Tracy’s Party

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I was having a good time, drinking and carousing at my friend’s house that one Saturday evening. I made the rounds, played a few hands of cards, then decided to sit down next to Zoë, who was laying there on the couch looking faintly miserable. I asked her what was going on and she explained to me about the chronic insomnia she suffered from. I felt sorry for her and offered to maybe help out a little by giving her a back rub.

She agreed and turned more fully onto her tummy as I straddled her thighs. I made sure my hands were warm enough, then I pulled the blanket aside and gently at first, began rubbing her shoulder blades. With a bit more pressure, I slowly worked my way down to the small of her back and up again to the nape of her neck. I used my fingertips and knuckles to work some sensitive areas, always working from her spine on out. I skidded the palms of my hands in a swirling motion around her ribcage like an ancient floor buffer –slow, firm and steady. Her eyes were closed, her breathing slow and regular, the pinched look of discomfort finally gone from her face.

I must have been massaging her for about an hour and during this time, I just let my mind wander, thinking nothing in particular, until I started more and more noticing her ass nestled between my legs. I began to get uncomfortable, so I decided to slowly disengage my backrub, hoping she was asleep by this time anyway. She felt me moving away and opened her eyes and looked at me. “Let’s go upstairs,” she said simply.

I suddenly noticed again where we were and illegal bahis looked around. I looked back at Zoë and our eyes locked, her brilliant blue eyes sparkling. My wolfish grey eyes looked deep into her soul making her shudder slightly as I knew more than words can say.

With the blanket casually draped about her shoulders, she and I got up and went upstairs to the bedroom, shutting out all the noise and light of the party below. She abruptly turned into me, nestling her head into my chest and I held her at first, then I dropped the blanket from her, brushed the hair from her forehead and then kissed her for the first time.

I was nipping her lips, her tongue, her ear, her throat… teasing… so fully involved that I barely noticed her begin to unbutton her blouse, then start to tug on my tie, half-choking me in the process of trying to take it off. I loosened the knot, slipping my tie free from around my neck with one hand, unbuttoning my shirt with the other. She stumbled over the blanket on the floor but managed to land gracefully on the bed. My shirt had barely hit the carpet when I was upon her, my kisses more insistent now. She lay back onto the bed, naked to the waist, eagerly pulling me on top of her.

I began to claw at her pants, digging my fingers under the material and I started to tug. I moved over her to get both of my hands on her thighs and I was finally able to work her pants off then threw them into the corner of the darkened room. In my excitement, I pulled a little too roughly on her panties, tearing them slightly illegal bahis siteleri as they pinched her flesh. She winced a bit and whacked me on the head. “Sorry,” I murmured as her panties joined her pants across the room. I cradled her thighs in each of my arms as I slowly started to lick up and down, around her tummy and thighs, carefully, teasingly working my way toward her pussy. She put both of her hands on my head, running her fingers through my hair, subtly guiding me to her most sensitive areas.

I enveloped her pussy with my mouth now, simultaneously sucking and licking her slit with my tongue. She arched her back, driving her head deeper into the pillow. Her moans were becoming more urgent and she started to bite her lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. I continued to work my tongue inside her, stroking up and down, to her clit and back again. She started gasping and lifting her hips off of the bed, forcing my mouth deeper onto her slick pussy as her orgasm built. I took one hand and started tearing at my belt buckle and practically ripped the button off of my trousers as I struggled to take them off.

Her breath caught and her back arched even harder in an orgasmic spasm that left her shuddering and panting for several minutes as I continued to gently lick and suck her pussy. I then moved to kneel between her thighs, my hard cock arching above her belly. She took my balls in one hand and began stroking my cock with the other. She caught a little bit of pre-cum on her thumb and began to rub it all over the canlı bahis siteleri head of my penis and rubbed it up and down the shaft, making me glisten in the subdued light.

I put my hand at the base of my cock, then guided myself to her. Again, I teasingly rubbed just the tip of my hardness around her clit, not entering her yet. She more and more urgently thrust her hips upwards, trying to get me inside her. Not being able to hold off any longer, with one smooth motion, I plunged all the way in and held it there. We both moaned and I almost came right then. Breathing raggedly, I froze for a moment trying to regain my composure.

Still not moving my cock, I began to fondle and stroke her breasts, lightly pinching her nipples between my fingers. I began licking the sensitive underside of her heavy breasts as her hands roamed all over my body. I then started to withdraw my cock just a fraction, then back in…. then out a little bit more…. then back in, each time all the way until my pubic hair was pressed against her clit. Steadily, smoothly, achingly wonderfully slowly, I would withdraw just a little more each time until I could finally feel the tip of my penis just barely penetrate, then I’d thrust back into her again.

Without warning, I felt my own orgasm rush upon me so almost in a frenzy, I began to stroke into her short, hard, fast…. feeling our bodies smacking together, the sweat now glistening on our stomachs and thighs. I put my fingers to her mouth to help stifle her moans and she bit me as we both reached our climax together. I almost blacked out as I felt my cock spasming, shooting my cum deep inside her. For many minutes after, as our breath began to slow, I just loved the feeling of my dick being inside of her, neither of us moving; just enjoying the moment.

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