The Wedding Planner

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The day started out much like any other day but its end will live in my dreams forever.

My name is Anna and this is my story…


I am a wedding planner and I was currently working on two weddings the Billings wedding and the O’Neil wedding. Never would I have imagined that in doing so I would find the man of my dreams. The O’Neil’s had chosen a florist they wanted to go with instead of using the one that I volunteered. So I was driving through rush hour traffic trying to get down town before they closed. I was already very aggravated because I was on the phone arguing with the bakery about having the cake done on time.

When I finally pulled up to the shop the lights were off. I rushed from my car and ran to the door. Looking through the window I saw a shadow of someone in the back through the adjoining door. So I knocked on the glass door. I heard someone yell from the back “we’re closed.” After the day I had there was no way I was going to leave this shop without talking to someone.

So I continued knocking until I heard a loud cuss and bang coming from the back room. When the door opened I saw him for the first time. He was muscled and dark. His hair was black, his eyes blue and he had a five o’clock shadow. “Can’t you read, we’re closed!” He said sarcastically.

“I see that yes, but if I could just talk to you for a moment.” I said to him. I could not take my eyes off him. He was the epitome of sex. The shirt he wore was tight to his chest and every muscle showed through. There was a hint of hair just below the V of his collar. My eyes followed the line of his chest all the way down to the waist of his jeans.

I heard him chuckle and my eyes shot up to his. When I looked at him I knew I was caught. His smile lit up his face and made him look so unbelievably sexy that my mouth actually watered. I felt my face go hot and knew my cheeks were getting red. I took a step back and a deep breath and said “I am looking for Decklin MacDuff.”

He stepped out of the door and stood in front of me just inches from my face and said. “I’m Decklin, who are you?”

The fact that he was just inches from me made it impossible not to breathe him in. His scent was mesmerizing, intoxicating. My head began to feel light and I licked my lips. I watched his eyes shoot to my mouth and watch as my tongue slid over my lips. My body was betraying me, I had never had this reaction to any man. I could feel my nipples harden through my shirt and I began to feel warm all over.

I tried to speak but my mouth was dry. I didn’t understand what was happening but I also did not want it to stop. I tried to take a step back and tripped over my own feet. It all happened so fast one minute I was standing in front of him the next I was in his arms. He lifted me up and carried me inside kicking the door closed with his foot. He walked to the back room and sat me down on a counter and went to get me a glass of water.

I took this time to try and regain some of my composure. I took a few deep breaths and closed my eyes. I kept telling myself over and over, “you’re a professional, he is just a man, nothing special. Get a hold of yourself.”

Within moments he was back and handing me a glass of water. “Here try this,” he told me smiling. I felt like a fool, I was acting like a teenager. I took the glass and chugged it down. I didn’t realize my mouth was so dry till the cold water hit my lips. I drank it so fast that some of the water spilled out and ran down my chin.

He reached out his hand and with his thumb he wiped the water from my chin. My eyes went to his when his hand touched my face and I could not look away from him. His fingers were rough, it had been a long time since anyone had touched me that way and my throat began to get dry all over again.

I pulled back from him and shoved the glass out to him. “Could I have some more please?” I asked. I looked down and saw that there was a piece of paper on the counter with canlı bahis şirketleri the list of flowers on it. Grateful to have the distraction I picked it up and started skimming over it.

“It’s for a wedding I’ve contracted well not really contracted, the groom is my best friend and I am the best man so I offered to do it.”

“Who’s wedding?” I asked not looking at him.

“Mark O’Neil.”

“No you’re not, the best man is a guy named Mac.” I said to him

“Wait how you know that?” he asked.

“I’m Anna Levey, the wedding planner.” I told him. “We were supposed to meet last week but you never showed up for your fitting. Didn’t your mother ever tell you it is not proper to make plans with someone then not call to say you won’t make it? I waited at that dam shop for three hours.”

“Whoa,” he said backing away. “Didn’t Mark call you? I had an emergency I was here at the shop till three am.” My apologies Anna, if I had known someone as beautiful as you was waiting for me I would have come, screw the emergency.”

I felt my face blush again and turned away from him. “Okay well, as long as it was an emergency I guess I can forgive you. I have to say I was a little disappointed when the O’ Neil’s declined my suggestion for a florist for their wedding. I always use the same one, he is really good. But I see now that they made the right choice, these flower arrangements will complement each other so well Mr. MacDuff.” I told him looking at the list.

“Decklin,” he said in my ear. “Or if you prefer Mac,” I lifted my head quickly and bumped into him knocking the glass of water out of his hand. The water spilled down the front of him before the glass crashed to the floor shattering into pieces.

“I’m so sorry, here let me….” I began. Before I could finish I felt myself being swooped up and carried across the room.

“Sit here,” he told me. “You are only wearing sandals I don’t want you to get cut.”

I watched as he disappeared into a door on the other side of the room then returned with a broom and dustpan. I could not take my eyes off him as he swept up the broken glass. I sat mesmerized and watched the muscle in his arms and back flexed and fill out his shirt more. I think I actually had to wipe a bit of drool from my lip. Or it might have been the water I had been drinking. He finished sweeping up all the glass then got a towel and threw it on the floor over the wet spot before turning his attention back to me. By that time I think I might have been panting like a dog on a hot summer day.

“So, do you want to take this conversation upstairs? I have a few drawings of the layout for the flowers I discussed with Mark and Brittany.” He asked grabbing the list of flowers from the table and walking toward me.

“Upstairs?” I asked puzzled.

“Yeah My apartment, I live upstairs.” He said smiling

That smile looked dangerous and there was no way I was going to his apartment with him.

“I think down here is probably better.” I said as I stiffened my back strait.

“Okay no biggie just give me a minute I go get them.” He told me handing me the paper with the list and walking back through the door where he got the broom.

I was glad when he left I need a few minutes to get my bearings. This guy had me all twisted up inside and I was not sure I liked it. I was normally one to stay in complete control of myself and my surroundings. I slipped down from the table and walked around the room. It was a work room for making flower arrangements. There were some coolers with flowers in them a few tables and shelves of vases. I walked over to the door that he had gone into and peeked out. To the right was a small alcove with a mop and bucket and some cleaners to the left a short hallway with stairs and a glass door. I stepped into the hallway and walked to the glass door. It was an entry to a dimly lit greenhouse. I looked to the stairs that more than likely led to his apartment and saw he was canlı kaçak iddaa not coming and I pulled the door open.

I was immediately overwhelmed with the most beautiful smells I have ever experienced and the site was absolutely breathtaking. There were roses of every color imaginable. I saw lavender and lilacs and lilies. There were bleeding hearts and orchids. A large fountain and pond took up the center of the greenhouse and the flowers lined the three outer glass walls. I stepped inside and was instantly swept away. I found myself stopping every few steps touching and smelling every flower. The pond had koi fish and water lilies in it. There was a stone bench next to the pond so I sat and was admiring the site. My fingers were skimming the water as I sat there taking everything in.

“Be careful they might nibble your fingers.”

I jumped at the sound of his voice and the feel of his breath on my ear. Standing to my feet I turned and scolded him saying, “Didn’t you mother ever tell you not to sneak up on people?”

“I guess my mother missed a few things.” He said as he sat down on the bench. “Come sit with me and I’ll show you the drawings.” He said patting the seat next to him.

It took me a few seconds before I could move again. My heart was beating so fast. Why did he have this effect on me? This has never happened to me before. I thought as I watched him. He pulled the folder he was holding to his lap to open it up and when he did I walked over and sat down next to him. Once next to him he handed me the top paper. “This will be the ceremony arrangement. It is how Brittany and Mark want it. They want lavender and lilacs and I thought some indigo and baby’s breath. What do you think?” He asked leaning closer to me. His leg was pressed up to mine and I could feel his breath on my cheek.

I couldn’t think the feel of him next to me and his breath teasing my skin had my mind racing. The smells and the heat in the greenhouse were also making me dizzy. “Do you approve?” He asked inches from my ear. I released the breath I didn’t know I was holding and turned my head to answer him. We were face to face his eyes were pools of liquid blue he didn’t move. I don’t know what possessed me, maybe the flowers, the scents or the heat growing inside me but I felt myself lean in.

Seconds later I was in his arms and his mouth was crushing mine. I felt his tongue slide over my lips and I opened them inviting him in. He pulled me against him and wrapped his arms around me trapping me. At the moment I was happy to be his captive and allowed him to take me places I had never been. I felt his hand at the back of my neck pulling my head back and releasing my mouth only to savagely devour my neck. My nails dug into his back trying to pull him closer.

Then his mouth was back on mine. I felt him pulling me to his lap and allowed him too. I couldn’t believe it, here I was miss prim and proper sitting astride this god of a man. The goddess in me sat back and purred as real me pressed into him and deepened the kiss. I felt like I was floating he tasted so good I just kept my eyes closed and rode the wave.

I was slapped back to reality when I felt myself being pushed onto the cold hard table in his arrangement room. I opened my eyes and pulled my lips from his. “How…” I began but his lips were on mine again silencing me. This was so out of character for me but I didn’t care. I am a mature adult people have casual sex all the time right? I thought. When my hands pulled at his shirt to lift it up over his head my body won the silent battle with my mind and I let go.

I was rewarded with a solid bronze beautifully sculpted chest. I reached out and touched him, his skin was warm and hard everything I expected it to be. He slid the straps of my sun dress off my shoulders then reached around to unzip it. As he slid the fabric down his head lowered and he took my nipple into his mouth. Again I was swept away to places that I had only canlı kaçak bahis fantasied about. I felt his hands sliding up my thigh and under my dress reaching for my panties. I lifted each cheek as he expertly slipped my panties off and let them drop to the floor.

He reached for my hand and pulled it to the front of his jeans and pressed it to the solid mass growing there. What was this guy doing to me? This is crazy right? I though as I rubbed my hand around the budge in his pants. He unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans then taking my hand again he guided it into his pants.

That was all the guidance I needed as I wrapped my hand around him and freed him from his pants. I stroked my hand up and down the shaft while he watched me. I gripped him harder and began moving my hand faster and his head fell back. My inner goddess was doing cartwheels I have never done anything like this before and it looked like she approved. I pressed my free hand to his chest and pushed him back a few steps. His head came up and he looked at me. Slowly and seductively I began a trail of kisses down his chest to his belly and lower. As I leaned forward I looked at him and smirked then took him into my mouth.

His head fell back again and he let out a deep moan as his hands wrapped around my head. I worked my mouth up and down the shaft while my teeth and tongue grazed him. I felt his hips start to slowly rock back and forth moving with the rhythm of my mouth. I reached up with my other hand and cupped him below the shaft gently squeezing as I took him fully into my mouth and throat. Seconds later I felt his hands frantically reaching for me and pulling me up.

His lips crushed mine as he pressed me back against the table his need evident by how rough he kissed and touched me. He spun me around and pressed me down onto the table bending me over pulling my dress up to my waist. I felt his leg press in between mine pushing my legs apart then felt his fingers reach under and run from the apex of my thighs to my ass. I was already wet and ready when I felt the tip of him slide up and down parting me. He positioned himself just right then reached up grabbing my shoulders. In one quick and deep thrust he was inside me. I stretched my arms out to the edge of the table and held on as he frantically pressed in and out digging his nails into my flesh.

The metal table was cold on my skin as he pressed me into it. He laid down over my back and turned my head so he could kiss me. He continued to kiss me as he thrust in and out. The table started to slide making a loud screeching noise as the metal scraped over the concrete floor. He pulled out of me and lifted himself up pulling me with him. He unzipped my dress fully and let it fall to the floor then relieved himself of his shoes and jeans then turned me to face him.

He lifted me up onto the table and pulled me to the edge. His mouth crushed mine again as he slid himself into me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and dug my nails into his back. I rocked my hips in rhythm with him tightening the hold my legs and arms had on him. My inner goddess was screaming “Yes…Yes… Fuck me!” as my hips rotated. I heard an animalistic moan from deep inside him. The rhythm was getting faster as we were climbing higher. I felt the warmth growing inside my belly as I neared climax. My head fell back and I shouted, “Yes!… Oh my god yes!”

“Cum with me!” he shouted as he slammed into me. His thrust were quick and deep pushing me over the edge. I clung to him panting and screaming. My orgasm erupted in a shattering avalanche of quivers and shakes from deep within me. He pressed into me one last time and he gripped my hips for leverage as his head fell back and he screamed out. His body shook with short thrusts as he released himself inside me.

His head fell forward and rested against mine as his breathing slowed. I heard him chuckle and I pressed at him pushing him back.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Do you think it might be better if we go to my apartment now?” He asked smiling. “Because I am definitely not done with you yet.” I laughed aloud as he lifted me from the table and threw me over his shoulder smacking my ass as he carried me upstairs.

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