The Sleeping Giant of a Man

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Author’s note: All characters are fictitious. Please enjoy.

Dr. Dana Webowitz stares at the man’s erect penis and wonders if he will ever wake up again. She works in the long term care ward at Belvieu Memorial in Rusk, Texas and is the head physician administrator. At thirty-six years, she is the youngest doctor to hold this prestigious position and highly respected for doing everything by the book.

Her patient has a head injury, which causes his penis to stay erect and he has been here for almost a month. She looks at his chart again. Clifford Robert Tinsley, age 24, single, 5-11, 176 pounds, otherwise healthy. He’s a handsome man with no apparent injury, except a bump on the side of his head and his magnificent erection. It is indeed one of the largest erect penis’ she’s seen and is the talk of the ward among the nurses.

Even without the extra uncircumcised skin, she judges it to be close to eight or more inches – maybe nine. Dana resists the temptation to reach out and touch it and feels her face flush with sexual excitement. “It’s been too damned long girl…” she mutters and pulls the sheet back over his body. Walking down the hall to visit other patients, the vision of the young man’s penis keeps playing in her mind and she doesn’t mind, no, not at all.

Dana works eighty hours a week and when she’s not at the hospital, she’s jogging, or sleeping with her cat, Pebbles. She has no social life whatsoever and is known to be all business at the hospital. There are plenty of male doctors and nurses who are interested in her, but she shows no sign that she is interested in anything except the hospital, how its run, and the many permanent care patients.

The female doctors and nurses, even the lesbians, are basically afraid of her. She’s not cold or mean, but strictly business. Dana appears to have everything a date desires, including a pretty face, trim figure – nice hips especially, and pretty brown hair. She is a smart dresser with a very clean appearance and always wears just a hint of jewelry and perfume. She has a brilliant mind to put it lightly. She has an IQ in the top ten percentile range in the medical profession in the State of Texas.

The last sexual contact Dana had was two years ago with a man she had met only hours earlier. It happened in a back room at a medical conference in Hong Kong and the man was a brilliant German psychologist teaching one of the modules. It was very heated and satisfactory for both of them and Dana thought she might have found the perfect man until she met the doctor’s wife later that day.

Disgusted with men in general, she poured herself into her work and three months ago was rewarded with this high position. Continuing her work ethic, she began to weed out any and all who were not pushing the work envelop and that is another reason everyone here is avoiding contact with the “Iron maiden”, as she’s called in whispered conversation.

If the Iron maiden is making her calls, everyone else stays away unless they’re called for.

Twenty-two year old Pilar Garza has been an LVN for less than two weeks when she watches the handsome comatose patient have a nocturnal emission and cries out as it spurts again and again onto her arms and hands and the man’s naked torso. She was washing his body with a sponge and was very much aware of his huge “verga” when it erupted, startling her. Getting over her shock, she giggles and hopes no one heard her cries of alarm.

The vato has a very big pene and she now realizes her rubbing the sponge on his thighs and stomach must have triggered the release. She quickly wipes the tacky emission off her arms and hands, then his body and making sure no one is peeking through the curtains, she wipes his pene and huevos off with a warm wash cloth, stroking his manhood to get the last of it out. She wishes her boyfriend was hung like this bolillo. She could ride this thing for hours.

She sprays Lysol around the curtained room to clear the air of the smell of man cum and steps out to continue her duties, but finds she is so sexually distracted, she slips into a stall in the bathroom to rub one out.

Lynda Pearsall loves her job at the hospital. She’s forty-three, divorced, and on her own for the first time in twenty-two years. Both her daughters are married illegal bahis and independent of her financially and now she is starting her career – well, in the janitorial field, but it feels good to be making her own way and decisions. Most people would not consider her to be attractive and the extra thirty pounds she’s put on over the years hasn’t helped, but by God’s grace, she is going to tone down.

Within three weeks of hiring on, she was promoted and then promoted again until she is the janitor of the fourth floor, a most coveted job with the least amount of work. The fourth floor is for perpetual care and must be spotless, as these unfortunate souls can succumb to sickness overnight, but they all sleep, leaving little for her to do.

She is curious about the patient in “room” 4-A, which isn’t a room at all, but a curtained off dorm style floor and is occupied by comatose patients. In all, there are six patients, but it is the one in A that is the talk of the hospital. She’s heard he has a peculiar problem, but none of the women janitors know for sure what it is, except aging Margie Beck and she won’t say. She only smiles when the women bring up the subject.

Watching the various nurses come and go, Lynda waits until the floor settles down for the evening and begins sweeping and mopping the floor. She has one full hour before the first nurse makes her rounds and until then, she has the floor to herself.

The first cubical is the mysterious 4-A and Lynda slides the curtain back and there, on the bed is the face of a man angel and “What in the hell?” Sticking up from under the sheet is what can only be one thing. Lynda, no stranger to the male anatomy, peeks out of the curtained room, then stepping back inside; she lifts the sheet away from the sleeping man.

“Oh my wonderful God!” It is by far the largest man member she has ever seen and certainly much larger than her Ex’s. Once again, she peeks out of the curtains and then comes over and lifting the sheet, she slowly wraps her fingers around it and her thumb and middle finger come up short of touching each other. Grasping the tip, she slowly stretches the skin down until it pulls over the angry purple head and snaps lightly under it.

The head is as large as a plum and just as purple and she slowly begins to stroke it up and down. It is so hard and firm in her hand and she can’t recall ever feeling one such as this. Suddenly behind her she hears a beeping noise and dropping the man’s cock back, she covers him up, grabs her mop and begins to clean up.

As she exits the curtain and moves to the next cubicle, an older nurse comes in and goes to 4-D and silences the alarm.

She is hardly out of the ward when Lynda is back by his side and this time, without hesitation, she covers the head of his cock with her lips. Later on, she cannot say why she did what she did, but she fellated the man until he filled her mouth with his salty hot seed.

It came suddenly with the only warning being a tightening of his stomach muscles. Lynda had the fingers of her left hand rubbing her clit and she knew she could not afford for him to ejaculate all over the place or she would be discovered… so she simply caught all of it and it was enough that she had to swallow, so swallow she did as her pussy began to vibrate. So there she stood shaking in orgasm as spurt after spurt of hot semen pumped into her warm mouth. It was the most erotic moment of her life.

No more than ten minutes passed from beginning to end and she grabbed her mop and cleaned at a record pace, finishing five minutes ahead of the next rounds. That night after work, she drank four cans of XX beer and slept better than she has in years.

Dr. Dana Webowitz pulls open every drawer in her house before she comes to the conclusion that she has no AA batteries to power her vibrator. “Damn it!” Lying back on the bed, she opens the cap on her premium lube, spreads it on a modestly sized cucumber and slowly slides it up inside herself. With a vision of the hard cock in her mind, she slowly pushes it in and out while circle-rubbing her swollen clit and soon feels the rush of blood to her face.

“Ohhhhh!” She sees herself straddling the handsome sleeping man and as he pinches her nipples, he tells her how beautiful she is and this brings illegal bahis siteleri about a very violent and heavy orgasm. Her heels were pulled up under her and her legs vibrated to the point that she felt like she had a work-out. She is instantly asleep and awakens with the cucumber in the bed beside her.

The next morning, as she makes her rounds after a forty-five minute faculty meeting, she watches the ward nurse leave, as if her tail is on fire. All of the nurses are afraid of her and she smiles, as she pulls back the curtain of 4-A. There he is – her dream lover. God, last night she had a blissful experience with him and he doesn’t even know it.

She stops and listens for a moment and hearing nothing, she pulls back the sheet. “My God, lover, is that hard-on for me?” she whispers and strokes it. It is magnificent! So big and hard. On an impulse she would never believe she’s capable of, the dignified Iron Maiden, slips out of her panties and mounts the sleeping man, sliding onto him inch by wonderful inch until she painfully bottoms out. Her eyes roll back in her head and she takes a long deep breath.

Hearing a bump on the door at the end of the ward, just as quickly as she mounted him, she dismounts, puts her panties in her jacket pocket, and peeks out of the curtain. The oldest nurse on the ward pushes open the door and brings in a cart of meds for the patient in 4-B. Dr. Dana Webowitz eases out on the far side and walks directly for the door evading discovery and goes to her office. “Holy hell! What just got into you Dana?” she mutters to herself. What she did could have gotten her license revoked! But even as she thinks about the dangers, she remembers the powerful tool sliding inch by inch up inside her.

Walking to her door, she locks it, and leans back in her chair and finishes what she started.

Because a number of the staff is out with the flu, Pilar Garza works each ward and its five days later before she gets another look at the big verga and this time she is very careful to not cause it to erupt. There is nothing on earth she would like to do than have this beautiful white man hump her blind, but she is afraid she will be discovered making him cum and lose her job. The male nurses turn him every two hours and this time he is on his stomach, but propped with pillows, as his erection makes it pretty much impossible for him to lie flat.

She washes him as best as she can, rather disappointed that she cannot see his pene and leaves.

A fairly large group of prominent doctors specializing in head trauma examine the patient in 4-A and over coffee decide there is little they can do for the man until he awakens. Dana is by far the most educated on the subject and they all defer to her and decide to meet again in a month. She notes that two male doctors and one female give her signals they are interested in her, but being the iron maiden, she doesn’t acknowledge their advances and they leave.

Dana knows the schedule better than anyone and at exactly 6:45 pm, she enters the ward, sans panties and bra, eases over Clifford Robert Tinsley’s hips, and slides his extra large rock-hard cock into her dripping wet kitty until she grunts when it feels like his cock head hits her tonsils. She opens her blouse and picking up his relaxed hands, she puts them on her tits and fucks him hard until she cums. It is wonderfully rewarding, using the sleeping man like a whore and she shakily dismounts, dresses, and quickly cleans up everything.

It’s not until she is walking to her office that she feels what can only be semen, begin to run down her thighs. He came? She can’t believe it! How can a comatose man cum? It’s not possible! Oh my god! As she examines the mess on her legs, a large blob of jism comes out onto her shoes and she stares at it in disbelief.

Lynda Pearsall can’t get her timing right, or something, as every time she thinks she can get alone with her “secret lover” something happens to call her away, or another nurse is unexpectedly on the floor. She was hoping to get 15 minutes with the man just before her shift ends at 11 pm, but it’s not to be as Pilar Garza comes into the ward pushing her portable bath. Lynda takes one look at the chubby little LVN and sighing, heads to the locker room and home canlı bahis siteleri to her vibrator. She just wishes it was a massive vibrating dildo instead of a thin rod.

Pilar knows another nurse will not be in to check on Mr. Tinsley for 25 minutes and she pushes her cart behind the curtain. There it is in all its wonderful glory and taking a peek back at the double doors, she wraps both hands around the thick shaft of the sleeping man. Her fingers and thumb will not touch and he so ridged it is amazing. She pushes down on the thin membrane and it slips below the large purple head. There on the tip is a small gooey drop.

Almost as if her lips are magnetically drawn to it, she slips the big thing into her mouth as she slowly strokes it up and down. She has always wondered what it would be like to suck a really big cock and now she knows… it is fucking amazing. Stepping away from him she once again peeks back toward the double doors and then commences. Lowering her mouth down she sucks first one hairy ball into her mouth then the other and all the while she is jacking his magnificent cock up and down alternating a squeeze with a slide.

Dropping her left hand down inside her panties, she begins to furiously rub herself and two short minutes later just as she cums, his cock erupts inside her mouth almost drowning her. Her first instinct is to pull away but in her head screams the warning that the evidence of her crime will be all over her, in her hair, and on the patient. She does the only other option and that is to swallow and it is a lot of semen. A lot, more than any man she’s ever fellated. Pulling her face off his cock, she licks it like an all-day sucker and then wipes her face on a towel.

Immediately she begins wiping him down and notes she has been inside the cubicle just 7 minutes.

Dana decides to move the patient to a private room and after a brief argument with Administration they agree. He is a case study and she wants to parade a lot of doctors by the sleeping patient. The reason for it is not that he has an erect penis; it is the fact that he had an orgasm and she lies and states that she witnessed it while examining him. The truth is she witnessed it by fucking him. She also remembers thinking she heard him grunt when it happened, but was so caught up in her own moment, it was lost.

The private room pretty much insures Dana will get private time with the man also and that is her main motivation, as unprofessional as it is. She tells herself there is no harm done. In fact, it may just be the opposite. “Medicine can be delivered in many different ways”, she reasons to herself. On the other hand, she really wants to understand how he can have an orgasm while in a coma and what better way to study him, than being there when it happens?

A nurse rushes into her office and exclaims that the star patient spoke a couple of words! Dana rushes to his private room only to have to push her way through about 20 doctors, nurses, and interns and she loudly demands that all but 4 step outside. The four are 3 doctors and a nurse named Pilar Garza who heard the comatose man speak. “Nurse, what exactly did he say?”

Pilar is very embarrassed and says so, but Dana presses her. “Ma’am?”

“Damnit, Ms. Garza, what in the hell did the patient say?” She is losing patience with the stupid new nurse.

“Ma’am, he said, “Nice ass.” She blushes and tells them she had her back toward the man and was so startled, but when she turned around, he was the same as always. “I’m sorry ma’am, I did not imagine it. He said it, I swear by the mother Mary.”

The three male doctors all look at her butt and silently agree, but this is a paradox that requires much discussion. What they don’t know is Pilar had just fellated the sleeping man to a marvelous gusher of semen and was cleaning up when he spoke. It was as if a ghost had spoken to her and chills ran up her spine. She’s not sure that she wants this ward after today. What he really said was just plain spooky.

His actual words were, “Thank you babe.”

As the group discusses the sleeping man, he suddenly sits up and looks around. Everyone begins talking at the same time and Dana fiercely commands everyone to leave the room so she can talk to the man. He’s now sitting upright on the edge of the bed and poking up between his legs is his magnificent cock.

Dana looks at it like she is seeing money and he smiles.

“My name is Dana,” is all she can get out.

As Clifford reaches out to her, he says, “I know”.

The end.

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