The Siren , The Hunter

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In the deepest recesses of the night she stalked her prey. He was the perfect mate that she had been searching for. His muscular legs stretched and strained against the soft leather caressing his flesh as he bent to examine the tracks she had purposely left for him only moments ago. His whole body was liquid, a perfect mixture of grace, agility and strength the force of which poured over her with each movement that it made, making her body ache despite the distance between them. Knowing neither of them would be able to rest until he had finished his hunt she carefully changed into her most provocative dress and circled in front of him until she was by the edge of the water.

In the deepest recesses of the night he stalked his prey. He knew that this heavenly vision before him would be his salvation if only he could capture her. He had tasted her scent in the air days ago, but she had somehow continued to unknowingly elude him. It was as if she was part fey with her eyes of molten fire & her long golden hair flying free in defiance of the wind. Her feet barely whispered against the moss-covered ground leaving only an occasional foot print. Finally though his skills as a hunter had enabled him to corner her at the foot of the river.

Hungrily he watched her, waiting for the perfect moment. His body tightened in anticipation as her foot touched the water, tentatively bahis firmaları testing its temperature. Just seeing her delicate foot graze the water’s surface set his blood boiling with the knowledge of what she was about to do. Desperately trying to silence the longing that was trying to steal his concentration, he remained one with the darkness, content for the moment to simply watch her.

Seemingly oblivious to the world around her, she shrugged the dress off of her shoulders and let it shimmy to the ground in a forgotten heap. As if she too could feel the heat that was overcoming him, she shivered and tossed her head back in wanton pleasure, letting the night air caress her naked flesh, giving him a full view of her flawless body. With a natural elegance she walked into the water, her delighted laughter a siren’s call signalling to him that the perfect moment had finally arrived.

He watched her briefly as she plunged deeply into the water, resurfacing only for a moment before again diving into the darkness. Ripping the laces off his breeches he impatiently pulled them from his body, the soft material rubbing against his engorged shaft. Finally naked he stealthily followed her into the water, diving deep to use the darkness to cover his presence until he was upon her.

Seeing the pale silhouette of her body through the water, he rose up out of its depths kaçak iddaa to capture her. His muscular arms encircled her in their iron embrace as he prepared himself for her struggles, hoping she would submit willingly. Seconds passed and the water remained calm around them. Taken aback by her immediate acquiescence he looked down, meeting her eyes for the first time, and seeing within them an emotion he knew very well: the triumph of conquest.

Ignoring the look he could not comprehend and was almost sure he had misinterpreted, he captured her mouth and speared her with his tongue. Her body arched against him as she used her tongue to counterattack his with a seductress’s subtlety. Softly whimpering in need she clung to him, silently demanding with her actions an exquisite release. As her nails raked his back in wanton desire, he realised that somewhere along the way he had released her arms, and they had been wrapped around him throughout the kiss.

Reveling in the feel of her nails still clinging to his back she wrapped her legs around him in the water until the head of his shaft was pressed against her core, showing him she was not only willing but eager. Water pounded against them as the tide became more violent, almost pushing his tip into her. Needing no more prompting he wrapped his hands around her backside for leverage and thrust into her with all his might.

Her kaçak bahis tight, moist body bucked against his, pulling him even deeper within her. Barely coherent he carried her to shore, her legs still wrapped around his waist. Their lips met harshly, passionately, as he pushed her into the moss-covered ground below him, never once leaving her sheath.

Her lips whispered across his face, settling on his neck, as her hands held him to her tightly. With a triumphant cry she bit his neck, marking her territory with an animalistic ferocity. Knowing the symbolism of her actions, he too lowered his teeth to her neck and claimed her as his own before returning to kiss her lips.

Their bodies hammered against each other as conscious thought began to slip away completely replaced with a primal need for fulfillment. They clung desperately to each other as they rode wave after wave of pleasure, allowing the world as they knew it to shatter and recreate itself around them. Exploding simultaneously into the night, they screamed into each other’s mouths.

Lying spent on the mossy ground they slowly looked at each other, smiling in exhausted contentment. Answering his silent question she softly whispered her name before drifting to sleep. Smiling down at her he tenderly caressed her hair and sleepily whispered his name to the wind, unaware she already knew it.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Any comments and feedback, publicly posted or emailed to me, would be greatly appreciated.

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