Three Times

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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


It was February, one of the coldest months of the winter. Lots of snow and below zero temps. Our house was super insulated so it didn’t take an oil tanker a day to heat it. Besides, we used natural gas. There was always just enough moisture in the house to get a little on the inside of the triple layer windows so everything was balanced. It was Saturday morning. I was lounging around in my knits in my bedroom stopping from resting every now and then to do a few seconds of exercise. I had to save my strength to fight the cold outside. Dad was out of town for the weekend and mom was leaving for a standard Saturday with her friends. Lunch, maybe a movie, a very small piece of cheese cake, and then a spa. She only did the spa once a month. It was surprisingly inexpensive.

I head her calling. The house was all on one floor. I opened the door and heard, “Dreeeew!”

“I can hear you mom,” I said.

“I’m leaving,” she said. “Your friends are here. Are you decent? Can they come over?”

I wasn’t expecting anybody. I said, loud enough to hear, “Sure, I’m fine. Who is it?”

She didn’t answer. I heard some talking and around the hall door came the stalkers. Zoe, Mallory, and Joyce. I said, “Ah, the harlots of Hallsbury Hall.”

I’ve called them the harlots of Hallsbury Hall for the last three or four years. Nobody cares, least of all them. Mallory said, “Hi Drew.” She kissed me wetly on the cheek then Joyce said, “Hi there Drew.” She kissed me on the other cheek then Zoe looked at me a moment and kissed me on the tip of my nose.

The three stalkers started stalking me in my sophomore year in high school when I started running track. They were always together and cheered me at the top of their lungs. It got to be embarrassing then weird then I just ignored them then got to know them, a little. They cheered me at the track and sometimes in the hallways. They would come over to the house and cheer me in the front yard until I came out and talked for a little while. I started saying ‘thank you’ and smiling and we almost got to be friends then did, a little. They’re always polite and careful not to go too far. They hug me and I hug back and we give peck kisses to each other.

There are two window seats with lush pillows as backs on either side of my bed and the bed tables are the end tables for the window seats. The window seats jut out from the window like a sofa would. Mallory sat in one and Joyce in the other. Zoe sat on the bed. They’ve all three been in my bedroom several times, always together. It was winter so they weren’t exactly dressed sexy like I like.

“What can I do for you beautiful spring flowers?” I said. “Although it isn’t quite spring yet.”

They looked at each other then Mallory said, “Zoe said she would ask you.”

Joyce was looking silently at me but smiling as Mallory was. Zoe wasn’t. She said, “Drew, we would like to roll around in bed with you, one at a time.”

Deathly silence. I said, “That sounds like fun. Who’s first?”

Deathly silence. Zoe said, “We haven’t decided. You can pick one of us if you want but we all three get to have a turn.”

I said, “That sounds like you’re serious about this.”

Mallory was shaking her head yes and she said, “We are. We talked about this for a couple of months and decided to ask you. Please.”

I went over and sat beside Joyce and said, “Could you fill in the gaps? I’m a little lost here.”

Joyce smiled and looked at Mallory and Zoe and Zoe said, “We don’t know what it feels like to be in bed with a real live person. Of the opposite sex, you know, and we want to. We’re been over 18 for months, and we can’t get pregnant in case, you know, so we’re available like that. We do sex together, I don’t mean together but together, you know, so we orgasm and stuff.”

“Wouldn’t you want your boyfriends to …,” I said.

They all three shook their heads ‘no’ at the same time. “What do you want me to do?” I said. “I mean do you have anything specific in mind?”

They all three got bright smiles immediately. I think they thought I readily agreed to go ahead with it. Zoe spoke up again, she said, “Whatever you normally do would be fine. We’ll try and adjust and be cooperative. We weren’t going to wear underwear but decided you might like to take them off so we did. Do you have any ideas about what you might do?”

That was a fishing question. While we were talking I had all this stuff running through my head. Mom would be gone at least 5 hours so no problem there even for three girls. I was almost certain all three were virgins. This was going way too fast. I thought they were joking but they seemed serious. I’ve never gone three times in one stretch. I could probably get past the first one and stay together. The second would get me. The third would have to wait until I can get going again. Maybe I antalya escort could give the first one a rain check for one of my orgasms. I didn’t think either of them was the leader, they’re just great friends. Mallory was getting me hard already.

One time they asked if they could take a picture with me. I said sure so Zoe got just behind me with one leg up under my butt and the other out and her crotch right into the corner of my thigh. Joyce got right in front of me with her butt back into my dick. Mallory got an arm around my back with her tit right into my chest and her crotch into the side of me and her leg over in front a little. I think her perfume is what got me. I’ve fantasized some about each one of them in bed but nothing serious. Mallory always seemed to be a hand full. If they wanted to play I certainly wanted to give it my best shot, literally.

I said, “I think this way. You three pick who’s first and who’s last. Doesn’t matter with me, you’re all very sexy. Basically there’s four solid points of sex. Kissing is the minor and supportive. Lips and tongues on breasts and nipples. Fingers on clits, teasing the vagina. There are others but that comes with time and experience. Each one of those distracts you from what’s going on with the others. It bounces back and forth so you have the best experience. Stop any particular thing at any particular time you want too. I’ll stop immediately. Do whatever you like with me. I’ll adjust along with you.”

Zoe said, “We’ll talk about it.”

I’m always surprised that girls aren’t shocked about frank sex language. They all three got up and went to the other end of the room and whispered. Finally they came back and Zoe said, “Joyce is first, Mallory is second and I’m last. Would you mind if each one of us watches or should we leave the room and can we watch you undress and look while you’re nude?”

“I would be honored to have you,” I said.

I smiled and slipped my shorts off. I didn’t have any underwear on and my dick was already getting up. I took my top off and walked around and pulled the covers and sheet down to the bottom of the bed. It was a queen size mattress. By the time I got that done I was hard. They started taking their clothes off keeping their eyes on my bouncing dick. They kept their bras and pants on. I was at my side of the bed so Joyce came over and sat on the other side. She took off her bra and Mallory and Zoe did too. My dick actually got harder. We would be fully visible. They wanted to see something so that would do it. I remembered my stash of lube inside the pillow case.

All three were a couple of inches shorter than me and we were all fairly slim, me from track and they from good eating practices and exercise. Nice waists and hair styles and great breasts on all three. I couldn’t see any pubes peeking out from their pants so they may be shaven. No big butts but all three were nicely globed which I liked best. I got on and stretched out near the middle. I pushed one pillow off to the side so we only had one. I was on my left side so I had my right hand clear. I settled down and lowered to the pillow and smiled at Joyce. She slipped over and put her hand on my waist. I gave her a peck on the lips and looked right in her eyes. I thought as a first time, as I’m assuming, it was best to go normal sex rather than up the thighs and oral and up from there and in. She was already breathing deeper.

She lay her head down and we touched knees and lower legs. I put a hand over on her upper back and slid my fingers down the center of her spine to the top of her pants. I could see the muscle flicks in her face. I ran my fingers back up and went down again, a little lower, in her pants. That time she moved over towards me and our stomach’s touched and her nipples touched my chest. We were close enough to kiss so I kissed her without opening my lips and kept that up then we both opened our lips about the same time then our tongues touched.

She put both her arms around my neck and I pulled her buns a little and felt her on the end of my dick. She breathed more but kept kissing and holding her hips into me. I said, “I hope you enjoy this one.” I tilted her over a little and got my lips and tongue on her breast and finally on her nipple. Her eyes closed and she moaned and let me enjoy her. I looked up when I had a chance and out of the corner of my eye I could see Mallory and Zoe on the edge of the window seats nearest the bed watching intently with their mouths open. I reached down and started pushing Joyce’s pants down and finally got them near her knees. She raised her knees way up towards her chest and I slid them off and tossed them to Mallory.

I whispered to Joyce, “I’m going to put some lube in a couple of places.” She still had her eyes closed but nodded.

I got the lube from just inside the pillow case and got some on my finger and lubed her clit and vagina and more down in. She was shaven. I put the lube away and got back on her nipples. I let a hand filter down to her stomach kemer escort and hips and fiddled around in her tuff and on down. I found her hood and slowly played with it and went down to the end and started pulling up on either side. After the kissing and all the breasts and nipples she almost went into erotic heaven. She didn’t seem to have any reservations at all but I still didn’t know for sure how far she wanted to go. Nobody said anything about fucking yet.

Her legs were open fairly wide with her knees bent up some. I went softly and slowly so she could take it without going over. I didn’t have all that much experience but enough. I could tell she was past ready. She was probably that way coming in the door. Maybe Mallory and Zoe too. I sucked on her nipple and slowly slid a knee and leg over between hers and lay it down so she could feel the weight. After a moment I lifted the knee up so it was on her outer lips with a little weight. She pumped up once then twice. I was on my elbow at her side and I lifted myself up and over between her thighs, keeping my leg straight and holding my body up with my foot then settled down ever so slowly and kept working her clit. She had her leg nearest me down but lifted it back up. She probably didn’t know she did that.

I let my dick down below her clit and left it there. After a couple of moments I thrust up about an inch then back then waited and did it again. Some nice moans and hip movements. I slid my fingers down and found my dick head and lifted it and moved my hips back and got it right into her entrance then froze myself there and got back to her clit. I lowered down a little on my elbow and got my lips on hers and tongue in and we kissed and I pushed ever so slightly into her vagina.

She let out a gagging moan and turned her head and got back and bore in hard with her lips and tongue. She raised her knees higher and I slipped in further before pulling out and going back in. She let out a solid moan and squeezed my neck and waited for my next thrust. I was going to ask if that was ok but no need. She was fucking and she didn’t want to stop. Me either. I pulled my fingers out from her clit and got under her shoulders and lowered my hips on down and moved up an inch or two and started for full in. She wasn’t totally tight and with the lube it was almost extraordinary. It took several thrusts, some with her helping, and I was in. She knew it too, I could feel her relax just that little bit knowing she did it.

We fucked for about ten minutes and I tilted my hips up a bit so I got into her clit enough to keep it going and started going a little faster each couple of thrusts. When it felt right I slipped a hand down under her buns and felt down in to her butt button. I still had a little lube between my fingers so I got it spread and in and started a slow plunge, not that noticeable with my thrusting. I could feel her getting more active and I did too. We were doing really well together and everything was working. I was trying to hold off on an orgasm. She almost went off the rails with hers. For sure the first with a dick in her. She planted her feet and almost fucked my hips off.

She collapsed and her eyes closed and she just went to sleep still breathing deeply. I got off and Mallory and Zoe came over smiling their heads off and hugged me and Joyce. I think it went well and was what they wanted. Maybe better. My dick was sticking straight up and Mallory couldn’t take her eyes off it. She was biting her lower lip. We were all quiet for a while until Joyce got back to normal and all three of them went to my bathroom and closed the door. I went out to one of the other bathrooms to get ready for Mallory. I ran cold water on my dick and balls and it was surprising how much everything shrank. I couldn’t go back like that so I ran warm water on me until it was normal and dried everything. I didn’t seem any worse for wear.

I knew I couldn’t take Mallory without an orgasm but I was looking forward to that. More because it was Mallory than for the sex. I’m surprised I had that thought. Mallory was more the female of the three of them. She seemed more a woman or more luscious or something. I wasn’t quite sure why but my dick always pulled itself back into itself when she was around. It was like I was protecting her from it jumping out at her or saving myself from the embarrassment. I was a little afraid of an instantaneous orgasm when my dick touched her vagina, if I actually got the chance for it to get that close.

I went back with a tray with different things to sip and Joyce was in one of the window seats. I went over and she got up and we hugged and kissed and whispered. Both nude. She ran a hand down my dick which was hanging down. She had her tits in my chest. We were solid with it. It was ok. We sipped our drinks for a couple of minutes. We were anxious to get started. Zoe was in the other window seat and smiling at us all. Mallory was on the bed on her knees sitting back, her pants konyaaltı escort off and her crotch open and clear and pointed right at me. She had the best smile. She lay down and rolled over to the other side of the pillow and I caught her open ass and her outer lips showing. By the time I got on the bed I was fairly hard. I would have been harder but there has been a little wear.

I put an arm around Mallory and her skin felt amazing under my fingers. I caught the scent from her vagina almost immediately. Her eyes and mouth seemed more important than the rest of her body and I melted into her lips. They were soft and alive and when her lips opened another world happened. The sex came out and right into me. Being up against her nude body was like full sex. My dick felt like it had a mind of its own. She lifted her leg over my hip and rolled backwards and pulled me right over on top. Neither one of us stopped. My dick slipped in her vagina so smoothly I was all the way in before we got settled. I started stroking my dick in and out full length and we hadn’t even finished up our kiss. The pressure on my dick was absolutely perfect and she started a slow squeeze while casually moving her hips up to meet me coming down.

My thighs and her thighs were smooth together and our stomachs matched perfectly and her tits spread out on my chest just right and her arms around my neck and mine under her shoulders were perfect and we made body love and let our hips handle themselves. My dick felt like it was having a constant orgasm but it wasn’t. My dick head was tingly like it gets but it was holding off waiting for Mallory and there was no hurry. It was going to wait for as long as it takes and we kept fucking such deep fucking.

I wanted at her clit and I wanted at her ass and a lot of her other parts. I got my hands down under her buns and pulled outwards and upwards and she opened a little more and shoved up a little more and I got in deeper. She got her heels up under my buns and shoved just when I was the deepest, each time. She wanted me in like I wanted me in. It got very good.

She let off kissing and said, “I’m about to blow your dick off.”

I nodded and fucked harder and she did too. She screamed right in my ear and I heard Zoe shout ‘OH!’. My dick stopped solid fully in and pumped out a whole lot of semen and I pulled back and did it again. Mallory was jerking her hips up and down and we couldn’t get synced so we did what we could. We finally got stopped and separated and got normal. I went to the bathroom again and I guess they did too. When I came back they were all three nude. I sat in one of the chairs and sipped while we enjoyed each other and the festivities. I was the festivities.

About a half hour later Mallory came over and sat on a cushion between my legs and started playing with my dick. She got her tongue on it and sucked it a few times. Joyce and Zoe were tickled pink at getting to watch her. Me too. It really felt good. I think Joyce and Zoe thought she was getting me ready for Zoe but Mallory looked up a few times with her eyes sparkling and I knew it was for me. I was almost fully hard. The chair I was in didn’t have any arms and Zoe came over and Mallory went to where she was. She straddled me and got my dick started with her tits in my eyes and slowly swiveled down a little at a time, coming up to get her bearings before starting down again.

When she got to the bottom she sat for a few moments and got off and took me over to the bed. I got on the pillow and she pushed me on my back and got on top and got me in again. She was smiling and having the most wonderful time. Joyce and Mallory were watching and giggling along with Zoe. I finally got into the action and got her thighs and started thrusting up when she was at the right angle. Her tits bounced around and I got on them a lot. I had a hand down on her clit and started working it but not too fast. I wanted her to get her full turn along with me getting as much sex as I could while we were at it.

We fucked for about twenty minutes and she got me on top and I got in her and got going. After just having an orgasm I could fuck her into a frenzy, and me too, and did. My hips were strong from track and I let them go with my dick leading the way. Another fifteen minutes and Zoe was almost there. Another five and she was toast. She was the most active during her orgasm and almost scared me but it was over the top impressive as an orgasm. She just couldn’t control one of her orgasms at all and after it started she was just along for the ride.

Evidently Joyce and Mallory were used to it. They saw it coming and came over to the bed and helped her through it keeping out of the way of my hips and dick and her legs up and out. After we got stopped Zoe lay there saying, oh, oh, oh, for the longest time. Joyce smiled and shook her head up and down to let me know it was normal. We all did the bathroom again and sat around and had some wine. I think they were embarrassed to get dressed. It didn’t seem normal.

I made them promise not to start a cheering club over this and Joyce agreed to an orgasm rain check from me with a nice happy smile. Mallory and Zoe came to watch. Afterwards they got me going again and all three jacked me off so they could watch me squirt.

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