Under New Management Ch. 05

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Sunday morning, Bret was lying awake, staring up at the ceiling. Besides him, a sleeping Bubbles was drooling slightly, completely unaware of the thoughts milling around in her boss/lover’s head. He knew from last night that she was completely naked, though the blanket covered her sexy body — which made it somewhat easier for Bret to think. The ‘bad’ side of her face was turned upwards, showing him how her black eye ever so slowly was getting better and making her look… damaged and vulnerable.

His thoughts kept returning to last night at the club and Roxie’s alluring forms. If she hadn’t found a customer just at the right moment, Bret was fairly sure he’d have dragged her into one of the unoccupied ‘private rooms’. Or better yet, back to his office. The thought of the sexy blonde bent over his table gave a series of familiar pulls in his groin, and he smiled wickedly at the mental image.

He decidedly ignored the questions of how he’d ask her to his office and how worried he’d be for her to turn him down — after all, he’d been getting a fair amount of female companionship since he took over The Lucky Gent, so why not one more?

Just to make everything even more confusing, every now and then his thoughts went to Wendy, the hot waitress but he knew deep down that he’d be too afraid of a rejection to hit on her. After what CJ had told him, she was apparently not like the others at the club. It made her more interesting, but also… scary. Like, what if she just turned him down? Or laughed at him? Better to stay away than to risk the humiliation.

The problem, as he saw it, was that he felt responsible for Bubbles. He’d taken her away from her abusive bastard of an ex, and now she was more or less stuck with him. Hurt as she was, she couldn’t even work at the club, so there was really nothing for her to do but to cling to Bret and please him. However, despite how wonderfully sexy and beautiful she was, she was not exactly the kind of girl Bret envisioned settling down with. And not only that, how in the world was he supposed to stay faithful to her — no matter how effectively she drained his balls whenever he pleased — surrounded by willing strippers at work? On the other hand, the very thought of Bubbles sleeping with another man made his insides churn with anger — which again left him feeling like a hypocrite.


He turned to her and saw her looking at him with a sleepy smile.

“Morning, Bubbles,” he smiled, doing his best to hide his dark thoughts from her behind a smile.

“Morning,” she said and snuggled into him, drawn to his warmth and the comfort of another being pressed against her. The result was a pair of mammoth-sized boobs pressed against his side, something he certainly didn’t object to.

“You looked so… thoughtful,” she said in a rather worried tone and rubbed her nipples against him, “is something wrong?”

“I dunno,” he said. He couldn’t quite see how he could breach the subject. For some reason ‘I want to fuck other women but you have to stay faithful to me’ sounded quite… chauvinistic? Like a pig?
“Please tell me,” Bubbles asked, swallowing nervously. Just the way he avoided her eyes told her that her worst fears had come true. He’d grown tired of her and wanted to get rid of her. She was too stupid for him and not sexy enough.

“Well,” he started, “last night at the club there was this… dancer. I can’t remember the name. Gina or Roxie, I think,” he looked at Bubbles with a questioning expression, “perhaps you know which? Blonde, kinda tall, pretty slim but with big…” he formed his hands over his chest and she got the gist.

“There’s no Gina at the club, so it was probably Roxie,” she answered, not really in the mood to talk about her competition/colleagues.

“Ehm… I was… I was thinking about getting a… you know, private dance. From her,” he finally managed to say, underlining the word private so she knew what he meant.

“I… see. You want her instead of me,” she deducted, fear colouring her words.

“No, that’s not what I meant,” Bret said quietly, not knowing what else to say. It hadn’t been entirely what he meant, and he certainly didn’t want to replace Bubbles.

“It’s just that… well, there are so many incredible women at the club,” he tried to explain himself, “and it’s just hard not to…”

“You know, Boss,” she said and slowly peeled off the blanket, letting him see her massive tits and generously curved body in the hope of reminding him of what he’d lose if he sent her away, “I… I could help you. I know these girls… if you kept me, I’d be a great help to you.” She bit her lower-lip nervously and looked down, wondering if she’d been too… aggressive. Women should be docile, after all, but she couldn’t just stay quiet while the best man she’d ever known sent her away because he thought she expected him to stay faithful.

“Bubbles, that’s not…” Bret began automatically, torn between studying the magnificent body being shown to him and looking at her face while talking to her, then halted himself canlı bahis as he caught her meaning, “wait, what do you mean ‘help’?”

“Well…” she said, looking up at him — and noticed how his eyes seemed to dart between the wonderful, round form of her breasts and her face — “I… know them. I know what would work and what wouldn’t.” His eyes on her body both empowered her and made her hopeful, and taking a chance, she slipped into the role of the seductress that she knew so well and had used so many times.

“Take Roxie for example…” she started in a heavier, more breathy voice, “you like her?”

Licking his lips, he nodded; he did indeed.

“You like her big tits?” one delicate hand found her breast and she began caressing herself, putting on a little show for her boss, “you’d like to bend her over your deck and have your way with her? Make her moan and cry and cum like you do with me?” His rapt attention and the image she was painting for the both of them made her herself a little wet.

“She wouldn’t mind, you know. She’s not exactly a lady, is she? Not that she’s a slut like some of the others, but she’d definitely want to impress her new boss. Compliment her, touch her, tell her you want her, and you can have her, easily,” she told him, hoping he’d be impressed by her instructions. She noticed his hand snake its way down under his quilt and with a sly smile said: “let me do that, Boss.”

His cock was already hard when she pushed his hand away and grasped its strong shaft in her small hand.

“Oh yeah…” he gasped, and she smiled. Men were so easy to handle once they were aroused, and Bret was no different. The problem with him was that she wanted to bring him off and keep him interested in her… not easy, considering how many at the club was vying for his attention.

“Now, Monique… she’s a different matter. She’s married and doesn’t mess around,” she continued and leaned further in, her warm breath caressing the side of his face, “but ever since her husband lost his job she’s been going on and on about how she “needs this job”. I don’t think she’d be too difficult to… convince…” Bubbles said the last with a wicked, little smile, not caring that she was selling her friends down the river. To her it was quite simple: she couldn’t lose Bret, and she’d do what was needed to ensure it didn’t happen.

Besides, Monique had always been so uptight. She could probably use a good fuck — whether she wanted to or not.

“Re-really?” Bret gasped, out of breath and growing more and more aroused. He still chose not to reveal that he’d already enjoyed the hot Latina’s mouth in his office, though. That was probably better left for another time.

“Really,” Bubbles smiled, and kept jacking him off. She loved seeing his reaction and felt that the worst was probably over — he’d keep her at least for a while but she continued nevertheless, “Red, Jewels, French and Patricia are all sluts. Get them drunk or put a fifty down their bra, and they’re yours to use for the night.” With that she pulled the quilt off her lover, revealing a pair of boxers pulled down below a very hard cock — that just happened to have her hand wrapped around it.

Without giving him time to think she swung one leg over him and, with a bit of aiming and manoeuvring, she slid his iron-hard prick into her wet-hot pussy.

“Oooh! Yaa!” she gasped as she got filled up by his most-welcome cock, and he grunted an aroused response.

“Then we have… um, God, Boss, I love your cock! Then we have… we have Christie…” Bubbles gasped, trying to continue her list while bouncing up and down on her favourite dick, “Chris-Christie’s not a… Yesss! Christie’s not a slut like the others but she… she likes to act like one! Mhm…”

“Oh fuck, Bubbles… so sexy,” Bret gasped below her and pounded up into her, barely able to pay attention to her words.

“Oh yeeees!” she moaned and bent down to squash her sexy, big melons in his face. Bret was quick on the uptake and began licking and biting her sensitive nipples, coaxing yet another pleasurable moan from the sexy blonde.

“God, I love your tits,” he managed to say in between biting one and kissing another.

“Mhm… imagine this, Boss… you bring sexy, little Christie back to your office, back to me. Then the two of us suck your BIG cock… or you fuck my tits while she licks me… or… or oh God! Or you… oh! OH! Ooohhh!” Whatever else Bubbles had meant to say was lost in the intense pleasure a series of hard thrusts from Bret gave her. He’d gripped her thighs and used her as leverage while he took his pleasure from the blonde stripper.

“God, you’re hot!” he gasped, and then tried with some more dirty talk, “you’re my hot, little slut, aren’t you?” The always-polite, always-respectful Bret actually held his breath for a second to see how she reacted, but when Bubbles responded by throwing her head back and hissing “Yesss!” loudly, he became less worried. In truth, it felt like a new kind of high, another form of power. Gripping her sides, he turned them bahis siteleri both over, with him coming up on top in between her well-shaped legs.

In his need for sexual release, he didn’t even slow down, just continued fucking her missionary.

“I love fucking you, Bubbles!” he gasped, “you’re my… my… fuck-slut!” With him hammering into her, she could only moan her agreement, freely admitting to be whatever he wanted her to, even if he wasn’t the most original dirty-talker she’d ever met.

It felt… empowering. To be in control, not just over the finances or whether or they had sex, but in control of the sex itself. Hunting this new high, he grabbed her hands that had been caressing his shoulders and held them against the mattress in a display of dominance. A display that Bubbles reacted to with gasps and cries of pleasure and desire. Him holding her down and taking his pleasure from her was just the way it should be. Everyone else she’d ever been with had done the same, and a new orgasm was quickly rising in the depths of her.

“Oh God, Boss. Take me! Fuck me! Use me!” she cried, trying to explain her need to be of service to him — in the throes of her passion.

“Yeeah!” he growled, her tight cunt doing its best to milk the cum from him. She was so hot, so sexy, so pleasing… the epitome of sexiness. And he had her. She was his. She’d even help him score with other, sexy women!

“Oh Gooood!” he grunted. It was all quickly becoming too much for the young man, but he couldn’t slow down to savour the moment — not a chance. He pushed on, his cock pounding into her welcoming pussy, making the blonde stripper cry and moan as she too neared her release.

“Fuck! I… fucking… love… fucking… you!” he gasped, each word following a hard shove into her.

“Oh please, please, please!” Bubbles begged, though it wasn’t quite clear what she wanted — not that it mattered, really. Bret was firmly set on his way to orgasm, and if she enjoyed, good for her… if not, well, he wouldn’t last too long now anyway.

“Oh! Oh! OHHH!” she finally cried in extreme pleasure and arched her back, pushing her wonderful breasts up at her lover, offering them to him. Her entire body thrashed, though Bret kept a hold of her hands as he kept fucking through her almost violent orgasm.

“Yesss!” she gasped, her body overloading on pleasure as his cock kept hitting all the magical spots deep within her while his firm control over her fed her submissive desires.

That was too much for Bret. With a loud grunt he hammered his big, fat cock into her one last time and let the blissful orgasm wash over him as he sent his millions of little guys into the wonderfully receptive Bubbles.

“Oh yes, oh yes,” she breathed, happy to have brought him off once again and feeling good about herself for it, “cum in me, cum in your fuck-slut.” Of course he did as she asked — at this point, he could hardly stop…

“Ah…” he sighed, his cock emptying itself inside her. He let go of her hands, though she kept them locked over her head, ready to be taken once again, and just looked down at her.

She looked relaxed and… happy with half-closed, unfocused eyes and a content little smile on her full, red lips. He didn’t even notice the bruising around her eye; she was just beautiful.

He didn’t even notice himself lowering his face to hers but suddenly they were kissing. Her soft lips eagerly welcomed his and parted willingly to let their tongues meet and dance. She tasted of sugar and spice and everything nice, and she felt so good.

It was hard to say when the kissing became sex, and there was no real need to anyway. This second round, however, lasted a lot longer, was a lot sweeter… and Bret didn’t feel the need to hold his Bubbles down or call her a slut. Instead, his mouth stayed locked on hers and eagerly sucked down her moans and cries.

He took a good while to cum and managed to bring her off several times before, making the young man quite pleased with himself.

“You know, Bubbles,” he said sometimes later. His cum was still fresh in her womb and he’d just rolled off her and lay with his arm around her.

“Yeah?” she asked, too pleased to even worry. First, he’d fucked her — and it’d been good. But then… he’d made love to her — and she had the most wonderful feeling inside her. Even if she would have to share him, he’d not kick her out. Not right now at least!

“I don’t… I don’t want to lose you. You know… if… if we… if I do as you suggested with Roxie or whoever…” he said, careful. He felt pretty confused right now but needed to make it clear.

“Boss!” she exclaimed and rolled around so she could look at him, “of course you’re not gonna lose me! I’m your girl, remember?” She flashed her pearly white teeth in the most loving smile, he’d ever seen. He smiled back and nodded.

“Yeah. Yeah, of course you are. My girl,” he said and hugged her to him. He really didn’t think they meant the same thing by her being his girl, but for now at least, there was no need bahis şirketleri to clarify.

“Hand me the phone, would you… girl?”

“Oh Stace, you dirty girl!” Christie giggled happily upon seeing her friend enter the changing room of the Lucky Gent, “didn’t make it home ’till very late last night, huh? Met anyone of interest?”

“You know it!” Stacey replied, grinning wickedly, “found the hottest hunk of man-meat in the club and went with him home for the best hours of his life!”

“Ooooh! Was he good?” Christie’s eyes lit up at the smell of gossip in the air. She dropped the lipstick she’d been adding to her invitingly red lips and turned to watch her friend and hear her story of nightly debauchery.

“You have no idea!” Stacey grinned and sat down next to her friend, making a show of appearing nonchalant. She picked up a brush and started on her already perfect hair.

“Was he…?” Christie asked and held up her hands about 20 centimetres from each other, indicating a well-sized dick.

“You have no idea!” Stacey replied again, this time with a meaningful wink. At least, this time she wasn’t lying. Whatever his name was (John? Claus? She really couldn’t remember) Mr Useless has been hung.

“You SLUT!” Christie giggled admiringly and was about to ask more when Stacey looked around.

“So, ehm… where’s the boss?” she wondered, this time not managing to come across as nonchalant.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Christie assured her friend, thinking that Stacey was afraid to be overheard. After all, she’d had a little something something with the bossman and probably didn’t want to get busted, “Tina said he won’t be in today.”

“WHAT?” Stacey exclaimed, “I spend the night with the most useless dick on the planet, and he… he decides to stay fucking home?!”

“Most useless? What happened to…” once again Christie held up her hands, this time with a mocking grin instead of an admiring one.

“Oh, grow up, Chris!” Stacey snarled, stood up and left the changing-room with long, angry steps, so unlike her usual, swaying gait.

Stacey was furious. Bret was staying home, and it didn’t take a lot of brain to figure out what — or who! — was keeping him there. That stupid little cunt Bubbles!

Stacey didn’t for a moment stop to question why it was so important for her to ‘get’ Bret. She just knew that they’d slept together (twice!), and then he took that worthless little bitch home. He hadn’t even considered bringing her, Stacey, home! As her main competition as the ‘hottest’ of the girls at the club, Bubbles had always been a thorn in her side.

‘Bubbles is so hot, Bubbles is so cute. Oh, Bubbles’ show with the soap-bubbles is so beautiful. Oh no, Bubbles’ loser-boyfriend beat her up again, let’s all pay attention to the stupid cunt.’

Since Stacey knew that she herself was far prettier, sexier and a way better dancer, this all made her gag. And now she’d even gotten her claws in Bret. THAT was really the last straw! It didn’t matter that Bret was a guy she’d pay absolutely no attention under normal circumstances: she wanted him, and the bimbo had stolen him.

She’d been overbearing with the simpleton for long enough. It was time to put her in her place…

A couple of hours after Stacey started planning her revenge, Tina paused the little TV-monitor showing the security-footage from the day before and sighed deeply. This was not what she needed right now. On the other hand, the problem had to be dealt with, and sooner rather than later. She picked up the phone and speed-dialled her new boss.

“Bret here,” the voice answered pretty quickly.

“Hey Boss, this is Tina.”

“What’s up?” he wondered

“We have a problem,” she told him. For some reason, it was quite difficult to breach this situation with her young employer. If it’d been Tom, she’d have known exactly how to handle it, but Bret was something of a wild card. She hoped he’d take the hard line though — just like Tom had.

“What kind of proBLEM!” Bret asked, almost shouting out the last syllable.

“Boss? You okay?” Tina asked. It sounded like he’d fallen of stubbed his toe or something.

“I’m… mhm… I’m fine!” he all but gasped.

“Okay… anyway, I was looking at-” she continued, when Bret cut her off.

“Oh God!” he gasped into the speaker. Only it didn’t sound like he was in pain this time. In fact, it sounded like he was becoming very, very happy.

“You’re sure you’re okay, Boss?” she asked in a teasing tone. Despite the call’s gravity, she found it extremely amusing.

“Yeah, yeah!” Bret answered quickly but she could easily hear his heavy breathing.

“If you say so,” she smiled, “anyway, there’s something on the security-tapes from last night you’d better see. I know you wanted the day off but…”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll… I’ll be right there,” Bret agreed, obviously in a hurry to get off the phone.

“Oh, no need to hurry. You sound… busy. Maybe you ought to finish up first. Say, in fifteen minutes…?” Tina continued her teasing, hoping her boss could take a jest. She was feeling oddly light-headed and considered calling Trish in to… discuss some business. It would be fair, wouldn’t it, if they were both… busy. And it would be fun as hell!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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