Tutor’s Secret

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My first experience of a sexual nature with my mother was never meant to be my last. The events between us and the basketball team happened a few more times, and after each we swore we’d never do it again, but Devon would always manage to get both of us back on our knees in that locker room with all the guys. My relationship with Devon never went back to dating; I was just the girl who he did in the locker room occasionally.

I didn’t have time to worry about anything like that anyway since I was suffering from something I hate since it made me seem like such a stereotype. Being blonde and terrible at math was not the greatest combination, and I really did try. I may have a killer body, but I did not have an empty head. Which is why I was always so frustrated that math bored me to tears and did not come easily.

It had gotten so bad that I was forced to get a tutor: Wilson. Wilson was unfortunate enough to be named Wilson, so that’s really all I need to say about that. We met in the library during lunch twice a week so we could concentrate when it was empty except for the librarian.

Wilson was a sweet boy. He was thin, wore big glasses, had braces, and pale skin, but he was sweet and nice and as soon adolescence stopped kicking his ass I’m sure he would be a real cutie. I felt bad for the kid; I called him kid even though we were the same age, that’s how much I felt bad for him. He clearly needed some release of some kind based off of how often he glanced at my tits while I attempted to learn equations with him. And to be honest, at that point, there was a part of me that would have given him a mercy hand job. Maybe even give him some boob if he needed the extra stimulation. Either way, I found myself once again in the library, trying desperately to understand pre-calculus.

Wilson tapped the end of his pen on the table, staring at me in a mixture of annoyance and frustration. I just concentrated on the problem in the book. The remnants of various attempts littered my notebook page. The silence in the air was making it uncomfortable and hard to concentrate. I glanced up at Wilson. He rolled his eyes before planting his gaze on my bust. His face softened for a moment. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched him just blatantly oogle me. The boy was a comedic tragedy of high school stereotypes. I coughed as I looked down at my paper and quickly glanced back up him. He had stopped and was instead staring at the book.

“Having trouble still?” He asked.

I nodded, sighing in defeat. “I just can’t figure it out. It’s like trying to understand Chinese for me.” I pushed the notebook away, sick of seeing my failures. “I’ll just hope for a ‘C’ grade and focus on my other academics…” I closed my notebook and pressed it close to my chest, pushing my already intense cleavage up higher. I heard Wilson drop his pen and saw him try to maintain composure as he stared at me. I giggled at the thought of teasing poor Wilson.

I put my hand on his, in a more then friendly way. “Thanks for trying to help, Wilson.” I said and felt his reaction.

“My…pleasure…” He was able to squeak out.

I smiled at his, genuinely moved by his affection. I cast my eyes down. It was then that I noticed it. It was huge, it was thick, and it was bulging in Wilson’s pants. My God, it was beautiful. I caught my breath and moved my hand away from his. I couldn’t look him in the eye at that moment. Jesus, it was bigger than any of the boys on the basketball team. That feeling stirred in my loins. My pussy was already getting wet from imagining what it looked like out and ready to play. I glanced, ever so carefully over at the librarian, Ms. Krabble. She was an older woman, but aging gracefully if I had to put it into words. She looked good with graying hair and slight wrinkles. She was also very very oblivious to us. After the first few weeks when we showed her that we could be well behaved she paid us no mind.

I stood and said, “Well since we won’t be doing anything else math wise…wanna just browse?” I offered. I needed some excuse to get him alone. I wanted antalya escort to feel it. I had to make sure it was really as big as it seemed.

He nodded, “Uh, yeah…sure.” He got up, his hand deep in his pocket, holding something. I could just imagine it was hiding that monster so he wouldn’t be too embarrassed.

We made our way to the back of an aisle, both just looking at all our options for reading material. He went to the corner, hoping to get as far away and get his cock to a manageable size. I edged closer every few seconds, until I was right next to him. He didn’t even register me as he stared intently at the books on the shelf. It wasn’t until he turned to check out a different section that he saw me, and proceeded to run right into me.

Our collision made it easy for me touch his crotch and make it seem like it was an accident. We stood there, my hand separated from his cock by only pants and underwear. He began to blush and mumble a million apologies when I slide my hand down a bit further. I felt along his shaft, my face filled with as much shock as his own. He let out a slow groan. Soft and adorable. “I’m sorry…” He managed to squeak out.

I just giggled. Poor kid still thought this was all accidental. I decided to throw him a bone, “It’s my fault…I guess this is too, huh?” I said as I gave the thick monster a squeeze. He sighed and looked past me, hoping for an escape I assumed. “We’re all alone…” I assured him. “Let me just see it?” My eyes pleaded as I glanced down then back at his torn face.

This poor young white boy’s judgment snapped when I whispered that into his ear. I heard him fuss with his belt and suddenly he pulled it out. Somehow. It was around ten inches, thick, and throbbing. I knew this nerd had a secret power. I smiled at him as I wrapped my hand around it and started to stroke him right there in the library. He trembled as he tried hopelessly to stuff the monster back in his pants.

“No way!” I hissed, stroking faster. He held onto the bookshelf as if crippled by his own lust. I kinda felt bad. For all I knew, this was the first time a girl was touching him. I thought I might up the ante and smiled at him, “Let me suck it a little.” And that’s when all pretense of trying to fight back disappeared. He just silently nodded. A boy being offered a blowjob almost never refuses.

I sank to my knees. He watched me with these wide, deer-in-the-headlights eyes as I opened my mouth and brought the head to my lips slowly. I would have loved to put on a show, but we were in the library. I wrapped my lips around it, thicker than Devon, I noted as I pushed my head forward. My lips were stretched obscenely. I stared up at this boy, my eyes heavy with lust. I nearly gagged, not realizing how deep I had been bobbing my head. This kid was longer than anyone I had had in my mouth. I had no reference for how much I could fit in my throat. I pulled back, panting slightly, trying to keep quiet.

Wilson was trembling already, his legs shaking, making his gorgeous cock bob and twitch all on its own. He was like a newborn deer. Second deer metaphor for him. My spit dripped from it and I giggled and stroked it with one hand. “Having fun?” I asked. His eyes were glazed over in a stupor; maybe he thought this was a dream. Only it wasn’t and I wanted more than just a taste.

I stood and pulled my skirt up over my ass cheeks. I glanced down the aisle to the opening; nobody was there. He stared at me. The poor baby, he didn’t know what to do. I pouted and spread my ass, glancing over at him now. “Come on…put it in.” I smiled, slyly. The realization of what I just offered him spread across his face and I swear his cock pulsed and grew larger. He pulled my thong to the side and lined his cock up. He was going to do it without any convincing, thank God.

I felt the head against my pussy lips. Wetness came with it, from my spit, his precum, or my own juices, I couldn’t tell. I made a squeak as he tried to thrust upwards all at once, missing my hole and almost pushing into my ass. I gasped, a little alanya escort too loudly, and reached back. I held the head, the big, bulbous head in my hand and guided it back to my pussy. I kept my grip tight and sat down on it. I let out a noise between a sigh and scream that he muffled with his hand. I let him mute me as I felt his hips take over. He pushed deep inside me. I moaned deep into his hand.

There we stood, my skirt pushed up to reveal my whole ass and Wilson with his pants at his knees, half his cock in me as I held onto the bookshelf. He’s pushing into me over and over again; the stretch to my pussy is incredible. I would be panting like a dog if he wasn’t covering my mouth. He wasn’t the most graceful fuck, but he didn’t need to be. He was hitting places my vibrator wouldn’t.

His thrusts quickened and I realized that as a virgin he wasn’t going to last long. Well I was going to give him the best first fuck he could get. I pushed back against his thrusts; me squeaking loudly into his hand and him grunting and gasping for air. My eyes rolled in my head; he was reaching my cervix with each push in. I felt him throb, expanding to fill me with spunk. He let out a louder gasp and-


Wilson ripped himself out of me. Mrs. Krapple stood at the end of aisle. I hung onto the bookshelf, my knees caving from him yanking all eleven inches of dick out of me so suddenly. Wilson stood, shaking.

I expected more screeching, but when I turned to look at Krapple, her normally sour face was now ecstatic shock. Her eyes fixed on Wilson’s huge dick. Poor guy hadn’t even busted his nut. He was trying his best to hide it, failing miserably. He couldn’t even get it back inside his pants. She walked over to us, me on my knees now and Wilson just with his eyes closed, I’m assuming trying to convince himself this was a dream.

“So, Mr. Trolp. This is what you get up to now in my library? I thought you were one of the good ones.” She said as she stopped before him. He was nearly in tears, his cock still hard. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and he gasped. My own eyes widened as I realized what she was doing. She leaned in and I barely heard her hiss in his ear, “If you’re such a bad boy, I’ll treat you like one.” Her hand moved up and down his long cock and his face contorted in pleasure. This kid was getting manhandled by a hot older woman and I was just there to observe now.

“What am I going to do with you…” She muttered as she stroked him. His eyes suddenly snapped open and his hand grabbed the back of her head.

“You’re going to fuck me.” He gasped. He threw her down to her knees and got behind her. I watched, transfixed, as he pulled her skirt up to see her wearing pair of naughty lace panties. She fell onto all fours, in shock at his sudden outburst of aggression. He slid his hand over her ass and gave it a quick smack. It sent chills down through my spine to see him like this. Timid little Wilson tore Mrs. Krapple’s undies to the side and pushed into her.

She gasped and fell forward, her face pressed against the carpet her ass higher up. Wilson watched his cock slide in and out of the librarian as I found my clit. I sat behind them, watching as his hips picked up the pace and hammered the monster into her. His animal grunts and her pleading moans were getting me as wet as I’d ever been. Mrs. Krapple was attempting to speak, her hand on Wilson’s as he took her pussy. She couldn’t get words out, just gasps as he pounded away. I was so jealous of her; he finally gets into fucking and with her instead of me.

His hips pistoned his cock in like a machine, a blur going in and out of her as her voice was caught in her throat. I tensed as I smashed my clit hard and shook from a minor orgasm. It would do, I wanted to watch this. I crawled up behind Wilson, who was hunched over her, fucking her wildly. One hand was on her hip, the other reaching forward to hold one of her tits that had spilled out of her bra and blazer. She was literally drooling with pure pleasure as I reached down belek escort and held his cock, feeling it slide between my fingers as it went in and out of her.

“Cum in her.” I whispered in his ear. My lips and tongue found his neck and he froze. He looked at me and pulled his cock from Mrs. Krapple’s now gaping pussy. She let out a moaning noise and propped her head. I saw the walls of her pussy spasming and I wondered how many times that cock had made her cum.

“I wanna cum in you.” He told me as he bent me over. I grinned and shook my ass, rubbing the sticky cock against my cheeks.

“Yes, please.” I breathed. He positioned his cock again and I tensed in preparation for a real pounding. The whole thing was slick from Mrs. Krapple’s hot pussy. I shuddered as I felt him apply pressure. His cock almost made it in, then slipped up against my ass. I gasped. He didn’t stop pushing and I felt my other hole give way and Wilson pushed deep into my asshole.

I actually yelled out then. He glanced down and I heard a groaned, “Oh shit…” but he didn’t pull back. He kept himself lodged for a moment. I stayed there, on all fours with one of the biggest cocks I’d ever come up against in my ass. My pussy was dripping juices down my legs. I turned my head to try and look back at him when he pushed even deeper. I bit my lower lips to keep from screaming as I let this boy fuck my raw ass. I felt his hips move and pull some of the cock out then jam it back inside me. I grunted and put my hand on my ass to steady myself as his thrusts got faster and harder. He was actually taking my ass like a man and I could feel my own real orgasm build up as he hit deeper.

“Jesus Wilson…” I panted as he slammed into me. He didn’t respond, he just gripped my hips tighter and fucked my ass harder. I glanced back again and saw Mrs. Krapple watching, three fingers jammed in her cunt and two from her other hand jammed in her ass. She was staring with a desperate hunger I had never seen before. I felt him push balls deep into me and I froze, tensing as I felt the cock throb.

Instead of cumming he pulled out with no warning and flipped me over on my back and spread my legs. “Oh God, more?” I panted as he lined back up and slipped back into my ass. I pushed back this time, fucking his cock as he stretched my ass wide. I felt so full and suddenly it all went white. I shook and squeezed his cock tight with my ass as I came hard.

The orgasm made me black out for a moment and I felt empty as I came to. I looked up and saw Mrs. Krapple with her mouth on his now very dirty and slimy cock. She looked like she was in heaven as he gagged her. She moved until she was on all fours, standing over me and he pushed into her ass. He fucked her just as hard as he did me and Mrs. Krapple felt it. She stared at me with such a profound look of ecstasy that I wondered if every second he was in her she was cumming. I lay there, watching this cougar of a woman get fucked like a porn star on top of me while the boy behind her, a virgin not twenty minutes ago, brought her to orgasm a fourth time. She was panting, running her hands over my chest, not really aware I was there. Suddenly Wilson stopped, deep inside her.

“Cumming!” he gasped. He pulled his cock from her dirty hole and shot a huge load over her ass. I felt it dribble onto my leg as he aimed and shot his next load on my stomach. He spurt again and again, covering her spread ass and pussy and getting it all over me whenever he aimed under Mrs. Krapple.

Panting, I crawled from under Mrs. Krapple, who collapsed as soon as I was gone. Wilson’s cock hung semi erect. I smiled as I stood up and saw the scene; the librarian sprawled on the floor, cum all over her ass and legs, and the boy who fucked my ass like it was a pussy and coated us both in cum. I pulled my skirt back down, hiding the cum. I leaned down and teased his spent cock with my fingers.

“See you next week Wilson…all our study sessions have to end like this.” I giggled and then paused, “Maybe next time, pump that load in me?” I suggested. I walked back to our table and picked up my books. I left the pair to clean themselves up as the bell marking the end of class rang throughout the school. I glanced back and smiled as I saw Mrs. Krapple sitting up, looking dazed and thoroughly well fucked. I waved to them and blew a kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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