The Shy One Ch. 05

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It was very windy, almost too windy to sail, so after wrestling with their twenty-four footer for a short while, they lowered the sails, drifted into a cove and dropped anchor to eat a late lunch.

Brad and Lisa had been talking constantly about pretty much nothing, while Cassie sat quietly as close to Brad as she could. She liked being able to finally touch him again, after having willed herself to stay away for the past month. Lisa was tender, and comfortable, but Brad made her feel safe, and desirable, and at home.

The wind repeatedly, mischievously blew a slice of bread away from Brad as he struggled to make a sandwich. He kept catching it and putting it back, over and over. It was almost a comedy routine. Finally Cassie reached out to help, holding it down with one finger tip.

“I can do that myself,” Brad snapped at her.

His tone and reaction caught her off guard. She felt hurt. He leaned across the seat over Cassie’s lap for the mayonnaise, but couldn’t quite reach it. Lisa was nearby, but didn’t notice, so Cassie picked it up and handed it to him.

He accepted it with a grunt.

She didn’t know why he was angry. He didn’t have any reason to be angry at her. She was just helping him. She didn’t usually. She let him help her. But it felt like she needed to, now. She had to do more for him than just let him fuck her, or else she was just a whore. She had to be his little sister, too.

She loved the way he fucked her, she loved the feeling. She certainly came a lot, more than any other time in her life. Not that she was Miss Experience.

But she didn’t want to do it for that, to fuck, just for herself, just to climax. She did it to make him feel good. The sex was all, or mostly, to make him feel good, to make him come. It almost wasn’t for her at all, she’d realized, and that made her a whore. Whore’s have sex just for the guys, not for themselves.

She couldn’t stand thinking of herself as a whore, but it’s what she was.

She tried again, reaching into the cooler to grab a deep purple plumb, the best one, placing it beside his sandwich. Brad liked fruit, and this batch of plumbs was unusually good. If she could, she’d keep them all to herself.

Brad scowled at her. “Thanks,” he said, almost with a another grunt.

That was it, that was all.

Cassie sighed, giving up for now, focusing instead on preparing her own lunch. She grew angry herself. He was just in a bad mood. Now she was, too.

* * *

Brad didn’t know why she had to be so nice all of a sudden. He was raping her every day. Yes, she liked it, obviously, and she wanted it, but it was still rape.

They didn’t touch or kiss, they didn’t act like lovers. They just fucked. He fucked her. She lay there for him, and he put his cock in her and did whatever he wanted until he came inside her. He couldn’t stop himself. He had no control. He had to fuck her, and he did with complete abandon.

He was a rapist, an incestuous rapist.

And now she was being nice to him in response. It made him feel like a monster, guilty and manipulative and horrible.

Abruptly, he abandoned his lunch, as hungry as he was. He angrily pulled his shirt off to dive into the water to swim, punishing himself by refusing to eat. He stayed under as long as he could, swimming away from the boat and Cassie. He punished himself further by holding his breath to the point of bursting, until finally succumbing and breaking the surface to take in air in one great gasp.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see Cassie looking at him from the boat, her face creased with worry. That made him feel even worse. He swam further away.

* * *

The next evening, the family had gathered together to watch a DVD. There was a sudden explosion, followed by a cacophony of machine gun fire. One of the lead characters made a dry, witty comment in the midst of the chaos, and everyone laughed. Cassie looked around the room at all of their faces. They all seemed to be into it, even Aimee and Tara. Everyone except Cassie and Brad.

Cassie looked long and hard at Brad, being sure to catch his eye. He stared back. After a short while, once she was sure he understood, Cassie stood up and walked out of the room, not looking back. She turned and headed up the stairs. She let herself cast one, quick glance at him again as she ascended. He was looking at her. She knew he would follow her again.

* * *

Brad stood at the door to Cassie’s room and stared. The ruddy evening sun was halfway below the horizon. A small stripe of reddish sunlight fell across the bed, right across Cassie’s hips and legs, putting them in sharp contrast to the rest of the shadowy room.

His little sister lay on her back on the bed, naked only from the waist down, as usual, still hiding her wonderful tits from him. Her beige top and even skin contrasted with the floral print of the quilt beneath her. She had spread her legs subtly, a shy invitation that allowed him to see her clearly for the first time.

She didn’t have much escort ataşehir pubic hair at all, he noticed. What was there was short and straight and black. Her cunt lips already glistened with her excitement. He’d never seen a girl’s pussy so wet before sex. It was no wonder he always slipped into her so easily.

She had her eyes tightly shut, with her head turned to the side. Her hands were stiff at her sides, grabbing the quilt as if hanging on, afraid she might slip off. She looked tense, but not afraid. It made Brad apprehensive. Still, he went ahead. He knew she wanted him to do it. He knew he couldn’t stop himself. He’d never stop himself.

Brad closed the door gently behind him. He let his hands casually undo his belt buckle, and his zipper, willing himself to take his time. His shorts fell to the floor right beside Cassie’s panties. He reached into the elastic of his boxers and let those slide down as well. His cock, now released, stood out stiffly in front of him, aiming at Cassie.

A loud voice drifted up the stairs, followed by another, as his older sisters argued about something. When the voices faded away he could still hear the muffled sounds of the movie playing. Brad hoped it would suffice to hide Cassie’s unstoppable whimpers and screams. He hoped, too, that she could quiet herself some. But not too much.

He couldn’t believe he was doing this again, taking this risk, with everyone right there. Any of them could come upstairs at any moment, Mom, Dad, Aimee, Tara, any of them, all of them, but there was no way he was going to stop. His cock needed Cassie again. He needed to please her, too.

Brad knelt on the bed between his little sister’s legs. He wanted to take his time, to kiss her pussy, then work his way up her stomach with his mouth to kiss her tits until finally finding her lips with his. He wanted to kiss his sister the way Lisa had, even more than he wanted to fuck her. If she would let him, he’d lay there and kiss her for hours.

He wished too that Cassie had taken off all of her clothes. He wanted so much to see her tits, to play with them. They were so small, but they were unbearably exciting. He wanted to explore them, and her whole body. But she kept them hidden. She wanted her brother to fuck her, to rape her, it seemed to Brad, but that was all, not to touch her, not to make love to her properly.

He guided the tip of his cock against her sweet, waiting pussy. Before he had even touched her this time she let out a soft whimper of anticipation while spreading her legs further. Brad looked up at her face to see that beautiful smile. She liked his cock. He felt a little less guilty.

He slipped it into her burning flesh. He was once again immediately enslaved by the sensation of hot, wet, soft, baby sister cunt around his cock. He plunged all the way into her in one sudden, deep stroke. She squealed immediately, grabbing the quilt at her sides more tightly, pulling it in bunches into her grip and smiling widely. Her smile warmed and excited him like nothing else ever had.

Brad propped himself on his arms above her, just as he’d always done on the boulder by the lake, being careful not to touch her with anything but his cock. Then he watched her intently as he surrendered to the need to slide his cock in and out of her, over and over, as fast as he could. He focused first on that, just that, the soft feel of her heat first covering and surrounding and squeezing his cock, then leaving him feeling cold and naked, then covering it again.

He looked at her smile, and the way she rocked her head from side to side with each stroke. His eyes traveled down to her bare shoulders, where the straps of her camisole top lay loosely against her skin. He looked still further down at her little tits, jiggling rhythmically once again with his movements, bashfully hidden beneath her clothes. Her hard nipples were dark circles straining against the thin, tight fitting fabric of her beige top.

Brad looked down past his waist to watch his cock sliding in and out of his sister’s nearly bare pussy. As he withdrew he saw her juices on his cock, gleaming in the reddish light of the setting sun. Then he plunged it in again, as violently as he could, watching it disappear into her. She spread her legs further, letting out another of her wondrous whimpers, more signs that she loved having her brother fuck her.

* * *

Cassie listened to the easy rhythm of soft, wet slaps as her brother’s cock pulled slowly out then quickly forced it’s way back into her pussy, filling her the way she needed. Her hands clenched the quilt at her sides, holding her in place as he fucked her with an exhilaratingly charming power.

Each time he drove into her she slid a little further along the bed. Each time she contained herself enough to let out only a soft whimper, then used her grip on the cotton quilt to pull herself back down as he pulled out, trying to keep him from leaving her too much, only to have him push back into her, to fill her, and to drive her again along the smooth kadıköy escort bed.

She couldn’t bring herself to look at his face as he fucked her, instead keeping her eyes tightly shut. She wanted to; more than anything, she wanted to see a look of lust filling his face as he fucked her. But she couldn’t. She wasn’t his little sister now, she was his little whore. She didn’t want to see the look on his face as he fucked his whore.

She had to at least touch him. She’d held back for so long, trying to just be another lay for him, trying not to enjoy it too much, not letting herself be his lover. It took all of her courage to let first one hand, then the other, release the quilt and find the smooth, taught skin of her brother’s ass.

She touched it gently, just a feather touch, barely there, as if he wouldn’t want her to do it. He wouldn’t want his little sister to touch his ass. She had watched it all summer, studied it, hungered for it. It had always been right there as he fucked her, but always out of her reach, simply because she wouldn’t allow herself that pleasure. It was as if it wasn’t incest if they didn’t touch. She’d never touched him until now.

His skin was sweaty. It was hard, too. The muscles of his butt bunched into a solid mass as he pulled himself almost completely out of her and held himself there, suspended above and outside her. Cassie panicked immediately, afraid that her touches had caused him to stop.

In fear she grabbed him tightly with both hands, digging her fingers into his ass, trying to pull him back into her. He held himself out, resisting her, for too long. And then he was in her again, this time sliding her far up along the bed with one long, deep, animal thrust.

The sheer strength of it forced Cassie’s eyes open. She felt like that one stroke went more deeply into her than he had ever been. A loud wail escaped her throat, unready and unable to restrain it, as she stared, unfocused, at the muscles of his chest balanced above her.

Somehow she found the will to cut off the sound, suddenly frightened that her family might hear her. She continued to stare at Brad’s chest as he now held himself deeply inside her, pressing his hips firmly again hers, seemingly trying to get in still deeper, to completely fill her with his cock, almost to rip her open with it. He had pushed her far up the bed, almost into the headboard.

It felt magnificent. Her brother’s cock filled her totally and magnificently. He was looking at her, watching her, and she felt a warm pride flooding her with his attentions. But she still couldn’t look him in the eye. Not yet. He still didn’t know what a whore she was. He had to see her as his beautiful, baby sister again before she could look at him.

Cassie admired the clean lines of the firm, glistening muscles of his chest and abdomen. Now that he was again fully inside her, now that she didn’t need to pull him into her, she let her hands slide down the sides of his ass and inward to his groin.

She brushed his pubic hair, and then let her hands glide upward, so that her fingers could feel the ripples of muscle as they passed over his stomach, then cruise further still to feel the hard ridges at the bottom of his tensed pects. He was so well muscled, so deliciously hard and strong.

He was her strong big brother.

He’d fucked her so many times now, yet she hadn’t yet been able to explore his body. Everything was always so awkward or hurried or panicked or secret.

She wanted so much to look into his face, to see her brother’s expression as he held his cock inside his little sister. His little sister whore, she thought. She wanted to see what he was thinking, to see if he really thought what she thought, that she was a whore because she loved his cock and she loved making him come.

She really was. Except she didn’t fuck for money. She fucked him because she loved the thought of making him come, more than she loved how he made her come. So she was something else, something nasty and nice, all at once. Cassie smiled at the thought.

She spread her legs farther apart, pulling her knees up, opening herself to him as much as she could. She pressed her calves and feet against his back, feebly trying to hold him inside her, to pull him in deeper. He was too strong. Brad was in complete control of their lovemaking. Giving up, she pulled her legs higher, under his chest, past his tensed arms, eventually resting her feet on his shoulders, opening everything to him. Cassie wanted to have every last bit of her brother inside her.

She wanted, too, she’d always wanted so badly to kiss him. Somehow, she couldn’t do that either. She was a mess. Her brother fucked her, yet she couldn’t bring herself to look at him or to kiss him. If she could kiss him, if she kissed him when he fucked her, she might really feel like his lover. She could be her brother’s ultimate lover.

She moved her hands up behind his neck, hoping to pull herself up to kiss him if she found the courage. For now, she simply stared timidly at one maltepe escort bayan of his nipples, thinking that maybe she could kiss him there first. She could put her lips against his hard muscled flesh and kiss him gently, with only her lips, almost like a little sister is supposed to kiss her brother.

Abruptly his cock pulled part way out of her again, only to begin pounding her sadistically, out and in, hard and fast. She listened once more to the wet slaps her cunt made under her brother’s thrilling assault. She felt another scream welling up inside her, one she knew she’d never be able to fight back. In a sudden rush to muffle it she lifted her head to his chest, covering his nipple with her mouth like a gag.

She tasted his sweat. She was surprised to feel that his nipple was hard against her tongue, just like hers, and Lisa’s. She felt the intense heat of his skin on her lips. Her hands moved up into his thick black hair, grabbing the back of his head to help hold herself up, to pull her face harder into his chest, trying frantically to bury her unstoppable screams in the taught muscles of his chest.

Her whorish squeals only made the speed and force of his thrusts increase, driving her further out of control. She grabbed him more tightly, screamed more loudly, then suddenly with an act of will powered by fear she shut it off. But by stopping her screams, she couldn’t stop her desires any more.

She let her lips kiss their way up his chest, past his collar bone. Anxious again, she hesitated at his neck, kissing it constantly, repeatedly, as he fucked her. Then she gained courage, or lost her ability to fight her desires, and let her mouth work its way up his chin to his face. There she planted kiss after tiny, gentle kiss on her brother’s lips.

He didn’t kiss her back. She didn’t know why, and it frightened her. She had to stop. She had to stop kissing her brother. She couldn’t stop now, but she was scared. He continued to fuck her, but he wouldn’t kiss her. She searched his lips as if looking for the key, kissing his upper lip, his lower lip, the corners of his mouth, anything that would open his mouth to hers.

Brad froze suddenly, with his cock deeply inside her. Cassie was afraid that she’d pushed him too far, too fast, that he was panicking, that he was going to stop. Then she realized that he was going to come. She was going to kiss him as he came inside her. She consciously tightened and relaxed her cunt muscles, trying to help pump the cum out of him, to push him over the edge.

It all happened at once. She felt his cock stiffen and release a burning, wonderful spray of cum inside her. She felt and heard a delicious, satisfying moan rise from his chest to escape his lips, which trembled against hers with the sound. And she felt his lips part with the moan, opening his mouth to hers.

Her small tongue quickly found his in his mouth, but was there for only a moment. An instant later his tongue had pushed hers aside, forcing it’s way past it into her own mouth. It was another muscle of his, huge and strong and powerful compared to hers, hunting and marauding through her just like his cock.

Cassie came too, now, overwhelmed by the thought of her brother’s cock and his cum and his tongue all filling her, all violating her, all consuming her. She screamed into his mouth, making no effort now to stop herself. The louder she screamed, the harder he kissed her. He pressed her down into the bed with his hard, sweaty body, and his wide, hot mouth and his stiff, penetrating cock.

She wasn’t a complete whore any more, she thought warmly. She was holding him. She was kissing him. He fucked her and kissed her and held her, too. Now she was her brother’s lover. Now she was going to kiss him like this whenever she wanted, whenever she could.

Cassie smiled broadly while Brad continued to do as he wished with her, making her come over and over beneath him.

* * *

Tara trembled slightly as she moved away from the door. She couldn’t believe what she’d just heard. At first, she’d thought that Cassie was just masturbating, and doing one hell of a job at it. She was all ready to barge in, both to embarrass her and to ask her how she did it, when she heard Brad moaning as well.

Her brother and sister were together, fucking, or doing something damn close. Maybe they were just masturbating in front of each other, she thought, as if that was any better.

Tara had no idea what she thought, or what she should do, as she headed down the stairs. She had to talk to Aimee about it.

* * *

The family had planned to eat together very late that night, after the movie. Brad was still lying, exhausted and sweating, on top of Cassie when they were called down. Both quickly dressed, with quiet, shameful smiles, and hurried to sit at the table.

It had started to rain outside.

Cassie and Brad ate dinner in silence as the rest of the family carried on, excitedly revisiting various scenes from the movie, telling Brad and Lisa that they should have stayed to watch. Brad didn’t hear anything they said, listening instead to the steady, pounding rhythm of the rain as it hammered the roof of the house. To Brad, it felt as if the storm was raping the house. He could swear the wind was whimpering like a lover at the same time to mock him.

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