The Squash Bet

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My fiancée Lisa and I have been living together for three years and plan to get married next year.

We bought an old house and have been slowly renovating it – far too slowly for Lisa’s liking!

I work in London and by the time I’ve got the train and then walked home it is usually about 7pm and then I don’t feel like doing much decorating. During the weekends we usually do some work on the place, although I must admit that had also tailed-off a little.

Friday evening is our only regular night out. We have a game of squash and then after coming home for a shower we sometimes go for a drink with friends.

Our squash games get quite competitive and we are fairly evenly matched although Lisa probably has the edge in terms of games won. It had also been a long-standing bet that the loser cooked dinner the next evening.

A few weeks ago, after nagging me about tiling the bathroom, Lisa suggested a new bet.

‘How about we make the bet a little more interesting this week’ Lisa asked as we were going on court.

“OK, what do you have in mind?”

“Anything you want” Lisa said with a seductive wiggle of her hips.

“Anything?” I asked

“No, let’s make it any THREE things the winner wants” Lisa said, seductively stroking her left breast.

“OK you’re on” I said my mind now totally distracted by thoughts of Lisa’s body.

That distraction proved to be my undoing and Lisa beat me 5 games to 1.


Lisa first favour was for me to cancel my football on Sunday and finish the bathroom tiling, not really what I had in mind but a bet was a bet.

On Monday, her second involved me stripping the wallpaper from the second bedroom the next two evenings.

Her last favour on Thursday was for me to cook dinner.


On Friday, Lisa teased me mercilessly and won again. In fact she used the same tactic for the few weeks and won each time.

Each week, Lisa had me doing two major jobs and then saved her third for a meal or in one case a cinema trip to see a film she fancied.

I was getting pretty sick of this and was determined to not let her teasing get the better of me. It took 5 weeks before I finally managed to win after a very closely fought game. I won 3-2.

That night in bed I told Lisa “For my first favour, I would like a nice slow blow-job and I want you to swallow my come”. Lisa would only occasionally let me come in her mouth and then she would always spit it into a tissue

“No way” Lisa replied

“The bet was anything the winner wants and I’ve paid-up for the last four weeks”

Lisa complained bitterly but finally canlı bahis şirketleri did the deed and reluctantly swallowed my load, washing it down with a swig of my beer.

On Tuesday I had Lisa give me a repeat performance for my second favour.

On Thursday, Lisa was telling my about the jobs list she ready for me when she won our match the next day.

I had planned to use my third favour that night but I had a brainwave and decided to use my final favour to help me win our next game.

On Friday Lisa wore the same outfit that she wore for the last few weeks. The top fitted snugly across her breasts and the short tennis skirt had a slit part way up at back that showed the tops of her legs and gave the occasional flash of her knickers when she bent over.

On the way to the club we had the usual banter about who was going to win etc.

“I assume it is the same bet” I checked with Lisa.

“You’d better believe it” replied Lisa. “You’ll be decorating for the next 6 months” she teased.

“So it’s the same bet for the next 6 months. That’s a lot of blow jobs” I teased in reply.

“Dream on, buster. But let’s make it a year. I don’t want you quitting after two weeks of wallpapering” Lisa said pushing it.

“OK, a year it is” I replied “no quitting”.

“Done” Lisa finished

This was going to work out better than I had planned I thought as I drove.

When we pulled up in the car park at the club, I turned to Carol “For my final favour of the week, I’d like you to remove your bra and leave it here in the car.” I said.

“What!” Lisa replied.

“You heard” I replied smiling

“But I can’t run around without a bra”

“I don’t see why not…… Does this mean you concede the match?”

“No it doesn’t, but this isn’t fair”

“What’s not fair? I won last week and this is my third favour”

“You serious, aren’t you”

“Absolutely” . “Take it off. Whether you play or concede is up to you.”

“Bastard” she replied, removing her bra and handing me it.

Even walking Lisa’s breasts were quite a sight in her tight top. Later when she ran on court they were bouncing all over the place.

Needless to say Lisa was totally distracted from her game and lost easily. I resolved to continue this plan next week.

I kept the same routine for the next three weeks. I won each week and had Lisa swallowing my cum twice each week.

Since the first week Lisa had taken to wearing baggy T-shirts on court and this next week she wore a thick sweatshirt, so a new tactic was required.

To even more cries of protest I asked Lisa to remove her knickers. The tennis skirt wasn’t very long, so a decent stretch canlı kaçak iddaa or bend at the waist would give a fairly indecent flash to anyone watching.

Inspired by the views of her ass on court, the blow-jobs were replaced by her introduction to the delights of anal sex.

It didn’t take a brain-surgeon to guess that Lisa would be wearing her tracksuit bottoms next week as well as her sweatshirt so my little ploy wouldn’t work again.

I had to think of something else to distract her game because if I let her win I knew she would make me pay big-time.

After a couple of days I came-up with the solution and went to buy the necessary item.

The next Friday Lisa came downstairs wearing her tracksuit top and bottoms. “Do I have to wear these or can I wear my normal outfit with underwear this week” Lisa asked, hands on hips.

“Oh all right you can wear your normal outfit” I replied

“With underwear?”

“Yes OK” I answered trying to sound disappointed and letting her think she had got the upper hand.

“You are going to be so sorry when I beat you tonight” Lisa said in the car.

I let that comment go until we got to the club. When we parked, Lisa was just about to get out of the car when I stopped her.

“But you said I could keep my clothes on this week” Lisa pleaded

“That’s right” I said “I’m keeping to that. Close you eyes and spread your legs a little” I instructed her.

“We can’t do it here in the car park”

“Don’t worry, just close your eyes”

Lisa closed them and I started kissing her and trailed my hand up her thighs to her knickers. While kissing her I started teasing her pussy and clit. In only a minute or so she was wet enough for what I had in mind.

I retrieved the little egg-shaped device from my pocket and pushed it inside her pussy.

“What the hell is that” Lisa asked

“Just a little something to keep you hot for me. As you move it is supposed to gently massage you.” I lied.

“And I suppose I have to keep it there while we play”


“It’ll take more than that to stop you winning tonight” Lisa replied.

The egg was very little hindrance to Lisa at all and the match was very evenly played. With 15 minutes left the score was 2 games all and I was 7-5 up in the fifth. Lisa won service and pulled another point back. It was time for part 2 of my ploy.

As Lisa was about to serve again I pulled the little control out of my pocket and kept it hidden in my free hand. In the middle of the next rally flicked the switch on. The effect on Lisa was immediate. She stopped dead in her tracks and put her hand to her groin surprised at the new buzzing sensation.

“You canlı kaçak bahis bastard” She said glaring at me.

The remainder of that game and the next were easy. Lisa kept giggling each time she started to run and couldn’t concentrate on playing.

I left it on throughout the drive home (we normally shower at home after the game) and Lisa’s eyes were starting to glaze over by the time we got home. We had no sooner got through the front door when Lisa attacked me.

“Fuck me now, you cheating bastard” Lisa said ripping my shorts down and dropping to her knees. Lisa took my cock in her mouth and had me hard in no time.

I pulled out of her mouth and dropped to my knees behind her, flipping the skirt up over her backside. Pulling her knickers to one side I pushed into her soaking pussy. I pushed in about halfway pushing the egg a little deeper and nicely lubricating my cock. I then pulled out and pushed against her ass”

“No, no…..ah OK, yes…… just fuck me” Lisa pleaded.

I wasn’t about to argue as I pushed my entire length into her ass. That simple act was enough to send Lisa over the edge. Lisa let out a loud gasp, gripped the carpet with her fingers and started to tremble in my hands. I held still enjoying the buzzing sensation coming from the egg and let Lisa come down from her orgasm.

“Oh fuck” she panted in between gasps “Fuck my ass, fuck me hard. Don’t stop, I need it bad” Lisa begged.

I stroked my cock in and out, starting slowly and then ramming her ass as hard as I could. Lisa went wild beneath me and came again. This time I didn’t stop. I fucked her as hard as I could; Lisa was going crazy screaming out in orgasm until with one final push I pumped my load into her ass.

“Oh my god. Turn it off, turn it off” Lisa kept repeating.

I fumbled with my shorts and retrieved the control flicking the switch off.

“Oh my god, I was so turned on I didn’t think I would make it home before coming” Lisa said breathlessly.

“That was some hot session” I said “and I didn’t even have to use a favour” I teased.

“Bastard, I’m never going to win another match am I” Lisa said.

“Not this year” I replied


Later that week as we were getting ready for our next game Lisa said “Look I’m never going to win while you’ve got that thing, am I?”


“OK then, I’ve got a proposition for you”

“I’m listening”

“Well I enjoy our squash and if we keep this up then it’ll ruin our squash for the next 12 months….So how about I continue to give you 2 favours a week and we play our squash as normal”

“The deal was 3”

“OK 3 but in return I get one full day of decorating each weekend and one cooked meal or evening out a week”

“OK it’s a deal” I agreed.

And so it is I now have 9 months left with 3 favours a week. Surprisingly, all the DIY and decorating seem much more pleasant now knowing the choices I have at the end of a day.

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