing in.

“Nika-” Lance said in between intervals of their intertwined lips, “I want- to fulfill -your- fantasy.”

She smiled into the illegal bahis siteleri kiss at this and gently pulled away. She slipped out and gestured for him to come out too. She hurriedly tossed her wet bikini and his wet boxers over to the bench near her towel and commenced putting the lid back on the hot tub. Lance wanted to help but watched in awe as she went about her work. She lifted it up from the bottom and tossed it on, flipping the other side over so the whole thing was covered. Then she grabbed Lance’s hand and they made their way over to one of the walls kissing and slowly stepping.

Breaking the kiss, Lance pushed her up against the wall, pressing her ass and shoulder blades up to the rough bricks and went in to lock lips with hers once again. She squirmed slightly before accepting defeat and returned his ferocious kiss hungrily. He closed his eyes and kissed her deep, his lips suckling on her lower lip. Eyes already closed, Nika melted into his kisses and gently nibbled on Lance’s top lip. He groaned slightly and he firmly pushed his body closer to hers, pressing his hardening member into her stomach. She let out a little gasp at the sudden contact but fervently pulled him closer.

He rubbed into her body, his tongue sliding down hers lightly, caressing her tongue and exploring the contours of her mouth. Nika accepted this somewhat of an invasion and kissed him back fiercely. She was beginning to breathe harder, and her skin was electrified, her senses awakened by Lance’s fiery touch. He slid his tongue along hers, and entangled it, tilting her head to the side by tilting his. His hands and arms caressed her body, running along her sides and legs. She was so taken by the kiss it left her breathless and wanting more. Her own hands slid up his muscular arms and around his neck.

He groaned inaudibly into her mouth, as his member pressed into her stomach harder. She moaned into his mouth at the sheer hotness of this scene, causing erotic vibrations. Nika could feel her wetness becoming more and more evident slipping down between her pussy lips. Lance grinded into her harder, suckling on her tongue as he moaned a bit. He slid his arms around her hips. She brought her knee up, bending her leg up and over his, allowing his member to slip between her legs, barely touching her honey pot. He jumped at this, and slowly teased her by rotating his hips slower and more sensual. She moved with him, wanting nothing more than to feel this pleasure. She gently extricated her tongue from him in order to return the favor and then she pressed her perky breasts up against his sturdy chest.

Lance snaked one arm up and started to rub her breasts firmly, tweaking the nipples and squeezing the fleshy orbs.

“Mm mm,” Nika moaned again, her nipples hardening at Lance’s rougher touch.

She was so used to her own delicate fingers familiarly tweaking at her perky rosebuds so this new, unfamiliar sensation was wonderful. She gently grabbed the hair at the nape of his neck pulling him closer and she began to wrap both her legs around his waist allowing him to push her against the wall even more, the roughness of the bricks biting into her skin but it was not painful in the least. It merely heightened her level of lust.

Lance continued to caress her breasts with one hand before slipping away from their kiss and sliding down so that his mouth was level with her hard nipples. He began to suck each hardened bud, the unattended one being paid attention to by his hand. He had his other hand gripping her ass and thigh, allowing him to pin her to the wall easier. Goose bumps were raised on Nika’s skin at his touch and she became even more excited and horny. She held on tighter to him with her arms and legs allowing her to feel him getting even harder between them. His sex drive heightened as she clung to him. He licked and sucked at her breast nibbling and then gently biting, and she nearly jumped out of his arms at his surprisingly rough but pleasurable touch.

“Oh, you really are that sensitive there?” He mused, breathing warm air onto her already excited breasts.

He tweaked her nipples ever so gently as he kissed the side of her neck, his hot member throbbing.

“Mmm just a bit…” Nika moaned both from his tweaking and kissing, her brain was completely enamored and unable to focus.

Lance tugged on her big breast, his plump cock pressing against her as he kissed and licked down her neck.

“Oh, oh my god that feels so good” Nika was gasping and breathing hard, her head thrown back, occasionally looking down to watch Lance ravage her.

He tugged harder and tweaked her nipples more before grabbing each whole breast with his hand squeezing and massaging the fullness of it. Nika mewled and gasped, gently pulling his head toward her and he, seeming to know what she wanted, moved his head and lips back to her mouth, kissing her lovingly. She fell into him with this kiss and returned it with just as much tenderness. canlı bahis siteleri The sexual electricity between them increased voltage and she reached one hand down to stroke his member.

He throbbed and pulsed at her touch, a single drop of pre-cum squeezing out and onto her fingers as she stroked him. Lance gasped against her mouth, his warm breath lingering against her skin. At this, Nika couldn’t wait any longer; the torment and suppressed urges had lasted long enough. She guided him to her oh so very wet entrance. Lance rubbed the head of his cock up and down her moist slit teasingly, and then started to slowly push it inward, his eyes lustful and his jaw clenched once more.

He held her close as he continued to go in. She threw her head back, her lips slightly parted in a silent gasp, feeling every inch pushing into her, trying to keep still but she found herself unable to, writhing with pleasure at how much he was filling her. Lance pushed the entirety of his cock into her, hoping that he wasn’t causing her too much pain, and kept still so she could get used to it. He opened his eyes and tilted her head toward him with his thumb and index finger at her chin. She looked at him deliriously but smiling and he kissed her lips reassuringly.

She moaned as he continued to spear her with his thick cock, and she rotated her hips slightly allowing his member to stretch her comfortably. Nika accepted his kiss, not ever wanting to draw away from his intoxicating scent and taste and feel.

Lance shivered a little from the sensation of her rotations. Her pussy walls stretching to accommodate him while rotating felt amazingly good against the head and shaft of his cock. No longer being able to stop himself, he began to pump into her slowly, his chest pressed hard into hers. Nika writhed as his movement, enjoying him filling her so much. She liked the feel of his rougher skin against her silky smoothness. And she loved the fact that this was straight from one of her fantasies. Except ten times better.

He swayed his hips slightly as he pushed deeper into her lusciously curvaceous figure, his thrusts growing faster and harder, sweat beginning to form at his brow. She wrapped her legs around him tighter, letting him slide in and out with more ease. She bent her head to his neck softly nibbling in between gasps and moans of pleasure.

Lance pushed her harder up against the wall, asserting his dominance and taking control –just the way Nika liked it. He was holding her by her thighs and ass, penetrating her sopping wet pussy as far as he would go, a pitched moan escaping from his mouth as she kissed and nibbled his neck. There were sure to be hickeys for the next week. Nika rotated her hips more and more, moving with him so he could slam his member into her tightness. She was so wet and the pounding made her even more so; her juices dripped down the length of him.

The pleasure was becoming so intense Lance felt himself weak at the knees, but he still pounded her deeper and harder. To try to avoid losing himself and to prevent himself from moaning loudly, he gently bit Nika’s shoulder, the taste of her sweetly salty skin filling his mouth. She was so close, and each stroke brought her closer. The slight shock from his bite was just enough to push her over the edge and she came hard, breathing fast but with no intention of stopping yet. He moaned loudly against her, not even bothering to be remotely quiet as he felt her hot juices run down his cock and balls. He knew that she’d just climaxed and this only made him want to fuck her faster. Lance was getting so close to the edge too.

Nika wanted to take him for hours, for days even, but she wasn’t sure she could handle it; his deep penetrations and her own sensitivity caused her to come again and she clenched her pussy walls in a spasmodic rhythm. She desperately wanted him to feel as good as felt. The satisfaction she had was like nothing she’d ever experienced before. Lance clenched his teeth and groaned, wincing as he struggled to keep going, to hold back his orgasm which was making his cock want to explode. Not yet, he kept telling himself.

She bit her lip and whimpered as they kept going, her legs tightening around him, her arms holding on to his upper back and neck, her ample breasts bouncing up and down brushing against his chest with each thrust.

“I-I’m gonna cum!” Lance grunted as a shock of pleasure went up his back.

He felt himself release 7 thick, hot ropes of white, gooey semen, going deep into her pussy, and then gushing out. Nika bucked her hips and moaned in pleasure at this one final climax, and they both began to slow their fluid motion. She threw her arms around Lance, just staying there, letting their juices drip out slowly, feeling him soften inside of her.

“S-so- good,” she stuttered before sighing and letting out small shallow breaths near his neck.

They were both covered in a sheen of sweat. He felt a bit shaky as well, took a second to catch his breath, but looked down at her, grinning. It seemed like her skin was glowing from the sparks leftover from their coupling.

“That was amazing,” he said into her hair, lifting her face for another deep kiss.

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