The Story of a Cyclist Ch. 02

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This is part two of “The Story of a Cyclist” and though it can be read on its own as an independent account of events, I would highly recommend reading the first part as well to get an idea of the characters.


It was close to 7 by the time Mandy and I got out of the house to pick up her friend. Walking onto the driveway, I realized our bikes were still sitting on top of the bed of my truck so I told Mandy to go take a seat while I would get some bike-locks from the garage to secure them down.

“Can’t be too careful going down town,” I said.

My eyes briefly distracted by the sight of the hem of her summer dress rising up to just under her butt as she climbed into the cabin. The fact that I knew she was completely naked underneath just made it that little bit more exciting and I was already dying again to get another chance of ravishing that gorgeous body of hers. The way she had talked on the phone with Suzan sure was promising. By the time I was done locking the bikes, my cock was straining against the fabric of my shorts and I told myself it would be better not to jump to any conclusions yet. Besides I had not met Suzan yet, she could be nothing like as good looking as Mandy or perhaps even plain ugly.

That thought made my swelling go down just enough not to show too much of my excitement before I hopped behind the wheel next to Mandy and asked, “So where do we pick up Suzan?”

“She finishes her shift at 7 down at Kohl’s down at the mall,” Mandy replied. “She has told me that she would be waiting for us outside at the south parking area.”

Driving towards town, Mandy turned to face me and started chatting about Suzan. She told me that she was the general manager of the lingerie department at Kohl’s and that my little souvenir actually was a gift from her. The memory of her bra and panties that I had spoiled earlier with a large deposit of my cum and was now sitting in my washing machine back home, made my cock twitch again. This did not get unnoticed by Mandy and she started to trace her fingers along my thigh towards the growing bulge in my shorts.

“Thanks to you I’m completely naked under here,” she teased while smiling at me and tracing her index finger along the hem of her dress.

It did not take long for my cock to grow fully erect and started throbbing under her touch. Mandy seemed to enjoy the teasing and torture she was giving me and I had a hard time concentrating on the road. At the next traffic light I manged to steal a glance at her and watched her hand disappear between her legs.

Knowing full well what it would find down there, I asked, “You are loving this aren’t you?”

“I am,” she softly moaned and continued to tease. “You know how horny your cock makes me? Just thinking of the taste of your pre-cum when I teased you with my mouth and it oozed from its slit … Its size and how it penetrated me so deeply… The way I felt my tight pussy stretch around its thickness… And of course the way it erupts when you come and your hot sweet cum gushes from its big mushroom head.”

If she continued like this it wouldn’t be long before a big wet spot would appear in my shorts as I felt the pre-cum already starting to ooze out and I quickly warned her, “You better stop or we will need to go back home to get me a change of clothes before we can pick up Suzan”

“You are right, there isn’t enough time to finish this now,” she replied. “Plus I don’t think Suzan is just ready yet for such a big surprise,” she added with a last firm squeeze of my cock.

“So what is she like?” I queried to change the subject and trying to gain some control over my prick.

“Well, despite her marvellous looks and sex-appeal, she is actually very modest.” Mandy replied. “Completely the opposite of me in every way I guess, she is more of an introvert where as I’m very much out there. But with her height, athletic body and some really nice boobs, I got a suspicion you’ll like her anyhow.”

The way she described her looks surely had my imagination running again and if Mandy thought Suzan had really nice boobs, it must be saying something because she did not have anything to be discontent about herself in the boob department. We were getting close to the mall, so soon enough I would find out for myself I thought.

Driving up into the car park towards the main entrance of the mall, I noticed a tall red head woman leaning against the wall in the last bit of sun which was setting in the distant horizon. She was maybe 10 years older than Mandy, around mid-thirties and looked very professional, wearing a grey knee high pencil skirt and matching tailored jacket that was fitted around her slim waist. Even though it smoothed out the curves of her upper body, the size of her ample breasts was still pretty evident. Her legs were shimmering in some light pantyhose, or stockings I hoped and seemed to go on for ever. As I drove up towards her, she started to walk towards us. Her stride looked very seductive with a gentle sway of her hips at each step, balancing her long legs on the 2″ heels she was beşiktaş escort wearing.

“This is Suzan?” I thought. “Holy cow, she’s hot…” and many other lured thoughts popped into my head.

As soon as I had stopped the car Mandy opened her door and got out to give Suzan a hug. She surely had not exaggerated when she told me that she was the complete opposite. Compared to her petite friend, Suzan must have stood over 6 feet tall with those heels and she had to crunch down to embrace her. Her complexion was completely different from Mandy’s. I noticed the freckles on her pale skin which was a contrast to the olive brown tan of her friend and of course her long curly fire red hair compared to the golden blond locks also stood out. They both hopped into the cabin, with Mandy scooting up close beside me. Suzan leaned forward to great me and offered her hand.

“You must be the man Mandy was raving so enthusiastically about on the phone,” she said a little disconcerted while I noticed her face starting to flush lightly. “I’m Suzan”

She seemed very polite and correct and I answered in kind, “Nice to meet you Suzan, you can call me Jack.”

“What big things has she been telling you about?” I teased, knowing what I had overheard earlier I and added, “Hope nothing to embarrassing.”

Her face now went straight bright red, almost matching the colour of her hair and she coyly looked at Mandy, who gave me a wink before she said, “Only how sweet you are.”

“Sweet huh?” I joked and put the car back into drive and headed of.

Suzan had turned away to look outside, obviously embarrassed by the innuendos. Mandy was coaxing her friend to stop feel so uptight and tried to lower her friend’s boundaries by asking her if she did not find me cute. She had a quick glance at me again and acknowledged that she thought I was handsome, but that she just couldn’t get to grip with the anxiety that always overwhelmed her when that other stuff they had talked about on the phone enters her mind. I knew exactly what Mandy had been raving about earlier. It was clear Suzan wasn’t feeling much at ease around men and in particularly was uncomfortable with the sexual attraction and what that could lead up to.

“Maybe you just need to get used to it a little bit and find out yourself that those feelings are perfectly normal,” Mandy suggested. “Somehow you have to find out that you are the one in control of your feelings and nothing is going to happen that you don’t want to.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Suzan murmured. “Even just a guy like Jack looking at me, makes me want to run away.”

“What if Jack follows us back home to join us for dinner after we get your car from Russel’s?” Mandy asked, or actually kind of more stated. “That way there will be plenty of time for you to get acquainted better and find out there is no need for you to run.”

Mandy turned to me and I felt her hand coming to rest on my thigh close to my semi hard cock, “You don’t mind spending some more time with me do you?” She gave me a quick peck on my cheek before adding, “A nice dinner is the least I can do to thank you properly for everything you done for me this afternoon.”

Without acknowledgement it seemed my evening was planned out already. Driving out of town to Russel’s I learned that Suzan was half Italian and cooked an amazing spaghetti. Talking about food seemed to relax Suzan a bit and sometime later she ended up in contest with Mandy guessing how old I was. They both underestimated my age, but Suzan was the closest with 34.

“You are both wrong,” I said proudly, “I’m actually already in my forties.”

They both did not believe me and wanted some prove. As a joke I asked for some reward from both of them if I was to prove my real age. Since I obviously know my own date of birth better than they would, the stakes were not that high.

“How about a kiss from both of us?” Mandy said cheerful.

Quickly before Suzan, who looked hesitated, could object I said, “Deal.” I pulled my driving license from my wallet and showed them, “See 43 last month.”

“Now it’s your turn to guess,” Mandy suggested.

“Now it’s not appropriate to guess a woman’s age,” I objected.

“We will have to give you a little incentive then, don’t we Suzan?” she replied. “How about, you will be allowed to ask one favour of each one of us if you get it right.”

“And if I get it wrong?”

“For each one of us you get wrong, that person will be allowed to ask one favour from you,” she said and looked at Suzan, who was still a bit in disbelief of what was at stake here.

There was no way I was going to let pass an opportunity like that, it seemed a win-win situation, as long as I would not offend them by guessing their age too old. If I would get it wrong, Suzan did not seem like the person who would ask anything too crazy from me as a favour and I was already fantasizing what Mandy might desire from me. On the other hand if I would guess one of them right, I would be the one calling beylikdüzü escort bayan in the favour from them. With some lewd thoughts lingering in mind, I was trying to make up my mind whose age I should guess first.

I picked Suzan and after some careful consideration I said, “Suzan, I’m guessing you are thirty… Six.”

“How did you do that?” Mandy said in disbelief. “You got it spot on.”

“Great,” Suzan exclaimed. “Now I owe him a kiss and a favour”

“There could be worse things,” Mandy countered, “and he still has to guess mine.”

With Mandy I had to be more careful not to guess too old. She looked just a little older than mid-twenties, but at that age it is easy to look older than you really are. So aiming for just under the middle I guessed 24. Mandy was flattered by my guess but smiled as she told me that I was 5 years off.

“Twenty nine..?” I said with a face of disbelief. “Maybe you should show me some prove just to make sure you are not lying to forfeit owing me a favour.”

Mandy leaned towards me, the weight of her breasts causing the top of her dress to fall open to allow me a clear view at her cleavage and with a cheeky smile she said, “In case you hadn’t noticed I haven’t got anything on me to show you, other than this dress and what’s underneath it. So all I can offer is Suzan who can vouch for me that I’m not a liar and show you my ID when we get to her place.”

“Owing you a favour won’t be such a bad thing I guess, so on second thoughts I will take your word for it.”

Our chat had made the drive seem a lot shorter and by seven thirty we drove into the car park of Russel’s. The pace was already closed and the only car left on the car park was this white BMW X5. Stopping behind it I, told Mandy and Suzan that I would follow them. But when Mandy followed Suzan to step out of my cabin, Suzan suggested that she should stay and drive with me. She explained that her house was quite remote and that Mandy would be able to give directions in case I would lose her tail. That is how we set off back down through the canyon roads, me close behind Suzan’s X5 with Mandy sitting next to me asking all kinds of questions and trying to distract me.

“So what do you think of her?” she asked. “Isn’t she gorgeous?”

“Well she seems very nice, but is very shy and dresses way too conservative for her age,” I replied

Mandy confirmed that her friend was indeed very up tight and shy about anything to do with men and would freeze at the slightest insinuation to sex. She had been trying many things to loosen her up a bit and was hoping that having me around this evening would help a bit.

“Trust me, behind all that shyness and those stiff clothes she is hiding something really hot,” Mandy teased. “Almost as hot as me, it’s just a shame she doesn’t realize herself what she can do with a body like hers,” she continued with her hands trailing across her breast and down along the side of her dress.

My cock already rising back to full tension by the thoughts of where things could lead tonight, only Suzan’s rather strong inhibitions towards sex could be quite a hurdle to overcome. The ride was short and Suzan had not been lying about it being remote. After we got down from the canyon path we turned off the highway onto a local road that led towards the forest. You could feel the air cool down as we entered the green sea of trees and after a couple of more turns onto roads that kept getting smaller we ended up at a large gate that opened up to a drive way towards a massive villa that stood in the middle of a clearance between the large trees.

My detached house would look like a little condo compared to this place. It had glass bay windows at the entrance and all around the left side of the house with just a few large coloured panels. You could look straight through the living room toward the tree line on the opposite side of the house and even at the entrance you looked straight down at the opposite wall of the hallway and you were greeted by an enormous painting of a topless black African woman. The right hand side was just one long immaculate white wall of at least 60ft.

“There was no way she could afford all this by being a manager of a lingerie department at the mall,” I thought to myself.

Mandy must have read my questionable thoughts on my face and before we got out told me that the house actually belonged to Suzan’s dad. Suzan invited us in and we followed her towards the living area. The area was one large open space with 10ft high ceilings. It had a massive L shaped couch in front of a brand new 65″ curved led TV screen. Towards the back window were two design lounge chairs with matching ottoman and following the large spectacular bay windows to the other side, you entered the dining area with open plan kitchen and bar.

“Would you mind getting dinner started while I get changed?” Suzan asked Mandy. “I’m starving. There is a big pot of leftover bolognaise sauce in the fridge, you just need to heat it up bostancı escort bayan and boil some spaghetti noodles.”

Suzan disappeared into the hall down the other side of the house, where I suppose the bedrooms were. As soon as she was gone, Mandy opened a large panelled door in the kitchen to reveal a large selection of wine.

“This is one of her favourites,” she said while picking a bottle of Chianti from one of the wine racks. “It is so smooth and drinks down really easy with a nice pasta. The alcohol might loosen her up a bit.”

From behind the bar she got three large wine glasses and handed me the bottle and an opener to do the honours of opening it while she started to cook some dinner. I poured a generous amount in each glass almost finishing the entire bottle. Taking a glass in each hand I walked over to stand behind Mandy cornering her against the sink as I pushed up close against her. I felt her push back into me and was sure she could sense the swelling in my shorts through the thin fabric of her dress that was covering her bare ass. After handing her a glass I thanked her for inviting me. She turned to face me, and raised her glass to toast on a wonderful evening. Standing on her toes I could feel her grinding her pelvis against my leg searching for the slightest touch of my cock against her wanton pussy. Our lips met and we shared a passionate embrace with our hands roaming along each other’s bodies.

“Ahumm, do you guys mind taking a room?” we heard Suzan joke.

Breaking our kiss, I noticed her leaning against the dining table. She had changed into a black dress, and though it still didn’t portray as sexy, at least it revealed a lot more of her feminine curves. The softer material fell graciously around her hips and ended about 2″ above her knee, making her legs look even longer than before. The waist was fitted, emphasizing her slenderness and made her ample bosom stand out even more, though the black lace top that covered them did not reveal any bit of cleavage.

Mandy walked over towards her to hand the remaining glass of wine and joked, “I hope your dad keeps enough of these.”

The noodles did not have to boil for very long and with some small talk while setting the table I learned that her dad was whom she got her Italian half from. He was a dealer in Italian fashion and obviously doing quite well. Only he was barely ever at home because of all the travel. Her mum was from Irish background and must have been the roots of her red hair and pale skin. Her parents got divorced when she was eight. Even though she lived with her mum at the beginning, by the time she was 16 and leaving college she had chosen and requested to be with her father. Growing up pretty isolated and following his vocation she studied at a private trade school. The chit chat made her appear more at ease, which must have also been aided by the glass of wine she had almost completely gulped up.

“Enough about me,” she said. “Dinner is ready.”

Mandy opened a second bottle of the Chianti and filled up our glasses while Suzan placed the pots on the table and went to sit directly opposite of me. Mandy came to sit next to me which gave her left hand free roaming access between my thighs hidden under the table.

As Suzan started to serve the spaghetti, Mandy leaned into me and whispered in my ear, “I think the wine is helping…” And after a short pause while Suzan looked at me she squeezed my cock through my shorts and added, “And I can tell she likes you a lot.”

She truly was a fox. The woman who let me ravish her earlier after coming to her rescue, the one watching me jerk off into her undergarments and revelled with delight when I came the second time covering her with my seed, was now here getting me hard and stroking me under the table with the lecherous insinuations for her shy friend to join in.

“How is it?” Suzan politely asked.

“Ohhh it’s really good,” I complemented. “You know the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach.”

“Or through a woman’s mouth,” Mandy smirked looking at me. “They are unable to resist a good blow job.”

Suzan almost choked on her food when she said it, giving Mandy a look to kill. Quickly I tried to rescue the situation by saying that a man needs both actually, a woman that cares for him with good food, but also will take care of his desires. It seemed to have had effect as Suzan gave me a smile and agreed to the fact that everyone has desires.

Only Mandy liked to push a bit more and stated, “So what are yours? You always are so uptight, I sometimes doubt you have any.”

Suzan’s face just flushed up red and the look of anger had turned to shame. Again I took it up for her telling Mandy that everyone was not like Mandy and comfortable to openly show their true feelings and desires, especially with a strange man at the table. Suzan seemed to relax knowing I was on her side. Mandy squeezed my cock again in her hand and looked at me with a soft smile telling me exactly what her game was. She was provoking Suzan with obscene comments to break down her barriers and then left it up to me to bring Suzan’s discomfort back into balance. And it worked, throughout our dinner conversation Mandy would make some kind of suggestive comment every so often, which allowed me to rationalize her ideas with Suzan, who seemed to be lowering her guard towards me more and more and even got comfortable showing her feelings on some of the topics.

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