They Meet Again After Many Years

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She’d wanted to see him again and see how he’d aged and find out what he had been doing and having invited him around for a coffee she felt a compulsion to wear something sexy. She selected a summer dress and wore nothing else but a black thong.

She felt nervous and excited and his friendly face on arrival eased her tension. Having made him a coffee they moved in to the lounge and he settled himself in to a chair. She’d already put on some soft music and felt a great urge to see how he reacted as she swayed, sexily, to the noise coming from the speakers. His beaming smile suggested her movements appealed to him.

She’d only invited him around for a chat but was being driven by an uncontrollable urge. They had hardly said a word to each other and now she was dancing in front of him, in a very light dress, and she felt so confident and at ease and just wanted to tease him. How far could she push him? This was all a little bit too much like good fun.

She turned her back to him and continued to move to the gentle rhythm of the music. Before she had even realised what she was doing she had taken the sides of her dress and was lifting it ever higher to display more of the back of her thigh. His unblinking gaze just encouraged her. In a flash the lightweight dress had been lifted above her hips and he let out a surprised moan as he saw her bare buttocks separated by the small bit of black material.

He had not known what to expect but this had never crossed his imagination. This was more than just a little interesting.

She continued to move, amazed at her own confidence and at how comfortable it all felt. His startled noise had brought a huge smile to her face and she turned to face him and show her appreciation.

Compulsion? Desire? What was the driving force? She hadn’t even had time to consider the external power causing this unusual behaviour before she had started to slip the straps from each shoulder and let the dress fall to the floor. Here she was, stood in front of an almost stranger, practically naked and feeling so excited. Her hands reached for her head which did nothing but emphasize her breasts and encourage his eyes towards them.

She was feeling the juices of excitement warming inside her. She couldn’t stop now.

She leant towards him, teasing him, letting him smell her and allowed her breasts to flick across his face. She was really loving it – being an exhibitionist was not in her nature and she had never before acted in such a way. But it all felt so easy and she could not explain it.

She shuffled back towards the sofa. With her shoulders and upper torso resting against the seat and her body arched in front of it, her knees bent, she began to thrust her hips skyward, spreading her legs just a little. Was she glad that she had neatly trimmed her bush several days before and that hairs were not sprouting in all directions? Her thong was beginning to moisten

She was feeling more and more erotic, more and more confident. Without saying any thing he had continued to encourage her, smiling, offering gentle moans and murmurs of pleasure. She’d look back on what followed and wonder what had possessed her but for now she was just going with the flow.

In the aim of personal pleasure as she was in her own world, but also sub-consciously trying to tease and excite him, she moved back on the sofa and her hand eased under the elastic of her underwear. She started to display her sexuality ever more openly. Dragging the elastic taut to show her fanny lips, her hand exploring around her bush, dragging a damp finger along the insider of her upper thigh.

The underwear was becoming an obstruction and like a stripper playing to her audience she went through a tantalizing, slow removal. She spread her knees a little wider inviting him to look at her love tunnel, glistening with “perspiration” under the lights, ever so inviting. She was moaning with pleasure. The background music had become insignificant. He was just mesmerized.

She had to have more and her fingers probed between the flushed lips of her fanny, separating them with ease, and gliding in to her. Her body spasmed. Gently her fingers moved, expertly she reacted to her own touch. She’d never had any one watch her masturbate before and she felt a huge sense of power – pleasing (him) and being pleased. She reached for her clit and gently rubbed it – it responded.

She was getting so excited. She beckoned him over hoping that he would like to join in – he knelt in front of her and a nervous hand stroked up her inner thigh and around her bush. As his hand moved over her bush he gently stroked the outer lips with a trailing thumb. She was so hot and wet. He let his hand wander south and inserted a several fingers in to her dripping tunnel and felt her squeeze them with enthusiasm. He then started to play with her swollen clitoris before exposing it and just staring at it with excitement.

He caressed her breasts and teased her nipples, all the time she was encouraging, talking canlı bahis şirketleri softly under her breath, and his wet fingers reached for her mouth and she kissed and licked them clean, enjoying the taste of her own juices.

His head shot forward and kissed her thigh so softly. Before she could react his tongue was probing inside her, searching, tickling, and then he started to lick and suck her clit. She was almost out of control. Could she hold on? She never wanted this high to end. As he felt her body stiffen in anticipation of the orgasm that was to surge through her body he pulled away and guided her hand to her clit and watched as within seconds she convulsed in to an enormous climax. Her chest rose, her breasts were enlarged, her nipples were erect, her hips reached for the sky, her buttocks clenched firm and her erratic breathing got ever quicker.

She wanted him inside her but decided that should wait for another occasion. She motioned for him to stand and pulled him towards her. The bulge in the crotch of his trousers was obvious but she cupped it with her hand and rubbed gently on the outside of his trousers. Even through the fabric she felt a twitch. She leant forward and kissed the spot she’d been rubbing.

How much further was this going to go? He hadn’t discouraged her and she continued to be guided by an external force.

She unzipped his trousers and her hand delved inside and was met by some very damp cotton. That was why he hadn’t been discouraging her – he really had been enjoying the show. She unbuttoned his trousers and he let out a startled squeal. His briefs really were constraining his erection and she eased them over his hips and down over his knees. She was still in control. He looked down and smiled but was concerned at how long he could control his throbbing weapon – if at all.

His proud knob was bigger than she expected. It was by no means large and wasn’t any longer than average but it seemed wider from her close proximity. She clasped her right hand arouse the base of the shaft and made two long, slow strokes across its full length. The pre-cum fluid dribbled from the “eye” of the one-eyed trouser snake, it glistened in the light and she leant forward and flicked it away with her tongue. It felt as if he’d been hit by an electric shock and his body jumped.

She did not want to wait too long and eased her mouth around the swollen end of his tool. Her hand stroked his balls, caressing him, while her mouth reached down is shaft, taking it as far back in her throat as she could and then easing back to expose all but the tip. She knew it would not take long but she was going to enjoy every second of this act. His hands pushed her head further on to his stiff, erect, throbbing dick and she sucked with ever more intensity – and then she felt the “kick” through her fingers first, moved her head down as far as she could, and waited the short time for his hot fluid to strike the back of her throat. She felt spurt after spurt as his body shook, wave after wave of convulsions scorching through his body and he wondered how he managed to stay standing. She continued sucking even harder which completely blew his brains out and made his orgasm last longer than he could ever have imagined.

He was a spent force. She felt incredible – so light that she thought she was floating with the clouds. Her fingers reached for her clit and within seconds another almighty orgasm had raged through her body.

Part 2

She knew that he often worked late and waited for his company’s car park to clear before entering the building. She felt so hot as she had a specific plan in mind – never again would he see his office in the same light!

Her mind had only just started to get active and she knew that she was not going to achieve every thing in one visit. Therefore, she had started to breakdown her “mental” visits in to short sessions of 15 – 30 minutes and she was going to call them THERAPY:

•Encourage him to acquaint himself with her body, to explore it and to take her to an orgasm with just his hands and fingers. •Just like training a dog for having done well she thought that she would then “reward” him in some way – a blow job? Or would she just let her hands do her talking? •She wanted to introduce his mouth to her game as soon as possible and a session was planned where she was lying back on his desk, hips hanging over the end and his exploring tongue bringing her to the ultimate climax. •How was he performing? His actions / responses would drive the momentum and she would review what “reward” may be appropriate. •She had so many ideas in her mind that she was uncertain which direction she would choose and she was certain that the list of current thoughts was not exhaustive and that she would only add to them: •Masturbate in front of him •Get him to w*nk himself off for her •Perform a tantalizing strip tease. •Should she consider taking her vibrator to one of her sessions? •She even considered the remote possibility of finding a friend canlı kaçak iddaa who may be interested in joining her and performing a lesbian show. She hoped that he’d like to pleasure both of them at the same time. •Ultimately, she wanted to have sex with him. This was her fantasy. Her end game. •Lying on his desk feeling him pump hard in to her … •Sat astride him on his office chair having a far more gentle, sensual experience …

Despite obvious outward appearances that she was trying to please him she was really in to this for her own personal satisfaction.

She knew that if, ultimately, she wanted to have sex with him that she had to build his confidence, to make him realise that he could satisfy her and express how desperate she was for him. This was a big game for her. She had the experience and the sexual confidence and this was an opportunity to “train” and educate some one to please her and satisfy her demands. The fact that she fancied him just made it more appealing.

Despite her thoughts of being in control she was very nervous as she entered the building for the first time. She wasn’t even certain that he’d be there but she was in risk taking mode. When she knocked the door and he came to answer it the confidence flooded back in to her and her sense of power returned.

She allowed him to go and make her a drink whilst she relaxed in his office, getting a feel for the surroundings, making mental comparisons with the images she had generated of his desk, the lay out, the décor, the smells, etc. It was smarter and tidier than she’d imagined but also more plain and a little more stark.

She had carefully thought about and selected what she was going to wear. She had opted for a black turtle neck jumper and a comfortable knee length skirt – she felt classy and it would enable her to carry out her plans for this first session.

He returned with her drink and was at a loss for words as he stared at her attractive face and gorgeous hair whilst she returned his smile. He mumbled something about asking how she was and it was just the initiative she required to take control, to say that she was feeling pretty good and rather horny and that he was going to follow her instructions.

He was transfixed. Amazed that she’d turned up uninvited and now she was making comments that had him feeling incredibly nervous, quite afraid and a little concerned. He could only wait.

She wandered around his desk, sat on it facing him, a leg on each arm of his chair and stated that she was here for a therapy session and that it would not be her last. She felt a need to gain some kind of hold over him, without being domineering or over-powering, and said that she was going to teach him to satisfy her and meet her every whim. What she’d teach him could only benefit him with other women but first and foremost she was in it for her own satisfaction. In time she’d ask him about his own relationships but for now words were unnecessary.

She took each of his hands and they were very tense and clammy and she held them and ushered him to relax – she had no plans to hurt him. In fact far from it. She stroked the back of his hands and the tension began to ease and he chuckled as she tickled his wrists. It was time for his hands to start to find their way around her body and she led his right hand to her face and gently stroked her cheek and ran it through her hair. He was still a little tense but she was getting quite excited – her thighs had begun to twitch with anticipation.

She led both hands on to her hips and upwards, covering her tits on the outside of her jumper, cupping them gently between the wool and easing his hands to her neck which he began to stroke of his own accord.

He knew he was the only person left in the offices but he was wary that some body from the factory could interrupt them and wondered if he should go and lock some doors. He decided to get this routine task out of the way and when he returned she had removed her bra and placed it on his desk. She lifted her jumper to display her cute breasts and tweaked a nipple – he did not need any encouragement at this point to lean forward and stroke them gently, to caress them, to circle each nipple with a finger, to rub the nipple with a thumb. She was feeling extremely erotic and he moved towards her as if to kiss her nipple but she pushed his head away and said it was hands only. He was not about to complain.

Slowly. Gently. His hands explored her upper body and she reacted so positively to her touch. He was lingering longer than she wanted and unlike any man she had met before she had to encourage him to think about moving lower. She opened her legs, still on the arms of his chair, and invited him to look up her skirt. One hand continued to kneed her tits whilst the other fumbled for a knee and began to course its way up her inner thigh. She gasped and he jumped back and asked what he had done wrong. She told him that it was just verbal encouragement and to resume quickly.

His hand eased canlı kaçak bahis towards her underwear and he felt her warmth and moistness from outside the material. He eased a finger under the material and was amazed to find her neatly shaven. Did she feel hot? He wondered if his hand would melt! It was a good job she was wet as well to put out the fire burning inside her.

This was the first time he had touched her and he seemed to be guided by some force. She’d expected he’d need more guidance but he was doing pretty well so far as a large middle finger spread her fanny lips and reached inside, probing, then reaching as far as it could. She squeezed as he eased it out of her and then back in.

She moved her hands under her skirt and removed her thong widening her legs and little and suggesting he look at the effect he was having on her. Her juices were flowing and her horny feelings were increasing.

She suggested he start to tease her clit and guided him towards her little love button which tensed at his tender touch. She started to moan and he suggested that she needed to be a little quieter – she obliged but her hips moved more ferociously. She guided his other hand towards her crotch and with one finger teasing her clit he inserted another in to her wet love tunnel.

This was not supposed to be so exciting – after all it was only a finger f*ck and she had not anticipated any thing like this much pleasure. Her orgasm wasn’t far way and she deliberately gave him no indication of its impending arrival as she impaled herself on his one finger whilst thrusting her clit ferociously on to his other. Oh, did it feel good! She screamed with pleasure as her body shook violently.

He wondered if she’d just been possessed but her sweaty smile was reassurance that she was still on planet earth – albeit only just.

She recovered her consciousness, jumped up, said “Thank you. I’ll see you again” and left almost as quickly as she’d arrived.

In reality, her legs were all of a quiver and her body was still in spasm but she had a confident air as he watched her walk to her car. He was still somewhat completely shocked.

She jumped in the car, let out a deep breath and leant on the steering wheel for support. That had gone somewhat better than she had ever imagined and she knew that she’d be back. She started the car and immediately stalled it. She tried again – she just could not get her legs under control.

Another plan formed in her mind – after that performance he needed a reward and some encouragement to service her needs again in the future. She jumped out of the car and ran back in to the building, raced to his office kissed him passionately. He did not need words and enjoyed the stirring in the pit of his stomach and breathed her sweet smell deeply. He was still responding to her strong, powerful kiss as her one hand rubbed the crotch of his trousers, fumbled with his belt and released the clasp. She was still flowing – juices poured from her fanny and, as she had left off her underwear, down her upper thigh. She was crazy for him. But she had to train him for sex.

For now he had taken her to an orgasm and she did not care if he came inside 5 seconds – she just wanted to satisfy him. He jumped away as his trousers came free, nervous, scared of losing his seed too quickly and embarrassed that he would disappoint her. She eased his worries by saying that she did not care how he performed – after all he’d excelled just a few minutes before and now it was his turn.

She tried to ease his feelings that his knob was undersized but he was a man and would always have such fears. She held it tightly in two hands and could feel it twitching. He advised her when to ease off and he’d relax a little. She loved seeing a man hard and erect and with her thighs getting ever wetter she just had to taste his spunk. She sat him on his desk and went down on his dick – no gentle teasing with a tongue but taking his full length in her mouth. He ran his hands through her hair and was surprised that he did not cum immediately. She enjoyed having to give his powerful knob some attention, having to caress, cajole and play with his balls and she gagged when he shot his load as the sheer ferocity took her by surprise. She lapped up every spurt and washed it around her mouth – it felt so good.

Her legs had stopped trembling and she jumped up and was gone. It was all she could do to get out of the building, to rush home and search for her vibrator and the feelings that she knew would follow.

Part 3

She’d got in to a regular routine. She did not need any of the emotional attachment required by so many people to enjoy sex and she had found a very willing and reasonably capable partner.

Whenever she needed a sexual release she’d contact him. They did not meet for any longer than 30 minutes and rarely chatted. They certainly did not make any small talk.

She liked visiting him at work, it still excited her and she had so many happy memories of the first time when his fingers had taken her to such an orgasm that she had not been able to drive her car because her legs were trembling so much. However, if people were working late at his office she had, on only a couple of occasions, entertained him at her flat.

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