Tony’s Lucky Day

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3D Babes

I was walking alone, feeling dejected. My girlfriend left me for another man, my job sucked, and my rent was late. It was kind of a shitty day.

I was in the downtown area, and I wasn’t paying attention when I slammed into someone coming out of a door along the sidewalk. We hit hard and went down. I was covered in small packages from the clothing store the person had just exited. I pushed the packages out of the way to see whom I hit.

A rather good-looking young lady was picking herself up from the sidewalk. She looked to be about 5’5″ Her chestnut brown hair was strewn all over, covering her face. Her halter-top was a little askew, showing the side of a beautiful breast. Her short skirt was hiked a little from the fall, showing white panties at the nexus of long, tapering legs. Her thighs looked creamy. When she moved her hair from her face, I saw beautiful brown eyes, a small upturned nose, and full lips on the verge of looking beestung. All in all, I thought she looked amazing. So did my dick, as I felt the blood flood into it.

“I’m sorry,” I said to her, chagrined.

“That’s OK,” she said to me, “I should have made two trips with all these packages. I would have seen you. Would you help me with these, please?”

The way she asked sent my heart pounding. My dick was already rising from the sight in front of me. Here I was, lamenting the loss of my girlfriend, and now I was becoming smitten with another!

“Sure,” I said. I got up and started picking up the strewn packages. She indicated her car, and I put my load in the trunk once she opened it. This work helped me to settle down a little and deflate.

“Thank you,” she said.

“No problem,” I said.

She looked me over. I am not overly tall, about 5’6″. I work out, so my body is muscular and well formed. I have a good-sized cock: 7″ inches when hard, and thick. I have auburn hair and deep brown eyes. My hair is long, just below my shoulder blades, and I keep it back with a rubber band.

She looked into my eyes, and cocked her head a little to one side.

“Would you like to get a drink?” she asked me.

Oh boy! That blew my mind!

“Sure,” I heard myself saying.

She unlocked the passenger door of her Cherokee for me, and then went to the other side. I climbed in and buckled up. When she climbed in behind the wheel, I was able to see a flash of her inner thigh as she settled herself. I looked at her chest and saw the outline of her ample breast through the material. Her nipple was erect, and I could just see the slight coloring of her areola through the fabric. My cock started growing again at the sight. She caught me staring and smiled.

“My name is Sarah,” she said to me.

“Tony,” I said. “Nice to meet you.”

She just smiled that smile again and took off.

She went to the local Starbucks and treated me to a latte. We sat and talked for the better part of an hour. I learned that she had moved here a few months ago after the end of a disastrous relationship. She was 24, and a licensed practical nurse at the hospital. I told her I was 25, and a site manager for a construction company, and I had just broken up with my girlfriend of 3 years.

We finished our drink, and prepared to go our separate ways.

Sarah cocked her head to one side, looking at me. “Tony, would you like a ride home?” she asked.

That cocking of her head was getting to me as the look she gave while doing it was such that I though she could see right into my soul. And I really didn’t want to walk back if it kept me in her presence. “OK. Thanks,” I said.

“It’s my pleasure,” she said, cryptically. Odd.

I directed her to my house. I had really walked a long way, 5 miles, before I had slammed into her. When she pulled into my driveway, I invited her in for a drink. She accepted, smiling beautifully.

She sat down in the living room as I went to the kitchen. It struck me funny that yesterday I had my girlfriend sitting there in the living güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri room, telling me she was leaving me, and now there was another girl there. My hard-on had gone down during the drive, but now I felt it growing again. This lady was so sexy!

I poured us some lemonade and took the glasses into the living room. She was sitting on the couch, her legs crossed and her arms stretched across the back.

“This is a nice house,” She said to me.

“Thanks,” I said. “I had it built this way.”

I handed her a glass, then sat down next to her. She took a sip, and then smiled.

“Did you make this from scratch?”

“Why, yes I did,” I said. I liked making lemonade from lemons, not a mix.

Sarah put the cool glass against her cheek. It was a warm day, and the glass sweated a bit. Beads of moisture clung to her skin, making her cheek shiny. She had her eyes closed as she dragged the glass down her cheek to her neck. She continued dragging the glass down her body until it rested on her right nipple. My cock lurched at the sight of the moisture soaking into the fabric of her halter, exposing the outline of a gorgeous breast.

Sarah cocked her head again and looked at me. “You like?” she said, with a saucy look in those eyes this time.

I was flabbergasted. I swallowed hard. “Y-yes!” I finally said.

She continued dragging the glass down her front and across her belly. She then uncrossed her legs, and placed the glass firmly between them. She peeped at the cool contact on her skin there.

“I am so hot!” She said. That statement had multiple levels of meaning!

“So am I,” I said. I had put down my glass on the end table, and then unbuttoned my shirt.

Sarah watched my hands as they released each button. She was licking her lips. It was at that moment that I knew that she wanted me!

That realization caused me to slow down what I was doing. I carefully unbuttoned each button, looking directly back at her. When I finished unbuttoning my shirt, I reached over and took the glass from between her legs. I dragged the glass across my forehead, closing my eyes and sighing. I then dragged it across my chest, opening my eyes and staring into Sarah’s. She gulped. I put the glass down. I then grabbed her, and pulled her in for a kiss. She melted into me as our lips met.

She tasted sweet. My tongue explored her mouth, savoring the delicious taste. Her tongue found mine, and they were entwined with each other as our lust grew. My hands massaged her back and butt. The soft denim material of her short skirt framed her small ass wonderfully, and it felt very firm. In fact, her whole body was as firm as mine. I find this extremely sexy, and my cock lurched in approval.

Sarah broke back from our kiss, looking at me with a mixture of wonder and lust. “Christ, you sure know how to kiss!” she gushed. She dove back in and kissed me hard.

Sarah’s hands were also busy on my body. She started from my shoulders and slowly caressed my back. She found my butt, and started caressing my ass cheeks. She then put her hands in the waistband of my jeans, massaging the top of my butt.

We stood up still kissing. I bent down a bit and put my hands under her short skirt and started massaging her butt. Then I reached inside her panties and grabbed the flesh of her tight ass and pulled her tighter to me. She did the same to me, and I found myself getting harder as she grinded herself against me.

Sarah broke the contact and stepped back. She looked flush, and was breathing hard. Her nipples were prominent against the halter. With her head cocked to one side, she reached behind her and undid the catch of her halter. She then reached behind her neck and undid the catch there. She threw the halter on the couch, and then struck a pose.

“How do you like my girls?” Sarah said sexily, referring to her tits.

“Beautiful!” I breathed. They were perfectly formed, large, with a large güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri areola on each breast, and a huge nipple in the center. Those nipples were erect, and I could see the goose bumps on the areolas, indicating her heat.

Sarah walked over to me and removed my shirt, caressing my shoulders and back in the process. She threw my shirt on the couch next to her halter. She dragged her hard nipples down my chest as she got down on her knees and undid my jeans. I wasn’t wearing any underwear that day, liking the feel of going commando every once in a while. She peeled the jeans back slowly across my hip and slid them down. My cock sprang free in front of her, and she gasped. I stepped out of my jeans as she grabbed the base of my member.

“Oh, it is so beautiful!” she said, caressing my cock with both of her hands. I moaned at the contact. She licked the underside from her hands all the way back up. I shivered at the feeling of it. Then she brought the head of my cock to her mouth, and sucked it in.

My mind exploded! Her mouth felt so velvety on my cock. Her tongue flicked over the length as she went farther down the shaft. She started an excruciatingly slow in-and-out motion, keeping the pressure on my entire dick, making me feel weak in the knees. She then started to massage my balls, in sync with her sucking. The feeling was so erotic, and I felt my orgasm quickly build.

Apparently she sensed it too, for Sarah had stopped the wonderful blowjob she was giving me and squeezed the base. It was a little painful, but I felt the orgasm subside. I groaned in disappointment.

“Not yet, sexy,” she said. She was a little minx!

Sarah stood up and removed her skirt and sandals, giving a slight wiggle as she did so. She then took my hands, and placed them on the waistband of her white panties.

“Take them off me, lover,” Sarah said to me. “I gotta have you. I want you to eat my pussy!”

I pulled down her wet panties. She had a small, finely trimmed patch of hair just above the cleft. I could see the hood of her clit poking from between her puffy pussy lips. Her smell was heady, and she looked slick from her juice. She smiled down at me as I dragged her sopping panties down her legs.

She stepped out of her panties, and then spread her legs wide. Her pussy was dripping with juice. I dove in and started lapping. She tasted sweet. Sarah shivered.

“Ooh, that’s it!” she moaned, “Eat me! Eat my pussy!”

My cock was rock hard, and lurched from the eroticism of the situation. I wanted to get into a better position, so I stopped, picked her up, and carried her to my bedroom. I had a king size bed, so I knew we would have lots of room to play.

I dumped her on the bed. Sarah laughed in pleasure, and threw her legs wide open. Her pussy lips opened, and I could see that her clit was engorged, and very large.

“Get your ass back between my legs, buster,” she said to me lustily, “and finish what you started.” She pointed at her pussy, teasing her clit as she did so.

I climbed back between her legs and attacked her pussy. She screamed in pleasure.

I shooed her hand away and my lips found her clit. I sucked that little bud until Sarah was seeing stars, bucking and panting from the sensations. My tongue licked the entire length of her pussy lips. She shivered. I then put two fingers in her sopping wet hole. Oh, she was tight! I started to rhythmically move my fingers in and out of her in time with my tongue mashing her clit. When I curled my fingers upward to constantly rub her G-spot, she started screaming her pleasure.

“Oh, god, Tony! Suck that twat! Make me cum! Oh shit! That feels so fucking good!”

I kept up my assault on her pussy until I figured she was about to cum. I then stopped. When she figured that I was doing to her what she had done to me, she moaned in lustful disappointment. I then started kissing her belly. It lurched at the touch of my lips. I continued güvenilir bahis şirketleri to kiss up her body. My lips found her right tit. I kissed around her breast in smaller and smaller circles until I was at the nipple. I then sucked in her tit, flicking her nipple with my tongue. Sarah threw her head back and moaned loudly.

My left hand found her pussy again, and I started rubbing the entire length. She pushed her pussy hard against my hand. Then her hand found my cock, and she was pumping it as fast as I was rubbing her.

I switched to the other tit, and then positioned myself between her legs. She had to let go of me when I did that. I then released her tit from my mouth and propped myself over her. She wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Fuck me,” she said simply.

Not one to deny this gorgeous, sexy woman, I eased my dick into her tight pussy, grimacing. It took a few pumps to work it in all the way.

“Oh, jeez, Sarah, you’re so damned tight!” I groaned, grimacing a bit.

Sarah gasped as I entered her balls deep, and then I held it there for a moment, relishing the feeling. She threw her head back, eyes closed, and was softly moaning. I then pulled almost all the way out, then rammed the entire length back into her.

“Oh, god!” she gasped. “You filled me up so completely! Fuck me with your monster, Tony! Fuck me hard! I want you to FUCK ME!”

Monster. I liked the sound of that…

I started rocking, shoving my meat harder and harder into her. Her nails raked my back, digging hard, with each thrust. My cock felt on fire as her velvety warmth surrounded me.

I decided to change position. I pulled out, and rolled her on her side. Then I reentered her, hanging on to her hips for support, finding I was able to go a little deeper in this position. Her right hand was on my arm. Her eyes were closed and she was licking her lips. My thrusts made her buck, and she started flexing her hips, making me wild with desire for her as her flexing massaged my dick inside of her. Her right leg was wrapped around my waist, and the other was straight under me as I pounded her from the side.

After a time she signaled me to stop. I did, and she then got on her hands and knees. She wanted me to fuck her from behind! I guided my cock to her pussy and shoved it in again.

“Oooh, shit! I love this position!” she moaned.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her hard against me with each thrust. Sarah found her clit and was rubbing it furiously. She was moaning loudly now, as I felt her pussy spasm against my cock. I could also feel my orgasm build.

“Ooh, oh, oh, keep fucking me like that. Please keep fuckiNNNNNGMEOHGODOHGODOHGOD!!” She was wailing.

All of a sudden, she seized up and screamed as her orgasm hit. She was up on her hands and was bucking back against me as hard as she could. That took me over the edge. I grunted and started cumming. My sperm shot into her pussy, making it even more velvety. The sensation compelled me to fuck her harder! I continued pounding her as each new spurt of that creamy stuff coated her insides.

I pulled out of her about five minutes later, and lay down next to her. She had a satisfied smile on her face.

“That was fantastic!” I said to Sarah.

“Ooh, you fucked me good!” Sarah said. “I haven’t had a cock in a long time! That was the best!”

It felt good when she said that. I am normal in this respect. My ego had shot up.

“I guess we both needed it,” I said to her. “We both came off of bad relationships, and just needed each other.”

“I guess so,” she admitted. She cocked her head again. “Tell you what: I don’t have to go back to work for three days. You think you can deal with a houseguest for that long?”

I thought about it. “I think I can manage…” I said slyly. Then I smiled.

She caught on to the joke and went to hit me. Laughing I intercepted her hand and pulled her into my chest. We kissed passionately for a moment. Then she went down to my spent cock and put it in her mouth again, slurping out the rest of the sperm still there. I grunted, surprised by it. I also felt myself getting hard, and knew that I would be soon ready for another round with this wonderfully sexy woman. Yes, I thought to myself, I think I could manage…

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