Time for a Vacation

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Last week was one of my worst weeks ever. I spilled coffee all down the front of myself at work. I tore a hole in my brand new blouse. I had two flat tires. I left a bag of groceries on top of my car and drove off without realizing it. I dropped my phone in the toilet. And my dog died.

I needed to turn the page, and thankfully I have the next three weeks off. I am heading for vacation at a spa resort in the Bahamas, and I am going to enjoy every minute. It’s a trip I’ve been planning and preparing for the last month.

During that time, I’ve gone shopping five or six times. I have bought at least a dozen bikinis and a few other outfits. I know I will get the most use from my bikinis since I plan being at the beach every day.

Yesterday I went to this cute boutique. They had the biggest selection of some of the smallest bikinis I have seen. The sales girl walked up to me to see if I needed help.

“Hi, I’m Misty! Is this your first time here?” she said.

I said, “I’m Jessica. Yes, I have never been here before, but I’m already loving this place!”

I could see Misty looking at me from head to toe. I think I’m a pretty girl. I have long black hair that I wore in a ponytail. My C cup breasts were held in place by my favorite black lace bra and covered with a black shirt. My skinny jeans hugged my firm ass nicely. I wore sunglasses that covered my bright green eyes.

“Well, I am here to help with anything you need,” she said. “Go ahead and start browsing and I will get you a changing room to use.” She smiled then turned and walked away.

Misty was a bubbly, sexy girl. She looked to be in her early twenties and had bleached blonde hair and big brown eyes. Her breasts looked to be about a B cup and they were perfectly round and matched her shapely bum.

I was in heaven. I found about seven bikinis, illegal bahis four bikini covers , and a couple dresses to try on. This place had everything I was looking for.

When Misty came to check on me I handed her the items I had and we walked to the changing room together. I spent thirty minutes trying on the different outfits and styles. Misty was there every time I needed something and was more than happy to help when I needed a bikini top tied or a dress zipped up.

“Jessica, I found something that would be perfect for you,” Misty said as she opened the door and handed me a tiny piece of fabric. “It’s a bikini top, but doesn’t have bottoms. I think the red would look stunning on you.” I will never forget the smile Misty had on her face when she handed it to me.

She stepped out and I slipped the other bikini top I had on over my head and put on the red one. I needed help tying it in the back so I asked Misty to come in and help me. She slipped inside and closed the door behind her. Then she slowly tied it in place. Her hands rested on my hips and she looked over my shoulder to look at my reflection.

“Oops, we can’t have that hanging out,” she said and her hand moved up my stomach to my right breast where the fabric wasn’t totally covering. Her fingers grazed my soft pink nipple as she put the small triangle shaped piece of fabric back on to cover it. The top was so tiny that my areolas couldn’t be covered. You could see the soft pink color poking out the sides. I turned around to face Misty to let her have a better view.

“I have to say, I just love your tattoo,” Misty said as she boldly leaned down and kissed the tattoo top of my left breast. I grabbed her hair and pulled her back a little. I leaned in close and kissed her deeply on the lips. She was surprised but then she kissed me back and started to really illegal bahis siteleri enjoy herself.

Our tongues started playing and our hands were caressing each others breasts when Misty’s co-worker broke our sexy kiss as she yelled for Misty’s help.

Misty said, “I have to go, but I hope you buy that bikini. You are sexy as hell.” Then she walked out and went back to work.

Of course I bought the bikini, and seven others at that shop. Every time I look at that red bikini I think of Misty and I hope someday we will get a chance to finish what we started.


After spending some wonderful time in the shower, fantasizing that Misty was there, helping me shave, I had just enough time to pack. My friend Drew picked me up at the airport at 4:30 am. Drew is a great guy. He not only volunteered to take me to the airport. He also volunteered to take care of my house while I was on vacation.

It was a long drive to the airport so I decided to have some fun with Drew in the car. I was wearing my sexy yet comfortable airport attire; a black lace bra with matching panties, a purple tank top and jean shorts, and a stylish pair of sneakers just in case I had to make a dash for my flight at the airport. Once we got on the road I took off my shirt and tossed it in the back. Drew tried so hard to focus on the road, but he kept stealing glances at me and my black lace bra.

I put my hand on his thigh, “I really appreciate you taking me to the airport, Drew, and taking care of my house while I’m gone. I owe you big time,” I said.

Drew said, “I’d do anything for you, Jessica.”

I smiled and squeezed his thigh, moving my hand up so I could feel his cock start to harden in his pants. He let out a low groan and I smiled.

I teased him for about twenty minutes, just playing with his hard cock canlı bahis siteleri through his pants.

“Jessica, that’s enough. I can’t take anymore,” he stammered.

I grinned and moved over more so I could help him slide his pants and boxers down. His cock sprung up and stood straight at attention.

“Mmmm,” I moaned as my fingertips glided around his shaft. “I bet you are just dying to have my mouth finally around your dick, am I right?”

“Yes, Jessica please,” he begged.

I could have continued to tease him, but I wanted to feel my lips wrap around his head. It was glistening with precum and I needed a taste. So I knelt down on my seat and leaned over so my lips were just inches away from the head of his cock. He could feel my breath as I stuck my tongue out to lick the tip.

Drew moaned as he felt my tongue make contact. I took that moment to slide my lips onto his cock and slowly started to move my mouth up and down.

Drew had a hard time keeping his focus on the road as I blew him. He wanted to pull over but I couldn’t miss my flight. I felt him tense up. After just a few minutes, he was already close to exploding in my mouth.

I slowed my sucking and tugged on his balls. My tongue circled the head of his cock again.

“Jessica, I need it, please,” he moaned.

Drew begged for release so I started to pick up speed and sucked him while my fingers continue to fondle his balls. I could feel them tighten when he was about to cum. I heard him grunt and felt his balls release. I felt jets of his load spray the back of my throat. I kept him in my mouth and kept sucking until he was done. I swallowed every drop.

“Holy fuck, Jessica,” Drew could barely catch his breath.

I helped him slide back into his pants and I got my shirt back on and straightened up just as we pull up to the airport. Drew helped me climb out of the car and unloaded all my luggage. I turned to him and give him a deep passionate kiss before I left. Drew grabbed my ass and squeezed. I grinned and blew him a kiss as I walk inside, ready for a restful vacation.

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