The Smiths’ New Neighbors

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Note to readers: This story takes place after other stories that I’ve written have taken place. For the full background to this story please read my other Back to School, Bobby’s Graduation Party, and Westville stories if interested. This story also features Emily and Mike Williams from Leon22’s stories. Thanks to Leon22 for letting me use his characters. If you have not read any of his stories I highly suggest checking them out.


Betty Smith looked out the window of her kitchen as she washed the dishes in her sink. It was mid-morning on Saturday and she watched out her window at the house next door. The house directly beside the Smiths’ had been for sale for about a month, and today the new owners were moving in.

Betty scrubbed a few more dishes and set them in the drying rack, then looked out the window again. It looked like a mother and son who were moving in. The mother looked very familiar for some reason; perhaps she knew her from somewhere. She was fair skinned woman with long black hair, wearing a baggy sweatshirt and tight jeans. Betty could definitely see the resemblance in the woman’s son, who had short curly black hair also, and was built very lean but muscular.

Time to check on her own son, Betty thought to herself. She dried her hands off with the hand towel on the counter and then started upstairs, where Bobby, her son, was still sleeping probably. She walked down the hallway and peeked into her son’s room. The door was open just a crack, which is all she needed. She looked in and saw Bobby still snoozing in bed. She wasn’t surprised that he was sleeping in; Bobby had pulled an all-nighter the night before finishing up a term paper for one of his classes. Her son went to Westville State University, which was right in town, so he lived at home to save money.

Having her son living at home still had other benefits, too, one of which was the sex. They had been fucking regularly ever since Bobby was a senior in high school. She remembered how it all started: Bobby had broken both of his arms in a biking accident, and while he had both of his arms in the awkward casts, she had had to masturbate him to relieve the agonizingly hard erections that he would develop. From there it only went further and further.

Perfect, she thought to herself. Betty loved to wake her son up by sucking on his cock or shoving her breasts into his face. Today she had a special treat in mind. Betty walked back down the hallway into her own bedroom and slipped out of the silk, baby blue bathrobe that she had been wearing. For being in her late thirties, Betty Smith had the body that woman half her aged yearned to have. She was very fit and slender, with surprisingly large breasts. Her brown hair was straight and curled slightly as it came down to her neck, framing her beautiful, motherly face.

Now that she was naked, Betty began changing into her new outfit. She slipped on a pair of white thigh-high stockings and squeezed herself into a white satin corset. As she tightened the corset with the laces on the sides, her slim waist was cinched even smaller, and her 38DD tits were squeezed against the tight corset, causing them to bulge up and out, looking even larger. The bottom of her corset came down to her hips, leaving everything below exposed. She attached the garter straps which came down from the bottom of the corset and attached to the tops of her stockings. The final piece was a pair of 5 inch platform heels which were matching white. She looked at herself in the tall, full length mirror and smoothed her hands along her thin stomach as she turned from side to side, regarding herself in the new outfit. She looked like a hooker or a pornstar.

While it wasn’t usual at all for Betty and her son to fool around, she was taking it a little further this time since her husband, Bobby’s father, had left on a week-long business trip the night before. Directly after dropping her husband off at the airport, she had driven to the lingerie shop to buy something sexy that her son would love. She couldn’t wait to fuck him all week long, and best of all they wouldn’t have to be quiet or careful about her husband finding out.

Betty walked back down the hallway in her new heels to her son’s room and opened his door the rest of the way. Bobby’s room was pretty typical for a young man. There were posters on his walls of half-naked women, most of who had larger than normal breasts. He also had several rock band posters on the walls, and his floor was strewn with dirty laundry and junk.

She walked up beside her sleeping son and watched him for a moment, admiring how handsome he was. Bobby had definitely inherited good genes from her hand her husband. He was in great shape, and had shaggy brown hair and some stubble growing in on his face from not having shaved recently.

Betty crawled up onto the side of Bobby’s bed, and leaned over her son’s face. She pressed her lips to his and kissed him sweetly, lovingly on the lips. As she pulled away, she saw her son shift and turn slightly pendik escort now that he was waking up. “Rise and shine, sweetie. It’s almost eleven o’clock, need to get up!”

Bobby blinked his eyes a couple times as he woke from his slumber and then looked at his gorgeous mother, blinking a few times in surprise. “Good morning mom. Man, you look hot! Is that new?” he asked, referring to her corset and the rest of her lingerie.

“Yes, I got it for the special occasion.” She replied, and gave her son another deep kiss. They kissed passionately and lovingly, not the way a typical mother and son would.

“Special occasion? What special occasion?” Bobby asked as they ended the kiss.

“Why, Robert L. Smith, don’t you remember? Your father is gone this whole week. That means I get you all to myself for a whole week.” She said, smiling at him. Betty leaned down and added, whispering in her son’s ear, “Your cock is going to be sore by the time I’m done with you this week. Speaking of which…”

Betty pulled back the covers of Bobby’s bed, admiring her son’s body as she pulled the covers further and further back. She pulled the blankets down all the way past his hips, and Bobby’s stiff cock sprang up like a flagpole. He had been sleeping naked. Betty removed her wedding band and engagement ring and set them on her son’s bedside table. Then, she wrapped her smooth fingers around her son’s stiff cock and squeezed the hard shaft.

“Would my little boy like a blowjob this morning?” She asked in a cute voice.

“Mmmmm, yes mom, that sounds nice. And I’m not a little boy anymore!” He said to her.

“That’s for sure.” Betty said as she slid down the bed and leaned over Bobby’s cock. Her son’s erect penis was seven inches long, thick, and had several thick veins which felt great when it slid in and out of her pussy. She opened her mouth and licked her tongue over Bobby’s cockhead, getting it wet, and then she closed her lips around the tip of his cock and began to suck him.

Bobby groaned as his own mother began to nurse on his penis, and he reached down and ran his fingers through her hair, holding her head against his waist, with his cock inside her mouth. Betty sucked her son’s dick further into her mouth slurping and licking him messily and loudly. Probably her lewd sucking noises could be heard through the whole house – but that didn’t matter today.

Betty was now bobbing her head up and down on his dick. Her smooth lips were sealed around the girth of his cock as tight as a rubber band as her head lifted up and down on Bobby’s dick quickly. She was fucking him with her mouth like her lips were a pussy. Betty’s tongue wiggled along the underside of her son’s cock while she played with his balls.

Bobby bucked his hips up against his mother’s mouth just a little bit, wanting to fuck her mouth. She made him so horny! His mom tightened her lips around his dick as she bobbed her head up and down more quickly, sucking even harder.

“Oh shit, mom, I’m cumming now!” Bobby warned her, just as he felt his balls tense up and the cum beginning to surge up through his rod.

Bobby squirted his cum into his mother’s mouth, sending jets of gooey jizz directly into her mouth. Betty kept her lips sealed around the cock tight and she swallowed every drop of cum that came into her mouth. Bobby lifted his hips up in the air off the bed, holding himself tightly against his mom as his balls were drained of cum that flowed into his mother’s nursing mouth. When he was done cumming, he fell back into the bed, sinking in.

Once her son had blown his load into her mouth, Betty swallowed every drop that had been squirted into her and she smiled, happy to have such an effect on her beautiful son. She layed down on the bed beside him and snuggled up against his body. Betty had one thigh draped over her son’s waist, and Bobby slid his arm around her upper body as they lounged together in the bed, Bobby was relaxing in post-orgasmic bliss.

“Thanks for that, mom.” He said to her, giving her a kiss on her forehead.

Betty snuggled against her son and nuzzled her head against his chest underneath his chin. “I’m just glad I can still turn you on so easily.” she said to him. “Did you like the new outfit I got?”

“Yes, I fucking love it.” Bobby said to her, looking down at his mom laying beside him. “Let me look at it one more time.”

Betty happily got up from the bed and stood beside her son in his bedroom. She smoothed her hands over the white satin corset she was wearing, which hugged her waist very slimly, and then she cupped her hands over her breasts, which squeezed and bulged out of the top like balloons which wanted to burst free. Betty twirled around, and bent over slightly, letting Bobby view her bubble butt, which had garter straps over each cheek.

“You look amazing, mom.” Bobby said as he watched his mother show off her sexy lingerie. He was stroking his cock as he checked her out, getting stiff once again. His mother was the most beautiful maltepe escort woman in the world to him.

“Thanks, sweetie-pie.” She said to him, climbing back up on to the bed. She saw that her son was fully aroused again as she climbed on top of him and straddled his thighs. Her son’s cock was sticking straight up just an inch in front of her, and her own pussy lips were pressed down on his large balls. Betty whispered to her son as she climbed on top of him, “I love you, honey.”

Bobby looked up at his busty mother who was sitting on top of him and his hands caressed her thighs. He loved the feel of the stockings on her juicy thighs, and he toyed with the garter straps that attached to them. While he stroked her legs, his mom played and toyed with his cock. “Mom, you’re teasing me to death. Oh God, I want to fuck you.” He groaned.

“I was hoping you would want to!” Betty squealed, placing her hands on Bobby’s chest. She lifted her hips up by getting up on her knees a little more, bringing her ass up off Bobby’s body. She moved forward a few inches and reached down between her thighs, putting her son’s cock in position so that it would point straight up, aimed at her pussy. Bobby looked down between his mother’s gorgeous thighs and saw that his mom’s bald, hairless pussy was wet and slick with her juices.

Bobby lifted his hips up a little at the same time that his mother eased down onto him, letting his cock sink up into her pussy. His bare shaft slipped in between his mother’s pussy lips and buried into her as she nuzzled down onto him, letting his dick impale her fully. Once Bobby’s cock was inside her, the two of them simply stayed like that for a moment, just enjoying the feel of being as one.

“Oh mom, every time we do this it feels like the first time. You are amazing. I love you so much.” Bobby said to her as his penis throbbed inside her hot, slick pussy.

“I love you too, honey.” Betty said, putting her hands on her son’s chest. Her delicate fingers caressed his muscles. Then, she began bouncing up and down on him, letting her pussy slide up and down his slick, fully hard shaft.

Bobby squeezed and held onto his mother’s stocking-clad thighs and pumped up against her as she bounced up and down on him, riding him like a bull. He felt his dick burying all the way inside her, then coming almost all the way out, before being forced back in again. The mother and son made loud slurping and slapping noises along with their moans which could have been heard in the whole house.

Betty’s tits eventually spilled out of the top of the corset as she bounced up and down on Bobby’s cock. Her twin globes were so large that they were unable to be contained inside the tight little garment. Bobby reached around and squeezed his mother’s ass as he stared at her gorgeous jugs. He could feel the garter straps against his palms as he kneaded her tight cheeks.

Bobby and his mother had been having sex together for so long now, and they knew each other intimately. Bobby didn’t even need to warn her when he was about to cum, and he knew his mom would be okay with him squirting his cum inside her, especially since she was on birth control. As he was about to erupt with sperm for the second time that morning, Bobby reached up and grabbed both of his mother’s huge, gorgeous titties and squeezed them in his hands.

“OH FUCK MOM, I’M CUMMING INSIDE YOU!” He screamed as his orgasm hit. Bobby’s dick erupted with semen, squirting over and over while he kept his cock inside her. His orgasm this time was even more mind-blowing than the last, and it felt like he was spurting the most massive load of his life inside his mother’s slick, wet pussy.

Betty stayed on top of her son and ground her hips against his as she felt Bobby’s dick spasming, feeling him orgasm inside her. As her son screamed out, she placed a hand over his mouth, hushing him. “Shhh, our new neighbors may hear!” she warned him, feeling Bobby’s cock spurting inside her the whole time.

Once his orgasm was finished, Betty climbed off her son and layed down beside him in the bed. Her pussy oozed with sperm that Bobby had just injected her with, so she kept her legs closed, knowing that if she got his bed too messy she’d be the one washing his sheets today.

“This is going to be a great week, mom.” Bobby said to her, turning to face her on the bed.

“Yes it is. Let’s not leave this bed all week, honey.” She said with a giggle.

Bobby laughed as well and then leaned forward, sucking one of his mother’s stiff nipples into his mouth as he cupped her tits again in his hands. Betty moaned slightly and stroked Bobby’s hair as he began to slurp and suck on her nipple hungrily.

Bobby lifted his head up from his mother’s delicious, juicy tits and said, “I think I’m ready to go again, mom.”

The two of them stayed in bed for several more hours, fucking all morning and into the afternoon, both of them cumming countless times.

* * * * * * * * *

Mike Williams kartal escort jumped off the back of the U-Move truck parked in his new driveway with a box in his hands. The box was rather heavy, probably containing books or something. It felt like this was the 300th box he had carried into their new house today. As he jumped out of the truck he took a moment to wipe the dripping sweat from his forehead onto the sleeve of his shirt.

Mike was in his senior year of high school at Westville High school. The 18 year old was lean, but had well defined muscles from playing basketball pretty much all of his life. He was one of the best players on the high school team, and was hoping to get a scholarship to State to play ball if he could.

The young man took another look around the new neighborhood. He and his mother had bought the house and they were both very excited about moving in. His dad was out of the picture, so it was just him and his mother. Actually, he and his mother had a very special relationship.

Mike carried the box into the house and dropped the box onto the center of the floor in their living room. The room was totally bare except for dozens of brown cardboard boxes containing their belongings, and the sofa that they had carried in earlier that day.

“Honey, be careful with those boxes!” his mother’s voice exclaimed. Mike turned to look at her.

Emily Williams was standing in the living room with her hands on her hips, giving him a scolding stare. She was in her thirties, with long, curly black hair which usually would come down to her mid back. Today, her hair was tied up in a pony-tail and she wore a pink bandana on her head. She had on a baggy sweatshirt which hid most of her best assets, and on her bottom half she was wearing a pair of tight, booty hugging jeans that displayed her womanly figure, at least the bottom half.

“Damn, mom! I swear I’ve moved like 300 of these boxes. It’s hard work! I wish we had someone else to help us move, but I can only do so much.” He was being defensive about dropping the box on the floor.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to yell at you, dear.” Emily said, coming closer to her son.

“It’s alright. I’m just so damn hot and sweaty.” Mike said, wiping some more sweat from his face with his arm.

“Here, use my sweatshirt, honey.” Emily said, grabbing the bottom of her baggy sweatshirt and pulling it up off her body. She pulled the sweatshirt up her thin stomach and as she pulled it over her chest, her massive 40E tits spilled out, restrained behind a tight “wife-beater” style tank-top. Emily pulled the sweatshirt off over her head and gave the sweatshirt to Mike.

Mike used the sweatshirt to wipe his face and forehead off and then looked at his mother. The tight tank-top she was wearing was so tight on her body that it looked like it was just painted on. Her massive breasts were braless underneath because he could see her hard little nipples through the thin fabric of her nearly see-through shirt. Mike gazed at his mother’s huge breasts, feeling his cock twitch to life inside his shorts as he stared at her rack.

Mike and Emily had a very open sexual relationship with each other. It all started a few months ago when Mike took his mother to the drive-in theater have his date for the evening had ditched out on him. Feeling a little brave, and extremely horny, Mike had used a drug given to him by a friend on his mother. He had fucked his mother right there in the car that night, but that was just the beginning. His mother never knew about the drug that night, but ever since that initial encounter, it was like opening the flood gates. The two of them fucked freely and openly now, and without his father around, his mom was extremely horny, and there was nothing stopping them from getting it on whenever they wanted.

“You know, we’ve been working on moving in all morning for hours.” Emily said to her son, adjusting her tight little tank-top that hugged her tits form fittingly. “I don’t want my star athlete to pull a muscle, after all. Why don’t you sit down and I’ll give you a massage, honey.”

“That sounds great.” Mike said, stripping off his sweaty t-shirt as he closed the front door. Then he went over to the sofa and sat down on the edge.

Emily opened one of the cardboard boxes that her son had moved in and found exactly what she was looking for, a bottle of scented baby-oil. She walked back to the sofa where her son was and sat down on the back of the sofa behind him, her knees on either side of his shoulders.

Emily squirted some of the baby oil into her palm, rubbed her hands together, and then placed her hands on her son’s muscular shoulders. She began to caress his tense muscles which had been overworked that morning. Her fingertips rubbed into his shoulders and neck, working out the knots that had built up. Emily squirted some more of the thick, slick baby oil into her hands and continued to massage him.

Mike closed his eyes as his mother massaged him, and the feeling of her motherly, loving hands on his shoulders only made his cock swell in size even more. He hadn’t fucked her in days and he was extremely horny. As his cock grew to its fully erect size, Mike began to stroke it through his shorts as his mother gave him a massage.

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