The Worst Halloween Day Ever

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Firstly I’d like to express I’m not a writer, I haven’t sent this in erotically, but it’s a story what happened after a party and I found out my girlfriend had cheated on me.

My name is Luke and I’m 24 years old, I’m a thin build white guy with brown hair whose quite quiet but consider myself a lovely guy and people get on with me. My girlfriend called Lucy is also quite similar, she’s two years younger than me and we met in university. She’s quiet but sweet and at first our love life was amazing. After a year or two I did start to realise that she wanted it to be more aggressive and rough though and I worried I couldn’t keep up. She was a five foot slim brunette with a big curvy ass and big E cup boobs. Her body was in amazing shape as she went to the gym most nights whereas I was a typical guy who stayed home playing xbox.

Anyway fast forward a year and we had finished university and we had moved into our own 2 bedroom flat with my university friend Paul and his partner. It was close to Halloween and as usual the three of us had decided to go out to a party and fancy dress. Me and Lucy both gone as GOT characters, I was Jon in my night internet casino ls watchman Black fur outfit (minus the physique) and she was Khaleesi. She wore a long blonde wig and stunning tight white dress. I could tell she was wearing no bra and they were almost bursting out but she had told me it looked the character and I let it slide. I couldn’t wait to bring her back that night and rip it all off and have sex.

Paul’s girlfriend had gone to stay with family so he was coming with us alone and he had gone dressed as Thor. He had a big hammer with him and wore small shorts, big blag boots and was topless. I was shocked by the physique of him cause he had a six pack, stocky shoulders and his biceps were bulging, he looked good and I teased him that his gf better will be jealous that she can’t have him on a leash tonight. He laughed it off and we all got into a taxi and to the party.

So the standard party, all of our old university friends were there dressed as your typical witches, clowns, nurses and police. The music was blaring and we were drinking more and more the night went on. We then turned onto the sambuca shots, tequila canlı poker oyna and vodka and soon I was a Jon snow lookalike stumbling across the room and tried to find Lucy. When I found her she was with a few of her friends and Paul. I’d managed to get her by one side and said how much I wanted her when we got home, whispered in her ear how if we got home early, I would bend her over our kitchen table and fuck her. She could tell my 5 inch cock was getting hard and I could tell she was getting hornier the more I spoke. At 2am we decided to get a taxi by ourselves leaving Paul and the rest of the party to continue. The taxi ride was only 30 minutes but every turn felt horrible. I could feel the sickness coming more and more and when we finally got out, right there on the pavement I was sick. I could see the disappointment in Lucy’s face as I know she wanted to be fucked In our flat whilst it’s empty which was quite rare these days. I had said we could still do it but we ended up going to bed. Last thing I remember was her kissing me good night and going to fetch some water.

I woke up in quite a haze, my head was spinning and poker oyna my glasses were off but I could hear the shared bathroom shower on and when I checked by the side of me, Lucy wasn’t in bed. I thought ‘huh what a strange time to have a shower’ but didn’t think much else of it.

I fell back to sleep and woke an hour later and Lucy still wasn’t in my bed. I got worried this time and jumped out of bed, I walked into the living room and I could see the fancy dress clothes Lucy had been wearing on the floor, next to them was the Thor hammer. I hadn’t heard Paul get in but I was glad he got home safely, I always worry about him out cause he usually drinks too much and ends up in the strangest of places. I walked down the corridor and I could hear bed springs in Paul’s room. I thought that cheeky lad had brought some slut back from the party and is cheating on his girlfriend. Walking closer I could hear him saying “that’s it you whore, take my huge cock in your ass, I bet your boyfriend doesn’t this to you” that’s when my body froze and I hear her voice “his dick is nothing to you Paul, fuck me harder I need to cum its been so long”. It was Lucy’s voice. I was stunned. I thought we would get married one day. I didn’t know what to do, listen or storm in. All I felt I could do was listen to Lucy being roughly fucked by my best friend whilst I stood in the corridor with my cock getting harder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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