Transforming Genevieve Ch. 12

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I spent that Sunday evening doing laundry, two loads of towels and my bedding most of which had the incredible scent of our sex fluids on them. That scent reminding me of the incredible pleasures Bill and I had shared. I wondered if Bill would give a second lover the same incredible oral pleasures he had given me. If he did Marsha was in for an incredible treat. I would have to try and speak to her this week just to feel her out about a ménage à trios’ with Bill. I wondered how Bill would react having such a beautiful woman as Marsha sucking and fucking him for the shear excitement of it.

Marsha’s body is much like Angel Kassidy’s, the Angel of Lust from the movie we’d watched. I’m certain her tits are all natural though. I hoped she would be as willing a partner in a three way with my lover as I was with hers.

Sleep came quickly once I snuggled down under my soft comforter, and I slept soundly through the entire night. My body and soul at peace with my mind and heart, I’d clawed my way out of the horrible barrel of sexual frustration I’d allowed myself to slip into. Bill, my discreet lover had shown me the clear path to happiness and true sexual fulfillment.

Monday morning dawned bright sunny and cool and with the dawn I awoke with a new attitude about my appearance on campus. I would still enjoy wearing the wardrobe I’d purchased to help with my transformation, but I’d no longer have to try and attract the attention of every man who came within a wolfs whistle of me. No, this Monday morning would be the first morning of a new and exciting part of my life. I glowed with the anticipation of seeing my lover Bill around the English Lit department.

My long hair while an incredibly sexy feature when I’m involved in a seduction can be a real pain in the ass on a busy Monday morning when you’re trying to make an 8 AM class. I twisted it up in a bun and in somewhat of a throw back to my pre-transformation days held the bun in place with a pair of

lead pencils. Just as I completed my make-up my teapot began to whistle. Naked with the exception of two lead pencils I walked to the kitchen and poured my morning tea. A squirt of honey and a quick stir and I headed back to my bedroom to pick an outfit for today. Surveying my closet I choose a white silk blouse, a pair of tailored navy blue slacks and a matching suit coat. I had a new white lacey bra and thong set which I slipped into first. As I slipped my arms into the blouse and buttoned it up the front only a hint of the lacey fabric covering my breasts was visible.

If I choose to I could unbutton one or two buttons at the top to reveal the lace trim across the top of the cups. The slacks fit my ass perfectly, and with no panty line showing they left little doubt of the shaped of my ass. I slipped my feet into a pair of dark three- inch heels and before putting my suit coat on I dabbed a touch of perfume on my neck and between my breasts. The suit coat gave an aura of elegance to my appearance, sensual and sexy, but demure at the same time. Gathering my usual personal items and finishing my tea I grabbed my brief case and headed for the stairs. I stepped onto the sidewalk at 7:50 AM. A chill in the mid autumn morning air had the usual affect of hardening my nipples. I decided to drive across campus to avoid the chilly air, and the lustful gazes of the male student body. I had a new attitude about me. I would forever look sensual and sexy, but my passion and lustful actions were reserved for my special lover, Bill.

Monday mornings at Regis are usually quite casual, many students returned from their weekends late Sunday night and classes didn’t always start promptly at 8 AM. I grabbed a parking spot near the entrance to the English department, as I got out of my Volvo I noticed Bill’s car parked a row behind me. My lover was already in the building. Perhaps I’d be able to steal a few moments alone with him this morning. I recalled that I had offered to share the scent of my perfume with him yesterday and hoped he’d remembered my offer.

As I reached the top of the stairs and rounded the corner to begin the short walk to my classroom and office a voice from behind said, “Ms. Walker can I talk with you for a moment.” I turned and was confronted with Steve Kozmerl, the student I’d tricked into jerking off in my office the week before.

“Steve, good morning, what can I do for you?” I asked. I knew that glance from yesterday would jump up to bite me in the ass, I just didn’t think it would be so soon.

Steve said, “I was wondering if I could have a few minutes of your time after class today to go over a question or two I have about writing styles?”

He was smooth, his request translated in my mind to. “Hey sexy I want to find out when I’m going to get to fuck your brains out.”

I replied, “Sure Mr. Kozmerl I’ll have a few minutes for you after class.” Speaking in my best professor tone of voice.

“Thanks I’ll see you after class then.” He said with a smirking grin on his lips illegal bahis and a lustful stare in his eyes.

I turned and walked away from him knowing he was watching my ass as I walked, and most likely imagining having his young stud cock buried in the object of his lustful gaze.

Steve waited until a few other students had entered my classroom before he came strolling in with the same grin and stare plastered on his face. He took his usual seat toward the back of the room and acted like he was preparing for my class. But his eyes told me he was planning something completely different. I could almost feel his eyes undressing me and I felt a little uncomfortable with that.

By 8:10 AM most of my eight o’clock students were in the room and I began my lesson for this group of freshmen. Training first year students can be somewhat trying, the closest they’d come to serious English Lit in high school was a required reading of Shakespeare, which I’m sure some of them used Rouge Notes to muddle through. My lecture that Monday lasted almost the entire period and as usual I gave them my normal Monday writing assignment.

As I dismissed the class I began feeling somewhat nervous about speaking in private with Steve. He remained seated until all the other students had left the room.

“So Mr. Kozmerl you wanted to speak with me?” I asked.

He wasted no time getting right to the point.

“Yes Ms. Walker. I was wondering when you and I could have our next private writing lesson.

I walked closer to where he was seated, trying to come up with an appropriate response.

“Steve what we did last week was wrong, I shouldn’t have let myself get that out of control.” I said.

“Perhaps so Ms. Walker, but the fact remains that you did and since it wouldn’t be very beneficial for that private lesson to become public knowledge, or who you’re spending your Sunday afternoons with, I assume you’ll want to continue giving me private tutoring. He said.

So he did see me with Bill the day before, as I feared. And now he would turn up the pressure for me to finish what I’d started and satisfy his desires.

“Are you blackmailing me Mr. Kozmerl?” I asked.

Steve’s reply was, “Why yes I believe I am Ms. Walker. But blackmail is such a nasty word, I prefer to look at it as compensation for my silence.”

I thought for a moment and then asked him, “And how often would you expect to be compensated for your silence Mr. Kozmerl?”

“Ms. Walker, I’m not a greedy person. I would think my silence would be appropriately compensated with a private lesson once a week until the end of the semester.” He said.

He added, “I’d agree to oral compensation too.”

I almost laughed in his face. In his own way he was telling me he wanted me to suck him off once a week till the mid December. By my calculations that would be nine blow jobs.

“Do you think anyone would believe you if you did let our private lesson become public knowledge Mr. Kozmerl.” I said.

“Perhaps not Ms. Walker, but imagine the problems it would cause for you and your Sunday companion.” He replied.

He had me over a barrel, had he not seen me with Bill the afternoon before I would have slapped his face and told him to go fuck himself. But I couldn’t chance having my affair with Bill becoming public. I couldn’t put his career in jeopardy trying to save face with this blackmailing bastard.

“If I agree to this Mr. Kozmerl, how will I know you’ll keep your word?” I asked.

“You won’t Ms. Walker, I guess you’ll just have to trust me.” He answered with that same smirk on his lips.

I knew what I had to do, and I leaned down close to him and whispered, “Steve, there are nine weeks till the end of the semester. I’ll suck your cock nine times between now and Christmas for you to keep quiet.”

He replied, “Ten times Ms. Walker, I want you to make up for that tease session last week.”

“Agreed,” I said, “Ten blow jobs and nothing more Steve.”

He tried to negotiate for more saying, “You have to make me cum in your mouth.”

I angrily replied, “Don’t press your fucking luck buster.”

“Okay, Okay,” he said, “but you have to get me off every time.”

“Agreed!” I said, adding, “I’ll see you after class Thursday afternoon.”

“Now get the fuck out of my classroom you little bastard!” I exclaimed.

As he walked toward the door I said, “One more thing Mr. Kozmerl.”

He turned to face me.

“You better study hard, and get every assignment in on time because my marking pencil will be very sharp when it comes to your grade in my class.” I said.

The fool could have blackmailed me for an A in my class, but because his little head did most of his thinking he’d now have to work extra hard just to get a passing grade.

He left me angry, and somewhat depressed. Not twenty-four hours earlier I’d pledged my discreet lover that my mouth and throat was his and his alone. And now I’d have to secretly break that pledge and suck another illegal bahis siteleri man’s cock weekly until Christmas.

Oh well Genevieve, I thought, you knew your past transgressions would come back to haunt you.

I walked into my office and sat down at my desk. Looking down at my desk pad calendar where I had my scheduled classes noted I put a small check mark behind my freshman Thursday afternoon class as a reminder that I’d have to not schedule anything else for a while after that class.

My next class wasn’t till eleven so I started marking the weekly assignments my freshmen class had just turned in. About forty minutes later I heard a light knock on my office door.

“Come in.” I said, not looking up from my desk.

“Morning baby.” A male’s voice said.

I looked up and Bill was standing in my doorway, turning my chair I stood up and walked toward him.

“Come in and close the door Bill.” I said.

He took a step in and closed the door, turning the dead bolt before taking the steps to bring us close together.

His arms captured me, hugging my body close to his.

“I missed you Gen.” He said.

I looked into his eyes and whispered, “I’ve missed you too babe.”

Bill brought his mouth close to mine, our lips a miniscule distance apart. Our eyes wide open staring into one another. His lips moved closer to my quivering mouth. A spark of passion jumped between us as we made contact. A soft tender kiss lips barely parted, only the tips of our tongues touching.

“Hmmmmm…” I moaned during the first moments of a beautiful kiss.

His arms tightened around me and his kiss grew in its intensity. I parted my lips offering his probing tongue more of my moist oral cavity. His hands slid up my back and into my hair guiding my head from side to side as we kissed.

“You smell incredible Gen.,” He said as he kissed along my jaw line toward my sensitive ear and neck.

I’m wearing the same perfume I wore yesterday baby.” I remarked as his kisses approached my soft delicate neck. “I’ve come to let you transfer some of your scent to me baby. I want to enjoy you all day long.” Bill said.

Leaning back I unbuttoned my blazer and the top two buttons of my silk blouse. His eyes moved to my exposed flesh as I spread my blouse open at the top and tilted my head offering him the full length of my neck to his incredible lips.

My nipples hardened instantly as his lips softly kissed along the length of my neck. He turned his cheek to transfer my odor from there to himself.

Leaning back my incredible lover inhaled deeply drawing my scent into his nostrils. “I’m set for the day Gen.” He said.

Sliding my hands down his white dress shirt to his crotch I found his hardening cock. “God Bill I want you!” I exclaimed.

He smiled as I stepped back and started unbuttoning the third button exposing the sexy white lace across the top of my bra.

I wanted his cock inside me. I wanted to feel his pulsing length deep inside my wet pussy. I was reaching for the fourth button when a knock at my door froze my fingers.

“Fuck.” Bill whispered.

“Who is it?” I said in a loud voice moving my hands to close my blouse again.

“Ms. Walker, it’s Melissa Harding. Can I speak with you?” Our intruder said.

“Yes just a minute.” I replied.

I motioned for Bill to stand behind the door as I turned the dead bolt and opened the door. Rather than let Miss Harding in I stepped out into the classroom and closed the door behind me, buttoning my blazer closed as I did.

Miss Harding had a question about scheduling and when assignments were due. And I quickly answered her questions and dispatched her.

Opening the door I found Bill standing by my desk. “Good I locked the door baby.” He said.

“Yes it is Bill.” I said knowing the moment was ruined.

“Well I really only came by to say good morning and rub your perfume on me baby.” Bill said.

I smiled knowing my desire to have his cock buried deep inside me again would have to wait.

“I did promise you that Bill.” I said.

“I have a class in half an hour baby, it would have had to be a quickie anyway.” He remarked smiling widely at me.

“No quickies for us love.” I said. “Unless one of us is on our knees.” I added with a wide smile and a quick wink of my eye.

“How was your night last evening?” Bill asked.

I said, “I did laundry baby, we went through a whole closet full of towels.”

Bill smiled and asked, “But did you sleep well?”

“Not near as soundly as I did Saturday night babe, but I did sleep through the night.” I replied.

“Will you be home tonight Gen?” Bill asked.

“Sure babe, do you want to stop by?” I suggested.

“I don’t think tonight is gonna work Gen, but I thought maybe I could call you later.” Bill said.

“That sounds like fun Bill. Call me when it’s safe and we’ll chat.” I said.

“Okay baby, it might be as late as ten.” He replied.

“That’s fine baby. canlı bahis siteleri I’ll be waiting for your call.” I said.

“Okay Gen, well I should be getting to my class.” Bill said.

I gave him a quick kiss good-bye and he headed to his own classroom. I spent the rest of the morning marking papers. Steve’s paper was horrible, he has absolutely no sense of how to put his thoughts to paper. I gave him a “D” since he at least turned something in on time.

My afternoon class went by uneventfully, and I gathered up my papers and headed for my flat about 4:30 PM.

Bill’s car was already gone. I couldn’t wait to talk to him later that night wondering if he’d be interested in some phone sex.

Arriving at my flat I went through my usual evening alone routine. I finished marking my papers from earlier, and reviewed my lesson plans for tomorrow’s classes. Around eight thirty I changed into a comfortable nightgown and settled in with a good novel to wait for Bill to call.

About 11:15 I awoke with the startling realization that my phone had been ringing. I’d fallen asleep while reading and didn’t hear the phone. My machine had answered it and by the time I got to the phone the caller had just finished leaving a message.

Pushing play I listened to the message. “Hi baby, it’s me sorry I didn’t call earlier, Tess was up late and wouldn’t leave me alone. I’ll try and stop by your office tomorrow or if you get a chance you could come by mine. My first class ends at 9:45 Gen. Hope we can talk then. Sorry about calling so late baby.”

I felt a little lonely knowing I’d at least missed my chance to tell Bill to sleep well. I’d have to get used to our plans being controlled by his wife’s actions. I’d have to make sure and let him know that he should never worry that I’d be upset if he couldn’t do something because of her.

Going back to bed I dozed off rather quickly, and slept soundly through the night.

My Tuesday schedule didn’t coincide very well with my lover’s. He had an early morning class, and my first class wasn’t until eleven. By the time I got to the department his car wasn’t in the lot. I assumed he had already left after his first class. I thought of calling him on his cell, but hesitated not knowing if his wife ever saw the bill. We had a lot to learn about staying in touch between those times he and I could be together alone.

Late Tuesday afternoon I walked by his office. The door was ajar so I knocked softly on the door. His voice responded from inside, “Come in.” He said.

I was going to tease him a little, but as soon as I walked inside that plan changed. Tess was sitting in the chair directly in front of his desk. Bill looked at me and said rather coolly, “Hi Ms. Walker. Come in please.”

I smiled and stepped inside leaving the door open.

“I think you’ve met my wife before. Tess you remember Genevieve Walker don’t you. I introduced you to her at the department holiday party.” Bill quickly said.

“Yes I recall, how are you Genevieve?” Tess asked.

“I’m doing well thank you.” I said thinking I made the right choice that morning wearing something a little toned down. Tess didn’t have to see me in my new more attractive wardrobe. The less she thought about me the better I liked it.

Bill said, “What can I do for you Genevieve?”

He inadvertently had left it to me to quickly figure out a reason for my visit. I stammered for a moment and then said, “I wanted to talk to you about that student request I got for a transfer from my class to yours.” Thinking of a business reason for my visit to his private office.

Bill instantly picked up on my idea and said, “Oh yes, I got a copy of that. I forget her name.”

“Kellerman. I said grabbing the first student name that came to mind. “She has a conflict with her work schedule and my class schedule. I thought she talked to you about transferring.”

Bill replied, “I got an email on it, but haven’t gotten a reply to mine asking her to let me know when she could meet with me.”

“Oh okay, I’ll say something to her. She’s supposed to be in my Thursday afternoon class.” I replied.

“Good, I’ll look for something from her Friday then.” Bill said.

I smiled at him and Tess and said, “It’s nice seeing you again Tess.”

She stood up and offered me her handshake as she said, “Nice seeing you also Genevieve.”

When she stood up I looked her over quickly. She wore a skirt that went almost to her ankles, flat shoes and a rather baggy sweater. Her outfit did little to hide her rather pear shaped figure. The sweater offered no clue as to the size or shape of her tits. Her hair had a tint of gray, and was cut in a style that appeared to be more for convenience of care than to look sexy. In fact if I had to pick her most sexy feature I’d have a hard time doing so.

I shook her hand and said, “Sorry for the interruption Tess.”

“No problem Genevieve.” She replied.

As I turned to leave I said, “Thanks Bill.”

I let out a huge sigh of relief after closing his office door. Being in her company made me feel very uncomfortable. She was friendly enough but it just felt so strange being in the room with her and her husband. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

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