Two Plus Two Equals Five

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Note from Slick: Sometimes things in life get screwed up and just don’t add up. This time it took a simple card game to get it right. Enjoy and all rights reserved.


The two couples have been friends since middle school. None of them had dated anyone else and now that they had finished college they spent many weekends together at Kathy’s parent’s Jersey shore house.

Ted saw the last card turn over and knew that the game was over for him. The thing was that he was happy because he didn’t enjoy poker or most card games. The draw poker game had started early in the evening with everyone betting dollars. After his limit of twenty-dollars was gone he figured the game was over.

He looked at his girlfriend Tammy who still had most of her twenty dollars left. “I’m still playing,” she said glaring at him. “I’ll open,” she said to their friends Kathy and Ken. Kathy was almost out of money. “I’ll fold,” she said looking bored.

“I’m in and I’ll raise you five,” Ken grinned at Tammy. The shore house was quiet as was the street outside.

“You’re bluffing,” she said smiling. “But I’ll only call.” She looked at him holding her five cards up.

“Three sevens,” he grinned tossing them on the table. He started reaching for the money but she stopped his hand and tossed down her straight. “Sorry.”

“Fuck,” Ken cried.

Kathy soon lost her money on the next round. “Why don’t we go down to the beach?” She asked Ted.

“Yeah, these two will be at it for a while,” Ted smiled. Besides he liked Kathy a lot and a dark walk on the beach might be fun.

“Grab a blanket so we can sit,” Kathy said to him as they walked by the garage.

He smiled as he quickly got the blanket and rushed to catch up to her.


Ken and Tammy were the competitive two of the four. No matter what game they played they went at it to win. She had beaten him earlier in the day on the boardwalk playing video games. Now he was anxious to win. But he knew he had to get her nervous to make her lose. “We are even in money,” he grinned. “How about we toss the 80 dollars in the middle and play for something else?”

She knew he had the hots for her and knew she could use it for her advantage. “Sure…name it.” Her right hand pushed her pile of money forward.

“Clothing or dares,” he grinned. “Unless you are afraid.”

She sat forward. “You’re going to get pretty cold soon. How do you want to play?”

“I guess that you are wearing shorts, shirt, bra and panties. I’m wearing shorts, boxers, shirt and socks.”

“Do you really want to do this?” She asked. “They might come back soon.”

“They will be gone at least an hour,” he smiled. “Are you chickening out already?”

“Nope. Let’s play Texas Hold-em. The loser tosses in an article of clothing.”

“What about the dare?”

“If you don’t want to take off something you have to do a dare?”

“There must be some limits to the dare,” she said feeling nervous.

“No limits.”

“Whew…OK.” She picked up the deck and dealt. The first hand was his until the river card turned over a heart giving her a flush.

“Good ol’ river luck,” he grinned as he removed his socks. This time he dealt and won with a pair of aces over her two tens.

“My shirt,” she said as she pulled the tight green shirt up over her plain white bra. She didn’t have to look down to know her nipples were rock hard. “My deal.”

Again the game went to the river card. This time she lost. “What did you say before about the river card and being lucky?”

“I forget. OK I’ll remove my shorts,” she said with a shaky voice. Since they were sitting at the table she removed her shorts without him seeing her matching basic white panties.

“Getting cold I see,” he chuckled looking at her hard tips.

“A little,” she blushed. This time he dealt and she won with a full house over his flush. She smiled as he removed his shirt showing his bronze well-built chest and shoulders.

As luck would have it she won the next hand with an ace high. “Looks like someone else is down to their undies,” she grinned.


“How far do you want to go?” Ted asked Kathy after they had walked far down the beach away from the inhabited houses.

“This is good,” she smiled. She helped him place down the blanket and sat down next to him. “It’s so beautiful and quiet out canlı bahis şirketleri here.”

“It’s because you are here,” he whispered hoping she wouldn’t get mad if he complimented her.

“Thank you,” she said as she reached down and took his hand in hers. “I’m glad we lost in the card game because I’ve got something to tell you.”

“What?” He asked as she rubbed her soft fingers over his hand.

“Don’t say anything until I’ve finished.”

“OK, I won’t,” he said trying to figure out what she was going to say.

She turned and looked into his eyes. Only the moonlight provided any light for them to see. “I’m breaking up with Ken.”


“Let me finish.”

“Sorry,” he said feeling her fingers squeezing his hand harder.

‘I’m breaking up because I’m in love with someone else.”

“But..but you’ve dated Ken since the eighth grade. God…I don’t want…this might mean I won’t see you again and…I’ll miss you.” He saw the tears forming in her eyes. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’ve lied to myself for a long time. I now know that I love you. I always have.”

“Me? But we are all friends. I don’t understand…what about Tammy? She’s your best friend.”

“I know. That’s what hurts so much. I never planned for it to happen but it did. I don’t want to hurt anyone so I’m quitting my job and moving to live with my aunt in California.”

She waited for him to say something but he only looked out at the dark ocean. “I’m sorry.” She stood up and walked further down the beach.


Now both in underwear they knew the next lost clothing would show some private areas. Her fingers shuffled the cards longer than normal and dealt. They both held their breaths as the table cards turned over. “Hello Mr. King!” Ken shouted when the king of hearts filled his straight.

She tossed in her two queens. “Well, decision time. Bra, panties or a dare? Since I don’t trust your dares I’ll remove my bra.”

He really didn’t think she would do it. After all those years wishing he could see them naked his eyes widened when her white cups fell into her hands. Her breasts were smaller than Kathy’s but were perfectly shaped with no sag. Her nipples were perfect rose buds. “God, those are amazing.”

She thought she would feel uncomfortable with him seeing her naked breasts but his compliment made her excited. “I’m glad you like them.” She pushed out her chest and waited for him to deal. “We better hurry. They might be back soon,” she said. “Let’s just do high card.”

“Fine with me,” he smiled as he shuffled and let her cut. After getting his card he knew he had lost. “A two of clubs.”

“Great because I had a three of diamonds. Underwear or a dare?”

“Underwear,” he grinned as he lifted his hips and pushed off his blue and white striped boxers. His seven-inch cock was rock hard as he sat back in this chair.

Her breathing was labored as she dealt. She turned over a jack but this time he had an ace. “My panties.” She too knew the table blocked his view as she striped naked and sat back down. “I guess I won the money since I was the last to have clothes,” she said disappointed the game was over.

“We have to play some more,” he said hoping she would go along. “For dares now.” He waited expecting her to quit but she pick up the cards first. “OK, but I deal.” She shuffled and he cut.

“Yes!” he grinned seeing a Jack in front of him. He watched as she turned over a five. “I dare you to stand up and move away from the table.”

Again she was not nervous. She smiled and pushed the chair back. “Like my tattoo?” Her right fingers moved over the colorful artwork on her lower stomach.

Ken was speechless seeing her bare pussy lips and a small tattoo of a butterfly just over her shave pubic mound. “I love it,” he smiled.

He reached for the cards but she grabbed them. “I’m dealing.” She didn’t let him cut this time and won with her nine beating his four. “OK, I dare you to stand and move away from the table.”

He grinned. “Are you sure? I don’t want to scare you.”

“I’m sure,” she gulped getting herself ready to see only the second naked adult cock. “God, you’re hard,” she said after he stood.

“You made me hard,” he said as he turned sideways to give her the best view. “Had enough?”

“Yes, sit down,” she giggled. Again she shuffled and canlı kaçak iddaa turned over the cards. She exposed a six and his card was a ten. “What is your dare?”

“I dare you to sit on my lap and give me your hottest kiss.”

She knew that time was running slim. She moved up and waited for him to push his chair back. After sitting side-saddle on his thighs and hard-on her lips moved down to his. Seconds later his tongue rushed out to meet hers. The game was forgotten as their lips opened and their hands explored.

“Oh God you’re so big,” she whispered moving her lips to his ear as she stroked his manhood. “I’ve always wondered.”

“Me too,” he whispered running his fingers along her bald pussy lips before sliding the large middle one inside of her. “I’ve always wanted to make love with you.”

She giggled and bit his ear. “You mean you’ve always wanted to fuck me.”

“Yes, I want to fuck you,” he said feeling her dripping wet below. “And I can tell you want the same.”

“Oh God I do,” she said as she lifted from his lap and opened her legs. “Hurry, I want you now…fuck me..I want you…I love you.”

“What?” He said feeling his cock sliding into her hot moist oven. He pushed her back and looked into her eyes. “Say it again.”

“I love you,” she said feeling the wild passion she had always knew he had. Her ass bounced up and down as they raced for completion. “DON’T STOP..FUCK ME…MORE…MORE.. OH GOD GIVE ME MORE!”


Kathy stood alone listening to the waves crashing against the sand. She finally felt better after holding back her secret for years. It had hurt seeing him with her best friend but she didn’t want to hurt anyone. She didn’t hear his footsteps and jerked away when his arms tried to move around her from behind.

“Oh, you scared me,” she said as she turned and saw him looking so serious. “Ted, I’m so sorry. I don’t want to hurt your relationship with Tammy.” She felt her eyes tearing up again and looked down.

“I should have known,” he said reaching out to take her hands in his. “I should have realized that when you’re around me I feel happy. We like the same music, food and movies and both of us hate playing games. I should have known that you loved me because… because I know now that I love you too.”

Her eyes glistening with tears looked up into his. “Really?”

“Oh God yes,” he smiled. “I love you Kathy.”

Tears started flowing again but this time they were happy tears. Her body moved into his arms and they kissed for the first time. The kiss went on and on until his hand moved down to cup her buttock.

She quickly stopped it. “I can’t…I mean I want to but.. but I want to make sure that Ken and Tammy know first. They will probably hate us but not because we cheated behind their backs.”

“Are you sure you want to tell them tonight?” He asked holding her close again and kissing her cheek.

“Yes, whatever happens-happens.”

Both were silent as they walked back towards the house. Ted thought about what he was going to say and how he was going to say it. They held hands as they approached the rear kitchen door.

“Stay back and let me tell them,” he said. “In case Ken becomes angry.” He stepped up on the top step and looked inside.

“Fuck,” he gasped when he saw his girlfriend’s nakedness moving up and down on Ken’s hard cock. He got over the shock and motioned for Kathy to move up next to him. “I don’t think they are going to be upset when they hear the news,” he whispered.


“Oh God you’re hard again,” she moaned after they had both climaxed. She felt his cum dripping from her hole as she tried to get off. But he held her down.

“We are not done yet.”


They were so wrapped up in their fucking that they didn’t hear the door open or hear the bare sandy feet walking in. They didn’t know the other two were there until Ted cleared his throat. “Uh..hum!”

“What? Oh Shit!” Tammy shrieked as she turned and saw her boyfriend and her BFF. “Ted…Kathy..the game..we were playing and betting and…”

“Don’t bother,” Kathy said pissed that they had decided to cheat. “Keep doing it because I’m moving my stuff in with Ted.”

“No way!” Ken cried out as he tried to get up but Ted pushed him back down.

“I don’t think you should get up right canlı kaçak bahis now.”

“But…we should talk,” Tammy said knowing her relationship with Ted was probably over. “I’m sorry,” she said moving her eyes from her now ex-boyfriend and probably ex-girlfriend.

“Come on,” Kathy said to Ted.

After they left and they heard the door close Ken grabbed her hips and moved her pussy back down onto his shaft. “Well hell we might as well fuck.”


Ted waited for Kathy as she washed up in the bathroom. Many thoughts were racing through his mind. Things were suddenly so different because had only known being with Tammy. He knew she was more adventurous and wild and knew he preferred to take his time with lots of foreplay. He wasn’t sure about Kathy’s desires as he waited in his boxers under the sheet.

“Sorry I took so long,” she whispered as she turned off the light and moved under the sheet next to him. Her body slid sideways until her nice round breasts under the thin nightgown pressed into his arm. “I know you want to make love and I do too,” she said kissing his bare shoulder. “But can we take our time?”

He grinned and felt her lips move to his neck and up to his ear. “Yes….yes let’s take our time.”

They didn’t know how long they took exploring each other’s bodies with their fingers and lips. By the time he finally removed her tiny black panties her pussy was dripping wet ready for him to take her. She knew by now Ken would have climaxed and would be sleeping next to her.

“Ohhh!” She moaned when his lips kissed down into her small puff of dark pubic hair before his tongue found her raised and ready clitoris. She had never climaxed from oral sex but knew that was about to change. “Ted…I’m so…hot..yes..right there!”

He knew he was good at oral sex and took extra time to get her off. As he used his tongue on her pleasure button his middle finger pushed inside of her to find her hidden G-Spot. He knew he found it when she screamed.



Ken was fast asleep but Tammy was awake listening to the moans of pleasure from the other bedroom. It had felt good having hard raw wall-to-wall sex but at the same time she knew what Kathy was experiencing. “Maybe this is not so bad,” she thought. “I think I’m really in love with Ken and maybe they are in love too. Maybe we all have found what we’ve been missing.”


Kathy’s body was satisfied or so she thought. As Ted’s juice-covered face moved up over her navel to her nipple she felt his hard-on against her right thigh. Her fingers searched for it and guided it to her hot and ready home. “I love you,” she said again feeling the tears of happiness roll down her cheeks.

“I love you too,” he whispered knowing now that love and sex went together. The two made it complete. Their bodies took their time moving slow, a little faster, faster and really fast. Her legs locked around his back as she climaxed again.


He managed to hold back until he knew for sure she had made it. “Now it’s my turn,” he grinned as he pumped and pumped until he exploded. “OHHHH!”

They lay in each other’s arms cuddling and touching. “I’m so happy,” she whispered.

“Me too,” he said barely loud enough for her to hear him. “I hope you are not moving to California now.”

“Not unless you want come with me,” she giggled.

“That’s not a bad idea.”


It was a year later at a Church nearby Kathy’s family shore house that she married Ted. The last year together was like a fairy tale come true for both of them. A few months after the night that brought them together they made up with Ken and Tammy. Their friendship was not as close as it was but they did communicate on Facebook periodically.

“Congratulations,” Tammy whispered to Kathy as they passed them in the receiving line. “You married a wonderful man.”

“I know,” Kathy grinned looking at her new husband next to her. “Believe me I know. Ted and you are invited to the reception.”

“Thank you but we have plans to spend a week in Atlantic City.”

“Good luck,” Kathy laughed. She thought about how life had mismatched the two couples at an early age and how a poker game corrected things. She turned and quickly kissed Ted.

“What was that for?” He grinned.

“Do I need a reason?”




Note from Slick: A short story but one that caught the moment at the Jersey Shore house that night. Maybe this story sounds familiar to some of you. If so let me know. Don’t forget to vote and send me some feedback. Love you all…Slick.

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