Three Can Keep a Secret if Two are…Sly

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I’m sorry this chapeter has taken so long to get out. Life gets in the way. I will finish this story, but I seriously doubt I can do a chapter a week or even ten days. I do hope you enjoy it and remember your positve feedback and comments are my only payment

The rest of the day passed without drama of anything of note. I called Kim on my two remaining breaks. She reported nothing odd on her end, and that she and Rachel had walked down to the Safeway and bought a few things for dinner. We were having baked chicken and potatoes. She said I would be particularly pleased with dessert. She was a little short on details, but my imagination is good.

The only thing of note to occur that afternoon was the completion of the two release forms that would signal my journey into the world of crime and hopefully the release of Rachel from the potential lethal grasp of the Russian mafia. I could still not get my arms around that. The Russian mob thought my ex-wife knew where their stolen money was? This just doesn’t happen to real people. But, I with my own eyes, on Sunday had arrived back home to find Rachel, and her sister, Kim, the girl I loved, bound to a pair of chairs. Kim was naked, had a cut on her chest, and they told a story of future torture and death. I had evidently scared the single mobster away when I unexpectedly showed up.

I put the two release forms; one for Jane Doe 12-017, and one for Julia Swensen, into a file folder and then into my desk. Tomorrow Rachel and I would get Dr Syygo to sign them. I was not looking forward to the deception that would have to be used to get Jane Doe released, but it had to happen. And my plan to make it happen had to work on the first try. We would get no second chance.

I arrived home to the mouthwatering smell of roast chicken in the air. My cooking had never made the house smell this good. I was under the impression that the women of 2012 had given up cooking. My nose told me I was mistaken.

As my nose was taking in another whiff, I heard a vehicle pull up and the engine die. My immediate thought was “The Russians” and my adrenal glands sent a burst of hormones that spiked my heart rate and blood pressure. I rushed over to the window, and peaked around the curtain. My mind was already weighing the odds of fighting verses running, when I saw an attractive red head climb out of from behind the wheel of a pick up.

I let out a huge sigh. It was only Tasha. My nerves are on fucking edge. I wondered for the millionth time, what the hell was I doing. I walked over and opened the front door.

“Hi, Tasha” I greeted her.

Tasha looked me over, and got an odd look on her face.

“Jesus, you look like you’ve seen a ghost. Do I look that bad?” she said

“No. No. I, uh, just forgot, you, umm, were coming over. You look great” I stammered

Now I can’t talk? I’ve never had any trouble talking with Tasha. We don’t know each other very well, but as she and Kim always seemed to be together, I did see her a lot. I’ve even flirted with her, and I was always able to do it confidently.

“You don’t sound very convincing” she laughed out and then looked behind me.

“Hi, Kim!” she said with enthusiasm. “What did you do to Ron? He looks like a scared puppy.”

“I do not.” I said and shot her a dirty look, which Kim noticed.

“He’s not scared.” Kim said and I was about to thank her. “He’s whipped”

All three ladies laughed, with Rachel joining in as she entered the room from the kitchen. I was not going to win this, so I just gave in.

“Could be worse; I could be celibate” I replied

That got a singular “Ha” out of Rachel, which earned her a dirty look from me and a surprised look from the other two ladies. Then we all laughed it off.

“Dinner smells great!” I said hungrily. “When do we eat?”

“Now” said Rachel “Then we need to get over to the house and take care of things there.”

I looked a silent question to Kim. I was wondering exactly what she told Tasha. Tasha seemed pretty calm and nonchalant. Too calm to know about the Russians. I would have to confirm this soon.

We had a good time eating. I sat between Tasha and Kim. They were pretending to earn my favor, by fawning over me.

“You’re so cute, Ron” Kim said with an exaggerated sugar sweet voice.

“Oh, yes, Ron” started Tasha with her own syrupy voice.

“But, you’re much too cute, for Kim. You should be with me” Tasha said breathlessly, and batting her eyes.

“I’m going to be sick” said Rachel shaking her head.

“Tsk. Don’t be a bitch, Rachel” Kim said chastening her sister. “Tasha and I will hold you down while Ron spanks you again.”

Rachel looked like she was going to say something. But, as her ass had been reddened by me, just two days ago, she thought better of it. Tasha also said nothing, but the comment had not escaped her.

Then Kim, cut a piece of chicken from my plate.

“Here comes the choo-choo” Kim baby talked me, and fed me the meat.

Tasha speared a potato and offered it to me with an

“Open wi-ide” turning the last word into two syllables.

“Good boy!” Tasha said like she was speaking to a puppy that just went on the paper, after I eagerly took the offered vegetable.

Then for my biggest surprise of the day, Tasha leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

Uh-oh. I thought, and took a quick glance at Kim. If she was mad, she hid it well, and actually looked pleased.

“Good boy!” Tasha added after her soft lips left mine.

“Yes, you are” Kim added in the same happy puppy master voice as Tasha.

“If you clean you plate, you get dessert!” Kim finished.

I thought I knew what she had in mind.

“I am really going to be sick if you two don’t cut this out” Rachel said in her boner-killing voice.

“We have work to do, remember? Rachel added.

As much as I was enjoying the attention, Rachel was right.

“Kill Joy” I said “ But, Rachel’s right”

There was plenty of mock disapproval and whining, but we settled down and finished eating in ten minutes. It did not escape my attention that there was nothing for dessert. I did not comment.

The truck was too small for all four of us, so Rachel and I rode together in my car, and Kim and Tasha went in the pick up. Rachel and I drove over in silence. My mind bounced from the Russians, to how much Tasha knew, to how heavy the freezer really was, and then I would start over.

I came up with no answers and my nerves were frayed as I pulled in front of Kim and Rachel’s house. As I shut off the engine, a completely unrelated question popped into my mind.

“Rachel, did the insurance pay off the house?”

Rachel and Kim’s parents had been killed in an auto accident six months ago. Rachel and I were separated at the time, and the subject had never come up.

“Fuck, no!” Rachel snapped with much more venom than I expect.

“The bastards didn’t pay a dime! They said the last month’s premium was not paid! They said that because of that the policy had lapsed the week before! Can you fucking believe that! Mom and Dad had that damn policy for at least ten years! Not one fucking dime!”

Wow, I thought. Did I just strike a nerve or what? The last time she was even close to this pissed is when I told her I was not paying alimony. I let the subject drop, and Kim and Tasha backed into the driveway.

We all got out and I noticed Rachel looked odd. I suppose she was pissed at the memory I had just drudged up. Kim and Tasha made it to the door first and Kim unlocked the door and we all started to go in. But, Kim pulled up short and she said in a voice full of anger.

“What the fuck!”

I pushed inside and saw what the fuck. The living room was a mess. The cushions were all off the furniture and tossed on the floor. Most of the DVDs had been pulled out of the cabinet and were on the floor. The doors to the knick-knack hutch were open and the contents either pushed to the side, or were lying on the floor. Some were broken.

“The Russians” I heard Kim say; her tone changing from anger to fear.

“Who?” asked Tasha.

Well, that single word and the hint of concern in her voice told me Kim had not explained what was going on. This was going to be an interesting next ten minutes.

Before I could stop them the girls all rushed to various points of the house and found every room in the same condition. Someone had been looking for something. Three of the four of us knew who and what and it was left to Kim to explain to Tasha.

I had no idea which direction Tasha would tilt. Mad that we had gotten her involved. Concerned for Kim and Rachel. Scared to be a part of this. Worried about getting in trouble. I thought I saw most of that pass across her face as Kim told the whole story, leaving out only the sex that had been going on at my place. We all looked at Tasha, knowing that she could make this a lot easier or a lot harder. She plopped down in the recushioned chair and looked, surprisingly, at me.

“Is this the right thing to do?” Tasha questioned

I shrugged my shoulders. I was not sure myself.

Rachel was and she chimed in.

“Tasha, they will kill me. As sure as they tore this house apart looking for the money; they will kill me”

Rachel said that much more calmly than I would have expected. But, because she is still Rachel, there was plenty of drama dripping from certain words.

“What about you guys” Tasha said motioning to Kim and I “Are you guys in danger?”

I thought I could answer that, so I took a stab.

“Kim, more than me; because they know who she is. But, if they find the girls at my place, I doubt they are going to just send me on my way. But, if they think Rachel is dead, I think they will drop it and assume that Petrov killed her and took the money”

“Dead!” Tasha exclaimed.

Kim and Rachel spent a few minutes telling her our general plan. This would be the moment of truth. Tasha now knew what she was getting in to. How would she react?

“I don’t know what I would do if you guys were killed and I did nothing to help” Tasha said with misty eyes.

Then Kim burst into tears and practically ran to Tasha and they hugged. Both of them were crying now. I was too dumbstruck. I don’t know what Rachel was thinking. She was stonefaced.

“Let’s load up the pick up, all three cars, and get the hell out of here” I said, taking charge.

There was general agreement and we went right after the meat freezer. It had, I guessed, about 20 lbs of assorted frozen foods inside and I told the ladies to just leave it. When we had Julia Swensen in there it would be a lot heavier. Surprisingly, with all four of us, we lifted it easily. The hardest part was getting it through the door out to the truck. kocaeli escort

We managed and then began loading Rachel and Kim’s personal effects into the cars and truck. I think we got each lady’s entire wardrobe, plus shoes, all their bathroom stuff, and some cookware and food. We even straightened up; which I objected to. But, Kim and Rachel were adamant about not leaving a mess. Tasha sided with me, but in the end we just all pitched in and got it as close to normal as another 45 minutes would allow.

It was 10:30 when we pulled back into my driveway. It took another 1 ½ hrs to get everything unloaded and some of it put away. By midnight we were all toast. Tasha thought about staying the night, but she thought it best to get her Dad’s truck back tonight. She told Kim she would come back over tomorrow after work. Rachel decided to take a shower. That left Kim and I alone.

“You and Rachel seem to be taking your house being ransacked pretty well” I blurted out the question that had been bothering me for the drive over.

Kim was silent for a few moments.

“I guess we kind of expected it. It kind of follows that if they couldn’t find us; they would at least search the house.”

“Yeah. But, now that they know it’s not there, they will focus on finding Rachel….and you.” I added.

Kim was silent again; unreadable.

“Hold me.” she said looking vulnerable and scared.

I took her in my arms and hugged her tight. She squeezed me tight, as well. I know it was the wrong time, but even this comforting embrace was more than a little arousing. I could feel Kim’s firm breasts crush against my stomach. Her head nuzzled on my chest; and I took in the mingled scent of sweat and her shampoo.

Kim released me; looked up and shifted her gaze from one eye to the other, and then leaned up to kiss me softly, tentatively. Her soft lips gently touched mine; hinting at another kiss. She answered that promise by pulling me down to her and kissing me deeply.

I moved one of my hands to the gentle swell of her hip and my other holding her tight against me. I was surprised when she moved both of her hands on to my butt, and gave them a gentle squeeze.

She broke our kiss long enough to say

“Nice ass.” with an impish grin.

Then she pulled me back in for another deep kiss that had my head spinning and my libido at full attention. This time it was I who pulled back.

“Wow, that’s some kiss” I said a little breathless

“I have more” she answered seductively. “You want to go upstairs?”

I treated that as a rhetorical question and pulled her into my arms for another kiss, and then I took her by the hand for our trek up the stairs. We moved quickly and entered my room.

“You get undressed and sit on the bed, while I get ready” Kim directed me.

I didn’t know what she needed to do get ready. She looked ready to me. But she stepped into my bathroom and closed the door behind her. I wasted no time in disrobing and was sitting on my bed, massaging my hard on when my bathroom door opened and Kim stepped out.

Kim leaned against the door jam, and I looked her over. She was wearing skimpy two piece lingerie set. The top was a black shear bra that covered all, but concealed nothing. Kim’s perfect pouty breasts filled the material and seemed to be staining to get out. Her nipples, slightly constricted, were both tinted and squashed by her garment. They looked like candy to the sucked and savored.

Attached to the bra, was more of the shear black material. It served the purpose of adding to the illusion of concealment. It screamed you can almost see her naked. Almost. What are you going to do about it? The garment was cut in an inverted V, so Kim’s taught mid rift was completely exposed, and drawing my eyes to her painfully small panties.

Across the tops of her tan hips was a black string that supported the panel protecting her pussy from my prying eyes. I wondered what the back looked like, and like she could read my mind, she turned. The string on the top of her hips continued it’s circle and was joined by a second, that bisected my Kim’s lovely ass, leaving it bare and completely exposed. As she turned around I finished my downward gaze, admiring her toned legs, as she pointed one knee seductively.

“You’re over dressed” I said, naked holding my dick.

“Lie on you back” Kim said wiggling a bottle of some lotion that had escaped my attention until just now.

The way she was dressed did not install the desire to lay eyes down, so I just sat there while she approached. My hands went to her full hips; found them warm and silky smooth. I followed her contours around as her firm hips became her soft and pliable bottom. I kneaded the naked flesh greedily.

“I have a better idea. Why don’t I give YOU a massage” I said as I continued my massage of her shapely back side.

Without a word she handed me the bottle, which I put off to the side, and she reached behind herself to pull on a bow that would release her top. It fell to the ground and I pulled her in to me. My mouth took in her nipple and I sucked gently on it, and then swirled my tongue around the perimeter of her areola. I was rewarded with a soft moan

“Mmmmmmmm. I like your tongue massage” Kim added

I moved to the other breast and licked her nipple once, before taking it into my mouth and sucking on the little nub. My hand moved up to massage her other breast, to play gently with the erect nipple. Soon both were constricted into rubber like knots, and my hands drifted down to waistband.

I snared it both thumbs and pulled it down in a steady pull. Kim adjusted and it came off easily. As the front sank down I waited anxiously for Kim’s light blond hair to make an appearance, but to my delight it was gone. My head snapped up and I found Kim grinning

“Like it?” she asked

I just nodded my head stupidly, as I gently rubbed the baby soft area with my thumb. She stepped, parting her legs more, and I accepted the invitation as her musk of arousal filled my nostrils. My thumb quickly found the top folds of her outer lips and I rubbed the soft, tender skin, feeling the hint of the heat and moisture below.

“Mmmmmmmmmm” Kim moaned softly again.

I had to stop or this would get out of hand. I had offered a massage and that thought drove me to stop. I gently pushed her back and stood. We embraced and I kissed her deeply for two beats longer than was prudent. My head was a little light, and my cock which was upturned into Kim’s stomach was begging me for attention. I pulled back and whispered to Kim

“Get on the bed”

Kim gave me a pouty lip that said she would be happy to skip the massage, but I liked the idea of touching every inch of her naked body. She reluctantly did as she was told, lying on her back, with her legs slightly apart, subtly offering herself to me. My eyes followed her lines downward, beginning with her soft, anxious, but very willing smile; down to her pale breasts, capped by her the tight cherry on each. I noticed how her flat stomach transitioned perfectly to both the swell of her hips, and her now bare pubic area. She brought one knee up gently, and my eyes were quickly drawn to her shapely legs, her tan accentuating them and accenting the private areas that were cream in color.

As much as I hated to utter these words, they tumbled out anyway.

“Turn over”

Kim gave me the pouty lip again, but did as she was told without complaint. Her legs were again slightly parted and my eyes sought her private areas, curious as to what was on display for my pleasure. But, only Kim’s shapely backside and a small portion of Kim’s clam could be seen. I was tempted to turn on a light.

Instead, I grabbed the bottle of lotion, lifted Kim’s nearest leg, sat, and put her leg on my lap. I put a liberal amount of the lavender scented concoction in my hand and began massaged Kim’s foot.

“Really?” she said, obviously expecting a more erogenous spot to be rubbed. But, I had a plan.

I began working the arch of her foot, rubbing it firmly with my thumb.

“Ohhhhhh. That feels good” she moaned.

I continued the attention to her foot, paying particular attention to ball of toes and the toes themselves. I earned several more groans of pleasure, as I manipulated the joints and rubbed in between each little piggy.

I finished that foot and went on to the second, repeating my massage, and adding lotion as her skin absorbed by offering. I was silent this whole time, letting her focus on the pleasure. I finished with Kim’s second foot, and paused as I reloaded by hands with lotion, leaving her to wonder what was to follow.

I had Kim’s right leg bent at the knee, so I moved my hands down to her firm, but soft calf. I firmly kneaded the muscle with both hands, working first the back of the calf and then the sides. I did this until the considerable amount of lotion was worked in and repeated my efforts on her other calf. This portion of the massage did not earn me any groans; it did begin a pattern of working up her legs, to increasingly more sensitive and sensual areas. I was going to ramp up her desire and anticipation.

I extracted myself from underneath Kim, replaced her limbs on the bed and maneuvered myself until I straddled her calves. I drizzled the room temperature liquid on the back of her left thigh. Room temperature feels cold to someone at 98.6 degrees, and hopefully even a little hotter by now.

I started at her knee and encircled her leg with my two hands so my thumbs would glide up the back of her leg and provide most of the massage. My hands moved half way up, applying steady, firm pressure. When they stopped halfway up, I rolled by fingers from the sides of Kim’s luscious thigh, reversed and kneaded her firm muscles back to her knee. Then I reversed again, with bolder massaging motions moved back up and farther up her leg.

As my moved my way up, I lifted myself off Kim’s calves. She took this opportunity to spread her legs further, offering, nearly begging me to move my hands all the way up. But, I stopped just shy of the rise of her shapely bottom, and once again rolled my fingers up. Her musk filled the air, and I could feel her heat as my fingertip missed touching her sex by a fraction of an inch. Kim squirmed, but was silent as I worked my way back down.

Her other thigh was treated in the same manner, with me massaging and kneading the tissue as deeply as I could. On my final pass at the top of thighs I allowed one finger to lightly brush her pussy, and I was rewarded with goose bumps filling her skin. I smiled as I rose off her calves, moved my body up and rested myself on her upper thighs, with my aching erection resting between the cheeks of her ass, a maddeningly close distance to heaven.

I rocked back kocaeli escort bayan and forth using her crevice to masturbate me while I warmed lotion in my hands. Kim squirmed a bit beneath me, wanting me inside her, but knowing she still had to wait. I began on her shoulders and upper back, and spent much more time than was needed to break her muscles down. I would venture lower on occasion, giving her hope that my attentions would focus on the areas of the body most needing attention.

I meandered my way down to the small of the her back and used my thumbs there for just a few moments, until they parted company seeking the hard contours of Kim’s hips. I moved myself down and repositioned myself between Kim’s willingly parted thighs, and watched as she subtly, maybe unconsciously brought her hips up, to give me unfettered and complete access to the orifice of my choosing.

This view was perfect. Kim’s pussy was wet and glistening. Her inner lips were slightly parted, showing me exactly where my target should be. My eyes moved up ever so slightly to see her perfect pink little starfish. It was tightly closed, defining me to invade it. The thought was very appealing.

Instead I dripped large glops of lotion on each cheek, and squeezed a dollop at the top of her divide, knowing that the feeling of it running between her cheeks would make her crazy. I kneaded the lotion into one cheek and then the other. I rolled my hands, off to her sides and followed her hips down, and then in, and I cupped and kneaded the bottom of each cheek. I watched as my lotion slowly inched it’s way down to her most forbidden opening.

Finally giving in to her squirms I put my right hand in between her thighs right below her bottom, and my left on the outside of the left thigh and kneaded that flesh. My hands moved up steadily, kneading, until my right hand touched her wet pussy. I rubbed it, up and down, with the inside of my hand.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh” Kim finally released. “More massage there, please”

I rubbed up and down; splitting her pussy and feeling her rise and push on my hand.

“That’s what I’m talking about” she purred.

I withdrew, swapped hands, and began my upward approach on her right thigh, taking just a little extra time both on the way up, and in her hot, wet, love hole, when I reached the top. I noticed that her little rose bud was now covered with the purple liquid, and I moved my right hand up, so my thumb could give this small muscle it’s own massage. My thumb had a mind of it’s own, pushing, rubbing, and soon probing inside Kim’s tight little bottom.

“Please, Ron. Use your tongue on me there. Please, I’ll do anything you want.” Kim begged.

I didn’t relish the taste of the lotion, which sounded odd to me considering where my tongue would be, but “Anything” has a very persuasive sound to it.

“In a moment, love” I replied wanting to work in a little of that lotion in.

But as a reward for her patience, I rearranged my hands so my fingers could massage both of her soon to be violated openings.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm” Kim moaned and squirmed.

When she felt me move back and lay between her legs, Kim raised her hips to meet me, offering herself to me. I reached over, grabbed a pillow and pushed it under her hips and began to knead both cheeks, and admire the view. The stark vulnerability that this position put Kim in was very arousing. Kim’s newly shaven pussy was open a little more now, and the entire labia engorged with the blood of her arousal. Just above, tightly closed, suggesting that I would need to pry it open to enjoy it’s favors was her little starfish. It too was glistening with the oils from Kim’s lotion, the slickness inviting an attempt to force it open.

I lowered my head to Kim’s backside as I spread her cheeks wide, and dragged my tongue across her sphincter. That earned me another moan.


Kim lay still as I circled her anus with my tongue. Once, twice, three times, and then another slow swipe across it’s length, making my tongue ridge, and making a subtle attempt to invade the opening.

“More. Please, more.” Kim begged again

I licked across it again, and made more tongue laps around the opening, and then withdrew to gently nibble on one cheek. But, this was not what Kim lusted for, so I moved back to center, firmly grasped her cheeks and stabbed at her tight hole with my tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhh! Yes!”

I gained a shallow access to her forbidden hole, and wormed deeper as I wiggled and manipulated my tongue in her ass. Kim began to squirm and press her ass to my face trying to push my tongue in deeper. I pulled out to give my mouth muscle a short break and inserted my thumb into her wet pussy, and thumb fucked her for a few moments.

Leaving my thumb inside her I resumed by assault on Kim’s tight hole. After one long lick, to announce my tongue’s arrival, I again buried it in her center, and tried to spread the tight muscle with my tongue. I met with little success, but Kim’s renewed moaning and her hip gyrations, told me she was happy with my efforts.

“Fuck me, Ron! Take me, now!”

I needed no other encouragement. I righted myself, push Kim’s legs together, and then rode up so my throbbing and aching cock was pushing it’s way past Kim’s natural carnal defenses. With just a little wiggling on our part, I felt the spine shivering sensation of my cock piercing her pussy. I latched on to her hips and pushed in as far as I could go and I held it, savoring the feeling of being enveloped in liquid warmth.

Fucking Kim in this position required little effort, my eyes rolled back in my head with pleasure as I gently rocked back and forth, using the handles of her hips as both a guide and a symbol that I was in charge.

“Ohhhhhh” Kim moaned softly

I moved my right hand between Kim’s ass cheeks and began to push on her starfish in rhythm with my rocking. My thoughts were drifting to fucking Kim’s tight ass; feeling the orifice give as I pushed, and feeling it squeeze me tight as I drove deeper.

Kim broke into my thoughts when she moaned out

“Ron, Fuck me, hard. Pound my pussy until I cum! Please, Ron!”

I was not in a pussy pounding position, but I could be with just a little reworking. I accomplished that in micro-seconds. Kim was on her knees with her face down on the mattress. Her pussy was open and asking me, begging me, to fill it. I did in one swift plunge.

“Oh!” she started, surprised, pleasantly I hoped, at the boldness of me action.

Kim has asked that her pussy be pounded, and I was doing my best. I was at top speed very quickly. Our hips met with increasingly violet slaps, as I tried to find the bottom of her pussy. As the goose bumps appeared, and I felt myself being pulled into Kim, I hoped that her orgasm would be swift. I lusted to take her ass, but her pussy felt so good. I was certain that I could not last, much longer.

A benevolent God answered my prayers as Kim went rigid and screamed.

“Yessssssssssss! Oh, God!”

I instantly slowed my thrusts, trying to back myself away from the abyss, even as I was being tugged to it’s edge. I felt myself start to lose it, so I stopped completely, and looked as Kim’s side-turned, angelic face came back to reality as her orgasm faded.

“Wuh-why did you stop?” Kim breathed out

“I didn’t want to cum yet?” I answered

“You want my tight little ass, don’t you?’ she asked rhetorically “G..go slow” she replied with a slight tremble to her voice.

I’m not sure slow was going to be possible. I found the lotion bottle and put a small squeeze on her starfish and worked it in with my thumb. I put a little more on my cock and slicked it with my standard masturbatory technique.

I touched my member to Kim’s little hole and felt her jump in anticipation.

“Relax, love. Relax and it won’t hurt so much”

I waited half a beat and then pushed, slowly, but firmly. I could feel it resist, pushing back on my hard member, defying my attempts to spread it and steal the pleasure it would bestow. Then all at once, I popped inside.

“Ow! Ow! Slow, Ron! Let me adjust!”

Kim exclaimed even as I stopped pushing to allow her incredibly tight ass to relax and accommodate my girth.

“Okay. Okay” she breathed out roughly

And I slowly pushed and her tight forbidden opening began to swallow my cock and squeeze it so tightly. I shivered again and as I reached halfway and the underside of my cock was compressed.

“Oh, Kim! God, that feels good.”

I heard her only grunt and pant with the pain, but I was being taken hostage by the pleasure. I bottomed out as my hips met Kim’s ass, and I found myself unconsciously pushing further trying to go deeper still.

“Go, go….easy, Ron” Kim huffed out.

I began to extract my rod, savoring how Kim’s little hole milked my cock. As the head of my cock was about to reappear I pushed back in with a little more force, trying to move slowly so as not rip Kim, but the urge to plunge in to the hilt was growing with each inch of Kim’s ass that I rediscovered.

Kim made no noise and their seemed to be less resistance this time. So, when I bottomed out again, I immediately pulled back with full intent of driving a little harder. The quicker stroke fueled my libido and felt myself grow a little light-headed. I was brought back to earth as I realized I had bottomed out again, and was half extracted from Kim’s ass.

I felt Kim shift and her right arm reached back between her legs to finger her pussy, and try to rub away the painful stretching in her bowel. Leaving Kim’s pleasure to her own hand, I thrust in more forcefully, cleaving apart Kim’s ass and earning a grunt from her.


But, she did not cry out or complain. This was the last hurdle and it was like a weight had been thrown off of me. I jabbed and thrusted into Kim’s ass with a vigorous pace, feeling her ass resist less and less as it’s grip slackened. The feeling was intoxicating and felt myself becoming lost in the pleasure. Kim nearly ceased to exist, and only her glory hole, pulling me closer to explosion was relevant. My focus was entirely on driving my cock as deep as it could go, and finding a little more of her bowel with each thrust.

I felt myself approach the top and I moved even faster. A cry of pleasure from Kim intruded into my thoughts.

“Fuck! God, Ron! Harder!”

Kim’s beg for a more vicious assault on her ass tripped my trigger, and I pulled her hips tightly to mine as I began to empty my balls deep into her bowel. Spots appeared in my vision and I pushed deeper into Kim trying to get just a little deeper. I felt myself squirt, once, twice, and a final time; each rope accompanied by a micro-thrust to push it deep.

Then I felt myself take a breath. izmit escort My vision cleared and I began to relax. I slackened my grip on Kim’s hips and eased her panting body to the pillow. I felt my previously stone-hard cock turn to Jell-O and ooze out of Kim’s now distended ass. The sight was a little gross. She handed me some tissue and as I cleaned her as I spoke.

“Did you cum again? Did I hurt you” I said though my own heavy breathing.

“I did and I’ll live. God, that was intense.” Kim answered.

I rolled her into a spoon position and we held each other as exhaustion took us to dreamland for the night.

Kim’s body and the sex was apparently enough to chase away the bad dreams I had expected. Today is the day I become a felon. I’m not looking forward to it. Today’s plan was simple in explanation and a bitch to pull off.

I would go into work as normal, and about two hours later, after the morning meeting, but before lunch Rachel was to follow me to the morgue. She was going to be there on the pretext of settling some divorce business with me, but her real reason was to seduce Dr. Syygo. Rachel was to work the situation to where she was giving him a blow job under his desk. I would walk in, not notice what was going on, and have Dr. Syygo sign the two release papers without reading them, so as to get rid of me. I think I am going to feel almost relieved when this fails and we are caught.

The morning dragged and I was an emotional wreck. I was distracted all through the AM meeting and I had to be nudged into giving several answers by a colleague. By the time 10 AM got here, I was jumpy and on edge. Then I saw Rachel arrive. I started to feel a tiny bit better when I saw how she was dressed. She had a tiny form fitting white skirt that went to mid thigh, four inch fuck-me pumps, and a dress that showed as much cleavage as she has ever bared in public. She looked every bit the part of a Hollywood actress. Every eye that found her would be glued. I began to have my own thoughts of bending her over my desk, before reality bitch slapped me to the present.

Rachel is supposed to half heartedly look for me. I will be hiding in the men’s room, until I get a text from her telling me she is headed to my boss’ office. Then I will position myself so I can sort of see through the shades of Dr. Syygo’s blind covered door window, and then walk in at the appropriate time.

There is so much that can wrong. The doctor might be able to resist Rachel’s advances (I doubt that). She might not be able to maneuver him into the right position (maybe, but I’d follow her to hell the way she looked). I might be seen in the hall and questions asked that I didn’t have a good answer for (likely) and Dr. Syygo might not just sign the papers. (Who knows?).

I grabbed the release forms and took up residence in the back stall of the bathroom. I was only there for about two minutes when my text arrived. It was about a 100 yard walk through several halls and past a few offices to get to Dr. Syygo’s office. Along the way I was stopped twice by people telling me that Rachel was here looking for me. Raymond had a stupid grin on his face when he told me. Carol looked a little concerned as she gave me the news. If she had known what was going on she would have looked horrified.

There is a folding chair that sits outside of my boss’s office, for people to use while waiting on him. It is usually against his wall, but I needed to move it so I could face a certain part of the blinds that did not close correctly. It would give me a view of the Dr. Syygo’s desk, and not much more. There was no practical reason to move the chair, so anyone that walked by would wonder why, and maybe conclude that I was doing what I was doing; spying on my boss. My stomach was in knots as I sat down.

I noticed that the blinds were quivering slightly so I thought maybe Rachel had just walked in. Damn! If I had been thinking I wouldn’t have been so quick to get here. Let Rachel work on him for a minute or so, and minimize the time I was exposed to discovery. Should I walk away and come back?

I was about to when I saw Dr. Syygo through the blinds he had a look of surprised pleasure, followed by annoyance, then concern. These were not the facial expressions I expected. The former, sure. But, then I expected something neutral as Rachel began to make small talk and show off her body, before alluding to how handsome he was, and blah, blah, blah.

I might have been mistaken, but I could have sworn he made a quick look at me through the blinds. I knew he couldn’t see me, but my stomach leaped at the thought. Dr. Syygo’s face softened from concern to neutral. I was over reacting. His face stayed that way until Rachel crossed in front of the blinds and blocked my view. When she cleared my path, the good doctor, my boss, and supposed friend, was standing and embracing Rachel. They were locked in a tongue staining kiss that caused my blood pressure to rise.

I had not expected to feel jealous. But, I was. I also felt a little betrayed, even though Rachel and I are divorced. I burned a little hotter as both of his hands dropped to Rachel’s ass and began to squeeze her firm ass. I heard a door open down the hall and panic set in.
It was Bernie from the shop. God, I hoped he wasn’t coming to see the boss. That was another way this could go wrong, and I hadn’t even considered it. I leaned onto my legs with both arms and tried to look a little sick. It did not take much acting.

“You OK, Ron?” Bernie asked.

“I think I picked up a little bug”

I answered looking up, first at Bernie and then through the crack in the blinds. I dropped my head immediately so Bernie could not see the look on my face. The emboldened doctor had pulled Rachel’s skirt up to her waist and was now feeling her bare ass without the skirt in his way. God, Rachel’s ass looked good. It is so perfectly shaped and watching another man fondle it was giving me a hard on. It was like watching my own little porno.

“You waiting to see, Dr. Syygo?” he asked

Fuck! Think!

“Yeah, but it’s going to be awhile. He has some colleague from out of town in there. I need to get these damn papers signed before I can do anything else this morning.”

I answered, trying to add a little anger to my voice. It must have worked, as Bernie decided he didn’t want to wait, made a quick good-bye and added something about me feeling better. But, my mind was on Rachel and wanting so desperately to look, but knowing I could not until I was alone. My face would betray me. I knew that for certain.

With Bernie’s footsteps signaling his back was turned I looked up in time to see the doctor reach under Rachel’s blouse to release her bra. Rachel not only accommodated this, she pulled back and lifted her blouse completely off. Seconds later she was shrugging out of her bra exposing her pale, pouting breasts to my boss. If he had ever seen tits this nice in his life, I would be surprised. He immediately brought a hand up to grab one, like a sixteen year old seeing his first boob.

Rachel’s nipples were both erect and I could see a small nub sticking out. My boss noticed too and moved his head down to suck on that tit, while he mauled the other. Rachel let this go on for just a few moments, and then pushed him back. I think she said something to him, and he backed into his chair and sat down. Rachel pulled her skirt down, unzipped it and let it fall to the ground. I was wrong. Rachel’s ass was not bare, she was wearing thong panties. Good girl, no underwear would have been too obvious.

She stepped out of her skirt and kicked it forward. She was thinking. You don’t want it in view when I walk in. She took two steps to the doctor and put her hands on the seat back behind him. This let both of her breasts sway right into his face, and the doctor took to them like a starving man to a meal. He alternated between mauling them and sucking them. I saw him take long, hungry pulls on each nipple, first hiding her taut little cherry, and then letting me see it, as he worked the other breast.

When one hand dropped to grab Rachel’s ass, she took that as a signal to move on. She stooped, got on her knees, and I saw the doctor freeze in anticipation. Rachel’s arm moved back and forth as she was undoubtedly jerking him off, getting the doctor even more aroused. If he was as aroused as I was he was close to insane with desire. I had to focus. I had a job to do, and my part was coming up. That thought sobered me up, and I felt my hard on go to erection heaven.

The doctor rose up slightly and I knew Rachel was taking his pants down. She said something to him and he nodded in agreement. Rachel moved under the desk, and Dr. Syygo slid towards her, looking normal in appearance, except for the lust gleaming in his eye.

When his eyes rolled back in his head, I knew Rachel was giving him his blow job. I was very tempted to just walk in now, but I thought I should give Rachel a few seconds to fully capture him. After a count to ten, I gave the light, quick, casual knock universally recognized as someone familiar coming in. I kept my head down, pretending to read my papers, giving the doctor time to hide his surprise. If Rachel was smart, she would not stop her attention to his cock. The less blood in his brain the better.

When I looked up and started my quick speech, the doctor had mostly composed himself. He looked shocked and worried for just a split second, and then changed to uncomfortable.

“Dr Syygo, Can you sign these two releases? I have a couple of bodies that need to go to the crematorium”

I put them in front of him and kept my eyes on the papers. I had thought to bring a pen and put that right on top. He did not hesitate, but then I heard a grunt from him, so I had to look up.

“Are you OK, Dr Syygo?” I asked, knowing exactly what his ailment was.

“Breakfast.” He groaned out, and handed me the signed papers.

“OK, hope you feel better” I said with that dismissive tone that let him know I was leaving.

And I did. It was all I could do to not run. It had worked. I had the releases. I thought for a fleeting, jealous instant to stick around and see the conclusion, but that would have been a stupid risk to take. This plan had no business working, but here I was. I went outside to the parking lot and got out my phone.

“Hi, Kim. It worked! I don’t believe it. It actually worked!”

“Oh, Ron! I knew it would! With you involved how could it not? Kim said excitedly.

“I’ll have a special reward for you when you get home tonight” she continued in a more seductive voice.

“Kim?” I began “Did you mean it last night, when you said you would do “anything”?

She was silent for a second; I had caught her off guard. But, I could hear the smile in her voice when she answered.

“Of course, lover. What did you have in mind?” she queried.

“I want you to help me rape your sister.” I said matter of factly

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