The Weekend Away Turns into a Night Pt. 12

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Part 12 — The plan to deal with their problem progresses…

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Later that day, the couple were shopping in town (Hayley had brought several new lingerie sets as well as a few dresses, including an incredibly sheer one that she loved but until recently would never have had the guts to wear), and when they stopped for some lunch, Hayley did what Dan asked that morning and text Franco to arrange another shoot.

‘Hi Franco, It’s Hayley. I know we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot so far, but I’ve been thinking about what you said yesterday. In fact, it’s all I’ve been thinking about. I know I was surprised when you joined in and I told you to stop, but I can’t stop imagining what it would be like to have multiple guys at the same time. If you promise that Dan won’t find out, I’d like to do a shoot with more people. What kind of pay do these sets offer, what is expected, and when could we possibly arrange it for? X’

She read it past Dan first, who nodded agreement, and then hit send, wondering if Franco might be dubious about the seemingly sudden change of attitude towards the type of shoots he wanted. Like with his emails, she didn’t have to wait long for a response, as her phone pinged at his reply — ‘Well, I am a little surprised to hear from, but it isn’t completely unexpected as I had a good feeling about you from the start. I have a few ideas for some shoots where the pay would vary depending on which you do, so if you want to swing by the studio, we can discuss it.’ Hayley read this aloud to Dan, who said to arrange the meeting for as soon as possible, and she replied back that she was off work today and could be there in half an hour, which he agreed to. Before leaving, Dan mentioned that if he asks for an impromptu set, she should go for it, and gave her a deep kiss as she left to go to the studio.

She got there to find Franco on his own, re-arranging one of the sets that he had done a shoot on that morning before Hayley arrived. When she called out to him, he walked over and directed her into the office, sitting behind his desk as she sat facing him like before, except this was the first time she wasn’t sitting there naked.

“Well, I do have to say I was surprised to receive that text from you today. Do you want to explain that?” He started, clearly intrigued as to what has changed in Hayley since last night.

“Well, at first, I thought this was just a modelling job, but then when you had that huge guy Ash have sex with me, I wasn’t prepared for it and felt really guilty as I had basically cheated on my boyfriend. Then yesterday with Jon I didn’t feel like that at all. I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 7 years, and I love him more than anything, but it’s so exciting to be able to do things that I feel like I’ve missed out without him knowing or judging. Yesterday when you put your dick in my mouth, I wasn’t expecting it and honestly, I felt a little violated, but all night last night I couldn’t stop thinking what it would be like to be fucked by multiple guys, and I spent the whole night turned on and not able to do anything about it. If I were to say to my boyfriend I feel like I’ve missed out on stuff and want to have sex with several guys at once, how do you think he would take that? What would you think if your girlfriend or wife, if you have one, said that to you?” Hayley lied to him.

“Fair enough. I have several ideas, depending on what you want to do. One of them is pretty out there, but if you want to do it, it would pay £500. It completely depends on how many guys you want to involve.” Franco responded.

“Well, I’m not really sure. What are your ideas? Hayley asked.

“Well, the first one is pretty boring. It’s just you and two guys. We could always add another guy in, and these would pay £250-300 depending on what you go for. They would be standard shoots, but I think you are looking for something more than that, and I’ve got the perfect idea for it. How do you feel about being restrained?” He continued.

“I’ve not really thought about it. What kind of restraints are you talking about?” Hayley again asked.

“Come with me. We’ll do a quick shoot and let you see and try some things out.” Franco said, standing up and walking out of the office.

He held the door for Hayley behind him, before leading her towards into the studio and motioning her to sit on the bed as he walked towards a cupboard. When he returned, he was carrying a strange looking contraption that had pads and straps in various positions, which Hayley couldn’t work out as she looked at it. He put it on the bed next to her, before looking to see her reaction. Hayley was still trying to understand what it was, and the penny dropped just as Franco started explaining what it was. The device made whoever was using be in a hunched over position, face down, ass up. The pads were in place for comfort ümraniye escort on the knees, and there were several straps in place to hold whoever was using in at the ankles and wrists. Hayley was clearly curious, so Franco encouraged her to try it out, offering her his hand as he stood by the device to help her up. As she stood and turned around to get on it, he pulled her hand back slightly.

“Oh, the restraints are really uncomfortable if you’ve got clothes on as apparently they rub. Just slip your jeans and jumper off and you’ll be fine.” He ‘helpfully’ told her.

Despite being unsure about his intentions, Hayley slowly undid her jeans and pushed them down, remembering Dan had encouraged her to do an impromptu shoot if he asked, until she was standing in just her bra and thong as Franco stood poised with a camera. He took a few pictures of Hayley standing next to the device, before guiding her on to it. He didn’t tighten any of the straps, instead just guiding her hands through them to show how they feel and work, and taking a few more pictures.

“Ok, I think it’s time to lose the underwear, and you’ll be able to get the full experience of how it feels. It will be just you and me here this time so if it isn’t your thing, you can just say.” He said, assisting Hayley’s limbs out of the untightened straps.

She stood up and despite not wanting to, she figured it would be a good thing to try it out before agreeing to anything more, unclipped her bra and let it fall to the floor, before pushing the waistband of her thong down to join it. She then moved back to the device and re-straddled it, and even though she didn’t really want to admit it, the thought of being strapped down in the device was actually starting to turn her on, since she knew then she would be completely helpless. Franco started taking pictures again, which ranged from her face, to her pert but hanging boobs and hard pointed nipples, before he pointed the camera at one of the wrist straps and snapped the picture. Once he had a picture of the strap undone, he put the camera down and quickly pulled it tight, securing Hayley’s right arm , before repeating thee action on her left arm, and picking his camera up to shoot them again, showing her arms were now restrained.

He carried on taking pictures of Hayley from various angles, before she felt the restraint around her right ankle suddenly go tight, and almost immediately, the left was the same, which she knew meant that now, she was secured there. She was now completely at Franco’s mercy, and she was highly relieved when she heard his camera beep, indicating he was still taking pictures. She could see him at the side of her, and mentally noted that he other than when he secured the ankle straps, he had not taken any pictures of her from behind, which seemed a bit strange to her. As if on cue, Franco moved around further and continued taking pictures of Hayley’s raised and exposed pussy and ass, making sure he got plenty of close ups.

“I have to say, you have a gorgeous pussy Hayley. It’s quite possibly the sexiest pussy I’ve ever shot.” Franco said, much to Hayley’s amusement.

Before she could respond to him though, she felt his fingers touching her, spreading her pussy lips apart between his fingers as his camera kept beeping.

“Oh that’s gorgeous. You’re spread open right now, and it is so sexy. I can feel how turned on you are. Is the thought of this doing it for you?” He asked as he kept moving his fingers, repeatedly spreading her pussy lips.

Hayley didn’t want to answer, because she knew that if she did, it was highly likely that things were going to go further with Franco than she wanted, especially considering she was strapped down on some strange device that she couldn’t get out of, but he had now progressed from simply spreading her lips to rubbing her clit, and that felt really good. Hayley was now in a serious predicament — On one hand, she was so horny at that point, she needed a release, and being strapped in she knew that Franco could do whatever he liked to her and she was powerless to stop him, but on the other hand, even though she was disgusted by how he had treated her and there was no way she wanted him to have his dick anywhere near her, let alone inside her, she couldn’t find the words to tell him to stop.

A few seconds later, any potential chance she had to stop him ever experiencing her tight pussy were taken from her, as whilst she had been lost in her own thoughts as he played with her bean, he had also put the camera down, freed his cock from his shorts, and in one deft move, slid his full length into her. Hayley’s instant reaction to the unexpected penetration was to attempt to reach back and push Franco away from her, but this was when it fully dawned on her that she couldn’t, and no matter what, she was powerless to stop him. Even if she were able to somehow find the words to say stop, which she wanted to, there üsküdar escort was nothing to say he would. Franco quickly began picking up the intensity with his thrusts until he was fully pounding in to her prone body, her gorgeous little ass sticking up in the air thanks to the way the device was made, and he had a palm on each cheek to spread them, giving him a perfect view of her puckered up little asshole as his veiny cock disappeared in to her velvet hole.

As much as Hayley didn’t want to admit it, she couldn’t help but enjoy what was currently happening, and despite the fact she had a serious dislike for Franco, his cock felt really good as he pummelled into her, and he took things a step further moments later as he put a big dollop of saliva onto his thumb, before slipping it in to her ass as he continued fucking her. This drew a moan from Hayley as he did it, so Franco pushed it in deeper until it could go no further, which drew another gasp. Everything in Hayley wanted to tell him to stop, to take his cock out of her and undo the restraints, but the fucking felt far too good, and the still-looming threat of him posting her pictures everywhere for all of her male friends to see ensured she didn’t say a word.

There were several surprising things Hayley noticed about Franco while he was fucking her, the first was that he had a stamina she wouldn’t have given him credit for, seemingly able to keep going, but the biggest thing was that he was actually being pretty respectful to her. There she was, kneeling down naked with her ass in the air, strapped at the wrists and ankles, and despite her not wanting to, she was effectively enabling him to do whatever he wished and she was powerless to stop him. Despite this, he had not been rough or forceful in any way, and other than his thumb, he had not gone near her ass at all. Despite his stamina, finally being inside Hayley and the incredible feeling of her horny snatch around his cock finally became too much, and he sailed straight past the point of no return, increasing his pace for one final flourish before letting out a loud groan as he buried his full length to the hilt and started spunking deep inside her.

This was the only thing that he did that Hayley wasn’t happy about, since she had repeatedly made the point about this not happening in previous shoots, although there was no way Franco was going to miss the opportunity to do this, almost as if to reiterate that he can do as he wishes. After finishing, he made no attempt to move, instead remaining where he was, having almost flopped forward and ended up laying against Hayley’s back, panting heavily in her ear as he began to slowly regain his equilibrium and calm his breathing as he continued reaching underneath her and playing with her small boobs. After staying like this, he decided to move, and reached for his camera, picking it up and starting to snap Hayley’s pussy close up from behind as she remained strapped to the device.

“Err, are you going to undo these cuffs so I can go to the toilet and get your fucking cum out of me, which I’m annoyed about because I’ve repeatedly said don’t cum inside me when I’ve been here!” Hayley said.

“Yes, when I decide to.” Franco replied. “It’s just that at the moment, I am liking the way you are still tied down and the pictures of your gorgeous, recently shaved and freshly fucked pussy are incredible, so I’m just going to leave you here for a bit.” he carried on.

“I want to go to the toilet so I can get this fucking jizz out of me! Hayley said again, her annoyance starting to show through.

“Oh, no, I think that can stay there for a bit. You said earlier that your boyfriend is at work, so there is no rush for you to get cleaned up. The fact that there isn’t even the slightest dribble coming out of you is amazing, I love it. When I let you up, I want you to go home with my cum inside you, and you can clean yourself up when you get there, because I think no matter what you will say, I’m pretty certain you loved this, so let me ask you something, would you be up for it again?”

“Up for what?” Hayley snapped, irritated about him making her go home with his cum inside her.

“About using this again,” He replied, tapping the device with the restraints, “but next time with more than just me. You said you fancied the idea of several guys, so I’ll arrange for you to do two or three single sets with different guys, and then we can sort that for you. Out of curiosity, how many guys would you want at the same time? Like, 2…? 3…? 4?”

“I don’t know how many to be honest. I’ve never actually sat and thought ‘I know, I want to be fucked by like, 6 guys at the same time!’ I just get really turned on at the thought of more than one guy doing me, but I don’t want to do anything really slutty, so have you got any ideas?” She told him.

“Yeah I’m sure I can think of something” He said, before pulling out his phone and looking yenibosna escort at the screen, and putting it back in his pocket.

He moved around the bed where Hayley was still strapped to the machine, walked over towards the door, and to her disbelief, opened it to someone Hayley couldn’t make out, but could only assume was a friend of his, since he shook hands with the person before telling them to come in. Hayley watched on as they stood fairly close to the door talking about something, before Franco started leading the guy towards where she was still strapped down. As they got closer, Hayley was able to get a decent look at the guy as he looked back at her, whilst Franco continued guiding the strange guy behind her. The guy she was looking at was actually extremely good looking, and his t-shirt and shorts enabled her to see he was very well defined, most likely another heavy gym goer.

“So, what do you think, you fancy it? I mean, feel free to try her, but I’ve just busted a nut in her, so it’s up to you.” Franco said, clearly talking to the guy and apparently giving him the go ahead to have sex with her if he wishes.

“Err, excuse me! What the fuck makes you think you can tell people they can fuck me? That’s not anything to do with you. I say who can have sex with…” Hayley started, but was cut off by Franco.

“Honey, shh…” he said in an extremely condescending tone. “This is an associate of mine who works for the magazine. I told him to come by and have a look at you close up to see what he thinks. When you text me this morning, I told him this was a good time to, and now with you like this, it would be rude to not at least offer. You want paying good money and doors to open, this is the guy to impress!” He told her as the guy walked around the bed and crouched down by Hayley.

“Hi Hayley. My name is Wes. I’ve known Franco for a long time and he has an amazing way of finding gorgeous girls that will pose, but I must say, I think you may well be the most gorgeous of them all. I am a big fan of girls being completely shaved, and they are always the higher rated on the site than the girls that aren’t. Anyway, first things first, I represent a company, and no matter what you may have heard, most representatives do not insist a model has sex with them to get published. I certainly don’t. If you had told me to fuck you, I wouldn’t have turned that down, but otherwise I wouldn’t take advantage of you like that. Secondly, Franco tells me you are interested in a group shoot. Well, I have worked with the magazine for a long time, and can tell you that whilst it is rare for an amateur model to request a group shoot, it does pay very well, and if you were prepared to be strapped into this, it would pay even more. Can I ask, how many guys do you want to join you? Are you talking 2 guys, or more?” The good looking guy said.

At this point, Franco cut in and told him about their conversation earlier, where Hayley said she didn’t have a number in mind, but didn’t want it to be something slutty. When he had finished, Hayley re-iterated that she had never thought about it before, but quietly confirming that she is definitely ok with being strapped down again, telling him it is a massive turn on at the thought of being left at the mercy of the other people in the shoot. Seconds later, Wes came up with an idea and decided to pitch it to Hayley to see if she would be interested.

“I’ve had an idea, that again is quite out there, but I think this would be loved by the subscribers, and it would also help alleviate your concerns about it being slutty. How about you get strapped in and are blindfolded and have noise cancelling headphones on. That way, you can get your fantasy of having several guys, but you wouldn’t know how many there was so you could just have it in your head that it’s two or 3, where as in fact it could be four or five. How about this — Right now, we say you get paid £300. That’s the standard rate for 2 guys and being strapped in. Then, you would never know how many men had sex with you unless you wanted to. How about that?”

Hayley asked if she could have some time to think it over, which Wes told her that she certainly could, before he turned the focus of the conversation back towards the device that Hayley was still strapped to, telling how amazing she looks strapped to it, all helpless, and how it is taking everything he has to not fuck her, but he is hoping she decides to do the group shoot like he suggested. At this point, he started undoing the straps to release her, and passed her the bundle of clothes from the floor, but continued watching as she re-dressed herself, taking special notice of her intimate areas with a smile on his face. Once she was dressed, he walked with her to the door and opened it, allowing her through, before following and walking her to her car. Once she got in and drove off, he gave a wave and walked back inside, laughing to himself as he walked up to Franco.

“Man, she brought that bullshit hook, line and sinker. I think she’ll go for it. Strap her up, blindfold her, put on the headphones, and call the boys out to play. You know we’re up for it, and she’s smokin’ hot. I can’t wait to have a go on her ass. I take you finally fucked her then after what you said earlier?” Wes said to his friend.

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