The Summer Vacation Ch. 03

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Then we three of us planned ourselves for the next move. Given the character of Reena auntie, we decided it better to pursue it first with my last auntie Mala, who was the youngest of all.

The next day was a Saturday and as all their three husbands out of the town for an important trip regarding their property, a house that was given to them by my grandfather, Janaki suggested to have the night to ourselves. Anandhi auntie had a nice terrace at her house, which was the tallest building in the locality with three floors. They planned not to inform Mala, but to indulge herself as she is one of the go-getting type modern girls. The next night all four of us assembled in candlelight at the terrace after dinner at around 9 pm, Mala being the new person to the group.

Janaki started speaking about general things, about my college and life and then my ideas, thoughts and later all four of us opened ourselves a bit. The talk continued well after 10 pm, but now the focus shifted on romance, my marriage and the slowly we settled into the topic of sex. All of us confessed each about our thirst to have sex out of the marriage as an enjoyable thing.

At one moment, Janaki spurted out this question to all of us, asking us to be very truthful while answering her question. She asked what were our wildest fantasies regarding sex.

Janaki started by saying that she wanted to be naked in the house for a full day.

Anandhi followed by saying she wanted to take bath being naked in an open space. We teased her asking if she would want to do it right in her kitchen or a room other than bathroom, she confided with a giggle, she want to be outrageous and taking bath in kitchen with many persons watching over her act would be nice.

The next turn was mine, and I said that I wanted to have sex within the family, like with my mom, sister or any other relation. Janaki let out a laugh asking, “What if we aunties let you fuck us? Would you fuck us too?” I confided a ‘yes, I would love to do it.’

The last was Mala, and she said, like she wanted to have sex in an open area, like garden.

“In the terrace?” Janaki quipped.

She confirmed it with a reluctant ‘yes’ combined with a smile, adding, “In a nice romantic night like this”.

A squirmy silence engulfed as she finished it.

It was Anandhi who broke the ice. “Hey… now that all of us confided it to ourselves, why don’t we make it come true?”

“Hey, Akka, What do you mean to say?” Mala asked.

“I say, it’s better to bring our fantasies to reality. What about you Praveen? I’m sure you’d fuck all three of us like hell if we allow isn’t it?” she asked with a smile.

“Yess…” I gave a shittish grin to her.

“You Akka?” asked Anandhi.

“Why not? Ok for me.” Janaki approved leading Mala into the trap. As we turned to Mala in the darkness of the night we could see her blink and blush, yet said ‘Ok’ with a half-mind. ‘But how could I get my hubby do it for me?’ Reena asked us.

“Hey idiot, we can’t go blabbering all of our fantasies to our husbands. It is between us. Ok?” Janaki said to Mala.

“Yes. It is true. We can’t say to them. That means… is Praveen going to fuck all three of us to as per the agreement?” Mala questioned.

“Of course, silly, don’t you want it? It would be real fun…”, said Anandhi.

At last we struck to the deal. But the question was who is going to be the first in realising our fantasies.

“So, who is going to be first?” Anandhi asked.

There was a hustle between us, saying ‘not me, you first’ sorts, with Mala sticking to the point that she would not be the first, which would virtually meaning she had to allow me to fuck her the very next moment.

When we all cornered her to be the first, “Why me, of all?” she asked.

“Because both me and Anandhi already fucked Praveen in the last three days”, Janaki whispered to Mala.

Mala was dumb-struck by the answer and didn’t say a word.

It took both Janaki and Anandhi more than half an hour to explain that there is no better time for Mala to live through her fantasy.

At last Mala accepted the deal and again it started off with a silence between me and Mala auntie. Again it was pendik escort Janaki, who coaxed her. “Mala, I think you could start it by removing your dress and becoming naked.”

“Now?” asked Mala auntie.

“Yes. Right now, right at this moment” Anandhi confirmed it on a firmer note. She continued saying, “OK. Let me help you undress.”

So we all four stood on the open terrace, the night moon shining a bit on us. The moonlight and candlelight, proving to be quite a bit of romantic combination for us. It was well near 11pm. Janaki stood beside me as Anandhi helped Mala get out of her dress in the open night.

Mala auntie was clad in a nice blue saree which was ripped off her body by Anandhi, leaving her without her main garment. There she was, my auntie, standing in her blouse and petticoat.

In a few moments, even that blouse was off her shoulders, with her nice fair skin shining in the night. She was now standing half naked with just a layer of clothing between her nudity. She was standing in her bra and petticoat. I could see her red in cheeks blushing fully as she started to feel her fantasy come true… to be fucked fully naked in a open terrace in the night, that too added and spiced up a little bit, with me being the person, going to fuck her.

Her 5’8″ body was angelic in the moonlight. She was a damsel wearing just a bra and petticoat. At this moment, Anandhi and Janaki brought me and Mala together as if coaxing us for the first night and then retreating back against the wall of the terrace to get a ringside view of our fuck.

Mala auntie was still feeling shy and was trying to compose herself, standing half naked before a young boy, that’s me. When I went near her, she stopped me saying, “Wait a second, I don’t want to remove the petticoat now. We’ll do it with that on me plz…And you have to do it from the back doggy style, because, it the first time and I feel very shy to see your face while doing that. ” We all agreed. So, she moved her fingers to her back and unclasped the hooks of her bra. I saw the cups of her bra loosen the soft small breasts of Mala auntie, as they slacked their grip from her breasts.

Removing her bra, she gave me a full show of her supple breasts. They were small, round and yet, beautiful and graceful. They were shaped like a mango, with the round dark areola and nipple near the bottom of the mounds adding the sexual rage burning inside me.

Turning towards the wall of the terrace and gripping it with one hand, her fingers fumbled at the bottom of her petticoat at the sides of her hips, trying to pull the petticoat up to her thighs. It slid past her long fair thighs, before settling on her hips above her soft round buttocks. Now she was naked except for the roll of petticoat that had gathered at her hips. It was night, but still the moon shone on all of us, proving ample lighting along with the candlelight. I could see the shades of her breasts embrace her supple stomach due the light from the moon. There she was standing naked almost bending in the front and showing off her cunt so that I could enter from the back. With all her shyness gone now, she was striking a pose as if ready and inviting me for a nice fuck.

As a mark of her boldness, she undid the plaits of her hair, spreading them off her shoulders. She was in her best beauty now. I was watching a nymph in her full sexual demeanour in front of me.

“So, how long are you going to stand there just watching my naked body. Don’t you want to fuck me, Praveen?” she asked me with a soft smile.

“Yes. Sure” only then I came out of a trance into a world of reality. Within moments, I stripped naked and I was standing before her, with my hard penis perfectly perpendicular to my groin aiming at the hole of her cunt.

“Wow!” she let out a surprise looking back, and then moved her hands over my hard penis, which began to melt its hotness into her hands. I felt her hands so cool and sweaty. Reciprocating her move, I grazed my hands over her shoulders and then below to the fleshy parts of her breasts. I played with my hands as instructed by Anandhi auntie a couple of days ago.

Mala let out a small moan, as if an animal getting on to its heat, maltepe escort as my fingers twitched her nipples. I gripped her breasts tightly from the back for a few moments and then massaged them softly the other moment. The sharp contrast between the experiences she felt every alternating moment pushed her to the edge, leaving her panting. Now, one of her hands was playing between her thighs on her clit.

I felt it was time and slowly grabbing my penis, inserted it into her small puckered, fuck hole. She let out a whine and a moan and grabbed the wall edge tightly as I led my penis in and out of her cunt in a slow rhythm. Minutes moved like hours as we both relaxed and relished the feeling of eternity during those moments.

We stopped for a moment, and I looked at her smiling. now she moved and laid on her back on the soft mattress spread on the terrace. Then she split her legs splaying at either side. I knelt between her splayed legs with my penis touching the mound of her groin. She held my penis and guided me by placing it at the entrance of her cunt.

Even now I could hear her panting in between her smiles. “Please, let me put my legs on your shoulders. It would be more convenient for both of us.” She pleaded and then took her legs bending her knees at my neck. This way, we came more closer and my penis rubbing her hairy cunt. As I pushed my penis into her cunt with a moan, she punctuated my moan with hers as my rod glided past into her slippery hole. Her vulva was even smaller than Janaki auntie with nearly half my penis still out of her cunt as it hit the end of her vulva hitting her vaginal opening.

“Push… Push… Push nicely… Don’t stop Praveen. Please…” she was pleading to me in her soft was as I continued to pound her hole with all my might. As her moaning became loud and excited cries, we heard both Janaki auntie and Anandhi auntie giggling at us.

“This is not fair akka. Don’t laugh…” Mala said then let out a squeal as I pushed my penis into her one more time. Again we heard giggles.

“Akka… please… I’m really enjoying this … don’t tease me by laughing.” Mala said to both of them. Again punctuated this sentence with yet another squeal and then laughed to herself.

“Akka… both you remove your dress and become naked. I want to see you naked just like us… please.” Mala pleaded to both of them. After a lot of ‘pleases’ from Mala, both of them said ok, and then removed her dress one by one. In a few moments they too became buck naked. It was really a nice situation to see three naked aunties at the same time, with their ‘maangalyam’ dangling between the mounds of their breasts, their gold earrings shining in the moonlight adding to the raw sexy beauty of all the naked bodies.

Relishing all that were happening before me… three naked young ladies, showing off their nudity to me, and fooling their husbands… I was now pounding Mala’s hole, harder with my penis. My penis was ramming in and out of her cunt much faster now. Both of our bodies juggled in the rhythm of our fuck. Mala let out a loud scream splitting our ears but soft enough not to be heard by anyone two floors below, as I gave her the fuck of her life with my young blood filling my penis. Anandhi and Janaki auntie were leaning naked to the wall of the terrace finger fucking themselves.

Janaki was yelling in short rhythms as moaning and pleading to me to fuck slower as she couldn’t manage my strength. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah….. ammma… please. Praveen…. Aaaahhh… yes…. Amma… aiooooo… slower… Slower…. Yes… Please… I at the end… yes… don’t stop… continue…”she was screaming to my ears.

At one defining moment, I felt my balls exploding and my hot cum flowing through my penis. “Auntie… do you want me to pour it into you or do you want to take it out? Else you’ll get pregnant.” I said.

“No… don’t stop. Pour it inside me. I want to feel the hotness of your divine white honey. Yes… pour it inside me. Make me pregnant… yes… I want to get pregnant by you Praveen…” she screamed softly in between her panting and whimpering.

The thought that I’m going my make my own auntie, some other person’s wife pregnant, pushed me to the edge, flushing all my cum into her cunt deep kartal escort into her vagina. I kept pumping my cum into her for the next few minutes and even before I finished a large orgasm ripped through her body making her buck up and down in fast motion. We were tired to the hell that we couldn’t answer when Janaki auntie asked if we both were coming with them to sleep in the bedroom.

“No… we’ll both stay here. We are very tired. We’ll come later.” Mala auntie said in a tired voice. Then she hugged me tightly saying, “Praveen… This is the best fuck I have ever had in my life. Will you fuck me again like this…? Please…” she asked me.

“Why not? Do you want to do it now again one more time?” I asked her with a smile.

“No… not now. I’m dead tired now. You fucked me like anything. Later sometime… ok? Now we shall go to sleep.” She said.

As I rose to go to bedroom downstairs, she pulled me again to the floor, saying “No… Not in the bedroom. We’ll sleep here, naked. No one will come here.” Saying so, she hugged me again. “So, has all you fantasies come true?” I asked her smoothing her soft hair.

“Actually no… this is just one of my fantasies. I had a lot of fantasies, even from my childhood. I even wanted to be fucked by my brother or dad. In fact, I don’t have a brother. You are the only nephew I’ve got now. It’s really kinky to think of that…Getting pregnant by your own father. I never got that fantasy to reality.” She finished off with a sigh.

“Then do you really want to get pregnant by me?” I asked her.

“Yes… I really want to get pregnant by you Praveen. If anything happens I’ll manage saying that I got pregnant by my husband.” Saying so, she smiled wickedly at me.

We never knew when we both trailed off to sleep. We woke up only when the morning sun had started to burn our naked bodies as we were still sleeping hugging each other. I was the first one to wake up. It was the first time I saw Mala auntie fully nude in broad daylight. Her wheatish shin was shining through the golden rays of the sun. Her dark black hairs were covering her shoulders and breasts with grace. Her brown nipples, were bowing out their beauty to the world.

Just when I was mesmerised by the sheer innocent beauty of her sleep, both Anandhi and Janaki came up the terrace and seeing our naked pose, started teasing and laughing at us. They both were fresh after a nice bath, their hair wet still. I guessed them both taking bath together. They smiled at me and then woke Mala auntie.

Mala auntie moaned a little cursing them in sleep for waking her soon. Still with her eyes closed, she stretched her body, with both her breasts stretching bodily along with her. Her hairs in her cunt were matted by both our juices. Only when she opened her eyes, she realised the stark truth of being naked with me in the broad daylight in the terrace. Quickly she grabbed her sari that was beside her on the terrace floor and covered her breasts hastily with it, in shyness. We all laughed at her for her act and then Janaki and Anandhi coaxed her to relax and get into the house for a bath and breakfast.

Without saying another word, they pulled her sari off her body and then went down into the house taking our dresses, leaving us to move naked into the terrace, saying “You both have been naked alone all through the night. Why do want to cover your naked body now alone? Come inside naked without a dress.”

So both, me and Mala auntie moved into the house. Even as we entered the house, Mala asked, “Praveen, shall we take bath together?” and without waiting for my answer pulled me into the bathroom. We both we fully naked and as we had nothing on us, there was no need to remove anything before taking the bath. Only Mala aunty took off the mangalsutra that was hanging on her neck, and kept it aside on the shelf in the bath. All these time, her bangles and anklets making a nice rhythmic and erotic sounds. Within seconds, my penis back to its hardness. So we had quickie before we bathed and soaped our backs. We had a nice refreshing bath, bathing together. As we both came into the dining room fresh after a bath, the breakfast was ready on the table.

(To be continued… this is the Third part of the story. I finished posted all the parts of the story simultaneously… so they would be approved in a matter of time)

Hi, friends… This is the third part… hope u enjoyed it.. Do sent ur comments ok?

Bye till then, from Saranya.

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