The Therapist’s Journey Ch. 06

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While preparing breakfast the next morning I heard my son’s alarm go off. I went to his room and turned it off; I didn’t expect he’d be spending many more nights there. I loaded up the breakfast tray and headed for the bedroom, where I started licking his balls and cock. I figured that beat an alarm clock.

“Good morning, Mom.”

His happy smile showed that he had not spent the night wracked with guilt. Still, was he ready to accept his new role in my life?

“Good morning. I fixed breakfast.”

After we ate he asked, “How are your mouth and throat?”

“The jaw is fine. My throat is sore, but closer to uncomfortable than painful.”

“No more face fucking for a few days?”

“Son, I was serious last night. I want you to control my body and sexuality. I want you to use me however you desire.”

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that, Mom. I’m a teenaged boy. I’m not sure if I’m in control of my hormones. I’m don’t know whether I want responsibility for yours.”

I won’t deny that the sad look that flashed across my face was not, in part, manipulative.

He bit. “On the other hand, the fringe benefits have been pretty good so far. Let’s say we try it and see how it feels.”

“Fair enough.”

I lovingly cleaned my son’s body in the shower while he outlined a change in the morning routine. He would drive me and my Mercedes to school, which I would then drive to work. That afternoon he would catch a ride with a friend to swim practice and back home.

He told me to take out his cock as we backed down the driveway. I released the beautiful monster and stroked its length. I looked at the other drivers, oblivious to what we were doing. What they saw was an attractive mother dressed in an expensive conservative suit and her handsome son. What would they think if they knew I had his cock in my throat last night and in my hand right now?

When we turned into the street leading to his school, he interrupted my reverie. “I have this recurring fantasy about driving around campus while a beautiful woman sucks my cock.”

The old me thought, “My god, what if someone sees us?” The itch between my legs signaled that the new me loved the idea.

I took the head of his penis in my mouth, focusing my attention on the shaft just beyond the crown. I licked hard on the underside while my lips slid back and forth around its girth. I released him and asked, “Is this another fantasy Katie declines to fulfil?”

“No, Katie loves doing it.” His hand directed me back to his cock. He was uninterested in further conversation.

I grabbed the base of his manhood with one hand and cupped his balls with the other, rolling them carefully with my fingers. I brought my tongue to the base, licking slowly to and then over the head. I nibbled his tip before taking it into my mouth. I thought about taking him down my throat again, but the angle made this impossible. Instead, after his cock reached the back of my mouth, I pressed my lips against the tool and sucked hard while slowly, teasingly, pulling my head back up, tightly compressing my lips around him.

My son issued a contented, “Mmmmmmm….”

I repeated the process, loving the feeling of my son’s hard cock in my mouth. I heard him lower the window. The car filled with the sound of the school yard. Despite a moment of panic, I continued sucking. Then I heard Jimmy, another member of the swim team, shout, “Nice wheels, where’d you get ’em.” My mouth had reached the tip of his penis. He took my head in one of his hands and directed it back down his dick.

“It’s my Mom’s car. She’s coming to pick it up later. Can I hitch a ride with you to practice and home tonight.”

“Sure,” was the reply.


The car rumbled forward, I was reaching the top again when I heard a familiar voice.

“Hey stud.”

It was Katie.

“Hey babe.”

My first thought was horror, what if she comes over to the car and sees me? My mind and body, however, were on different pages. I felt the need between my legs intensify. What if she did come over? Would she be jealous? Maybe not, maybe she would offer to join us. I could take the kids home, cancel my appointments, and get a note excusing them from school from a doctor friend whose eyes always lingered a beat or two too long on my breasts. The three of us could fuck the day away.

I attacked my son’s cock with new vigor, hoping he would come in my mouth while talking to his girlfriend.

It was not going to happen. My son said, “Meet me at the flagpole in ten minutes,” and the car accelerated. As I listened to the gradually receding voices of his schoolmates, my head bounced up and down in my son’s lap. My hand was stroking what was not in my mouth and my tongue loving what was. My boy matched his movements to mine.

“Oh fuck, yeah Mom. Unnhhhhhn… suck it.”

The car came to a stop.

“Oh god, ohhh, I’m gonna come in your mouth, cumming, eat my cum Mom…..”

He shot into my mouth.

Since illegal bahis he had deposited his load directly into my stomach the night before, I took the opportunity to savor this batch. It was salty, slightly sweet, sticky, and gooey. I let it flow around my mouth and tongue, then I gathered it against my lips and settled my tongue in it. How come I never noticed how great this stuff was? I was lost in the moment when my son spoke.

“Swallow and sit up.”

I did and did.

I looked around. Through my lust soaked mind I could see that we were in the student parking lot. My son had pulled into the back of the lot into a spot, I later learned, was unofficially reserved for him. We were surrounded by other parked cars. No one was milling around. At his indication I opened the door and got out, walking to the driver’s side. He got out and held the door open for me as I got behind the wheel. Leaning through the window he ordered me pull up my dress, exposing my panties. He slipped a finger inside me. It sent electric shocks through my body and confirmed I was soaking wet.

He looked at me, “Can you work like that?”

My level of arousal was so high that I found it hard to put together a sentence, “It, it, you know, it makes it hard to, hard to concentrate.”

He opened the back door, grabbed his book pack, and pulled the towel from my gym bag. He told me to put it on the seat and sit on it. I complied.

What did he have in mind?

He reached into his book sack and pulled out a six inch flesh colored dildo. I knew what it was, of course, but I had never actually seen one. It took my addled brain a moment to take it in.

My son read the confusion on my face.

“Its Katie’s, Mom. I was using it on her in my bedroom a few days back when you came home unexpectedly. She couldn’t very well walk out the front door with it, so I hid it. I guess I’ll have to tell her I forget to bring it to school again. Another thing, I never did clean it off so that’s her dried cunt juice coating it. You don’t mind, do you?”

I nodded no.

“Good, now lift your bottom and take off your panties.”

After I did so he slid the dildo into me.


“You can’t do anything to bring yourself off. I know you want to fuck yourself with it or work it with your cunt muscles, but you can do that only after you reach your office. If it slips out you can put it back in, but carefully. No cheating. There is one feature you are allowed to use.” He flicked a switch attached to the dildo. It started vibrating.

“On god, oh god, arrrrr…”

He turned it off.

“I know it is hard, but pay careful attention. In five minutes you will leave the parking lot. Instead of taking a left hand turn and driving out the way you came in, make a right hand turn. It’s a service road that leads back to the main road. Once you go around the first turn you will see an old shed and a flagpole. Drive by the flagpole at a steady speed and pay careful attention to what is going on there. Once you get around the next turn and can no longer see the flagpole you can stop. Do you understand?”

“Right hand turn, flagpole, don’t stop. Got it.”

“One last thing. Turn the dildo on as you leave the parking lot and keep it on until you get to the office. Drive like you are now: dress pulled up, panties down, dildo and pussy exposed. If the dildo slips out, push it back in, but carefully. Roll the window up once I leave. Do you understand?”

I shook my head yes.

I looked at the clock. Five minutes. I fought to relax, to suppress the sexual need burning inside me. I would make some progress and then, as I contemplated my situation – sitting in a high school parking lot, legs spread, pussy and dildo exposed – my libido would swell again. My hand would drift down to the dildo, but, as my son ordered, I would will it to stop before it did what my body so desperately wanted, drill myself hard with the plastic cock. I fought to recall his instructions. Had he forbidden me from playing with my breasts? I couldn’t remember him saying that. I slipped my hands underneath my tailored blue pinstripe jacket and fondled my sweet tits. I knew I should be subtle, but it was hopeless. Soon I was fiercely squeezing my boobs and nipples. What if I got caught? How was I to drive when all I could think about was sex? But my self-protest was pointless, I was hopelessly enthralled to my lascivious needs.

Five minutes went by. I put my hands back on the wheel and slowly backed out. I fought hard to concentrate and ignore my cunt, which was screaming in need. As I drove through the parking lot I saw two cute boys get out of a car. They looked alike; they were twins. Imagine fucking twin teenage boys. I could fuck one in the back seat while the other drove us home. I could fuck the other in the garage. They could spend the day in my bedroom filing my holes with their twin semen. They could tell their friends what a hot fuck I was. I could have an endless supply of teen-age illegal bahis siteleri boys. Regretfully, I watched them walk by.

I crept forward to the parking lot entrance and waited for an attractive black couple to cross in front of me. He looked like a football player, over six feet tall and well-muscled. She was a cheerleader with deep ebony skin. Had he ever tried to talk her into a threesome? I was a therapist. I could be pretty convincing. I bet I could talk her into it. I doubted he, on the other hand, would need much coaxing. I could invite them in, drive home. I had never been with a black man before. He looked like he’d be a pretty good start. I bet her pussy tastes sweet.

I made the right hand turn and switched on the dildo. It was so good. I inhaled sharply and let out a long groan. A seeming river of juice flowed from my depraved cunt onto the towel. I tried to direct my attention to my driving. He said it wouldn’t be far. I went around the curve. I saw the shed. The flagpole was on the far side. A bunch of guys and gals from the swim team were hanging out there. I loved the bodies on these kids. I wished I was back in high school. Do swim teams have groupies? I could be one, being passed from hard-bodied boy to hard-bodied girl, being fucked constantly.

I was approaching the flagpole. I had to drive by at a steady speed. I hit the cruise control and looked over. There was Katie and my son. He was facing the road; her back was to me. God, his tongue must be half way down her throat. His hand was inside her shirt attacking one of her fat tits. Her hand was on his cock. Was it inside his pants or outside? I couldn’t tell. I was staring, trying to figure it out, when the movement of his head distracted me. He had stopped kissing her; he was looking right at me.

Shit, I was cumming. I made it around the curve and pulled over to the side of the road. I leaned against the steering wheel, my body shaking. As I started to catch my breath and return to reality, I heard a strange buzzing. My cunt’s contractions had pushed the fake penis out; it was laying on my seat between my legs. Recalling my son’s admonitions, I carefully slipped it back into me, fighting the urge to ream myself out. It felt so good. After collecting my thoughts, I started down the road.

I came twice more before reaching the office. Once, stopped by a truck at a traffic light, I remembered how I had selfishly deprived a truck driver of a view of me masturbating last Friday. I couldn’t tell if this driver was watching, but if he was he got a good view as I spread my legs, fully displaying my naked pussy. By the time I got to the office I was ready to cum again and found a quiet spot in the back of the lot. Now free to fuck myself with the toy, I did so, bringing myself to another blinding orgasm. I put the vibrator, still sticky with my mucus, in the glove compartment.

I got out of my car on shaky legs. I picked up my purse and took out my phone, which had been pinging throughout my final orgasm.

There was a message from my son: “Did you enjoy the show? How many times did you come?”

I typed in: “Very much and four.”

He replied: “You’re a hot little number. Is the towel good and soaked?”


“Take it to the gym tonight. I want you to clean the equipment and wipe yourself down with a towel enthused with your own sex.”

“Yes sir.”

I unlocked my office. On the floor was the key and envelope I had left with Theresa the night before. On it Theresa had written, “Well? Call me.”

I checked my clock. I had about thirty minutes to my first appointment and would need ten of those to clean myself up and prepare.

I called. Theresa answered, “Well? I want to hear everything.”

“I don’t have time for everything. I’ll give you the twenty minute summary.”

“Do you mind if I put you on speaker. My husband is at work and I have some company in bed.”

She did and I heard Miles say, “Morning, Sally.”

I started in. After ten minutes Theresa stopped asking questions. After fifteen minutes I heard slurping and the sounds of his low mewls.

“What are you two doing?”

I heard his voice, “I’m listening. Mom’s multi-tasking, she’s listening and sucking.”

Theresa piped in. “You don’t expect me to listen to a story that hot, share a bed with Miles, and sit still, do you?”

“I need you guys to stop. I’m having enough trouble focusing lately. The last thing I need to do is hear a blow job ten minutes before a session.”

Theresa again. “We’ll be good.”

I finished my abbreviated recounting, fixed myself up, and had time to review the client’s file before the day’s first session.

The day flew by. My sexual longing was at least a bit more focused that it had been and my clients seemed infected by my happy mood. I spent two hard hours at the gym, leaving, per my boy’s instructions, a bit of my flow on the equipment. I got home, prepared the ingredients for dinner, and bathed. I went to my full length canlı bahis siteleri mirror and studied myself. I applied perfume, sprinkling some between my breasts.

What to wear? I was feeling fit and trim and so I decided on something athletic. I put on a pair of tiny blue gym shorts and a white halter whose bottom was an elastic band that fit snugly and immediately below my breasts, accenting my flat stomach. I added a gold chain around my neck. I decided to stay barefoot. I stepped back. I was displaying some cleavage, but both breasts were covered although you could make out their round shape through the halter. My nipples – which were hardening as I studied myself in the mirror – were clearly outlined. I sprinkled a few drops of water on the halter. As expected, it clung to my beasts, the water rendering the fabric all but translucent. I kept my hair on the wild side. I looked at my face. My sexual hunger was evident. Would my son accept me like this?

I was in the kitchen finishing the chicken and white bean salad when I heard a car pull up and my son thanking Jimmy’s mom for the ride. A former beauty queen, she had remained an attractive woman. Was Jimmy fucking her?

I had prepared a pitcher of ice water for my son, who was always dehydrated after swim practice. I walked to the door to greet him, sprinkling some of the water on my breasts. My nipples immediately sprang to attention and the halter adhered itself to my skin. I met him at the door.

“Welcome home.”

My preparation was not in vain. He looked me up and down. “Looking good Mom.” We exchanged a sweet kiss. I was ready to bag dinner and drag him to the bedroom, but he said before we could play he had to complete a school assignment. He had some work for me to do, mostly downloading and collating information he had identified earlier that day. He gave me the list.

I returned to the kitchen, put his dinner on a tray and brought it to his room. I went to my computer, located the requested data, and prepared it for him. While he worked I rubbed his neck and shoulders. After he finished his report he asked me to proof read it. I made a few suggestions, most of which he accepted. He then ordered me to my room. He still had a few things he needed to do.

He entered my bedroom about ten minutes later, wearing only boxer shorts. My reaction was made obvious by my sharp of intake of breath. He was the sexiest thing on god’s earth. He lay me on my back and slipped the halter over my head. Then he began to make love to my breasts in a manner so slow and deliberate that I thought he was trying to memorize their every aspect.

At first he just held them in his hands, becoming acquainted with their size and shape, heft and firmness. He pressed his face into each breast and then into my cleavage, inhaling the perfume. He used his tongue to explore the pliant upper slope of each breast, slowly working his way to the nipples. There, instead of his tongue, he explored each with just his lips, trapping the nipples between his lips and rolling them back and forth. He would then pull back, dragging my nipples away from my chest before letting go and watching my tits jiggle as my nipples bounced back into place.

My breasts were aching with lust and I craved a full scale assault, but he desisted. Instead, he kissed each nipple and then started to cover both my breasts, top and bottom, front and sides, with kisses. He took an entire areola into his mouth and suckled gently. As he did so, he looked at me, our eyes locking. I smiled and stroked his sweet head.

“When you were a baby I used to love the feel of your mouth on my nipples. It turned me on. It made me feel a bit slutty, being aroused by my son’s mouth, but I liked it. Sometimes I would fuck your Dad hard after you were done.”

With my free hand I pushed my breasts deeper into his mouth. He turned his attention from my nipples to the bottom of my breasts, licking in long slow paths starting at their sensitive base and ending, with increasing force, at my nipples. I was emitting soft whimpering sounds and my hips were moving up and down, humping the air. He was much more relaxed, in a hurry to go nowhere. He was enjoying the unhurried unfettered access to my breasts, staying calm while whipping me into a sexual frenzy.

He slipped his hand inside my shorts and a finger into my pussy, lifted his head, and asked, “Who are your other lovers?”

It took me a second to realize he had asked me a question. Then I said, “Robert.”

“Is sex with him the primary focus of your relationship, or secondary.”

“Secondary, if that.”

“And whom else.”

I hesitated. Everything that had happened between Theresa, Miles, and I was

confidential: a rule central to my profession. I started to stumble over my own words. “Well, I, I’m not sure.”

He interrupted me, placing a finger across my lips. “Quiet my pet.”

He took the nipple of my left breast in his hand and, with incremental pressure, squeezed. I whimpered, then remembered I was supposed to be quiet, and stopped.

“Twenty-four hours ago you said you wanted to my ever obedient sex-toy. Now, you’re already disobeying. What did I tell you on Monday would happen if you were bad again.”

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