The Truck

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The Truck

Kiyanna (Kiya) and Eli

Erotic Romance

Chapter 1:

I shivered, wished I’d taken a heavier coat, but they’d still been packed away. The cars on the back road were few and far between, I was mostly thankful, I didn’t want to be hit. I stepped down the embankment and found a place to sit. It was a downed tree, but it would work. I hungrily pulled my last few crackers with peanut butter out of their package, sipped at my water. I needed more food, I needed fresh water, to change my clothes, to take a shower. I felt drips on my head.

Great, this type of shower is not what I was looking for.

I headed back up to the road, it was easier to walk on even pavement. I immediately regretted that decision, the passing cars began splashing the rainwater from the road onto me. I heard the loud air-brakes of a tractor trailer and I slid down the embankment. I groaned and pulled my wet self from the ground, the tractor trailer had pulled to a stop ahead of me, a paved cut out in the wooded area. I made my way over there, still heading away from my abuser.

“Want a lift?”

I gasped at the deep voice calling to me through the rain. I spotted a man holding out a flashlight, under an umbrella. I hesitated, wary of anyone. But, as a bolt of lightning struck the sky, I changed my mind. I picked up my pace and made it to where he stood near the big truck.

“Where ya headin’ hon?”

“Anywhere, away.”

He nodded and opened the cab door, I stepped onto the big truck and used the handle to lift myself in. He climbed in the drivers’ side and shook the umbrella out. I shivered, he started up the truck with a loud grumble and the heat blasted through the vents. He put the umbrella behind his seat and buckled his belt, I buckled mine and he pulled back onto the road.

“I’m Eli, you are?”

“Kiyanna, just call me Ki or Kiya.”

“What an interesting name, how beautiful.”

“Thanks, and thanks for the ride. I didn’t think it would be so cold. Or raining for that matter.”

“I won’t ask why you left, but I do have to ask, you are 18?”

I laughed softly, I always looked younger than I am. And probably worse for wear at the moment.

“Yeah, I am 23.”

“No way. Sorry but you look about 15.”

“Always been like that. Mom used to tell me I’d appreciate it when I got to be her age. But, getting carded for an R-rated movie isn’t so nice.”

He laughed, it was big and bright, cheerful and it lit up his face.

“You like driving this big truck Eli?”

“I do, especially this new upgrade. I just got it a little while ago. It’s much better than the last one.”

I glanced in the back, sleeper cab.

“Drive long from home?”

“A lot. I drive cross country once a week.”

“Wow. Your family must miss you.”

“No family, just me.”


“All good, I do better just me. Just holidays are tough sometimes. I try really hard to book trips through Vegas during Christmas. It’s never closed.”

I laughed, he smiled at me widely. I shivered still.

“You need to get dry in order to get warm. There’s a town coming up soon, a really nice truck stop.”

“Thanks, do you think it’d be okay if I use their showers?”

“I do. We’ll get some food too. You look hungry.”

We didn’t say much, he knew where he was going and we soon pulled into a truck stop. I held my bag close to me and he led the way to the women’s showers, showed me where to go. I was the only one in there. I shook out the one change of clothes from my bag, they were mostly dry. I held them under the hand dryers for a few minutes and then draped them over a bar in the separate shower area. There were sample bottles of shampoo, conditioner and small bars of soap, I was so grateful for all. I’d left home 3 days ago, that was the last time I showered. I quickly did what I needed to, got clean, then dry using a plain towel. It wasn’t soft, but it was dry. I dressed in jeans and tee-shirt. I really wish I had gotten my sweatshirts out, but I had to get out of there fast. I put on clean socks, hesitating putting my sneakers on. They were sopping wet from the rain. I heard a knock from the wooden door, Eli’s voice came through.

“Kiya, come to the door, I have something for you. I will hand it to you, I won’t look.”

“I’m dressed and there’s no one in here.”

I stepped toward the main door, he held a bag out to me.

“You didn’t have to get me anything, I can’t pay you back for…”

“Just take it, we’ll talk later. I’m getting food, are you allergic to anything?”

“Fish, shellfish, bees, flowers…”

“Got it. Meet me out here in a few.”

I took the bag and peered inside once the door shut again. A soft blue sweatshirt was inside, and a box. I pulled out the box, new sneakers. They were half a size too big, but they had no holes, and they weren’t sopping wet. I quickly laced them and slid them on my feet. I pulled the sweatshirt over my head and brushed through my hair with the comb I’d packed days ago. I yanked my still wet hair into a ponytail and went to find Eli. He greeted me with a warm smile, handing me two food ikitelli escort bags.

We made our way back to the truck after he’d grabbed a tray with a few drinks on it, quickly darted through the rain. I dug right into the food, I’d barely eaten enough to sustain myself the last few days and I was hungry. He ate too, but as he looked at me, I thought he might be hungry for more than just food.

“Eli, I want to say thank you.”

“You have. More than enough.”

“It’s not enough though.”

I reached over, slid my hand up his thigh.

“Kiya, oh honey. You don’t want me to get started.”

“Why not?”

“Cause, I’m not good for you. I could hurt you.”

“I’m tough.”

“And I like it really rough.”

“And how do you know I don’t?”

He grabbed my hand, put it right on the bulge in his pants. I gripped it, he groaned loudly.

“I’m moving the truck to the back lot. We need more space between us and the other cars. If you drop the table and slide the chairs down, it will make a bed. There are sheets and pillowcases under the seat on the right.”

He moved to the front and started up the truck again, we moved slowly toward the back lot. There were only 4 other trucks there, lots of space in between. Eli parked in the very back, toward the woods. I slid the two chair parts down, grabbed the sheets and put them on. Eli lay the blanket out and set the pillows at the head of the bed.

“Are you on birth control?”


“Good. Cause I don’t have any condoms. I’m safe, are you?”

“Yes. I haven’t been with anyone except my ex in 4 years.”

“I haven’t been with anyone without protection in almost a year.”

I pulled at the edge of his shirt, he yanked mine off first and groaned; seeing my heaving breasts spilling over the top of my too-small bra. I unlatched it myself, he caught my breasts in his hands, took one nipple into his mouth and bit down, hard.

I called out, my pussy immediately soaked to his intense need.

“Fuck yes Kiya!”

He stood and dropped his jeans, I fell to my knees before him and waited to see his tool. The thick mushroom head popped out of the edge of his boxers, I licked it as he pushed the edge of his boxers down. He gently smacked my cheek with his dick, swiping his pre-cum over my cheek and chin before he pushed between my lips. I eagerly took as much as I could, seeing the intense burning in his eyes as I looked up at his face. I grasped his heavy ball-sac, fondled them with one hand, my other hand stroked his length.

“God yes, oh oh fuck!”

He held my head, looking down at me. I nodded and he tightly held my head and began to fuck my face. His cock head protruded into my throat, I allowed the intrusion hearing his satisfactory grunts.

“I’m gonna cum baby, fuck!”

He dropped his hold on my face, I still sucked him hard, waited for his cum. I backed off for a second, maybe he’d had no one to swallow him before.

“Let me taste your cum Eli!”

That did him in, he grabbed his dick and unloaded 5 bursts of cum into my waiting mouth. He dropped onto the bed and pulled my hand, brought me up onto the bed with him. He handed me the drink from the front, I sipped gratefully and smiled at him.

“Kiya, you are something else.”


“You have no idea baby.”

He tenderly brushed his knuckles along my cheek, I thought he might kiss me, but he didn’t. He took the drink from my hand, set it aside. He lay me down on the bed, his mouth suckled my hardened nipple. His fingers deftly pulled open the button on my jeans, I lifted my hips and he pulled off my remaining clothes. His eyes widened at seeing my hairless mound, the small tattoos etched into the tender skin of my thigh. He kissed each of the lillies, heightened my sensation of his mouth, his breath above my wet pussy lips.

“You smell so sweet baby. I am going to savor you, then I am going to fuck you.”

I groaned, his tongue lapped up my slit, his fingers split my lips open. I latched my fingers through his hair, he teethed my clit and I cried out in ecstasy, came over his face. He grabbed my hips, turned me over, pulled my hips back. I knew what he wanted, he wanted me on my hands and knees, I wanted it too. He spanked my ass.


He groaned and spanked it harder, then the other cheek even harder as his cock pushed into my hole.

“Ohhh! Fuck yes!”

He tangled my hair in his fist, spanked my ass twice and rode me, harder than I’ve ever been ridden.

“Fuck me Eli!”

“Take it little slut! Take my dick in your tight little twat!”

He slowed his thrusts, made them deeper and harder. His hand slid down, around my hips and reached for my clit, his fingers pinched it.

“I want you to cum on my dick baby. I need you to cum so hard for me Kiya!”

I moaned, he swatted my ass and rubbed my clit harder, began fucking me faster again.

“Oh god, oh. Oh Eli!”

“That’s it baby, let it go. Come for me. Come now!”

His fingers pinched my clit, his dick was so far inside me, his hand repeatedly spanked kadıköy escort my ass cheeks.

“Ohhh! Fuck Eli!!!”

I shuddered as I orgasmed over him, called out as he made me come so hard.

“Fuck yes Kiya, I’m gonna cum baby. I’m gonna fill you!”

“Do it Eli! Come inside me!”

He grabbed my ass cheeks and punched his dick deep in me, I felt his cock expand as he pulsed inside me. He still held my hips, though he gently turned me to my side and settled himself next to me. I felt him reach for the blanket that had fallen to the floor, he pulled it over both of us. His fingers stroked my face tenderly, we tried to catch our breaths. He rolled to his back a bit, his arm pulled me close, I lay my head on his chest. He rubbed my back gently, his breathing normalized. I looked up at him, he was dozing to sleep, a smile on his sweet face.


I woke, it wasn’t quite daylight, but the sun had begun creeping over the trees before us. I peeled myself from under Eli’s arm, he wrapped his other arm around my waist.

“Don’t go Kiya. Please, don’t go.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I want you to be with me.”

“I’ll be right back.”

He sat up with me, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

“Restroom break? I’ll drive the truck up.”

“Don’t bother, I’ll use the woods, no big deal.”

He kissed my neck as I slipped my shirt from the floor. He pulled his own clothes back on, we both went into the woods, heading separate ways. He was waiting by the door when I came back, he offered a hand up and he wrapped his hands around my waist as soon as we made it back into the cab. He knelt below me, my jeans pooled around my ankles as he inhaled my scent. I gasped as he began to lap at my still damp pussy, he groaned. His hands rested on my thighs, gently pushing me back onto the bed. He dropped his own pants and pulled off his shirt, I moaned at seeing his naked form in the dim light of the early morning. He lay next to me again, I sat up and pulled off my own shirt. His fingers lazily made their way toward my open thighs, delving in the wetness.

“You feel so damn good baby.”

He pulled out his fingers, bringing them to his mouth to taste. He tenderly gazed at me, his face moved closer and closer. This time when I thought we were going to kiss, we did. His tongue slid against mine as his fingers pushed inside me again. His dick grew harder against my thigh, he thrust gently as he looked at me. I only nodded, he wanted to be inside me again. I began to roll to my knees, he held my hips to the bed and I opened my legs for him. He rubbed the head of his dick up my slit a few times before pushing in, his eyes rolled back in his head.

“God Kiya, you feel so amazing baby.”

“I love how you feel in me Eli.”

“Good, cause I don’t want to ever stop fucking you.”

I rolled my hips up to meet his oncoming thrusts, becoming faster as his need to come was nearing. He leaned over, kissed me again, our tongues getting used to each other. He leaned back, gripping the back of my left leg with his hand. I cried out as he pushed it toward my chest, he quickly set it back to the seat-bed, his eyes intense with worry.

“Eli, Eli. Just, not that leg. The other one, it’s okay. I’m okay.”

“Kiya, god Kiya.”

He pulled out of me, thrusting smoothly back inside. He gingerly lifted my right leg, my eyes rolled back in ecstasy as he was able to push further inside me. I heard his grunting, breathing becoming labored.

“Kiya, I’m gonna come baby.”

“Come Eli. Come hard inside me!”

A few powerful thrusts and he filled me again, he tenderly lay my leg back down and moved to be next to me again. His eyes were worried, filled with the verge of tears. I turned onto my right side, picked up his hand and placed it on the scars over my left hip.

“I had surgery, about 8 months ago. I have pins in my hip now.”

“Oh god baby. I thought I’d torn something. Hurt you by fucking you too hard.”

I shook my head, smiling at the kind man before me.

“No Eli. I don’t think that could happen. Just an old injury.”

“Let me guess. One reason you were running away?”

I looked at him, shocked. How had he known?

“How? How did you know I was running away?”

“Put two and two together, that’s all. You didn’t have much in the way of things in your bag, weren’t dressed for days of back-packing, you have no money on you whatsoever. You said something about an ex, the past four years with him.”

“Well, you’re right. I am running away, as far as I can get. No, I’m not in any trouble. Just, I needed to be away from him. He’s….hurt me.”

He tenderly rubbed the scars on my hurt hip, kissing my cheek.

“He did this to you?”

“He caused the injury that needed me to get surgery, yes. And no, it wasn’t sex related. He and I hadn’t been together like that in over a year.”

“I wasn’t even going to ask. Just, why didn’t you leave him before? Or report it?”

“No one believed me. I live in this tiny town, well he did and when I married him, I moved there too. Everyone believed kartal escort him over me, and since he was the Sheriff, I couldn’t even report it to the authorities.”

“Oh sweetheart.”

His arms slipped around me, and I held him back briefly, then pulled away. He gave me a strange look.

“You aren’t one for hugs then?”

“You were the one who said you were better off alone.”

“I do better alone, never said I was better off. But, I don’t know what it is about you Kiya. I’ve spent time with other women, other men too, and usually after sex, it’s done.”

“Hence why I was trying to leave this morning.”

“And why I asked you to stay. That I don’t know what it is, but I’d like to find out. If you’re willing.”

It’d started to rain again, I still had no clue on where I should go or anything. I decided to take a chance.

“I guess I’m willing. And Eli?”

We began to pull our clothes back on.


“Guys too?”

He smiled and gently kissed my mouth.

“Yes. Men too.”

We drove back up to the busier truck stop, it was more morning like now, the sun was up but hidden behind gray clouds. I used the restroom, brushing through my hair and washing my face. I found Eli with a tray of food, gesturing for me to take whatever I would like. I dug into the pancakes and eggs, sausage and hash-brown.

He ordered four extra hash-browns and two coffees to go as we finished up eating, making our way back to his truck. I climbed in the cab, he had pulled out the step for me this time. It made it easier on my leg, I was grateful. I watched as he opened one of the many cabinets in the truck, he handed me two small pills.

“It’s just Tylenol. For your hip.”

“Thanks Eli. Where are we headed?”

“Where do you want to go?”

I gestured to the back of his truck.

“Don’t you have a delivery?”

“Already done, I was on my way back to home base. But, I’ve got free time now. It’s a pretty sweet deal, my company.”

“I guess so. I had to quit work when I hurt my leg, not been back since.”

“I like this job okay. It keeps me on the road a lot, someday I’ll find someone and settle down, drive closer to home.”

I hadn’t noticed, but he’d been moving his hand to hold mine as he was saying the last sentence. About finding someone, settling down. I slid my fingers through his, if only for a moment until the light turned green and we headed onto the highway once again.

“Where’s home-base?”

“Just outside Atlanta. But, there are locations world-wide. I could even fly to Europe and drive there. Though I’d need to learn to drive on the other side of the road.”

I laughed, for the first time in maybe over a year. And you know what, it felt really good.


We’d been on the road about 8 hours, Eli was perhaps the funniest guy I’d ever met. We stopped for a late dinner in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I heard him on the radio as I climbed back in the cab from using the restroom.

“Hey bud, Yeah, 240. Pick up in Greene, see you at zero-1-thirty. Over.”

I questioned him.

“A pick-up?”


He started up the truck, maneuvering back onto the highway.

“A buddy of mine, we often pass through the same places at the same time. We’re going to be in Greene in a couple hours.”

“Oh, and he’ll be there.”

“In the early morning he will be. Is that okay with you? I’d get two rooms at the hotel, unless you’d like to join us?”

“Oh! Uhm, well….”

He laughed, truly laughed. His whole body shook as his voice echoed in the cab of his truck.

“It’s okay if not Kiya. I think you might enjoy it though.”

“Would your friend be okay with me there too?”

“Hmm, I think he would rather love it. Dominic is a wonderful man. I think you two will hit it off.”

“Can I try?”

“I’d love it baby.”

We spoke just for a few more minutes about what could be upcoming, but it was distracting his driving and we had another hundred miles until Greene. He pulled in at the Courtyard Hotel, and grabbed both of our bags from the back. We went to the hotel room and he placed his things down, turning to leave again.



“Where are you going?”

“I’ll be right back baby. I promise.”

I saw him glance at the things in my pack, I took a shower and was browsing the television channels when he came back, shopping bags in his hands.

“I got you some things.”

“Eli, I couldn’t.”

“I already did. Its why I went without telling you, cause you’d tell me not to. And you don’t have anything in that bag. Not for cold weather. Here.”

He plopped the ten bags onto the bed, things spilling out of them. He grabbed for one bag, I noted the preparation he’d gone to for tonight inside. I dumped out a few of the bags. He had purchased undergarments, pajamas, jeans and sweatshirts. Fuzzy socks and regular socks, hair ties and a wire hair brush.

“Eli, this is too much. It must have cost you a fortune.”

“Hardly anything. Besides, it’ll keep you warm. It’s colder than you think in Atlanta.”

“So I’m still traveling with you?”

“I hope to god you are baby.”

He kissed me, full on the mouth. I softened under his kiss, my body melted like butter to his touch and we soon were naked, together on the bed. His eyes were full of lust as they traveled my naked body before him, I tried to cover myself, he only pulled my arms away.

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