The Team Mascot CH 5 , 6

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Chapter 5

The alarm went off at six. Linda and Betty were wrapped arm in arm on the sofa. I woke them. The bustle of packing the car, eating breakfast, and showering kept the sexual activities of last night in the background. The three of us drove to the airport. The sisters unpacked the car, I queued in and we sat together waiting for the signal to board. I took time to peck and snuzzle the necks of each sister, making sure to give Linda more attention. Last night was a turning point in our relationship and I felt the need to re-enforce the love of my wife.

When the boarding announcement was broadcast I took each sister into my arms and kissed them fully and deeply. My last words to the two of them was,”Betty, you will move in with Linda until I get back,”. Turning to my wife,” what happens when I get home will depend on how well you two get along.” A casual observer would not have known the depth of the conversation but we all knew what I was bringing into our lives. At least the part I shared with them. The other part I shared with no one but “my team”.

I walked through the tunnel, into the plane, found my seat, and looked out on the tarmac. I wasn’t sure what the next two weeks had in store for me, but I knew I would come back a changed man.

I sat quietly with my eyes closed as people moved up and down the aisle until a familiar voice spoke,” So you made it. Good”. My cock twitched as Ben warm tone filled my ears. Settling in next to me, our hands touched, and I felt excitement like no time in my life.

I never thought about it before today but I knew nothing about the man sitting next to me. The next three hours were filled with conversation, laughter, and story on the story of our past. Ben is a powerful lawyer with his own firm and a staff of underlings that catered to his every whim. He had a home in the older part of our hometown. Owning a small nursery, I knew that neighborhood well. A gated community with big houses, manicured lawns, and small groves of fruit trees. I had to get a passkey every time I made a delivery to any of the homes along that street.

We sipped single malt scotch from an oversized flask Ben had stashed in his shoulder bag. Ben mentioned his need to use the restroom then he whispered in my ear,” Give me ten minutes and come to the last stall.” I had heard the tales of the “Mile High Club” but today I was going to be inducted into the “brotherhood”. I rose on weak legs anticipating what was about to happen. I tapped on the occupied sign and Ben opened the door. I slid in with my face to the mirror. Ben reached around my waist and undid my belt, tugged down my pants and boxers, applied lubricant, and then pulled my waiting ass down on his cock.

He slid into my well trained rectum until I was sitting on his lap savouring the feel of being his toy. Ben seldom used obscene language but today he lightly bit my shoulder and said,” Are you going to sit there for the whole flight? Or are you going to fuck yourself?”. My cock was already covered in clear cream but that nasty comment made a new drop of dew ooze r I reached for the rim of the sink in front of me and pulled myself up off Ben’s thick member. I sucked in a breath of air as he slide out until the mushroomed head touched my inner ring. Returning to his lap, Ben’s weapon tapped across the back of my prostate. My cock danced in time with each stroke. Faster and faster I pumped. Ben gripped my sides helping me to drive myself crazy with lust. Our mutual moans called the attention of a blonde flight attendant who tapped on the door.”You alright?”. Ben answered breathlessly, “Yes. I’ll be out in a few minutes”. We stepped up the pace and Ben exploded deep in me. He then turned me around and quickly sucked me into his mouth. I came so fast then I was panting like a wild dog.

I got myself arranged and slipped out of the tiny room under the watchful eye of the blonde. When I was back in my seat Ben emptied the stall, stopping to talk to the attendant, he slid something into her hand. For the rest of the flight she would give us a knowing smile every time she came passed us. The rest of the flight went by quietly. We reached Boseman airport and loaded into the ranch transportation.

I was in awe of the vast views around us as we drove deep into the mountains. We passed through a wide gate across the road marking the entrance of the ranch. Two more miles in we reached a cluster of buildings some larger and some grouped around an octagon shaped pergola big enough to act as our meeting place each day.

I didn’t catch most of the director’s commentary until he got to the bunk assignments. I, Ben, Malcolm, and three other men filled cabin A. The rest of the hunters were dispersed through the other five cabins. We took the bulk of the day settling in. Ben and I were in one bedroom. Malcolm and Sean (a flame headed Irishman with a quick smile) were in room two. Steve (an Ohio farm boy) and Matt (at true southern gentleman) filled room three. I stared around the room in quiet wonder at the masculine smorgasbord that moved around me. Ben gave out the basic rules of the next two weeks,” Gentleman. This is Bill. He is for your use anytime. He will wear a robe except when we leave the cabin. The only stipulation is each night he is mine. My bed is his. Any questions?” All the men looked around and no questions were asked except,”Why is he still dressed?”

“Good question.” Ben looked at me,”Go in the bedroom as put on the robe on our bed.”I began to understand how women feel when walking across a room. I blushed as I walked passed each man and into the bedroom I would be sharing with my master.

I came into the room to find all the men except Ben had stripped. Malcolm came forward and placed his hand on my shoulder and bursa escort pushed me to my knees. I knew what he wanted so I moved in and licked his cockhead, down the shaft, then his sac. I slowly rolled each ball around in my mouth before sucking his cock back in my mouth. His big black hands held my head as his hips thrust his cock in and out. I felt someone behind me poking around until my opening parted and the head entered me. My moans disappeared into Malcolm’s pubic hair as the cock behind me sawed in and out. It didn’t take long for Malcolm to paint my tonsils with his juices and within seconds the other man filled m bowels with a big load. I turned to see Sean get off his knees and sit in the chair closest to him.

Matt then brought me up and pulled me to the huge table in the middle of the room. He put his big hands under my arms and dropped me on the table. Lifting my legs against his chest, Matt moved forward and easily entered my stretched hole. I was panting in time with his thrusts. Matt was hammering me fast his thighs tight with effort. I was a puppet for his lust and we all knew it. His rhythm became erratic as he neared orgasm. His fist wrapped around my wet cock and used the clear liquid to lubricate his pumping. His cock swelled then exploded into me adding his seed to Sean’s as my cream shot across my chest. Matt slipped out of me and stepped back. After I calmed down I moved off the table and staggered over to Steve. “You want some?”. Steve moved to the edge of his chair and looked up at me. His hand moved up my thigh and cupped my sac. His hand massaged them around until my hips were pumping involuntarily in time with his manipulations. He bent forward and sucked my semi- hard cock into his mouth and gave me the best blowjob of my life. I was hooked. No matter where Ben called me I would come. He owned me and he knew it from that moment on.

Ben told me to get dressed and we all went to dinner in the huge main building before settling in for the night.


Chapter 6

Thankfully Ben let me drift off to sleep. The activities of the day wore me out. I awoke to the feeling of hands roaming over my body. Slowly tracing each curve and dip in my back, neck, and bottom. Since it was Ben I fell asleep with I was pretty certain it was his hands. When a lubricated finger parted my cheeks I emitted a soft moan. The finger rimmed my hole causing me to wiggle back on it. When it slipped in I looked over my right shoulder to look into Ben’s handsome face. His lips brushed over mine before he raised up and moved into position. He told me nothing. I raised my ass in the air so he could slide a pillow under my hips. My legs spread. He gave his cock a couple of tugs to cover it in clear lube before moving over me. His cock slipped easily inside and I raised my arms to hold him close as my master claimed me as his again today. His warm breath on my neck, his thick cock pumping in and out, and our practiced rhythm blended to blur any thoughts of the outside world. Ben knew what I liked and his long slow strokes drove my lust even higher. My hands moved across his body as his ass moved faster. I knew he was getting close when he pulled back and positioned my legs against his chest. Leaning into the backs of my legs he sped up his pace. His grunts of air were intoxicating as he hampered into me. He drove forward one last time and released his fluids into my ass as my juices shot across my stomach and unto my chest. Ben stayed there until his spent tool softened and slipped out of me. Then he laid back down beside me and playfully lapped my cream from my body.

After laying together through our afterglow Ben grabbed his clothes and tossed me my uniform of servanthood. The silk of the robe felt wonderful on my bare skin as I walked into the common room to face my other users.

Matt, Sean, Steve, Malcolm were in the middle of the room. Matt and Sean were sucking each others cocks on the rug in front of the smoldering embers of last night’s fire. Steve was on his knees while Malcolm was pounding him from behind in the obvious excitement of near orgasm. Steve looked up and gasped, “Your next”. My cock twitched at the proclamation and I grabbed a quick glass of juice until they were finished. Matt and Sean both groaned as each drank the juices of the other then settled down to laying side by side on the buffalo rug.

Malcolm slammed into Steve and groaned signaling his discharge. After a few minutes he sat back against the sofa. Steve stood and told me to,” come here and kneel on the couch”. I did as I was told and Steve slammed into me with one hard thrust. We both groaned. Me in joyful pain and Steve in excited need. He grabbed my hips and used me for his list. Pounding his cock into my willing hole. I grabbed the back of the sofa as he claimed my hole. He didn’t last long. Steve’s juices were added to Ben’s as I idling wonder how much more I would have in there before the day was over.

Ben told me to dress for going out and we all ate breakfast in the big hall. The rest of the morning was spent target practicing, horseback riding, and some basic survival techniques in case of unforeseen accidents. Ben and I robe with Sam (the ranch hand directed to show us our hunting blind in a secluded valley far from the ranch house. Ben and Sam talked as if they were old friends. When Sam asked Ben,”He this trip’s party favor?”.

My face burned as Ben answered,”Bill is along for the ride.”

“Knowing your bunch he will be getting plenty of riding the next two weeks,” Sam’s smile told me he would be doing his share of riding. To emphasize the point Ben turned to me and pronounced, ” Blow him.”. Sam brought the four wheel drive to a stop. I walked around to the driver’s side as Sam bursa escort bayan turned to his left and dropped both boot clad feet to the ground. I opened his belt, zipped down his fly, and fished his already hardening cock from wrangler’s. I dropped into the sand and opened my mouth. Cradling his balls in my right hand and tugging his jeans down further ,I wiggled my middle finger between his cheeks. I toyed with his rectum as my mouth swallowed him. When I was fully pumping my mouth up and down his shaft I inserted my middle finger inside of him and rhythmically tapped his prostate until he quickly shot off in my mouth. “Wow. You got a good one there.” Was Sam’s only comment as I stood and returned to the vehicle.

Ben patted my thigh and squeezed my cock through my jeans before telling me,”Good boy!”. It was that moment that I realized how important it was to me to please Ben. I was totally his. Whatever he asked I would do.

The blind was more of a small hut. We all fit in and Sam gave us the rundown on the facilities. I was taking in everything when Sam asked Ben if he could ” have a little fun?”

Ben looked at me and told me,”Get ready.” I slid my jeans and boots off and lay on the bench along the back wall of the shooting area. Ben did the same. His cock was hard and I pulled my legs up to make myself available to him. Ben had also dropped his jeans and stood closeby stroking his cock.

Sam straddle the bench as he worked his cock into me. His thrusts were slowly moving me along the bench until Ben knelt over my head and fed his cock into my waiting mouth. I milked ben’s cock with my mouth while Sam picked up his pace and slammed into my fully stretched ass. Two years ago I had never been with another man in anyway. Today I am a whore getting cock from both ends and loving every second of it. Rocking from one cock to the other I let go. My mind melted into a pool of pleasure. Sensations, feelings, emotions were all I knew and these two men were driving me crazy with joy. My cock slapped against my thigh as they used me for their pleasure. I grabbed the sides of the bench as Sam exploded into me. Ben emptied my mouth of his cock and quickly replaced Sam in my ass. Ben was a wildman pounding my ass to oblivion. When he went off he grunted like a stud seeding his mare. I lay under him spent from their use and gasping for air. Sam and Ben dressed while I rested. When I got dressed we returned to the main ranch.

Lunch was a quick affair. I went back to the bunkhouse for a shower and a nap while the others went out for another ride. I through my clothes into a pile for washing later, grabbed my robe, and strode naked to the shower. I adjusted the shower temperature and stepped under the spray. I lathered up and let the warm water wash away the residue of all the men who used my body the last two days.

I was almost done when the bathroom door opened and a naked Matt climbed into the shower with me,”Nice ass!” Matt moved into position behind me and asked,”Did Sam introduce himself to you?”

“Yes,” I panted as Matt used his cock to probe my ass. “He does know how to please a man. Doesn’t he?”

“Mmmmm. Yes. Ohhh.” I could barely speak as Matt did his best to make out with me. His hands moved over my chest. His hips moved in and out while his hard cock filled me over and over.

“You are going to find that most of the staff here enjoy our kind of fun,” that coupled Matt’s cock gave me a huge rectal orgasm as he bent me forward and his motions became more jerky. Matt filled my ass with the fifth load of the day and I stood to we kissed full on the mouth. We dried each other off before Matt sucked my cock in his bed. After all I was Ben’s at night and it was only noon.

I woke up to Malcolm standing by the bed and Sean next to him. Both had their cocks out and staring at me like a well-used piece of meat. “You take him first,”He won’t feel you if I go first.” Malcolm knelt by my head and touched my lips with that thick black monster. Sean turned me on my side and worked his cock into my stretched ass. Sean was moaning as he screwed me. The measured strokes had become a welcome beat with my heart. His motioned got more forced as his excitement increased. Malcolm thrust as much of his cock in my mouth as he could causing my gag reflex to nearly choke me. I relaxed my throat as the thick black beast was pulled in and out until, to my amazement, it slipped down my throat and the curly hair of the black giant was brushing across my face with each thrust. Both men sped up as they neared completion. I was a ragdoll between them shaking in time with their pounding. I had fistfulls of sheets as I my juices dripping from my cock onto the bed. Sean played with my balls as he jammed into my body again and again. They groaned with each thrust. I gulped air each time Malcolm pulled out. It felt like they were using for hours even though it was only minutes. It felt wonderful. My ass was so used that anything entering me would find little resistance.

Sean launched his load into me and Malcolm moved into position. He rolled me on my knees and pushed my face down into the pillows in front of me. Malcolm proved me wrong. His thick cock stretched my opening again. I moaned like the whore I was becoming as he forced himself deeper and deeper. When he bottomed out I pushed back. I had a huge cock inside me and I wanted more. Malcolm took a few minutes to catch his breath then he pulled out to the end of his shaft. In again until his balls rested against mine. Out with a groan from both of us, was followed by a moan as his pushed back in. The long slow strokes were driving us both crazy. My hands were spasming as his pace increased in speed. My face moaned into the pillow escort bursa as his force increased. I only wanted one thing. This handsome black man to make me his whore. To use me anyway he wanted. I rocked back on each thrust as he made me take every long lusty inch. Sean was slowly stroking his cock as he sat on the bed next to us. I grabbed his cock and brought him to me as Malcolm hammered my ass. I didn’t have to stroke his cock with my mouth. Each thrust of Malcolm forced my face down on Sean. I felt Sean swelled in my mouth as the cock in my ass got bigger. I felt Malcolm flooded my hole with his seed. Sean filled my throat with his load next. I greedily swallowed every drop then rolled on my side. The afterglow stayed with me for several minutes. I walked into my room with my robe in one hand as the other men ogled my ass.

I entered our bedroom I found Ben naked in bed.” I heard you playing in the other room,” Ben smiled,”get up here.” I did as I was told and climbed on the bed. Then on Ben. Straddling his torso I worked my ass back until I felt his cock between my cheeks. A soft sigh escaped his lips as I reached behind us and lined the head up with my opening. Malcolm was right his cock slipped in with no resistance. I bottomed out completely before rocking back and forth on this man’s cock. Ben ran his hands up and down my chest. My nipples were his playthings. He tugged, rolled, and pinched them in time with my thrusts. I moved faster and faster bringing my orgasm closer with every thrust. Ben arched his back driving in deeper as I wantonly gave in to his needs. As much as I wanted to let myself go I had to make him, my master, cum first. The flood of Ben’s sperm was accompanied by a bull’s roar.

I jammed my ass down on his softening cock as my fist stroked my cock like a madman. A few strokes and I shot my load across his chest. Collapsing on Ben’s chest, I spread my juices between us then fell asleep snuggling under his arm.

I slept until dinner. Ben had me wash and dress before we walked into the chow hall. Sam tipped his hat and some of the other farmhands eyed me up and down. It didn’t take much to guess what they were thinking.

The hall was set up cafeteria style, so I had to walk down a line five men. They looked me over before giving me each helping. I was completely red faced by the time I joined my bunk mates. They all smiled and made snide comments on who would be first in line for my ass. Ben put an end to the discussion when he told everyone at the table I wasn’t available the rest of the night. Steve protested that he didn’t”get any yet”. So Ben relented to one more play session for him before bed. I ate quietly as the rest of the men talked about everything that had happened today. The ranch owner came by to make sure we were all ready for hunting in the morning before saying his “Good nights,”. I wasn’t sure but it felt like he gave me a longer than average look as he turned away.

Back in our accommodations Ben turned into the perfect host and poured six shots of single malt scotch from one of the bottles he had sent ahead. After a few drinks and an hour of conversation Steve stood and came over to my chair,” You ready,”

I looked at Ben for conformation. “You can have Bill.”But in front of us all.”. The other men hooped and made lewd comments about my ” whore-man-ship”. Steve tried to talk him out of it but Ben stood firm. The other stipulation was ” No one else can get involved. Just you two.”. There was no agreement from Steve on that. The same couldn’t be said for the other men in the room. Ben told them they could play with each other just not with Steve and I.

Steve took my hand and walked me over to the throw rug in front of the fire. My clothes left me quickly as did Steve’s. We were caressing each other as we sank to the rug. Steve pushed me on my back and lifted my legs. He tongued my ring. His talented tongue quickly had me moaning. He moved in and pulled a cushion off the couch and positioned my for sex. He buried himself in me as he held himself steady by placing his hands on the backs of my legs. Steve’s forced movements told me he was very excited. I road the rhythm of his excitement with very thrust. I could feel my excitement growing as well. Around the room I could hear similar sounds as men were in various poses as they gave their list to each other. I heard moans and grunts as orgasms filled the room with the scent of sex. Steve increased in speed and my balls tightened against the underside of my cock. He grunted and filled me with another load of man seed and I painted my chest with my own. Steve moved to drink in the cream on my chest before we sat up and watched Ben hammering Malcolm who was face down on the table and Sean was sitting in Matt’s lap as he rode that cock. They all emptied themselves into each other about the same time and Ben shooed us all to bed.

As we lay together in bed I could hear sexual activities going on in the other rooms. “Wow they are busy!” I said.

“Well if one got off isn’t fair that the other one does as well?” Ben took my hand and wrapped it around his cock.” Suck me. Do it good boy.”. Whatever my master wanted was mine to give. I moved down the bed until I was head to toe with him. Suckling on the head of his cock it quickly came to life. I sucked my way down his shaft until his balls tightened. I moved back to the head and sucked him in my mouth as Ben lifted me on top of him and he sucked my cock in his mouth as well. We both moaned as our cocks were bathed in the wet warmth of each others’ mouths. I took this time to show Ben what Malcolm had taught me and I swallowed him to the base. Ben arched his back and groaned as I worked my mouth around his cock. Having both came so recently we sucked each other for a long time until we flooded our lover with a mouthful of fluids. I turned around and we spooned until I was asleep, exhausted from the day’s activities.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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