Three’s No Crowd

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“Just to let you know, Lorrie,” I said, before taking a deep breath so that I could complete my voice mail message. “My presentation this afternoon went real well. I think I got them all pumped on our products. There isn’t much going on tonight and we’ll be finished with the sales meeting in the morning. Tell Jack that I spent a lot of time with Brian Hightower during the golf outing and that I’ll be heading home before noon tomorrow. Expect to see me in the office by three or so. Forward all calls to my voice mail so I can pick them up when I get in. Thanks Lorrie. See you when I get in!”

Satisfied that I had covered all the bases, I touched the End button on my cell phone and leaned back onto the overstuffed lounge chair. My feet were aching from standing around all afternoon during my presentation and it would feel good to get up to my room and slip off my so-called “comfortable” shoes and put my feet up for awhile. You never know how these distributor’s sales meetings can go. Sometimes there’re pretty lively, like the one last year hosted by United Tools in The Bahamas; sometimes there’re pretty tame like this one at the Myrtle Beach Hyatt hosted by Industrial Power Supply. At least it wasn’t lame like the one in Des Moines when the power went out.

After spending two days listening to everyone else hawk their lines, I had finally gotten my chance this afternoon and felt pretty good about it. Hopefully all my hard work will pay off with some increased sales. I’ll make some nice chitchat at the working breakfast in the morning, shake a few hands, and be ready to fly out by noon. That left just this evening. I was tired of going out to eat and considered ordering room service and catching the Thursday Night football game. Maybe then I could just finish off a couple of Jack Ds on the rocks and turn in for the night.

The hotel lounge was pleasant enough, one of those pseudo bookish English Club affairs, lots of dark wood, half-filled bookshelves, hunting mementos, knick-knacks, and the cracking fireplace. The TV up by the bar ran financial news with the sound turned off. The young stud bartender and the old maid waitress were trying to keep everyone watered.

Some of the other people from the meeting were sitting around as well, joking and carrying on. One of the guys from St. Louis–Lyle or Kyle or something like that–waved me over for a drink. Although I had gotten pretty loaded the night before and was going to take it easy tonight, I figured I’d join him and his pals for a bit, even if they were rude and crass and obnoxious. Kyle’s money paid for my drinks just as well as my own.

“So tell us Derek,” Dave, one of his pals asked, as slipped into the chair next to Kyle at the bar, “You get lucky last night?”

“Define lucky,” I replied.

“Hell, you guys know as well as me that old Derek is the man!” said Ron, another of their group. “I remember a couple of years ago at the Tech-Motive meeting in Cleveland. I was ‘repping’ for them back then. I remember by midnight old Derek here has these two beautiful married broads up in the hospitality suite stark naked and dancing for the whole lot of us!”

“I can tell my reputation precedes me,” I replied modestly.

“I remember that meeting,” added Dave. “The one’s husband kept calling on her cell phone asking when she was coming home. Man, what a night!”

“So what’s your secret,” Kyle asked.

“Yeah, what line works best?” Ron asked.

“No secret, guys,” I said with a shrug. “No tricks, really! I don’t know. I must have a face that women feel comfortable with. I’m honest, I don’t bullshit them, I don’t ask them to do anything they don’t want to. That and a strong drink and a piece of candy works every time!”

They all laughed and Kyle slapped me on the back. I’m sure they didn’t believe me, but it was the truth. All right, I’m okay with my looks, tall with blue eyes and dark hair, and I keep myself in shape, but I never really thought of myself as a ladies man, although everybody else seems to think I am. I just love women, pretty women, and they seem to love me.

“So you didn’t answer my question,” Dave said. “D’you score last night?”

“I went on the bar-hopping tour bus with the guys from California,” I said and noticed them shaking their heads. “This is a business trip, remember.”

It was for me. I took this event very seriously even while trying to have a good time doing so. Between Jack’s engineering know-how and my salesmanship we had built our company up from nothing to doing over ten million a year in a little over five years. Maybe being successful and looking the part helped me along with the ladies. It certainly couldn’t have hurt. The mixed sound of voices echoed through the doorway coming from the meeting rooms.

“Sounds like the Teacher’s Association for Lesbian Rights is letting out!” Kyle blurted out.

“What a shame!” added Dave. “Such great looking broads, but we couldn’t get anywhere with them last night!”

“Yeah,” chuckled Ron, ankara escort the other pal. “Kyle musta bought them a dozen rounds of drinks last night before he found out that their rope swings the wrong way!”

“You’d have your work cut out with that bunch,” Kyle remarked to me.

Through the doorway burst the happy group, sounding as if they were quite glad that their meetings were over. There were maybe a dozen ladies, mostly in their twenties and thirties, dressed in business casual attire, denim shirts or knit polo shirts with slacks, although a few wore skirts or business suits. Moving into the bar, they took up residence on the other end of the bar from our group. The bartender hustled over to help them quench their thirst.

“Dykes!” muttered Kyle under his breath.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” chuckled Dave.

“Just as long as they let me watch!” roared Ron.

I smiled from embarrassment at their lame jokes and glanced toward the noisy group that was filling up the bar. A woman is a woman to me, regardless of her orientation. If she likes men, I’m her man; if she likes girls, I’m her pal. When a couple of young women took the stools next to me, I tried to check out their nametags to see what group they were with. They were maybe in their late twenties. The one closest to me was a shapely blonde with cool green eyes wearing a white golf shirt and khakis; the other was a shorter brunette with big dark eyes and a flirtatious smile, wearing a crisp denim work shirt and dark slacks. The brunette whispered something to her friend, who smiled and turned to face me.

“If you’re gonna take a look, Darlin’,” the blonde said in a cool, husky voice. “You might as well get an eyeful.”

Obviously she misunderstood my glance because she stood up from her stool and thrust her breasts almost into my face. Startled, I tried to pull my face back and nearly fell off the stool. Kyle and the boys laughed loudly.

“I’m sorry,” I stammered. “But I wasn’t staring at your, uh, obvious charms, nice as they are and all. I was just trying to read your name tag.”

“Well, then, Darlin’,” she replied, reaching out to grab me by the ears and pull me back toward her very nice pair. “Maybe this will help. Or do you need glasses?”

Her breasts were so close now that I could see their supple shape curving up from her pink satin bra through her shirt and was also able to get a strong whiff of her perfume, very light, very, rich, and very feminine. I could also see her name tag that read “Lisa Willson, Michigan Education Association, Midwest Committee.”

“So nice to make your acquaintance, Ms. Willson,” I said faking a muffled voice and stretching out the Ls. Then taking a good look at one breast then the other, I added, “And yours and yours.”

She kept a firm grip on my ears, as if making sure that I got a good look.

“Well, if you’re done memorizing my nametag,” she said with a chuckle that made her boobs wiggle. “How about buying me a drink?”

The scent of her perfume was alluring as was the sight of her lovely tits cradled in her brief lacy undergarment. The logo on her tag indicated that they were part of a curriculum review conference.

“Wait a minute now,” I said continuing with the fake muffled voice. “Don’t you spell your last name with one ‘l’ instead of two?”

“Well, if you’re gonna read the tag instead of checking out my boobs, then forget it!” she said, playfully pushing my face away.

Kyle and his pals were roaring with laughter, as were the schoolteachers. As I stood up fully at the bar, I extended my hand politely.

“Really, it is nice to meet you. Now what did you say you were drinking?”

“Scotch on the rocks. The good stuff,” Lisa said firmly taking my hand and shaking it. She ducked her head down so that she could read my nametag. “And thank you Mr. uh, Derek Hyde, National Sales Manager, Wilson-Hyde Technologies.”

“You’re welcome. How about your colleague?” I asked, nodding toward the brunette.

“White wine,” the brunette said demurely. “The house wine is fine.”

“Well, you heard them,” I said to the bartender. “I wouldn’t mess around if I were you. Know what I mean?”

“And you are?” I asked the brunette as I extended my hand toward her.

“Carrie,” she said shyly. “Carrie Logan.”

“Well, nice to meet you both, although really, I was really just trying to read your tag,” I said taking a sip of Jack D. “Although the sideshow was quite eye opening.”

The bartender quickly set the drinks down by the ladies beside me and waited for me to sign the tab. Now that the ice was broken, the entire bar erupted in renewed rounds of chatter and drinks and laughter. Even Kyle and the other boys from the Industrial meeting got into the spirit. It turned out that the ladies were part of an educational conference and had just wrapped up their meetings. They had enjoyed their time but were looking to head home the next day. Despite what Kyle and the boys all thought, escort ankara it mattered little to me whether the ladies were lesbian or not. They were outgoing and friendly and knew what they liked to drink. When I had finished my Jack D, Carrie and Lisa even offered to buy me a drink.

“Well, I was going to play it easy tonight,” I said reluctantly. “But if it would help the course of higher education, I guess one more wouldn’t hurt.”

So I accepted their hospitality and we toasted the power of a good education and the future of power tool sales. With each sip I found myself paying more and more attention to the ladies and less and less to Kyle and the boys. It turns out that the girls had been roommates since college, with the exception of the few months of Lisa’s failed marriage. Although they worked for different school districts, they had worked their way onto several of the same professional committees and traveled together quite often. The tool boys had certainly noticed my animated conversation with them and interrupted to let me know that they were ready for dinner.

“You coming to dinner, Derek Boy?” asked Kyle.

“No, thanks, fellas,” I replied. “I think I’ll finish this and head upstairs.”

“You’re gonna spoil your reputation,” Kyle replied.

“Yeah, suit yourself,” remarked Dave as they headed out. He slapped Kyle on the back on their way out. “Gonna have dinner with his new boyfriends!”

“Aren’t you going to join your friends?” Carrie asked.

“Well, for one thing, they aren’t really my friends,” I said. “And for another, I really don’t feel like going out tonight. I was just gonna head up to my room, order room service and kick back.”

“That’s what we were gonna do too,” replied Lisa, her cool green eyes taking on a dreamy gaze. “I was looking forward to a long hot shower, a good book, and a good night’s sleep.”

“I like going out and all,” remarked Carrie, her large dark eyes sparkling. “But after a while it all seems the same.”

I took my last swig of Jack D and set my empty glass back on the bar.

“Well, ladies. It’s been a pleasure meeting you both, but my carriage is waiting,” I cracked pointing toward the door.

“Well, I was about finished too,” Lisa said, pounding down her Scotch. “How about you, Care?”

Carrie nodded, setting down her empty wine glass. “We were going to call it an early night too. We’ve got a long drive back tomorrow.”

“Well, allow me to escort you to the elevator,” I said with a small formal bow, trying to keep a straight face.

“You are so full of shit!” Lisa laughed, her full lips framing her picture perfect sparkling white teeth. “But it’s such charming shit.”

We laughed, walked out of the bar and down the hall to the back of elevators. We made more small talk as we waited for our ride. When the door opened, I stepped in and held the door open for them. It turned out that we were all headed to the seventh floor.

“Weren’t you supposed to let us on first?” asked Lisa.

“Well, according to the rules of etiquette, the man should enter the elevator first so that he can be sure that there aren’t any weirdoes lurking inside. That way he can also hold the door so the lady doesn’t get her gown caught up.”

They laughed and exchanged a look and a couple of gestures that puzzled me. As the elevator stopped and we stepped out from through the door, I started to give my regards, but noticed that we were all walking in the same direction.

“I’m over in 764,” I indicated with a wave.

“We’re in 766,” Carrie said with a smile.

“No kidding! What a coincidence!” I laughed. “You’re bunking together?”

“Well, since a big newspaper expose last year, the Association won’t pay for separate rooms.”

“What a drag!” I commiserated. “What do you do in the morning when you both have to get ready at the same time?”

“We wrestle for it,” Lisa quipped.

“Gee, will you call me up so can I watch?”

Lisa whapped me on the shoulder as I stopped just outside my room.

“It’s been fun, neighbors,” I said with a wave. “Have a good evening.”

They both smiled and gave me a cute little finger wave as I slipped my card into the lock and stepped inside. I chuckled out loud as I kicked off my loafers and jumped onto the bed. I puffed up the pillows behind me and switched the TV onto CNN. A smile spread across my face as I thought about the ladies next door. I could barely hear their muted voices and realized that our rooms had an adjoining door.

No, Derek, I thought to myself. Let’s not go there. I turned up the sound on the TV and flipped through the stations finally settling on an unfamiliar movie showing on HBO. Some kind of a thriller it looked like. I scrounged around for the room service menu and found it buried under some spare binders stacked up on the desk. As I settled back onto the bed trying to decide what looked appealing, a knock at the door surprised me. I wasn’t expecting anyone and when I got ankara escort bayan up and looked through the peephole, I couldn’t see anyone in the hall. Then the knock sounded again, but this time I could tell it was coming from the adjoining door. Slowly opening the door, I found Lisa standing on the other side.

“Hi, Derek,” she said with her cool sweet little smile. She was dressed in a fluffy pink terrycloth robe that she clutched together as if her life depended upon it. “I hope you don’t mind, but Carrie got first dibs on the shower and decided to take a bath instead. So, can I use your shower?”

“Well, for one thing, you were supposed to call me the next time you wrestled. And as for my shower,” I said looking behind me into my darkened bathroom. “Nope, not being used. But, you realize there’s a charge for this service.”

“How about I buy you a drink at the bar later on?” she offered with her smile broadening a little.

“I don’t know,” I said teasingly. “Particularly seeing how close I was getting to your two little boy scouts down there in the bar earlier.”

Her eyes widened for a moment as she realized the implication. Despite having a pretty decent poker face, her expression made me begin to smirk. As she started to realize that I was only joking, she put her hands down to her hips. Her robe opened a little exposing a touch of cleavage cradled nicely in her pink satin bra.

“Oh, you, you, you,” she stammered, tapping her foot as she tried to find the right putdown. The curves of her breasts jiggled seductively as she tapped. “Oh, you shit!”

“Come on! Go ahead,” I laughed, opening the door widely so she could come through. “Just kidding! Just kidding!”

“I told you, Care!” she called out as she turned to shout back toward her own bathroom. “A little glimpse of my bra and he rolled right over!”

“Hey, I can’t help it!” I called out. “Pink is my favorite color!”

Carrie’s laugh echoed from the other bath where the door was partially open. I paused by the open adjoining doors, as Lisa stepped into the bath setting her little bag of notions on the counter, and pondered the situation. Yep, that’s me! Good Neighbor Derek! A petite little brunette with the large dark eyes in one tub and this sleek blonde girl in pink undies getting ready to jump in the other. Now, how could I turn this to my advantage, or are they even interested?

“You know, ladies,” I said loudly and slowly. “It dawns on me that some guys might try to take advantage of this little situation we have here. Now, I hope you realize how lucky you are that I’m such a gentleman.”

“Darlin’, I know one thing,” called out Lisa from my bath. “You’re so full of shit that you couldn’t think of trying anything stupid. And besides, guys who claim to be gentlemen rarely are.”

As I leaned back against the open doorway, I noticed that the layout of the rooms and the mirrors allowed me a nice glimpse into each bathroom. I could see Lisa as she finished pinning up her hair and preparing for the shower and if I leaned over just right, I could see Carrie’s legs stretched out in the tub. When I turned back to Lisa, I could see her reach behind to unhook her bra. As she slipped it off her shoulders and leaned forward and set it on the counter, her sweet pair of tits came into full view. She ran her hands up and over them bringing her small pale nipples to attention. She then reached down to draw her thong panty down from her hips. When she leaned over farther to remove it, I could see her beautiful little butt part just enough to catch a glimpse of her shaven pussy.

Suddenly, the room began to feel warm and I began to wonder if this weren’t some sort of put-on. Really, she must realize what she’s doing, but then, I’m the type of guy who won’t be shy about turning the tables when the time is ripe. When I looked away from Lisa in the bath, I could see Carrie’s legs playing hide and seek in her bubble bath. No, I couldn’t remember being in a situation quite like this before, but then the thought of being a peeping tom held no appeal. That was creepy behavior and chicks don’t dig creeps. Although part of me wanted to keep on looking, I went back to my bed and scooped up the room service menu.

“Were you going to order room service tonight?” I shouted out. When they both answered in the affirmative, I made a suggestion. “Why don’t I get your orders now so that it’s ready once you’re done.”

“That’s a great idea,” called out Carrie.

“Sounds good to me,” echoed Lisa.

“Who’s first?” I asked.

“Why don’t I go first,” replied Lisa. “I’m ready to jump in now.”

She came to the door and held it open slightly, carefully standing behind it so I couldn’t see her nakedness. Except that when she leaned around to stick her head out I could see her sweet naked backside in the mirror. I was so distracted that she had to tell me twice what she wanted before I got it right. When she closed the door and turned on the shower, I stepped into their room to take down Carrie’s order. It dawned on me that they had turned on the heat in their room full blast so that it wasn’t just their arousing behavior that was warming me up. As I stepped closer, I could hear Carrie swishing around in the tub.

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