Three’s a Party Pt. 02

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When Kioko asked me to come over to his house, I did not expect that I would end up in bed with his wife. But after he sat me down in his study and explained what his intentions were and the role I was to play, I could not refuse. Don’t get me wrong. Wanja is not the kind of woman to throw herself around, she wasn’t the loose woman one would associate with this kind of scenario. No, she was the kind of woman I wanted to take home to meet my mom, the kind I wanted barefoot and pregnant with my child. She was sexy but not trashy, beautiful not pretty, smart and ambitious, wholesome with just a dash of naughty sprinkled in.

Now that the deed was done, I held her in my arms and soothed her. Watched her as she lay with her head rested on my arm, her leg draped over mine, ran my hand over her smooth round ramp. She sighed then and looking into my eyes, stretched up and placed a gentle kiss on my lips then stood up and led me to take a shower with her. We took our time under the shower spray, soaping, caressing and rinsing, barely speaking and arousing each other yet again. She took my semi-firm length into the palm of her hand and stroked me and like a teenage boy I was ready to explore her depths once again. Her legs wrapped around my waist when I lifted her by her thighs, my rod finding its way into her as easily as if I’d done this with her countless times before. I thrust then pushed her against the wall using it for the support and stability I needed while I sucked on the neck I had admired from afar many a time, not caring whether or not I left any marks on her. Her cunt flooded with her slippery thick wetness as it clenched and unclenched with my canlı bahis şirketleri push and pull. Her groans, louder in the small bathroom space echoed louder and heightened our arousal. With one arm around my neck, she used her fingers on her clit while I continued thrusting into her over and over again. I wasn’t gentle, I was too hungry to be gentle.

Later, I left Wanja dressing and went downstairs, slightly nervous and wondering whether we had taken too long or if I had enjoyed myself too much. I hadn’t wanted to stop but now that I was back to my senses, felt that the situation was still delicate. I found Kioko starting the grill out on the patio and hoped we hadn’t been too loud that we sent him outside and away from our passion.

He turned around when I slid open the door “How is she?”

“She seems okay and will be down in a few. Are you still fine with all this? I wondered if he was having a change of heart. After all, imagining and doing something are two different things. He turned back to adjust the rib racks on the grill, the look on his face a bit pensive. “I have thought about this for a long time Okolla. I am confident with this decision but I hope I have not misunderstood her desires.”

Just then Wanja walked onto the patio. She wore a short colourful sun dress that accentuated her slender waist and flared out over her hips. Her hair was once again in its tip top un-mused afro shape but she appeared to be as nervous as I had been walking out here to look for her husband but with a shy yet sensual smile she walked up to him and raising on her tip toes, held his head in her hands and slowly kissed him. He wrapped his canlı kaçak iddaa arms around her tiny waist and for a long minute they held onto each other. The look of relief when he finally opened his eyes and looked at me over her shoulder spoke volumes and the wide smiles on their faces told of their relief. After a few words to both of us she went into the kitchen and busied herself preparing a salad while I set out the drinks and plates for our impromptu barbeque.

As the evening wore on and the drinks relaxed us I felt myself getting aroused once again. She mercilessly flirted with both of us through the evening. I’d watch her sit on Kioko’s lap, whisper in his ear with her eyes squarely on mine, barely kiss him then move on to me and do something similar leaving us hard and wanting for many moments before coming back for a tiny dose of the same.

When Kioko left the room momentarily to fetch another bottle of wine, she straddled my thighs and ground herself onto my hard, clothed cock then took my hand and placed it between her legs surprising me with bare skin under her sun dress. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to tip her onto her back and have her right on the carpet but instead, I dipped my finger into her then used the slick wetness to rub her clit slowly as she alternated between kissing me and burying her head in the crock of my neck. As I continued to firmly rub on her clit Kioko walked into the room and stood by the door watching his wife humping her hips on my fingers. I knew he hadn’t cum all day – while I was there anyway, and evidence of that was the large bulge and the wet spot on his shorts. He firmly grasped himself canlı kaçak bahis over his shorts while she, oblivious or uncaring of his presence mewled in my ear and tagged at her dress releasing one succulent dark tightly nubbed breast from the confines of that pretty sun dress. I latched on and lathed the nipple with my tongue then sucked deeply. She came then. Loudly and without inhibition. Her husband behind her unbuckled his belt and before she even came down from her high, lifted her from my lap and started off with her up the stairs giving me a terse “We’ll see you tomorrow, lock the door when you leave.”

When a man tells you to vacate his house, you do so without question. So I left. Hard, shorts wet with her juices and her scent heavy on my fingers.

I did not see her again until Kioko shipped out a few days later. I’d met with him several times and we had several of those conversations I am certain I will never have with another man. I promised to handle the few repairs that the house needed, take care of his wife, fulfill whatever needs may arise while he was away, keep him updated on the state of affairs at home and in the course of all this, be as open as I could with both of them. I was free to move into their place as I was still renting but felt that it would be too much not to raise a few eyebrows in the neighborhood.

I held her hand as we watched him walk away after waving one last time. It had been a tearful goodbye and I was sure I would never be able to elicit such emotion from her but that wasn’t my goal, I was merely the support cast on this show. I drove her home and dropped her off letting her know that I’d be coming over the weekend to do some yard work. I didn’t want to seem to eager or ill mannered for rushing her so soon. The few days I’d spent away from her had given me some perspective. She would be mine for 12 months so I planned to take my time with her.

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