The Seduction of Caoimhe Ch. 10

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– Caoimhe –

I’m lying in bed and struggling to catch my breath. Mommy’s laying next to me and I can’t stop thinking about what she said about daddy. I should have fucking known, but just never even considered the possibility. I was a little too wrapped up with my own trouble to even think about them doing anything.

I’ve been dreaming about the three of them for a while now and wanted to write it off as nothing more than dreams. I never talked about those dreams, since I was never going to say a fucking word to anyone. Sometimes it’s just one of them, but others include all three. There was no way in hell I was ever going to admit the truth.

The truth is, mommy brought me here for a reason. If it was just for us to be alone, we could have gone to a hotel. We could have gone anywhere, but this place means mommy has something more in mind. I’ll play along and let mommy continue her game, since that’s what this is. It’s a fucking game and I love it.

I want to open every door and I know there’s no closing any of them. This isn’t on mommy, this is on me. I’m dripping at the thought of the three of them together and wonder how four’s going to work. Daddy only has one dick, but we’ll figure something out.

It felt amazing when mommy licked my asshole. Her finger felt weird, but in a good way. The buttplug was a little different and haven’t decided on that just yet. Cumming with it in my asshole felt wonderful, but it wasn’t the most pleasant thing to enter my asshole.

I’ll adjust to that and so much more. There’s no doubt that she’s preparing my asshole for daddy and I’ll be ready. How big is daddy’s dick and how much will it fucking hurt? It doesn’t matter, because I want him to have anything he wants.

Shit, at least I’m no longer confused as fuck. I may be sick, but not confused. Why the fuck can’t they all be here with me right now?

I have something important to do. I have to repay mommy for what she did. I’m so fucking nervous. I’ve never even thought about things like that before and don’t know if I can fucking do what mommy wants. That’s alright, Cammie, one step at a time and that step is to look at something you already like to see and touch.

I won’t bring up anything to mommy, unless she brings it up first. She’s still nervous and I want mommy to relax a little. Mommy likes to plan everything and I’ll continue to play along. I’m tempted to press her a little about the three of them, but that will have to fucking wait.

With much of my strength recovered, I look into mommy’s green eyes. “Bend over for me, mommy. I want to see your asshole.”

Her eyes light up at my words. “Anything for you, Caoimhe.”

I know she means it, but I also know she wants to say far more. Her eyes are lost to the sea of red as she gets into position and I can feel her flesh on mine. I look down at her cheeks and follow the trail of white down to her dark asshole. There’s the sea of pink beneath it, but that’s not what I’m focusing on right now.

I can smell the sweat and the sweet scent of her pussy drifting into my nostrils. My fingers shake a little as I touch her flesh and feel the sparks. Shit, the fucking lube. That will have to wait for another time, because I’m not fucking moving from this spot.

My fingers feel the ridges once again and I love the way they press into my flesh. Mommy lets out a sigh as I explore and smell the sweetness overriding the smell of sweat. Anything I want. That’s what mommy said and I’m taking her up on it right now.

My fingers dig in a little as I spread her asshole and see the ridges part. I can barely see anything and try to pull a little harder. There’s just that tight hole with a slight opening and I’m fucking pissed.

Mommy’s fingers appear before my as she reaches back to assist. This is a little better, but I want to see past the darkness. The smell of something else is rising up and I don’t mind one bit. I’m dripping from what I see and wonder if anal is the key to really opening illegal bahis her asshole up.

I’m frozen in place. I know what mommy wants me to do, but I’m afraid I won’t like the taste. Mommy’s pussy was easy, because I like salty-sweets already and that’s what her pussy tasted like. As close as I can get to explaining something with no comparison to real food. Maybe that’s why it’s called eating pussy, since it isn’t like any other food in the world.

If I’m going to do this, might as well not fuck around. I know mommy started to circle my asshole first, but I have no intention of doing that. I’ll either hate it or like it, but no sense fucking around to find out.

I press my tongue into the center and prepare for the worst. Her asshole tastes bitter and I normally don’t like bitter food. This is different and I can’t place it. Just like her pussy, I have nothing to compare mommy’s asshole with.

I can’t say that I hate it. I can’t say that I love it. It’s good, but not pussy. Maybe I should keep going and see if mommy’s asshole starts to taste better. My tongue presses inside a little more and I do like the way the tip feels between the ridges.

Mommy lets out an encouraging sigh as I press my tongue in a little more. I like it when mommy makes that sound and start to move my head back and forth. Her sighs are turning to soft moans as we both try to open her a little more. With each forward thrust, the bitterness slowly gets lost and I can’t believe I miss it already.

I want to get my tongue deeper, but it won’t go any further. There’s only one solution and I pull back to give room to my index finger. I can only press it in to the first knuckle and thought there was more saliva left behind than that. No matter, it feels amazing inside, like a hot vice that grips my finger in a very good way.

Mommy’s pressing back to help, but it doesn’t. There’s just one solution. I pull my finger from her wonderful asshole and stick it in my mouth. It isn’t all that bitter and I think my tongue already took care of this part.

I leave a trail of saliva as my finger presses inside of her again and this time I get it all the way inside of mommy. She lets out a moan and I grin at just how amazing mommy’s asshole is. My finger stats to move back and forth, which causes mommy to moan for me.

My eyes don’t leave her asshole as I stare at the ridges. “Mommy?”

She lets out a sigh. “Yes, Caoimhe.”

I press in as far as I can and hold it in place. “Has daddy ever fucked your ass?”

Mommy presses her ass back, but there’s no more for me to put inside of her. “Yes, he has and Aunt Kayleigh.”

I drip a little at the thought of seeing daddy’s dick inside of mommy. “Do you like it when he fucks you like that?”

She lets out a soft laugh and I feel mommy’s asshole tighten. “It makes daddy happy, but I don’t really like it. Aunt Kayleigh loves it.”

I’m a little confused. “Why does Aunt Kayleigh like it and not you?”

Another soft laugh and the pressure is even better. “Some women do and some don’t, Caoimhe. Why?”

I smile at the ridges and continue to drip. “I’ve never had anal and just wondering what it feels like.”

Mommy moans softly. “The first few times it hurts a lot, but you get used to it. After a while, it does feel good, but it isn’t the same as when he fucks my pussy. Aunt Kayleigh swears by anal and there are times where she can’t get enough. All women are different. You’ll find out.”

I start to pull my finger out slowly and love the way mommy’s asshole follows my finger out a little. “I will?”

She lets out a soft sigh. “All guys want anal, Caoimhe. It’s just a matter of time before you give in.”

I know mommy almost made a mistake and I was hoping she’d continue on down that path. My finger is now free and it feels cold. There’s only one solution as I put it in my mouth and search out that wonderful bitterness.

Mommy’s fingers are holding her asshole open, but it isn’t enough to see into illegal bahis siteleri the dark. It’s a beautiful sight, but I know it has to get better than this. I want to put my finger back inside, but I don’t want to let it out of my mouth.

I release my finger with an idea. Mommy needs to know she doesn’t have to worry about bringing up daddy with me. I’m more than willing to join the three of them and I’ll get used to anal, just like mommy said. If I’m going to watch daddy fuck mommy in her ass, then I have no right to say they can’t do the same.

I pull back from the bed and lose the heat of her body. “Let’s go for a swim, mommy.”

There’s no waiting for an answer as I make my way to the pool and step into the warm water. Mommy joins me and I can see something in he eyes. She’s fighting telling me everything and I just want her to fucking say it.

I start to swim slowly and mommy is right next to me. Mommy needs time to think, but I won’t give her all fucking day. Either she brings it up, or I will. That would be the easiest, since mommy is very nervous right now.

I stop at the shallow end and stand up so mommy can stare at my nipple. My eyes move to her eyes and I can see the hunger we both share. There’s a little bit of bitterness left on my tongue, but it’s leaving me too quickly.

Mommy’s hesitating, so I say, “This isn’t just about you and Aunt Kayleigh, is it, mommy?”

Her green eyes pull up and her face reddens a little. “No, Caoimhe, it isn’t. The three of us share a bed and we want you with us. Daddy is an amazing lover and we want you to know what that feels like.”

Mommy continues to hide something. “If that’s all there was, then you would have told me. You wouldn’t have hinted at the threesome. I’ll make it easy for you, mommy. I want daddy and both of you. Just fucking tell me everything.”

There’s tears streaming from her eyes as her cheeks redden even more. “Damn, I wasn’t suppose to bring daddy up for a couple more days. Alright, Caoimhe, the truth. I brought you out here to seduce you into joining us, which you already know. It isn’t just making love that we want to do with you, Caoimhe. We want to fuck you.”

Her face reaches a light shade of purple and I’m excited by the idea. “Sounds like fun, mommy. Tell me more.”

Mommy’s eyes search mine. “You’re not angry with us?”

I grin and my voice shows my excitement. “No, mommy.”

She presses her lips to mind and kisses me hard. My tongue is held captive while her hand press through the water to my ass. Mommy squeezes hard as I sigh into her mouth and my hands reach for her ass. I’ve never been kissed like this and slowly lose myself to her.

We manage to get out of the pool, but I don’t recall getting out. Our lips are still pressed together as her tongue becomes more aggressive and her fingers continue to dig in. Sparks are flying before my closed eyes and I don’t think I can move.

Her lips are parting as I try to hold her in place, but my arms don’t have the strength. I feel her falling, but everything moves slowly and I can’t catch my breath. Mommy’s hands are no longer on my ass and I must open my eyes.

My eyes open to search her out and I find her on the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide. “Get on your knees, Caoimhe.”

I’m breathless and can barely manage, “Mommy.”

I feel my knees on the soft floor and her legs are cool from the pool. All I smell is chlorine, but the view more than makes up for the scent. Mommy’s hands pull my head towards her lips and my tongue reaches out just in time.

She lets out a soft moan. “That’s it. Eat my pussy.”

My tongue presses between her lips and there’s no sense of sweetness to be found. It’s the taste of the pool and mommy’s grip tightens on the back of my head. It’s a good thing I don’t want to back away, because mommy won’t allow it.

My tongue reaches her clit as she starts to move her hips a little and I feel my chin rubbing against her hole. Her moans canlı bahis siteleri increase and my tongue has trouble staying on target. That sweet taste is starting to return and mommy starts to drip down my chin.

I let myself go completely and my body becomes mommy’s to do with as she pleases. I will give myself to all of them. There’s no past, only the present and whatever the future holds for me.

I will become whatever they want me to become. If they want me to be their whore, then I will be their whore. There are no doors left to open and I belong to them completely.

* * *

– Tara –

I pull her head a little closer as I moan out and start to buck my hips. Her tongue is tiring, but I won’t let her stop now. My fingers tighten on the back of her head and my body is on the verge of release.

My eyes close and I can see her green eyes dancing before me as I moan out and explode with a force I haven’t felt since arriving to this wonderful resort. I feel the wonders of her face and tongue as I grind myself harder and explode again.

The last of my moans pass and my fingers loosen as the strands remain loosely between them. Her tongue is searching out me orgasmic release and my green eyes open to see her staring up at me. My daughter belongs to me completely and there’s a sense of fulfilment in knowing that every goal has been accomplished ahead of schedule.

Soon she’ll belong to the three of us and Dillon will be gentle at first, especially with her ass, but that will change over time. I know I shouldn’t think of my daughter in terms of fucking, but that’s exactly what I really want. I want Dillon to pound her hard as she eats one of us out. I want his cum in every hole and wish there was some way to give him three dick, but three will have to wait.

My fingers move to her forehead and I press her face back to see her face. There’s desire to please in her green eyes and her chin drips a little from my wonderful release. I love the way her flesh glistens from my cum and it makes me smile.

My lips part as I speak without thinking. “The boys are your half-brothers, Caoimhe.”

Her green eyes widen a little at the news and a smile appears on her face. “I should have known.”

I smile warmly. “You couldn’t have. We kept it well hidden, just like everything else, but you can’t tell them anything, Caoimhe.”

She nods and her voice sounds certain. “I won’t, mommy, I promise. Is Aunt Kayleigh bringing them here when they turn eighteen?”

I grin at just how easily she takes everything. “We’re still working on the details, but we’ll let you know.”

He nods and her eyes sparkle. “If she does, can I go?”

I caress her red hair. “We’ll see. Now I mean it, Caoimhe, you can’t let on anything is different to the boys.”

Her face takes on a more serious note. “I won’t, mommy.”

I know she’s telling the truth, but I also know she’ll need to be reminded. There’s less than a year before they become legal and none of us can take any chances before then. At least she won’t have to keep our world a secret as long as Kayleigh.

I nod as I say, “Good. Now get your ass on this bed so I can kiss you.”

She rises before me and I can see her dark nipples press out from her mostly flat chest. There’s a hunger that remains in her eyes and I know it’s from more than just the desire to be kissed. I never thought she’d ever agree to the fucking part, but there’s no denying everything about her changed at that moment.

My fingers caress her hard nipples as she lays down and my lips press to hers. I can feel them part for me as my tongue aggressively pursues hers as I taste my release and relish the fact that my sweetness is on my daughter’s tongue. There’s no fight as she gives in completely to me. She sighs into my mouth as my fingers press a little and her hands are not exactly free to explore.

My eyes stay open as the passion builds, but hers remain closed. I wonder if it will be sexier to see her kissing my sister or Dillon. There’s no way to know just yet, but I’m leaning towards Dillon. She’s given up on exploration with her hands as mine cup her breasts completely.

There’s nothing she won’t do as her will is lost forever.

The End

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