Trap House Fuck Toy

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She was dressed in her typical, no panties, almost completely see through, skin tight, black dress that was barely long enough to cover her cunt, ass cheeks hanging out, fuck me heels, her looks made it apparent what she was out to do. We had a couple of drinks and some blow and we headed out to Ybor City.

I took her to a place called Club Skye, a black night club where we have picked up guys to fuck her on many occasions. This is not like the nice blues clubs and jazz clubs where we pick up older, more polished, black men for her to fuck, these guys are thugs, gang bangers, hood rats…

We paid for a table and bottle service and headed to the VIP area. The table we were seated at was a small booth, big enough for about 5 people, a waitress brought out my Ketel One , some glasses, mixers…I got a drink and Christina headed onto the dance floor. She was out there only seconds before guys were grinding up on her and feeling her up. It was easy to touch her where ever they wanted with her dress sliding up and showing her ass and cunt. I love to watch her being a wanton whore so I sat back with my vodka and watched her for 4 or 5 songs before she came over to our table , glistening with sweat and ready for a drink. I mixed her a vodka and after she cooled off a second I gave her another bump of coke. She leaned back in the booth and spread her legs giving anyone who wanted it a view of her cunt. It was maybe a minute before one of the guys she had been grinding on walked over and just sat down next to Christina in our booth, he reached over and poured himself a vodka and told us his name was Shawn. He was wearing baggy jeans with an oversized T-shirt, and big clunky hi-tops, he had a do rag on with a camouflage hat over it, you could see small dread locks hanging below it, he looked like a thug, when he started talking we knew he was.

He took a big drink off the vodka, put his hand on Christina’s cunt and asked, “What y’all crackers doin’ in here?”

I laughed and told him that I like to see Christina fucked by black men, I bring her here to find them. This made him smile and he grabbed her and took her onto the dance floor again. He waved at a couple of guys and now there were three of them touching and grinding on Christina. After a couple of songs they came back to the table, Christina, Shawn, and the 2 new guys, they all slid in and grabbed a drink and I leaned over one of them to let Christina dip her fingernail in my baggy of coke. All three of them were touching her and paying me no mind at all. After a couple of minutes of touching and whispering and Christina’s pussy exposed to all, one of the new guys slid a pill into Christina’s mouth, she swallowed it with her vodka. I knew he had just given her some X and we were going to be in for a wild night, I was both nervous and excited about what we may get in to now.

Christina was sitting between the new guys and they were simultaneously running their hands all over her body, thighs, cunt, tits…she looked like a complete whore, obviously high, thighs spread , fat pussy exposed, wet and slippery with two thugs she had just met touching any and every part of her. Anyone watching knew she was going to be their fuck toy for the night, their filthy white trash whore. I was getting super turned on watching it.

Shawn slid around to my side of the booth and said “We gon’ take her my boy’s house.” I shook my head yes, I knew it was a bad idea but I was loving watching this happen to her. I wanted to see them use her.

They gathered her up, nearly dragging her out of the club, me following. We jumped in a cab outside, I got in the front seat and the 3 guys piled in the back, Christina crawled in on top of them and we headed out, Shawn told the driver where to go.

The bean was kicking in, Christina had her dress completely off , all 3 of the guys grabbing her, fingering her cunt and ass, she was sucking the cock of one of the guys whose name I still did not know, the one sitting behind the driver. I looked over at the driver, an Arab guy, about 40, his eyes glued to the rear view, he saw me looking at him and grinned. We drove only 10 minutes or so and pulled up to a very rundown house in College Hill, probably the worst area of Tampa, I was definitely having second thoughts about this but it was too late to back out and Christina was too fucked up to know what was going on.

They pulled Christina out of the car naked and headed for the house, I could hear bass music playing inside and the smell of weed was prominent. I suppose I was looking for safety in numbers when I asked the cab driver if he wanted to come along, he jumped from the car and we all headed inside. It was smoky and the bass was louder when we walked in, there were 2 more guys , they were sitting on the couch playing video games. The illegal bahis couch and giant TV were the only furniture, a couple of open 40s on the floor, I could see a table in the dining area with scales and plastic bags…this was a drug house. This was really turning into a fantasy I have had for a while, but still super sketchy.

The 2 new guys stood and there were some cat calls and high fives between them, Shawn, and the other two (Slim and Jimmy I figured out) ,and they had Christina naked and high in the middle of them all. It was only about 2 seconds before she was on her knees, in a trap house ,with 5 black cocks around her sucking one, then another and another, giving each a turn fucking her mouth.

Up to that moment, one of the hottest things I had seen.

They were passing a blunt around and one of the new guys, Tavon, was fucking her mouth and he was starting to get pretty rough. He had his hands on the back of her head and he was shoving most of his 10 inches into her mouth and throat. Her make-up was beginning to run and she had spit all over her mouth and chin, you could hear her choke each time he shoved his big cock into the back of her throat. With a hand on each side of face he yanked her off his cock and shoved her over to Shawn. Shawn grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back, she looked up and he slapped her hard across the face. The look of lust in her eyes was fucking amazing. The whore wanted it. He put his cock in her mouth and she attacked it like an animal. He sat down onto the couch and she continued on her knees sucking his cock , running her tongue up and down his 9 inches and sucking his balls. Her ass was in the air giving a great view of her wet cunt, Jimmy walked over and stuck a molly right in her asshole, he held his hand over her ass as she began to squeal and squirm from the burning. Shawn held her head on his cock so she could not get away. Ecstasy up the ass will hit you quick and in seconds Christina was cumming , with Shawn’s cock still in her mouth and Jimmy now rubbing her cunt, her whole body was trembling.She was choking, Shawn let go of her head and she started to moan loudly, her body still convulsing. Jimmy got behind her and slid his cock completely into her soaking wet pussy with no resistance at all and began to pump his 10 inches in and out of her , slamming against her with each thrust. The drugs and the cock had her in a continuous state of orgasm, her body quivering uncontrollably.

Shawn stood up and the one they called “Black” (I can only assume it was because he was so dark) moved to his place on the couch. He sat legs spread with his cock, the biggest of them all, in her face. He must have been 11 inches, maybe 12, with a flick of his wrist he popped her right in the eye with it, hard enough it started to water again. She looked like a filthy whore, on her knees in this place, Jimmy still slamming into her from behind, she took Black’s cock into her mouth and immediately tried to devour the entire length. She was struggling, choking, eyes watering , she wanted it all but it was hard to concentrate. Her body was still convulsing and Jimmy was plowing into her, he was slapping her ass now, hitting her hard in rapid succession. Her fat ass was bright red, He began to shake and I could tell he was unloading into her cunt, they both convulsed for another moment and then Jimmy pulled out of her sloppy cunt. You could see his thick load dripping from her hole, sliding down her thigh.

She used this momentary break from being fucked to concentrate on the cock in front of her, She must have had 8 or 9 inches of Black into her throat in no time. As she sucked more and more of his cock into her throat he grabbed the back of her head to hold his cock in as far as possible, with the other hand he slapped her hard across the side of her face. It stunned her and he shoved his cock another inch into her throat and commanded her, “suck it Bitch,” she was choking, gasping, spit dripping all over, he pulled her head off his cock and slapped her hard again. He let go of her hair and she dropped to the floor, I thought she was out, thought the night was over, was a little concerned for our safety, but she began to shake again, she started rubbing her clit and rolled on to her back, she was propped on her elbows and to my amazement said in a raspy voice, “I want more.”

Slim took a big drink from one of the warm 40s on the floor then stood over Christina and poured some in her mouth, it over flowed and ran off her chin and down her tits. He grabbed her by the hair and stood her up, he snatched her over to the couch and shoved her over the arm , knees on the seat cushions. He spread her ass cheeks with both hands, spit in her asshole and shoved his cock in roughly, she screamed and tried to pull away but he had her illegal bahis siteleri around the waist and was pushing his fat 9 incher into her, he was taking short quick strokes and going deeper into her asshole with each one. She was screaming loudly, “ahh, ngh, ahhh, ahhhhhhhhhh, fuck …Yes…” he was pumping her ass quickly now. Shawn walked over to her and grabbed her by the hair, he pulled her face up to look at him and again slapped her hard, then he grabbed her neck with both hands and began to choke her as Slim was still pounding away at her ass. He was squeezing her neck tight, her face was red, her eyes drooping, she was about to go out. He let go and as she gasped for air he slapped her hard again. She began to scream and twitch, “ahhhhhhhhhhh fuck, YES!” She was cumming again. The whore was loving this abuse. Slim’s strokes were getting jerky, he was tensing up, he blasted his load in her ass, his cock slid out with a little pop.

She was slumped over the side of the couch, breathing heavy, still twitching and Shawn pulls her up by the hair again, slaps her hard again. Her face is bright red, you can see it is bruising now, she looks like a filthy , white trash, whore, cum dripping from her holes, dried beer and spit all over her body, hair knotted and mussed… He spins her around facing away from the couch, slaps her ass and he sits down on the couch and pulls her onto his lap. He pushes his big cock into her already lubed asshole and she moans as she slides all the way down. He has his cock balls deep in her, you can see Slim’s cum being pushed out as she starts to bounce her fat ass up and down on his thick shaft. She’s moaning loudly again, he’s pulling her nipples, slapping her tits , she’s working her filthy asshole up and down his cock. She’s really getting going when Tavon steps up and shoves his big cock into her stretched and sloppy cunt, “ahhhhhhh, fuck yes, fuck my nasty cunt!”

I can’t believe I’m watching this. I can’t believe how dirty she is being! It is fucking amazing, my cock is rock hard. This is a fantasy coming true, I am blown away! I am watching her be a total fucking skank for these thugs and they are using her in kind. I don’t know if it’s all the black dicks or the drugs (it’s the drugs, she’s fucking out of it) but she is a total wanton whore and I am loving it!!

Just then , Rashida, the driver who had been watching intently and furiously rubbing himself over his pants , jumped up on the couch and jammed his cock clumsily into Christina’s mouth, while Shawn and Tavon continue fucking both her holes. She begins sucking him and in a matter of seconds he is grunting and holding on to her head as he fills her mouth with his Egyptian semen. She swallows it all and continues sucking on him as his 7 uncut inches began to go limp, he hastily zips his cock back into his pants , jumps off the couch , “Thanks”, he mumbles, “I must be going” and he quickly disappears out the front door. I hear his engine start up and he is gone.

Immediately my attention is back to the action as I hear Tavon slap her hard across the face again. They are both still in her and Tavon is slapping her over and over now. Again, she starts to tremble and shake, the whore likes being beaten, she’s cumming again, screaming, “oh …fuck…yes” between slaps. Her body jerks, twitches , she moans loud, her orgasm is subsiding. She half grunts, half whimpers each time he strikes her bruised cheek , he doesn’t let up, slapping her hard 4 or 5 more times. She looks like she is completely out of it, punch drunk now in addition to being drugged. Tavon grabs the other 40 from the floor and starts pouring it in her face, he takes a big drink of the warm beer and spits it all over her, then he pulls out of her destroyed pussy and blows his load all over her stomach. He shoves her roughly by the face back toward Shawn, Shawn grabs her hips and pulls her down on his cock, he is filling her asshole with it’s second load of the night, he finishes and shoves her onto the floor, she just lays there, used, broken, leaking cum.

Shawn says “Let’s go niggas.” Jimmy and Slim step up, and the 3 of them walk out the door. I assume it’s time to wind down, it’s just Christina and I with the guys who were at the house, in the hood, with no ride, I know this isn’t a good position and start trying to get Christina up off the floor. Black taps me and says “Chill Homey,” he hands me the blunt he is smoking and says “I want to fuck this ho.” I take a big hit from the blunt , smile, and nod my head yes. He pours more beer on her and she starts to sit up, he pulls her up hard by the arm and pushes her toward the couch, as she drops onto it he says “open up bitch” and as she opens her mouth he pours in some beer letting it overflow on her face and down her body. I hand her the blunt, even in this canlı bahis siteleri zombie like state she knows how to smoke the weed, She takes a big hit and passes it back. She seems more awake now and asks, “Who’s next?”

Black sits on the couch next to her and takes her tit into his mouth, he has his hand on her snatch and she is already moaning and rolling her hips up and down to fuck his hand, Tavon sits on the other side and pulls her over to suck his cock. Her head goes to Tavon’s lap and she is licking and sucking his balls, Black rolls her onto her knees and she continues licking Tavon as Black fingers her from behind. She licks Tavon from the tip of his cock all the way to his asshole , he leans back and lets her have better access, she continues to rim his ass. I glance back over to Black and he has the 40 again, he pours the rest of it on the back of her head and down her back while she keeps licking Tavon’s dirty black asshole. Now he starts rubbing the empty 40 oz bottle up and down against her sloppy, beat up cunt, her fat , stretched out lips parting for it, and slowly he starts to work it in, her nasty cunt opening up, stretching for the huge bottle, he is pushing it in hard.

“You like that ho?” He taunts her.

“Mmmmmmm…ungh…yes” she moans.

Her cunt is stretching more and more, she tries to keep licking Tavon’s balls and asshole but she is becoming engulfed in another convulsive orgasm. After a minute or so she stops shaking and Black pulls the bottle from her cunt. He immediately replaces it with his giant cock at her asshole, with no warning at all he slams almost a foot of dick into Christina’s already demolished asshole, she gives a loud yelp but falls right into a rhythm with Black’s strokes, “ungh, ungh, ungh!”

Tavon again, grabs her by the back of the hair and yanks her head up, slaps her hard twice, and says “Take that white bitch!” He takes her head in both hands and shoves it back down on his cock. He starts fucking her mouth forcefully, I can hear her gagging, choking.

“Suck that nigga cock…suck it bitch…nasty white ho…”he continues shoving his cock into her throat while Black keeps up his onslaught on her ass. I can’t believe she has all of it up her ass and she seems to be loving it, loving being used. Just then they flip her around, now she’s sucking Black and Tavon is shoving his cock into her ass. After a couple of minutes of this Black pushes her back so she is sitting on Tavon’s cock and now he starts working his cock back into her busted cunt. Once he is fully inside of her again he leans up , looks at her and slaps her hard. Again. Again, and she starts to cum again! The nasty skank gives a shriek and her body starts pulsating yet again, Black slaps her hard one more time then jumps up on the couch and slams his cock into her face and shoots his load deep in her throat. She coughs and chokes and struggles to keep it all down.

After she has swallowed it all Tavon pulls his cock from her ass and pushes her face down on it, she gets his cock in her throat and he explodes too, again she is choking but manages to swallow it all. Tavon shoves her in the floor and once again she lays there prone.

Black walks over, stands over her, and just starts pissing all over her! She just lays there and Tavon starts pissing on her as well! I am watching slack jawed. She is rubbing her cunt again, whimpering, her body jerking with little twitches, the nasty slut is still cumming, getting off on being a filthy whore.

I am blown away at what I have just seen, allowed. I am in a trance almost. They had completely used her, made her their ghetto fuck toy, a piece of white trash fuck meat. It was amazing. They had completely destroyed my wife, fucked her holes, cum in her, slapped her whore face, she took their cocks in her mouth straight from her ass! The nasty cunt got off on all of it, on being a whore for these thugs! I watched my wife cum while being pissed on by some hood rats! It doesn’t matter how high she was, the trashy whore got off on being used and pissed on!

Then, still in a shock, from Black I hear, “Y’all crackas need to get the fuck out of here.”

“Huh?” I asked.

“Get the fuck out of my house!” he commanded.

I grabbed Christina and just then, realized she had no clothes, they were in Rashida’s car. Black and Tavon shoved us out the door and there we stood in the ghetto, sun rising, Christina butt naked, dry cum all over her, eye slightly blackened. She sat next to some trash cans, ironically, while I called an Uber. He was there in about 5 minutes and very concerned about a bruised naked woman getting into his car. I convinced him it was fine and he got us back to my car, all the while Christina was still touching herself occasionally, still whimpering, the X had her in a trance like state and I assumed she would pass out anytime. She did in my car. I drove us the rest of the way home and got Christina to bed.

It was a night that satisfied several fantasies for us both and something we both would like to do again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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