The Sleepwalker Ch. 02

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This the sequel to The Sleepwalker. For the most part, it is a standalone story. Nevertheless, reading the first part would increase your understanding of the characters.

As opposed to the normal incest story, I want to explore the complexities of relationships. Because of that, I want to issue a warning:

This story and its subsequent chapters will include male bi-sexual content. If you are offended by this do not read this story!!


Josh woke to the burr of his cell phone. He rolled to the edge of his king sized platform bed, grabbed the phone and checked the caller ID. It was his mom.

“Morning, mom”

“Good morning, Baby! I just wanted to thank you for a great wedding present!”

Josh smiled to himself as he recalled the 3some with his mother and her best friend, Sue Allen. It was a memorable evening. “You are very welcome, mom! How is the bridegroom?”

Carol frowned as she thought about her answer. Jon was upstairs still sleeping. She was married 24 hours and the only sex she had was a mind-blowing experience with her son. Gingerly, she crossed her full legs. There was a pleasurable soreness to her ass and pussy. Josh had fucked her hard and well. “He is still in bed. What are your plans for the day?”

Josh considered his answer. His first thought was that he wished to continue where they left off last night. After years of estrangement, he and his mom had reconciled. The fact that the reconciliation also included sex was not lost on him. “No plans for today, mom. I’ll probably knock around the apartment.”

Carol stood and walked to the sink to rinse her coffee cup. Her open mid-thigh silk robe flowed back across her breasts. It caused her nipples to sting. She recalled Sue Allen and Josh nibbling on them last night, her wedding night, while her newly anointed husband snored drunkenly in the next room. “Mmm, I may stop by later on!”

Josh rolled from his bed naked and padded around the waist high partition that separated his bed from his office. He walked past his desk and into the bathroom. He had to piss like a racehorse. He held his phone with one hand and took his cock in hand with the other. The faint aroma of sex wafted from his loins. He needed a shower and quick he thought as a thick yellow stream of urine splashed noisily into the toilet. “What about your husband, Jon, what will he think?”

“Are you peeing,” Carol asked as the sound of splashing water came over her phone?

“Yes, mom, I had to go bad!”

“Ummm, baby I wish I could be there to hold it for you!”

John frowned as his mother uttered those words. As good as the sex was last night, he wondered if he wanted an ongoing sexual relationship with his mother. It was incest. Discovery would be devastating. He sighed. “Mom last night was great but where is this going?”

Carol turned and leaned against the kitchen sink. She took one large breast in her hand. She squeezed it firmly and then let her hand slide out to her tender nipple. She pulled hard on the nipple, relishing the pain. Her pinkish pebble sized nipple swelled to the size small grapes. She recalled the mantra Josh’s father made her chant some many years ago. The mantra that she intoned while Josh had pounded her pussy that first night. “Pain and pleasure! Pleasure and pain. There is no difference!”

“Josh, we need to talk for sure! We need to work out who we are and where this might ended up. But I want to say right up front, I have no regrets.”

“Mom, let me get cleaned up.” He shook the last drops from his cock and flushed the toilet. As he walked back into the bedroom, he glanced at the clock on the nightstand. It was 10:30 am. Sunday morning. “If you can get away, maybe we could meet for lunch?”

Carol’s heart jumped at the prospect of seeing her son. “Honey, I’ve see Jon like this before. He is down for the count. What about Allen’s Bistro? You know the place in the park right by the lake?”

“Sounds good, Mom! Say about 12:30”

* * *

He stood for a moment staring out of his bedroom door into the living area. The furniture could at best described as wholesale specials. He had brought the tufted green couch with him from school. Why he never understood. It was stained with the cum of himself and the many coeds who he fucked on it. In front of it was a butcher-block coffee table with an old lava lamp he picked up at a garage sale. The end table was an elaborated carved black Chinese looking affair with red highlights. The one new item was a black leather easy boy he recently added. Off to the left on the balcony was the lone strap lawn chair.

It was emblematic of his life. Disparate events thrown together. To that, he added sex with his mom. Another thing kind of thrown into his life. He recalled that time many years ago when he walked into her room just after one of her lover’s left. He almost fucked her then. Instead, he sprayed his load all over her face pendik escort and tits. He ran out of the house and out of her life. He felt himself getting hard. He casually grabbed his dick and stroked it slowly. It was not love then, it was sex. It was not love last night either. Who was this woman he treated like a $2 whore?

The doorbell ringing drew him out of his reverie. Who was that? He was not expecting anyone. The few women he dealt with were casual relationships. Never meant to be more than a date and a fuck. None of them would stop by unannounced. He stepped into the doorway leading to the living room and called out “Yes? Who is it?’

Muffled by the door and the distance he heard: “it’s Susan Allen, Josh. Open up!”

And then there was that, he thought. A 60-year-old cougar with a cuckold for a husband. The day of his mother’s wedding, he fucked her first in the laundry room. Then later she had sucked his dick clean right after he fucked his mother’s ass. At 30, he had fucked his mother then had a 3some with her and her married friend. His cock got rigidly hard as the image of him pounding his mom’s ass while she licked Sue’s pussy and Sue sucked on his balls. “Just a minute,” he called. Josh stepped back into his bedroom, grabbed an old terry cloth robe from the door hanger.

As he walked across the room, he slipped it on and tied it around his waist. He was dimly aware that his hard cock formed a significant tent in the knee length robe. What the hell, he thought; I have fucked her twice in 24 hours. There was no need for false modesty. He opened the door and was shocked to see Susan Allen and her husband, Trevor standing at his door.

Susan looked summery in a silk white pantsuit. It flowed easily from her slim waist down her long legs. Greyish white mules finished the journey. From the waist up, the matching blouse shimmered in the back lit sunlight. It made the blouse semitransparent, revealing the outline of her small pert nipples. Josh could just see the pinkness of her nipples. Next to and slightly behind her, Trevor wore tan canvas boat shoes, khakis of a slightly darker color and plaid shirt. The casualness of their dress emphasized their wealth. Trevor was slightly shorter than Sue’s 5′ 8″ or so. Although not fat by any means, he appeared so next to Sue’s willowy model like body.

“Well,” Sue chuckled, “are you going to invite us in?”

Josh stepped back. Holding the door with one hand, he extended the other. “Please, please, come in” What the fuck was this about, he thought. His stomach turned as he recalled the wedding barbecue. When Trevor had imperiously asked Sue where she had been. He thought then she was going to tell him that she just finished fucking Josh in the laundry room. Then she humiliated him by making him admit she forced him to suck off the male dancer at Carol’s bachelorette party.

Susan breezed in with Trevor trailing behind. Josh noticed that Trevor’s nose turned up as he scanned the eclectic living room. Josh indicated the ratty couch. “Please have a seat. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Sue floated down to the couch in a move that a runway model would envy. She was a very self-assured woman. At 60, she was aware for her sexuality and used it to offset any the signs of aging. At 64, Trevor’s deeply tanned face was heavily lined. He was jowly with significant turkey waddle on his neck. His mouth was pursed as if he had just sucked a sour lemon. Above that mouth, a meticulously trimmed and waxed mingled grey black mustache perched. His hair was also mingled grey and coifed professionally. Every hair had a place and stayed there. In contrast to his wife’s elegant perch, sitting back comfortably on the couch, her husband sat on the edge of the couch both feet planted firmly on the floor. He gave the impression that he feared it might collapse at any moment.

“We were in the area and decide to drop by to invite you to a dinner party this weekend.”

Josh smiled inwardly at this casual lie. A phone call or an email would have accomplished the same purpose. It was also obvious the Trevor was uncomfortable being here.

“Why thank you, I’ll try to make it!”

“It’s for Carol and Jon. I know you want to be there for your mom and newly minted step dad.”

Josh caught Sue’s dismissive tone for Jon.

“Also, I told Trevor how hard you fucked me in the laundry room and how big your cock was. I wanted him to see what a real man looked like.”

Josh froze. His eyes moved from Sue’s smirk to Trevor’s frown. Adrenalin pumped into his veins as the fight or flight syndrome kicked in. Was this crazy bitch trying to get him killed?

“I told Trevor,” Sue continued, “that you took charge. I really had no choice! You sat me on that washing machine and fucked the shit out of me!”

Josh fixed his eyes on Trevor. This man’s wife had just informed him that she fucked another man and that man was standing right in front of him. To paraphrase from maltepe escort an old western movie: Them’s fighting words! Yet Trevor sat quietly. The only indication of any tension from her husband was beads of sweat on his forehead and a slight tremor of his lower lip.

“I’m not sure where all of this is going,” Josh offered.

Sue beckoned Josh to come closer. Josh realized that this was designed to humiliate Trevor. If she were trying to inform him of her peccadillos, she would have told him of the 3some and the depths her submission. No, her game was control. He knew that in most dominants there was a submissive side.

Josh stepped closer. Sue reached up and undid the frayed belt on Josh’s robe. As Josh kept a wary eye on Trevor, Sue’s delicate hand tried to cup Josh’s balls. They were as large as ostrich eggs, overflowing her small hands. Sue leaned forward. Her tongue licked out and caressed Josh’s considerable length. She let the tip of her tongue travel the circumference of Josh’s mushroom head. She moaned softly as he began to harden, the head taking on a deep purple color.

Sue leaned back and turned to look at her husband. “This is what a real cock looks like Trevor. This cock filled…! Ohhhh!”

Josh large hand grabbed the nape of Sue’s neck. He roughly pulled her to him. With the other, he positioned his rapidly hardening tool at her mouth. “Bitch, stop talking and start sucking!” Josh forced two inches of dick into Sue’s painted lips. The pink coral of her lipstick smeared his cock as he gripped her head in both hands and head fucked her. Sue’s faced turned red and she made gurgling sounds as Josh’s tool filled her mouth and bruised her throat.

Josh’s eyes moved from Sue’s bright red face to Trevor’s. Trevor was torn between watching his wife suck another man’s cock right in front of him and looking away in shame. Tears formed at the corners of his eyes.

“This is how your bitch likes it, man! She likes to be used.” He noticed Sue was gagging, having trouble breathing. He pulled completely out of her mouth. Sue dropped to all fours, gagging and coughing, trying to get her breath. “She is just an old slut, my slut! If had more time I would make you watch me fuck her and then make you lick her clean.” He grabbed Sue’ by her pixie cut and pulled her head back.

“Open your mouth”

Obediently, Susan opened her mouth and looked up smiling at Josh. “You treat me so bad and I love it so much!”

Josh began stroking his cock over Sue’s face. Sweat poured from his face. He groaned as his orgasm overtook him. Rope after rope of hot sperm hit first on Carol’s forehead then dribbled over her nose and finally her mouth.

“Come here, Trevor” Meekly he stood and walked to where his wife knelt covered in Josh’s come, licking her lips.

“Kiss me, Trevor” He knelt and tentatively pecked as his wife’s come cover lips. Sue grabbed his head and forced her tongue in his mouth. When they finished kissing some of Josh’s come had transferred to Trevor’s face

Josh smiled as he watched the tableaux of the married couple making out below his still dripping cock. He watched as they stood his come on both of their faces.

“May we use your bathroom,” Sue asked with a smile.

Josh pointed toward his bedroom. Trevor, head bowed, followed Sue into the bathroom. Josh sat in his easy chair and reflected on the radical changes that were occurring in his life. In less than 48 hours he had fucked his mother, had a 3some with her and Sue. Now he had jacked off on Sue’s face while her husband watched. He could hear the water running in the bathroom. They exited the bathroom a few minutes later. They both had washed their faces; Sue had reapplied her makeup and looked the part of an idle wealthy dowager. Trevor would not meet Josh’s eyes but moved quickly to the door.

Sue followed him, pausing to grab Josh’s now soft cock. She stood on her toes and pecked him lightly on the lips while her husband watched pensively.

“I’ll see you at the dinner party,” she breathed. “Let’s go Trevor”

* * *

Carol Cambreaux Taylor stepped from the cab in front of Allen’s Garden Bistro. The sweltering heat was a physical force causing her to falter under its onslaught. As she moved toward the small footbridge leading across the rill that meandered through the restaurant, she was glad she had dressed for the heat. The denim blue Chambray dress she wore was lightweight and moved easily. As she approached the glass entryway, she saw the reflection of a 50-year-old woman who was a trifle overweight. The dress was loose enough to deemphasize the belly pooch she was developing. It stopped a 1-1/2″ above her knees. Short enough to show off what she thought were her best feature, her legs. They were still relatively slim although fuller than had been in years past. But my ass is too big, she thought, as she watched the dress move rhythmically with the shifting of her hips. Self-consciously, her hand kartal escort strayed to her hips, smoothing out the dress, and then to her flame red hair, sitting in a school marm bun on top of her head.

Her stomach quivered like a teenager on a first date. In some ways it was. She and Josh were estranged for twelve years. She contacted him, told him she was remarrying and to ask him to give her away. Events had cascaded relentless from that simple request. He had nearly stripped her naked in his SUV on the ride from her bachelorette party to her home. Then the incredible way he had taken her anally on her bed. She felt herself getting moist as she recalled the vicious slaps to her ass and her final total capitulation as he ass fucked her into submission. She wondered if his claim of being under the influence of sleeping pills and alcohol were valid.

Then there was her wedding night when he took her and Sue with her new husband sleeping drunk in the next room. The moistness became a flood. He was so masterful! She was glad she decided to wear panties, if you could call that wisp of powder blue thong panties.

The door attendant open the door, ushering her into the air-conditioned chill of the restaurant. “Good afternoon, Madam! Welcome to Allen’s Garden Bistro! Will you be dining alone?”

“No…Umm…no, I am meeting my…!”

“Carol, Carol Cambreaux, it is so good to see you!” Allen Krane was a force of nature as he moved from the relative gloom of the restaurant proper to the sunlit foyer of his restaurant. He enveloped her in a massive bear hug and kissed her firmly on the mouth.

“Al, it is so good to see you!” Carol was a breathless at the effusiveness of the restaurant owner’s greeting. However, she knew he put himself totally into everything he did, including his lovemaking.

Back in the day, her husband shared her with Allen and other men. Over time, the relationship with Allen evolved into a group marriage. In the year prior to her getting pregnant, the three of them had shared a bed nightly. Her pussy quivered as she recalled Allen’s almost trip hammer pounding of her ass and pussy compared Josh Sr. slow methodical long dicking.

Shortly after Josh Jr was born, Josh Sr. was killed driving drunk on the mountain road. He stormed out of the house after he and Allen had a drunken argument about Josh Jr’s paternity. She shared her grief and her bed with Allen. Then when Josh Jr was two, she turned down the last of Allen’s repeated marriage proposals. They drifted apart.

Allen disappeared for several years. Rumor had it that he was travelling in the Orient. A few years back he had returned to town and opened this restaurant. His love of cooking made it an overnight success.

Allen turned to an Asian appearing man who trailed in his wake. “Chandra, Chandra, there is no charge for anything Mrs. Cambreaux wants. I personally will prepare her meal! Surely you are not dining alone?”

Overwhelmed, Carol laughed and held up one hand to get a word in. “First, it’s not Mrs., Cambreaux anymore. It is Mrs. Taylor. I was married two days ago. And…!”

Allen’s wide smile froze as the import of Carol’s statement hit him. “Then you will be dining with your husband?”

Missing the change in Allen’s demeanor completely, Carol said; “No my son Josh will be joining me!”

Allen Krane’s demeanor took on an air of bemusement. “Josh! Josh is coming to my restaurant!” I haven’t seen him since he was…!” Allen’s extended his hand palm down indicating Josh’s height when he last saw him.

“Well, he is thirty and an architect now. He gave me away at my wedding!”

Allen indulged in a moment of reverie. He and Josh Sr. had argued about just whose son Josh was. Carol got pregnant while Josh Sr was away on one of his many business trips. The night Josh Sr died; they were drinking heavily. Allen wanted DNA testing to determine paternity. Josh Sr refused and stormed out of the house.

“I can’t wait to see him,” Allen said quietly. “Chandra, give them the private dining room on the island.” He turned to Carol. “At great expense, I maintain an air conditioned semi secluded cove dining area for special guests. I personally will pick the wines and prepare the meal.” He delivered that with an elaborate flourish and deep waist bow.

“And, perhaps, I might join you for a glass of wine? I would love to see my…your son!”

“Why certainly, Allen!” Carol tittered. She caught Allen’s slip.

A blast of furnace like air assaulted the trio as the door opened. Before the doorman could repeat his well-practiced welcome, Carol, blushing furiously, “Josh!”

Her tall sandy haired son’s appearance complimented his mom’s. He wore starched and pressed designer jeans with a short sleeve tan shirt.

With a practiced eye, Josh surveyed the scene. Carol looked particularly hot. The denim dress caressed her ample ass and breasts. He felt a stirring in his pants as he thought about how good his dick felt in that tight ass. His eyes passed quickly over the door attendant to the large sandy haired man standing next to his mother. He seemed familiar. Josh had been to this restaurant before but this was the first time he saw this man.

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