The Smiths

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Paul sat at his deck just having cummed for the third time in a row from watching the same video on the phone. It wasn’t his phone because that morning there was a power outage and the family over slept. Rushing around in the morning Paul set his phone on the counter to make himself a cup of coffee for the road and his daughter Sara must had laid her phone down too. But why did he grabbed the wrong one since Sara’s had a pink case on it; she must had taken it off he thought. Paul didn’t notice till on his way to work it chimed and getting it for a message from work about him being late I saw that it wasn’t his phone. The message was from Sara’s best friend Rachel asking where she was and that she couldn’t believe the video she send her last night and was she still sore from it. “Sore?” What happened that his baby girl was sore? Sara was just two months away from finishing high school and was eighteen so was an adult and Paul should respect her privacy but he had to know what was on the video.

Paul got to work and checked in with everyone before heading to his office, shutting his door and taken a seat at his desk. He pulled out his daughter’s phone and right before he opened it up he looked at her picture on his desk. Sara was the perfect daughter getting straight A’s all through school, never getting into trouble and being captain and star athlete. She had a body of an athlete at 5’6” and under a hundred pounds. Paul never really checked his daughter out but knew that unlike her curvy mom, Sara had small breast and a very tone tight ass because all she wore around the house was yoga pants and tight fitting tops.

Paul opened the phone to the messages and clicked on the video attachment from the night before. What started to play would change Paul’s life going forward. The video started with Sara standing at the foot of her bed and Paul could see the legs of someone laying on her bed. Sara started to strip for this person and when she was naked she turned and bent over showing off her tight little ass and her pussy to this person. Sara then turned back around and with her finger called the person to come to her. At that point the person got up from the bed and moved over to Sara and the two hugged. What shocked Paul was that the person was a huge black guy that was over 6’ tall and looked to be pure muscle as he stood there in only a pair of boxers. Sara looked so tiny compare to this guy as she stood on her tippy toes to reach his mouth for a kiss. They hugged and kiss for a moment then Paul watched as Sara’s hands pushed the boxers down and Paul almost dropped the phone as when she did that a monster looking cock flopped out. It hung down passed his balls and already looked to be quit thick. From the phone’s angle Paul could see Sara stroking his cock and Paul watched as it grew to be the largest cock he had ever seen.

The guy broke from kissing Sara and pushed her down onto the bed so she was looking right into the phone. The guy then position himself behind her and by the way he was moving it looked like he was rubbing his dick back and forth through Sara’s pussy lubing it up. He then lined it up and pushed in and Paul watched as Sara gritted her teeth before dropping her face into a pillow and screaming into it. “OH FUCKING GOD!!!!” “Your dick is fucking big Dale” Sara let out after screaming into the pillow some more. “And I’m only half way in babe” Dale told her back. “What… uh the fuck… uh only half way… uh in” Sara tried to get out as Dale started to pull out and push more and more of his huge dick into Paul’s baby girl.

Paul didn’t notice but he had pulled out his own dick and was stroking it as he watched his little girl get fucked by a monster black dick. Paul knew he wasn’t the biggest but was happy with his 7” dick but watching his little girl take one that was much bigger and thicker was causing him to be rock hard. When Dale got his whole dick into Sara he grabbed both her hips and started to ready fuck her. The video was now sounds of Sara yelling and moaning from Dale’s huge cock, the sounds of their bodies slapping against each other and Dale grunting as he fucked Paul’s little girl. Dale soon was fucking Sara the hardest and fastest he could and Paul watched as Sara’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. “OH… MY… GOD…!!!” “I can… uh feel you… uhhhhh… uh in my stommmmmmmmach” Sara moaned. Dale now was fucking her as hard and deep as he could and was only holding her by Sara’s ponytail. Paul watched as Sara looked to be not even there as Dale fucked her. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!” Sara screamed and Paul knew that she had just cummed. Dale let go of her hair and reached around and grabbed her by her little perky breast. He then pulled her back so that she was more in a standing position and continued to fuck her as he forcefully grabbed and squeezed her breast. At one point Dale was only pinching her nipples to hold her up as he fucked her causing her eyes to roll back again and her to tell him that she was cumming again. Dale then place a hand around her throat and fucked her for about another minute or two then stopped and cummed inside her. Sara’s eye were closed now and Paul watched as her body seemed to be limp. bursa escort

Dale laid her back down on the bed then reached over and grabbed the phone. He moved it over to Sara’s face and showed her passed out then moved to behind her to the top of her ass. It focused as Dale pulled his dick out of Sara’s pussy. Paul could see that all around Sara’s pussy was bright red and covered in thick white pussy cream. Dale pulled his cock out and it too was covered in Paul’s baby girl’s pussy cream. Paul now had a full view of just how big his monster cock was and it was huge.
Once it was out Dale moved the phone to show Sara’s gaping wide destroyed pussy and all of his cum leaking out of it before the screen went black.

Once the video was over Paul looked down and saw that he had cummed and now was stroking his rock hard dick covered in his own cum. Paul hit play on the video and watched his daughter get fucked by Dale and his huge black cock again. Paul’s dick finally went soft after cumming three times in a row. He placed the phone down on his desk and looked down at his now small soft cock that was covered in his own cum along with his public hair. Paul closed his pants and grabbed the phone and left work telling his secretary that he had to leave early. Paul drove straight home only thinking of the image of his little girl getting fucked by a huge black dick. Paul pulled into the driveway and headed in the house. Once inside he was surprised to find his wife sitting at the island in just a bathrobe.

“Oh hey honey, what are you doing home now?” Mary asked her husband. Paul didn’t know what to say, he couldn’t tell his loving wife that he just jacked off three times to a video of their daughter getting fucked by guy with a huge fucking cock. That he fucked her so fucking hard that she passed out from her orgasm and he left her there passed out on her bed. Just thinking about it again made Paul’s dick grow in his pant but he didn’t say anything just walked over to the fridge to get some water to drink. As he did he looked at Mary his sweet loving wife of twenty some years. She looked as good as she did when they met. Paul loved her curvy body and her plump ass and her nice DD breast. He always loved to suck on them and her quit large nipples that sat on her large dark areolas. Though they had started too sagged in the past few years he still loved them. Mary was sitting on one of the bar stools at the island in her short silk robe that Paul had gotten her before Sara was born and Mary stopped wearing around the house due to fact that it only came down to right at the bottom of her ass. So if she walked around the house in if Sara and/or her friends had full view of her ass and pussy in it.

But today she was wearing in sitting on the bar stool and Paul noticed that she had a whitish liquid running down her leg and then Paul noticed the smell of sex in the air. “Mary, ummm is there something you want to tell me?” Paul asked not really wanting the answer. Mary didn’t answer right away but opened Paul’s pants and pushed them down so he was standing there with his rock hard 6” dick sticking straight out at her. “Do you want to tell me why your dick is hard and covered in cum?” Mary asked back. Mary got down off the stool and squatted down and took Paul’s cock into her mouth. “Well why is your dick covered in your cum honey?” Mary asked in between sucking it. Paul didn’t answered, he couldn’t answer. Mary was not the one to be this slutty and here she was sucking his dick that had his own dried cum on it in the middle of the day after he just came home to find her naked but for a robe in the kitchen. Paul looked down to see that Mary had now opened the robe and removed it. He saw that her breast were red with some black and blue marks on them. He looked farther down and Mary had opened her knees to relieve a very red pussy that was leaking cum from it.

“So darling, are you going to answer me?” Mary said removing her mouth from his dick and jerking it with her hand. Paul still couldn’t speak so he just opened the video from their daughter’s phone and played it for Mary. “Oh so I see that you found our little secret” Mary said. “So… he… has… fucked… you… too…?” Paul asked as his wife sucked his whole dick into her mouth. “Oh yes, Sara was the one who caught me and after seeing his big beautiful cock Sara begged me to let him fuck her too.” Paul couldn’t believe what he was hearing, that both his loving wife and little girl had been fucked by this same monster cock. Paul’s mind snapped back to his wife sucking his dick and he was about to cum for the fourth time that day when Mary pulled off and pinched the shaft of his dick to stop any cum from coming out. “I think we are going to save this for later” Mary told him as she held your thumb and finger on the shaft of his dick like a vise grip. Paul’s cock started to go soft and soon it had shrunk down to it’s 3” flaccid state.

Like it was planned or just the perfect timing Dale, the guy from the video on his daughter’s phone and two other just a large black men walked in the kitchen from the living room. “Mary what is going on?” Paul asked her as he covered up is exposed dick for the three large men standing in bursa escort bayan his kitchen. “Well, I met Dale here about two weeks ago when he came to fix the sink that you told me that YOU would fix six months ago.” “And I don’t know how it happened, but I was horny from you working a lot at the office.” “And one thing led to another and Dale had me bent over the island fucking me with the best cock in the world.”

“MARY!!” “HOW COULD YOU!!” Paul couldn’t believe that his wife that he loved so very much had cheated on him. “I’m sorry Paul, I couldn’t help it.” “Look you yourself jerked off and cummed from watching him do the same thing to our daughter.” Mary was right and Paul found that his brain and dick wanted to watch it in person. “So who are these other guys?” Paul asked. “Well” Dale started. “I came over to check on things after that power outage this morning and Mary wanted my dick again and after wanted more.” “So I left to get reinforcements per say” Dale told him. Mary turned back to Paul and kissing him begged to let them fuck her. She told him that she loved him deeply and this had nothing to do with the love between them but just getting fucked by some big black cock. Paul took a moment because he didn’t want Mary to see that he was jumping at the chance to watch his wife get gangbanged by three black guys.

“Only if I get to watch to make sure nothing bad happens” Paul told the group. Mary was glowing with the biggest smile she had ever had and the five of them headed upstairs to Mary and Paul’s bedroom. Once inside the two other guys started to undress as Dale and Mary whispered as Mary got up on the bed. “Yeah I like that” Paul heard Mary whisper to Dale. Dale got undress then standing next to the other two guys started to tell Paul how this all was going to go down. “Ok Paul undress” Dale told him and Paul did. Now everyone was naked and all Paul could do was compare his flaccid 3” cock to the three monster black cocks that hung in front of the other guys. It was one thing to see Dale’s cock in the video but to see it in real life was another. It was semi-hard and was about 9” long, next to him was Dave and his cock was just a big as Dale’s but it was uncut so he had this tube looking foreskin sticking beyond the head of his cock, and last was Steve who had the shortest cock of the three but was double if not three times a thick in girth than the other two.

“You lovely wife wants you to show her and us that you are okay with all this” Dale continued. “So get on your knees over here and get these three dick hard to fuck your wife.” Paul like he was under a spell walked over to the guys and got down on his knees. Reaching both hands up Paul grabbed a hold of two of the black cocks and begun to stroke them. “And what about me?” Steve asked. “But I only got two hands” Paul replied. “But you got a fucking mouth bitch” and with that Steve pushed the head of his cock into Paul’s mouth. The cock was so thick that Paul could only get the head of it in his mouth. Steve placed his large hand on the back of Paul’s head and pushed more of his cock into Paul’s mouth as it widened to allow more in. Steve pulled out and before Paul had a moment to breathe Dave pushed his cock into Paul’s mouth. Paul could feel Dave’s cock coming out of the foreskin and hitting the back of his throat causing Paul to gag on the cock in his throat. For the next couple minutes Paul jerked and sucked on the three monster black cocks till all three were hard and ready to fuck his wife.

“Paul get up next to your wife and feel her my cock” Dale told him as he got between Mary’s legs. Paul did as he was told and with grabbing a hold of Dale’s big black cock lined it up with his wife’s pussy as Dale pushed it in. Steve and Dave got behind Paul and feed Mary their cock into her mouth as Dale fucked her pussy. Soon their switched places and it was Dave’s turn to fuck her. Paul doing the same thing he did with Dale. Lined Dave’s cock up with Mary’s now gaping pussy, but Dave told Paul to keep holding it so he could feel how big of cock was fucking his wife. Dave slowly fucked Mary pushing all the way to the base where Paul was holding it and pulling all the way out so just the tip was in. Then he pushed Paul’s hand away and taking hold of Mary’s legs from behind the knees started to fuck Mary as hard and deep as he could. “OH MY THEY ARE SO FUCKING BIG!!!” Mary was moaning out as Dave fucked her. “Tell your husband just how good I’m fucking you” Dave told her. “Oh fuck Paul, he is so deep, I think he could enter my cervix, if he fucks any deep.” “Tell him how much better we are” Dave instructed her. “MMMMM oh god, they fuck me so much better then you and your tiny dick!” “I don’t know if you could ever fuck me again.” “They are ruining my pussy!!!!” AND I LOVE IT!!!”

Dave pulled out and told Paul to lay on his back with his head at the foot of the bed and for Mary to get on top of him. After Steve got behind Mary to fuck her with Paul getting an upfront view of it. Paul laid there with his face inches away from Mary dripping pussy as Steve lined his cock up with it. “OH FUUUUUCK IT’S TOO FUCKING BIG!!!!” Mary screamed out as Steve tried to push his very thick cock into her. escort bursa “Yo get some lube for this hoe” Steve said to one of the other guys. Paul couldn’t do anything but watch as Steve poured some lube on his dick and then using his hand spread some onto Mary’s used cunt. “Hold the bitch” Steve told the other guys as he grabbed onto Mary’s hip with one hand and his dick with the other. Steve lined his dick up with Mary’s opening and rammed it in till the whole thing was inside Mary’s now ruined cunt. “She is never going to feel your little white dick in her again bro” Steve said as he held his dick in Mary for a bit to let her cunt open up to the sheer size of his cock.

Steve grabbed Mary by both hips and started to work his cock in and out of her cunt. “UHHH JESUS BABY
HE IS SO FUCKING BIG!!!” “Steve’s right your dick is too small for my pussy now.” Steve fucked Mary till he knew that her pussy would stay open and pulled out so show Paul his work. Paul looked up to see his wife’s gaping wide pussy and could see straight into it. Paul thought that he could place a baseball in it as it was gaping so much. Steve fucked Mary for some more and then pulled out and moved from behind her. Dale then took his place and push Mary down so her pussy was now in Paul mouth and he started to suck and lick all her pussy cream up from it. Dale then lined his cock up with it and pushed in. Dale than pulled out and pushed it into Paul’s mouth before returning it to Mary’s pussy. “Oh babe taste my cum of his dick” Mary told Paul knowing what Dale was doing behind her. Dale then told them to get up and he laid down on the bed and pulled Mary on top of him. “Paul get her plug out of the dresser drawer” Dale told him. Paul stood there not knowing where it was or that Mary even had one. “Honey it’s in my pantie drawer” Mary told him. Paul walked over to the dresser with his little hard cock swaying between his legs. Paul opened the drawer and under a pail of panties was a quit large red butt plug. He pulled it out and returned to the bed. “Paul lube that up and put that in your wife’s asshole she loves it.” Dale told him.

Paul was hearing first all day as his wife hasn’t allow him to even go near her ass since before Sara was born. Paul did as he was told and with it lubed up pushed it into his wife’s ass. It went in easier than Paul would have thought and next Dale was telling Paul to lined his dick up with Mary’s cunt so he could continue to fuck her. Once the plug and Dale was inside Mary, Dave got behind Mary pushing Paul out of the way and lined his dick up with Mary’s cunt. “Now it’s time to take two black dicks in you” Dave told her pushing his dick in her. “FUUUUUUUUUUCCCK!!!!! Mary screamed but that didn’t stop Dave from starting to fuck Mary with Dale’s dick already in her. Paul watched as time after time these guys destroyed his wife pussy with their huge black cocks and all he did was watch them with his own small white cock hard as a rock. Dave fucked Mary for a while as they listen her cum and cum as they stretched out her pussy more and more. Dave then pulled out and pulled the butt plug out too to lined his dick up with her asshole. “NO NO NOT THERE YOU GUYS ARE TOO BIG!” Mary yelled but it didn’t matter. Dave pushed his huge black cock into Mary’s asshole as Steve put his cock in her mouth to keep her from scream too loud. At that moment Paul cummed and he wasn’t even touching himself. Just the view of three large black cock filling every hole of his wife made him cum. Dave was the first to cum and after he was done he switched with Steve so Mary could clean his cock. Steve took Dave’s place and with a fresh batch of cum leaking out of Mary’s ass Steve pushed his cock into it. Mary’s ass painfully opened to take Stave thick cock and she would had screamed but her mouth was full of Dave’s cock that was just in cummed in her ass. Steve fucked Mary as hard as he could while slapping her ass too and then both Dale and Steve came at the same time filling her ass and cunt with their black seed.

Steve pulled his dick out with a plop and cum ran poured out of Mary’s gaping asshole. Paul though that his wife’s asshole may never close again. Dale cock soften and plopped out of Mary’s pussy with more cum following behind it as it was gaped opened too. The whole area was bright red from the pounding she took. Three guys got up to dress when they all looked at the doorway to the bedroom behind Paul. Paul turned to find his daughter with her yoga pants down at her knees with her pink panties and one hand fingering her bald pussy and the other holding her phone recording the scene in front of her. Once again Paul was speechless at what he was seeing but unlike him that couldn’t move or speak. Sara walked over to the three black guys who just brutally fuck her mother and dropped to her knees. The three guy surround her and Sara took each one in her mouth sucking the last bit of cum from them. Once she was done she got up and walked to her dad kissing him on the mouth and saying that next time they should let her join in on the fun.

Sara walked out and the three guys dress and left leaving Paul and his passed of wife there. Paul draped a blanket over is wife and let her rest. Paul took one last look at his wife’s abused holes that were still leaking cum and haven’t fully closed yet thinking that their relationship was never going to be the same again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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