The Teacher

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Please be aware that this story contains elements of mind control, cuckolding and incest — so, if these themes are not to your taste, then please just move on and read something else. This story features some pretty domineering egotistical pleasure hungry people, who believe that their particular viewpoint on the world is the absolutely correct one. If reading about the machinations of such self-centred characters annoys or offends you then again just move on please.

I have decided to post this story under Mind Control, but I think it could have been posted under Loving Wives, Fetishes or the Incest categories.

To those readers who enjoy and take the time to read my frankly strange, twisted and provocative stories I thank you very kindly and so much. These stories are truly written for you and for you alone.

Carina — 2010

Paul took Darren’s wife Carina away from him in the intimate back garden inside the compound. Darren’s eyes brimmed with tears of joy and relief as Paul, his teacher and guru took Carina’s hand in his and motioned for Darren to sit down with the other men. A murmur of approval arose from all sides and there was even a burst of applause as Darren sat down with the males. Carina smiled warmly at her husband for a moment — Darren had finally been initiated into the next stage of the Great Work and now it was her turn.

The garden was warm, sun-drenched and flower-strewn. The women and children occupied a place at the front of the ceremony behind Paul and Carina – standing in a large semi-circle around the couple. They were all dressed in their bright colours and wore strange smiles and bright open eyes. The males were all seated in front of Paul and Carina, dressed in their rough work clothes, solemnly and humbly watching the ceremony. Everyone there loved Paul and he could feel their approval and it pleased him.

Carina was beautiful. She stood close to Paul and looked up into his eyes. He looked down at her, keeping the urge to kiss her in check — he appeared to regard her sparkling blue eyes and the gloss on her parted lips with disinterest, but he couldn’t hide the large bulge in his good pants. Carina’s tight creamy dress hugged her small waist, swelled over her hips and her large breasts — the dress plunged at the neckline to reveal cleavage. The dress like everything else had been carefully chosen to please Paul.

Paul held Carina’s hands in his own and looked down at her. He spoke softly to her, to Darren, to all of them.

“I take you in love. I take you to be one with me. I take you to be my own.”

“I take you to be my love,” Carina said replying, “I take you to be my teacher. I take you and you only forever.”

The eight women behind Paul could see how hungry their husband was for this new one, this new wife. The new one was very pretty and young, as Paul liked them to be. She was a tall blonde with a beautiful tight young body. The Teacher would be enjoying her endlessly behind closed doors and as soon as he could. The women sensed that the new one was prepared to throw herself at Paul, to truly please him as they all did. That was the way Paul liked his wives to behave.

“Together you and I will engage in the most secret work – discover the truth together and bring you the ultimate freedom,” Paul intoned, stroking Carina’s face with his fingers, while she smiled seductively up at him.

Darren, seated in the front row with the other men felt a touch of jealousy creep through him. He noted the way Paul was touching Carina, drawing her closer to him. And he could see the way Carina was looking at him with her best come fuck me expression. For a moment he realised that he and Carina were actually married, as per the law — that they had in fact been married for five years and that they had a daughter together. But now their daughter was standing with the other children and the women behind Paul and Carina, and Paul was marrying Carina and was going to take her away from Darren and enjoy her himself, like he enjoyed all the women in the compound.

‘I love you and will never leave you. I submit to you and your teachings with all my heart, with all my body, and with my entire mind,” Carina returned.

Suddenly Darren’s fresh new conditioning returned and he felt bad for viewing this perfect marriage in such a selfish way. Carina and Darren had enjoyed their marriage, but Darren knew he could never give Carina what Paul could — he could never teach her what Paul could teach her and never love her as much as Paul could. Darren realised that he and the other males in the compound had a job to do and it was a serious and important job — they weren’t meant to be married like their teacher Paul – that wasn’t their role in the compound.

“I now announce amongst our people assembled here, that we are now one in spirit, body and mind — you and I Carina, my darling wife.”

“And I announce amongst our people that you are my one and only husband forever and ever. I pledge myself to the Great Work.”

Then Paul leant down and his lips bahis firmaları met Carina’s and their tongues slipped softly inside each other’s mouths as she pressed up against her new husband and it was done. Paul’s people clapped and cheered and then drew in close, surrounding the newly married couple and offering their congratulations and throwing white flower petals over the newly-weds heads. Carina picked up her daughter and Darren stepped up to offer his support to the new couple.

Carina and Darren were typical of the sort of people who became involved in Paul’s carefully contrived world. They had been married for a relatively short time, had a child together and were establishing themselves in the world. All seemed right on the surface, but deep down something seemed to be missing, particularly in Carina’s case. They were looking for some sort of greater meaning from life, ultimately dissatisfied with all the wonderful things they had and wanting more. They were the sort of people Paul liked to assist – he could smell a couple’s dissatisfaction with life and their need for his teaching.

The young couple had first heard Paul speak at a new age convention months before, though they were well aware of him and his amazing thought provoking self-help books. They had to pay several hundred dollars to attend the lesson, but they thought it would be worth it so they paid the money, and sat and listened to him, along with a roomful of other people. He entertained them with his wit and humour – he seemed to make a lot of sense when he talked about the world’s woes and people’s problems and he promised a teaching called the Great Work, which would end people’s unhappiness and bring meaning to their lives.

Most of the people who listened to Paul that day decided not to take their interest in him any further, some drawing the conclusion that he was a confidence man despite the fact that he was a successful published author. Six people, however, did take an interest, including Carina and Darren. The young Carina realised this man was in his late fifties and older than her own father, but he was tall, strong and good looking — he seemed to out-talk and out-think others and she was attracted to him from the very start. Darren liked what he heard from the Teacher, but wasn’t aware that his wife may have felt something for Paul.

It was a standard situation. Paul travelled to teach and meet new people. He carefully screened those who remained behind after the lesson to see if there were any married women who might be interested in becoming one of his wives at some stage in the future. He wasn’t interested in single men at all, nor was he really even interested in single women either. The whole purpose of the meetings and the lessons was to single out future men and women who would be interested in undertaking the Great Work. And they had to be already married as Paul felt a deep need to dominate other men for their own good, so they could begin the Great Work themselves and let Paul have their wives, so the women could commence the Great Work with Paul.

Paul was patient and relentless. Many meetings would never produce future wives, while others may bring forth someone who was interested, but then might fall away, refusing to take the next logical step in the Great Work after being involved in the teachings for a few weeks or a few months. According to some critics the teachings themselves — the so called Great Work — were just designed to bring the women to his bed and cause the men to develop obedience and to do all the work which needed to be done in the compound.

According to the same critics, the Teacher was a sex addict – a strong virile man whose whole existence seemed to be wrapped up in collecting beautiful married women and having sex with them. The critics believed that everything in Paul’s life was geared to making that happen. While the males slaved and exhausted their strength in the field for the Teacher they loved, the Teacher exhausted his strength in bed, enjoying one wife after another. It was true that some days he would just refuse to get out of bed, taking his meals lying down as he received head. Then at other times he just wouldn’t be able to stop having sex until his large body was sore and his mind was finally free — until he had driven his need out of his system. The sounds of pleasure coming from his bedroom, assailed the ears day and night. There had been so many wives over the years and so many children conceived and born. Paul had married over forty women in his life and had enjoyed fucking them all. Some of the women had left him, unhappy with the way their lives with this supposedly lecherous liar had worked out, or else he had asked them to leave. At one time Paul had enjoyed twelve wives at the same time.

Paul could see that Carina was special from the very start. She was young and beautiful, which were important to Paul, but further she was easily led and easily convinced. Paul also noticed that she was naturally attracted to him and that pleased him. Moreover, her husband Darren kaçak iddaa was a soft and compliant sort of male, just like Paul hoped he would be – he tended to defer to others, particularly Carina. Paul was sure he could dominate Darren. Carina and Darren were perfect for Paul — his ideal.

The private classes took place at the compound. The lessons were simple enough, though Paul clothed them in fine words and used a solemn voice to convey them. Basically, men should become selfless, endure pain and torment with acceptance, should defer to a higher authority, should have self-discipline and be ready to self-sacrifice. Men should realise that there was a greater purpose, which they should believe in and submit to. Basically, men needed to be more submissive and learn to work hard. Paul realised that his message to the men included some of the themes commonly found in society and as a result was easier to teach than some people thought. Women were regarded as magical and special — they should learn to lose all their inhibitions, become more positive and open, express themselves and yet submit to a greater power than themselves, so they could learn to be free.

Paul presented his teachings patiently and firmly — using all his skills as a performer to try and gain access to his students minds and really set these lessons in place so they would be accepted. He was as some critics stated an adept at brainwashing. Carina accepted these teachings relatively quickly and Darren under pressure from his wife accepted them as well. Carina and Darren were perfect students and Paul praised them. Not all couples were as open and advanced as Darren and Carina. Out of the six people who had shown an interest at Paul’s public talk, only Darren and Carina remained. One couple felt uncomfortable with Paul’s lessons and they refused to come back to the compound. The other couple left mid way through a lesson because the wife felt that Paul was trying to get in between her and her husband — she said she would never sleep with Paul and that was that.

Carina and Darren were just drawn in deeper and deeper. They began meeting people who lived inside the compound and then started spending more and more of their time with those people — Darren spent his time talking and then working with the men, learning the lessons Paul had to teach from everyone around him. Carina and her daughter spent their time with the women and children in Paul’s large house — Carina also had Paul’s message hammered home by all of the women in the compound. She was love bombed and drawn in. Carina and Darren rarely saw each other when they spent time at the compound. They finally decided to move into the compound permanently three months later, having sold their home, left their jobs and given all their money to Paul.

A critical moment came just weeks after they moved in permanently — Paul carefully explained to Carina and Darren, one evening after dinner, that he had feelings for Darren’s wife. Paul was going to ask Carina to go on a date with him and Paul wanted Darren to understand and agree that it was the right thing for Carina to do. The young woman had smiled gently and Darren was shocked. Carina knew what her teacher wanted — he wanted her, just like he wanted all the women there. He was married to eight women and he wanted her as well. Carina knew what Paul got up to behind closed doors — he was nearly always at it and it made Carina smile and marvel. Normally Carina would have been revolted by a situation like that, but even though she cared for Darren, her husband just couldn’t compare to this powerful charismatic man that she had grown to love. Carina was head over heels in love with the Teacher.

Paul had planned it all so perfectly. He realised he was in a strong position. Darren and Carina had no home or jobs outside of the compound nor did they have any money. They of course had family and friends to draw on if they really needed it, but Paul’s teachings about the corruptness of the outside world, about keeping the love and friendship within the compound, combined with his gentle insistence that they cut ties with their families certainly helped him gain an advantage. He may have looked at the whole situation as a manipulator would, but he was convinced that the teaching of the Great Work was more important than anything else. He was doing this for Carina and Darren’s own good.

“Sure, I’ll go on a date with you Paul,” Carina had said softly, reaching for Paul’s hand.

Darren had looked at his wife with surprise and then had grown confused. The men he worked with had mentioned that this might happen — that Paul may move in on Carina. The idea had been firmly hinted at when Darren looked at the men’s lives. The males had no women for themselves – they slept together in the southern part of the compound, well away from Paul and the females. There was no sex for the males, even though they were all still legally married to the women who lived with Paul. Then Darren had learnt that the women who lived with Paul in his house were referred to kaçak bahis as his wives and the other males confirmed that being Paul’s wife actually meant being Paul’s wife.

What on earth were they doing, Darren thought for an instant. Could he actually agree with Paul and Carina’s wishes? The conditioning though was too strong — Carina had been included and loved by the other wives and she just naturally wanted to take the next step and become one of them. This and Paul’s presence shifted her thinking. Darren’s conditioning was strong enough to silence his doubts for the moment, though having his wife and Paul working on him as well, certainly helped Paul’s cause. Darren didn’t want to stand in his wife’s way if she really loved Paul.

“If Carina wants that, then that’s fine with me,” Darren had said quietly.

Paul had nodded gravely at Darren — pleased by his self-sacrifice. This delicious woman would be his just as he had promised the wives.

“That’s so mature of you Darren,” Carina said softly, smiling at him.

“Yes it is Darren — you have just shown me real loyalty and just how self-sacrificing you can be. We should get together and talk about your initiation rites for the next level.”

“Wow, isn’t that exciting Darren,” Carina enthused, red faced, “the next level.”

“Yes, very exciting,” Darren replied his head down, feeling deflated and jealous.

Darren watched from afar over the next month. He watched as the Teacher groomed Carina, surely preparing her to take a place in his bed alongside the other women. The older man dated her again and again, while Darren worked the field at night and while he slept in his narrow single bunk bed, and as Darren worked to acquire greater levels of humility and selflessness while living and working with the men, Carina and Paul got to know each other in a more personal way.

It was strange to look across at Carina, Darren thought, as he ate his meal with the males at the communal dinner. Carina would be sitting there next to Paul at the head of the table and she would be blushing and laughing as the older man whispered in her ear or stroked her hair. Now and then she would look at Darren and smile at him awkwardly, growing embarrassed, as if her husband’s presence made her uncomfortable.

The wives knew that Carina hadn’t slept with the Teacher yet, but Darren and the other males didn’t know this. Carina’s husband had to endure some torment despite the relentless conditioning, as all the males had at one time or another on their way to complete selflessness and submission to Paul. The other men physically restrained Darren once and spoke with him patiently, though sometimes heatedly. The men told him that he had already lost Carina and that she belonged to Paul now. He had to accept this or else he would have to leave the compound forever.

Darren felt a mild shock run through him the first time he saw Paul kiss Carina, then his initial feelings turned to happiness as he saw Carina kiss the Teacher back. They were at dinner again when it happened. All conversation stopped, and then a round of applause rang out. The proposal of marriage came just days later and Carina said yes to Paul. She would marry him and go on and begin the next step in the Great Work. And so Paul and Carina stood in the middle of the swirling throng of people and laughed happily as white flower petals rained down upon them. She held her daughter in her arms as Darren came forward to offer his congratulations. The group around the newlyweds became subdued.

“Congratulations to you both,” Darren said softly, his eyes glowing with tears, his emotions a mess.

“Thank you Darren; thanks for being so understanding,” Carina returned warily, drawing even closer to Paul.

“Yes, thank you Darren,” Paul said solemnly and then motioned for Darren to step back.

The newlyweds disappeared from sight shortly after the wedding reception began. Paul and Carina had made their entrance and greeted their well wishers, but they ate quickly and then made their excuses and left early. The wives laughed — they knew Paul was hungry for the new ones beautiful body and they knew that this new wife wanted nothing more than to fuck Paul — they had all been there before themselves and had wanted the same thing. The assembled community talked amongst themselves and ate, while Paul took Carina’s hand and led her along the path from the hall to the big house.

Carina and Paul were behind closed doors. The other wives had been in there already and had set up candles around the bedroom so it glowed warmly. They had thrown white flower petals over the bed itself so the room smelt fragrant. She made him sit on the edge of the big bed, his large penis standing at attention in his pants and watch as she unzipped her white wedding dress while smiling down at him. She turned her back to him and let the dress slip to the floor and land in a soft silky pile at her feet. She stepped out of her heels and turned to face him as she removed her bra and then finally her panties. Paul gazed possessively at his new wife’s body — her skin was golden brown and without flaw, her breasts were like large gorgeous pears and her hips were wide and sexy – he could see the soft dark golden pubic hair shining.

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