The Song Called Pleasure

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Dildo Machine

Lex’s beach house was huge. The sprawling two storeyed structure spread over a sizeable piece of land on the Dumas beach.

One had to drive a few miles off the coastal highway through a dense cover of palm trees and sandy road to reach it. The entrance had a spacious parking lot with a water fountain in its midst. The entrance was actually the rear of the house. The facade opened directly onto the beach, just a few metres away from where the tide stopped.

Huge French windows with tinted glass adorned the facade as if the house were staring into the sunset through sunglasses in the evenings. These windows shielded Lex’s massive bedroom, which occupied almost half the first floor and faced the sea. The other half had a personal music library and 3 guest rooms.

Lex was a jet set executive of a multinational manufacturing firm by the week and a reclusive music afficionado by the weekend.

Lex spent many a weekends at his house on Dumas, high on music, in his fancy music library. It was replete with sound proof walls, high tech sound systems, connectivity, a mixing device and most of all, solitude.

On the ground floor, there was a massive hall, few guest rooms, a kitchen and an annex to the house. Lex had converted the annexed side courtyard into a covered performance theatre.

Bands, orchestras, professionals, groups, college kids could inform in advance, book and come over for practice, rehearsals or just impromptu jams at this venue. It had a stage, lights, some seating for an audience of 20 or so and latest in electronics. The house staff had instructions to ‘let music prosper.’

This winter weekend, Lex was having some of his usual culprits over to the house for a jam and later stay over. Winters in his city were pleasant and in fact the best time to indulge in the breeze on the beach. Lex was to drive after work while his friends were to head to the house much before him.

Wes played keys, Meha played base, Rahul played lead, Nitya and Kabir vocals. Lex jammed with the group frequently. He was a percussionist. Drums, Cahon, cymbals, ethnics, you name it and he played it. The group had people from different fields, with different ideologies and a varied taste in music. But at the jam, all genres were indulged and enjoyed. They were all versatile instrumentalists and slaves to music.

Lex’s Jag turned In to his slot for parking and he made a dash for his bedroom. In a few minutes he had changed into a slim fit black shirt, black leather pants and suede shoes. He left his first shirt button undone to show off his slim but lithe physique. He gelled his hair, showered in a masculine perfume and put on a black hat. Lex was one hell of a performer and one hell of a ladies magnet. Chiselled frame, angular face, talented hands and a charm to die for. He cocked his hat a bit and left for the theatre.

He could hear the music waft from behind the thick wooden doors and he smiled at the fact that the session had already become warm. His friends would have been ushered that morning by the staff and made comfortable in the guest rooms. By now they would have had a beer or two and begun jamming. He could already hear one of his favourite songs play. Rock and roll.

Lex liked to make a dramatic entrance. He breezed past the doors into the theater and was welcomed by cheers. He pecked Nitya on the cheek, raised his pint as an ode to the group and sat beneath a spotlight behind his Roland electronic drums. Style!

He merged into a cover of jail house rock on drums and the beats were welcomed with loud applause. Rock and roll was a genre that could go into unending medleys and Lex’s drums set the groove tight.

Kabirs cousins had come over to listen. They cheered as he thundered in a baritone Elvis voice. Wes had brought a couple of friends and Lex thought the shy couple sitting near the mini bar would be them.

Meha the bassist had invited a friend of hers too. Her friend hadn’t come in yet or hadn’t come at all. There were 3 or 4 more people in the audience that Lex couldn’t identify. But that was alright, people were welcome to come by and listen.

Thanx to Lex’s flare for the dramatic, one of his staff was now lighting him a nice Cuban cigar which he was puffing onto, without missing a beat on his drums. Beer pints changed without notice. Wes on the keys and Meha on the base took the rock and roll set to a rocking climax and everyone cheered. The evening had begun.

Lex inhaled from his cigar as Kabir sang few notes of his favourite Indo-western fusion medley. This, Lex knew was a soft rock medley with nuances of Indian classical and western rock which ended in hard rock. Lex prepared to give his drums a beating.

That’s when he noticed a petite, gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful girl walk into the door. She actually glided through the door. She sat demurely at one of the bar stools and crossed her legs. Did he catch a trace of perfume or was he imagining things. He saw Meha blow a kiss to her with one hand on the frets and that canlı bahis şirketleri confirmed she was Mehas friend. Lex couldn’t remember her name though Meha might have mentioned it to him.

She smiled at kabirs fusion rendition and Lex was mesmerised. His drums were on auto pilot. His Cigar burnt gently in an ashtray near him, which looked like a giant castle from a chess board. He literally stared at the newcomer through his light brown shades. She was now whispering her choice of drink to the bartender. One stanza into the song and the bar tender came out with a vodka martini. She sipped gingerly from lush lips that clamped around the goblet in the most sensuous manner.

Kabirs fusion songs ended after a crescendo and there was fresh cheer and a round of introductions. Meha gave her friend a tight hug and introduced her to the others as Tiya, who was the creative director of a reputed travel channel. She said Tiya could sing and loved music too. Tiya shyed away as if she was a mere mortal amongst the talented lot she was with today.

Her mannerisms and expressions were driving Lex crazy. Soft flowy hair fell over one side of her face and cast a shadow over the other side. Her luscious lips had a hint of pink gloss. Yellow lights reflected off her bare shoulders like moonlight reflecting off the cool sands on the beach. Delicate earrings dangled off her ear and shone tiny dancing lights around her.

Her sleeveless black mock neck sweater rested demurely around a slender neck and left beautiful shoulders bare for the eyes. It bulged gracefully and contoured and stretched around her plenty breasts. It then dipped to cover her slender waist. Her top was finally tucked into tight, low waist leather pants. Brown leather belt clamped the pants around her waist as if she were being held possessively by a man.

Meha was now leading Tiya to meet Wes on the key boards. She was literally swaying towards Wes. The leather pants tightly lined long slender legs. Her legs looked even longer when she strode on the tall heels of her leather boots. The carpet dulled the sound her boots would have made on the wooden flooring but Lex’s heart beat was over compensating for the missing sounds from her heel.

When she turned to greet Wes, she was facing away from Lex giving him a spectacular view of her behind. The heels led to shapely calves. The calves propped her slender thighs and rounded firm ass cheeks on the heels. The cheeks could literally be screaming to burst out of the tight leather pants. Also, her mock neck top was not just sleeveless, but backless too. The neck straps descended on her back in Criss cross strings that almost left her smooth back and waist almost bare. It also left very little for Lex’s imagination.

She had garnished this irresistible ensemble with a leather jacket that she hooked around her shoulder on a finger. Lex couldn’t remember the last time he felt so aroused. Who was this beauty? Was she gonna stay? Why hadn’t they ever met before? Was Meha gonna introduce him next? Lex feared he would devour Tiya right there.

Wes bowed to Tiya and broached the cords for yet another timeless classic, and they all joined in. ‘Pretty woman’ Lex thought this was also the best choice for the moment and would have dedicated the song to Tiya. Tiya had crossed her slender legs on the bar stool again and had gulped down her martini. Another one had been placed in her hand before she had let down the first glass.

Lex just had to look at the bartender for her to replace his beer with scotch on the rocks. He caught Tiya eyeing him as he broke into a solo on his drums. Everyone cheered. Lex couldn’t decide if he was high on music, or cigar, or scotch or that svelte beauty that was now eyeing him more often. Pretty woman ended with a roll on Lex’s snares. Meha egged Tiya to sing any of her favourites.

After some initial hesitation, she agreed and walked over to whisper into Wes’s ear. Lex’s member throbbed and begged for release in his khakis as he glimpsed Tiya’s back again. He wished she was whispering to him, so he could smell her perfume. But alas! Wes was on the keyboards. He was gonna give her a lead. Moment of truth.

Tiya turned and came up to the mic stand. She shot Lex a mysterious luring smile. Lex pulled on his Cigar deeply. Wes started a few chords. He gave it a base beat on the keys. Meha and Rahul joined in the chords.

Tiya caught the mic stand and the mic, one in each hand, went very close to the mic and sang in a textured controlled throw of her voice! “Besame… Besame mucho…”

Lex gulped his scotch in one go. She had a tantalising voice. Many looked on in stunned silence. She had put so much emotion in just few words.

She could have been deeply kissing the mic when she sang “each time I cling to your kiss, I hear music divine!”

Lex wondered if it was normal to compete with an inanimate microphone!

Tiya seemed to be in the mood as she caressed the mic and sang on. She swayed her hips gently with the lilting canlı kaçak iddaa tune. She sang passionately with her eyes closed feeling every nuance of the song. But she opened her eyes as if beckoning Lex when she ended the first stanza and stared at him. “Love you my darling, say that you’ll always be mine!”

Lex felt hard as a cement obelisk. She had held out her hand to him when she had finished the stanza as if calling him. Was she a bloody tease or what!

Lex lit a fresh cigar, tipped his hat in style, picked up his Peruvian Cahon and went towards the songstress. He placed his cahon next to her and gulped down his scotch. He sat on his cahon and eyed Wes. Wes bowed and picked up pace. Now the song had picked up beat and tempo. It sounded more Latin. Tiya laughed out demurely at the change of rhythm and gracefully accepted a fresh goblet of martini from the bartender.

The pace was Latin now. It became foot tapping with lex playing the Cahon. Tiya tapped with her boot and swung with the beat. Lex oggled at her ass. The audience clapped. The couple who was sufficiently high by now broke into an impromptu salsa. Tiya held the mic closer and sang in Spanish! Loud applause and cheers followed. The song ended with a bass rumble by Lex, high notes by Tiya, bows by Wes, cries of once more and a fresh round of drinks.

Lex got up, as if possessed, went over to Tiya and kissed her hand! The style never left Lex. This once though Lex was totally bowled over. Tiya had cast a spell!

Tiya, swirled her jacket around her shoulder, did a mock courtesy, turned on her heels and left the theater. She winked at Lex as she exited the door.

Lex picked up his Cigar and left after her. It was usual for people to join or leave the jam as they pleased. It was quite informal that way. Meha gave Lex a knowing look. Wes raised his pint to him.

Lex had confirmed with his staff that Tiya was gonna stay over with Meha. But he headed to his room to freshen up and gather courage before he could pull a move. Just a few minutes after he entered his room on the first floor there was a knock.

He opened the door to Tiya. He was seeing her striking features closely for the first time. On heels, she was a few millimetres taller than him. Perfect!

Lex said, “Tiya, you sound, look and smell divine! I loved the jam, what say we try some tango too?”

Tiya cocked a wicked smile. She looked beautiful. She lent him a hand. He bowed and took it firmly, pulled her close and held her round by the waist. She glided into him and blushed a little when Lex’s huge erection pressed into her. It became harder when Tiya’s ample breasts pressed into his chest. Tiya said, “Feels like someone’s really anxious to come out! Don’t be so hard on it!” Was she a tease or what!

Lex requested his electronic AI assistant Echo, to put some Spanish tango music. The music wafted with bass from concealed speakers. Lex led Tiya on to the massive rug which separated his king size bed from the French windows. The echo also automatically toned down the lights, made the room temperature cooler, let out a spicy floral fragrance and alerted the bar for a champagne service. Lex bowed, Tiya gushed. He pulled her close this time more passionately. He was going for the kill. Tiya was loving it.

Tiya’s perfume from her bare neck filled Lex’s senses again. He felt elated as she softly pressed against him. She let him lead as they grooved and moved to the catchy Spanish beats. His member ground into her unashamedly. She loved the touch.

They moved with the music. Tiya detached and went into a swirl. On the way back Lex pulled her back much stronger than before. They were both a little breathless. Lex now felt her breasts full as he held her close tightly around her waist. She breathed onto his neck.

Two sharp knocks on the door alerted Lex that the champagne was here. His staff was trained to leave if no one opened the door. Lex was not going to let the momentum go. Champagne be damned! He let the grip on her waist relax and surfed past the little of her waist to her ass. It felt firm under the tight leather pants. She ground firmly into him and placed her arm around his neck.

Lex let her hand go and took his other hand down to her ass as well. The music played on in the background but their movements has slowed. They were just rocking in each others grip and ironically breathing harder. He curved his fingers to adapt to the lower contours of her ass cheeks and massaged them. He sucked gently on her bare and fragrant shoulder. She whimpered. She put both her arms around lex’s shoulders and tried to pull him closer though the only way he could get any closer would be to be inside her.

Lex gripped her around the waist like a python and brought another muscular hand to support her upper back. He leaned into her as she arched back. He suckled above her breast where her top laid bare the beginning of her breast bulge. She exhaled deeply. She flexed one leg and rubbed the inside of her thigh up canlı kaçak bahis towards lex’s waist. He picked up her thigh with one hand while still gripping her around the waist.

Things had become so hot, that Lex might have broken a sweat. Lex slipped the other arm beneath her ass and picked her up in one fluid movement. Lex was strong and Tiya was petite. She cross locked her legs behind lex’s waist. She kissed him deeply through soft luscious suction cup lips. Her velvet hair fell onto his neck as they kissed.

He carried her to bed and sat her down. She sat on the edge of the low bed, her boots still on. Lex’s hard on became unbearable as she parted her legs to show the inners of her slender legs. She pulled him closer till he stood close to the edge of the bed facing her. She unfastened his belt and unzipped his khakis. Lex in the mean time unbuttoned his shirt but left it on.

She demurely brought out his throbbing phalus and almost succeeded at hiding her disbelief at his size. Lex had always been bigger than his structure which brought at first wonder and then awesome pleasure to his ladies. She stroked his manhood to get a feel of it and thats when Lex noticed her long manicured fingers. Long slender fingers often represented extreme talent in the performing arts. She had classy long nails. She held his manhood in the flat of her palm so her nails wouldn’t hurt him.

To look at her while she stroked him felt like seeing a blurry image of a beautiful painting when one was high!

But ecstasy was yet to show itself. She gave him a wicked smiled. She wrapped her thick lips around the circumference of his tip. She gave the tip gentle lashes with her tongue. Lex wanted to cry out to the microphone in the theater “who’s having fun now, huh?” but he was on a pleasure high and nothing could take his arousals place.

After what seemed like hundreds of lashes he saw her lips course over his shaft to and fro. He groaned. She was going ever so slow. Thank god for the scotch which gave him control or else he would have filled her mouth in the first few strokes. She sucked hard for a few minutes. Lex was lost to himself, to the world, to existence.

She gave his cock a few strokes with her hand and then slid behind on her ass to the end of the bed which lay against the wall and had a back rest. She beckoned to him with her finger. Lex’s bed was a huge low bed with the softest mattress on which one could sink. Lex had a passion for black. He would cover his bed in black satin sheets with black covered cushions everywhere, especially against the backrest. Today there was an awesome lady in black leather in his black gigantic bed.

Lex was a big fan of Tiya’s voice Already. He now needed to see how she sounded when he entered her.

Lex crawled into bed towards Tiya, his manhood raging. He stood tall on his knees almost between her thighs. One after the other he straightened her legs and unzipped her tight leather pants from the ankles. He let the heels be for garnish. Tiya couldn’t help but stare aghast at the monster that was about to pleasure her.

Lex peeled the leathers off Tiya swiftly. She wore a thin black thong. She smelt nostalgic. The white of her fair skin contrasted beautifully with the black leather. She was bare behind the thong just as he liked it. He edged closer to her as she held her breath. With one tug he unfastened the He propped her ass onto a fluffy black pillow and placed his massive shaft on her verge. He rubbed her clit with gentle to and fro movements of his tip on her. She arched her neck in pleasure. Her top still covered treasure behind the soft wool.

Lex thought he still needed to earn the pleasure. Lex was less of a maniacal romper. He was more of a gentle pleasurer. As such the petite goddess in his bed deserved the most gentle pleasure anyways.

He placed his tip now on her verge and pressed. Tiya tensed and arched, uncertain if she can engulf his size at the begining. He sensed it and leaned down to kiss her deeply. She relaxed. He nudged again and felt his tip vanish in her narrow and tight pussy. She would take him whole. He was confident. She felt wet and slick.

Few gentle thrusts into her and his shaft had vanished whole into her. She was going “Aah!” with every thrust. She sounded even better when she moaned. Lex had gathered rhythm, percussionist that he was. Everything was as per beat. Tiya ground into him everytime he thrusted. She clasped her wrists high above her head and it gave lex a most erotic view of her breasts shuddering with his thrusts. Lex always thought a girls curves looked more sexy with her arms above her. She was getting the right chords with him even in bed.

When she took her arms up, the sweater slipped up, showing off a pierced navel on toned abs. Lex thrusted harder. Was she for real?

Minutes must’ve passed and lex felt a surge. He was going to cum deep in her. But he didn’t want to end it so soon. He slowed down. The music has slowed to a lesser tempo with more sax and piano playing. She had noticed the decrease in pace. Lex lifted one of her booted legs and licked along her calf. She moaned. While still driving himself into her slowly he turned her to her side. She went into contractions for the second time “Ohh Lex!”

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