The Ridiculous Family

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This is written for those of you that write, and those of you that like to read, stories with out-sized sex organs. And the youngest child is 18 year old.


The Ridiculous family had four members, father, mother, daughter, and son. Outwardly, they lived a normal life. Their neighbors had no gossip about them, no whispers about strange behaviors. The only thing they noted, and commented on endlessly among themselves, was the mother, Mary.

Now they really didn’t know her, but they knew what she looked like, and it was, well, ridiculous. She wasn’t a flashy dresser, nothing all that revealing, but still. The woman’s breasts were huge: She had a 54-inch bust, and according to one of her bras some neighbor kid found in their trash can, had a cup size of ‘M’.

What the neighbors probably didn’t know was that Mary’s tits were completely natural-no implants. But they didn’t look natural. I mean 54M? Don’t be ridiculous! And they didn’t sag, although since she never went outdoors without a bra, the neighbors couldn’t really tell. And because of the heavily-constructed bras, they didn’t know that she had very unusual nipples. When they were not aroused, they were 2 inches long and one-half inch in diameter. When she was really turned on, they grew to be 4 inches long and just over three-quarters of an inch wide.

Mary was tall for a woman, about five foot eight with very long slender legs. Her hip measurement was 36 inches. Her waist was ridiculously small at 22 inches. So imagine: here is this woman, a neighborhood mother, 5’8, 54M, 22, 36. She cut quite the picture. More astonishing was that she was 63 years old! But she had always taken care of herself: good diet, exercise, creams for her skin. She didn’t look a day over 23, and was regarded by her children, their friends, and most of the husbands in the area as a hot MILF. (Well, assuming the ridiculously sized breasts didn’t turn them off.)

She had her children relatively late in life; Danielle (Dani) when she was 44, and Sam exactly a year later. So Sam and Dani were 18 and 19 years old, respectively.

Mary was also, at 63, a single mother. He husband, Frank, had been killed in an auto accident, t-boned by a large truck, some 8 years previously. Since the truck was owned by a large soft drink supplier, and the driver was an unlicensed illegal alien, Mary received a multi-million dollar settlement. So was not just a single mother, but a rich single mother.

Neither Dani nor Sam was still in high school, and although they had both graduated high in their respective classes, neither had given much thought to college: they were well-provided for, in more ways than one, by Mary, and they still lived at home with her.

Had the neighbors known what went on in their house, they would have thought the Ridiculous family to be peculiar, in addition to having a ridiculous family name, and a ridiculous-looking mother (well, to anyone not breast-obsessed).

Why peculiar? One afternoon Mary came home from shopping and was very horny. She was wearing a skirt that came to the top of her knees, with a white blouse tucked in at the waist. She had been browsing in clothing stores, and ended up mesmerized by some of the hot young women trying on hot young clothes. She didn’t peep into the dressing rooms or anything, she just watched as they posed for each other, modeling various outfits. She remembered wearing such outfits, in the privacy of her bedroom, when she was about their age, 19, 20 or so. The difference was that in her day such clothes were not the norm; she had to hide in her room to try them on, and in fact had to cut down existing clothes to get the skin-baring styles she had craved.

She went to her bedroom and changed into the sort of clothes she normally wore around the house, clothes like she had been admiring on the young woman at the mall. She had on a pleated skirt that hung from her hips and came down about two inches below her ass cheeks. She had on the same white blouse as before, but she had unbuttoned it so that only two remained closed, the two right between her breast. The shirt tails were tied together as high up as she could, leaving her with a lot of bare skin showing in front. She had also removed her bra and changed into a very small and sheer pair of thong panties. I did mention she was horny, didn’t I?

As she walked down the hall from her bedroom, she caught a glimpse of Sam as he dashed into the bathroom, totally nude. His cock swung freely in front of him. Now Mary hadn’t seen Sam nude for many years, and her body tingled at the brief view she had of his cock. It was not erect, but still it looked like it was 11 inches long and the shaft looked to be 2 inches across.

She was totally shocked—11 inches! That’s ridiculous! The last time she had seen his cock had been when he was about six, and it been about 3 inches. It must have started growing around that time, because that was when he started being very careful to not let her see it.

Mary waited until it sounded like illegal bahis Sam was in the shower, then she slipped the lock on the door. She quietly opened the door and could clearly make out Sam through the glass shower doors. He was facing partly away from her, but she could see his cock sticking out from his body. He was stroking it with both hands, and it grew and grew, to what she would later measure at 17.5 inches long and 3.5 inches in diameter, except at the head. The plum-shaped head was 4 inches wide at its widest point.

She was so aroused at this sight that her pussy started getting wet. Soon she was getting totally soaked; even her panties were soaked, and her cunt juice was running down the inside of her leg. Without conscious volition, her hand went to the bottom of her skirt, pulled it up, and started caressing her pussy through the thong.

Soon that wasn’t enough. She sort of slid part way down the wall, causing her skirt to bunch up at her waist. Still mindlessly, she spread her legs and pushed two fingers of her right hand under the panty leg and into her clenching pussy.

As she continued watching Sam stroke himself, he changed position a little. He had backed up against the wall of the shower so that he was facing her. Mary just froze, fearing that he would see her. But as he moved around, he also lowered his head, bent over somewhat, so that even though he was facing her, he couldn’t see her.

What came next sent Mary over the edge. She had never seen anything like it, and she started thrusting into her pussy more vigorously, and then she squirted as she came. Through glazed eyes she continued watching Sam: Sam, bent over and his cock lifted up; Sam, with a good three inches of his cock in his mouth; Sam, bobbing his head, working his lips and cheeks, still stroking himself with both hands; and finally, Sam, thrusting his mouth down on his cock taking six inches of it into his throat and swallowing.

The swallowing sensation was apparently too much for him, because he moaned and started cumming. At first straight into his throat, but then he pulled his cock out until just the head was in his mouth, and cum started shooting out around his cock, his mouth unable to hold or swallow it all. [This latter was not surprising, since, as she later found out, Sam typically produced 7 ounces of cum during a good orgasm.]

He pulled his mouth complete off and continued stroking his cock, blasting cum all over. Mary, her vision narrowed, could only see that his face, chin and chest were covered in his cum.

She couldn’t help it; she slipped down the wall a little more. But then her feet hit the big puddle she had squirted, her feet slid forward and down she went. She cushioned the fall somewhat with her hands and arms, but still made quite the “plop” when she landed. Sam heard this and jerked his head up. But he hadn’t finished cumming, and he again blasted himself in the face with a big rope of his cum.

Seeing his mother sitting slack-jawed, panting, on the floor in a puddle of her juices, panties still pulled to the side, only increased his lust. He grabbed the end of his still spurting cock, got out of the shower and hurried over to where Mary was, stuck the head of his cock into her mouth as he removed his hand from his cock, shooting one last stream of cock right into her mouth.

He leaned over and kissed her, sticking his cum-coated tongue into her mouth. She sucked at it voraciously, then forced her tongue into his mouth licking what cum she could. Then she started licking his cum off his face. When that was clean, he shifted position so that she was doing the same with the cum all over his chest.

When his upper body was mostly cum-free, he put his softening cock in front of her and she started licking that. After not much of this, his cocked stopped softening and started to lengthen once more. At this, he backed up from his mother and told her to turn around, leaning her back against his legs. He placed his cockhead at her lips, and she opened wide, taking the head into her mouth.

He started slowly face-fucking her with his hardening cock. Each thrust went further into her mouth than the last, until the head of his cock was at the top of her throat, blocking her breath. He held her there briefly, and then pulled out. His cock now continuing to harden and lengthen, he said, “Mom, take a deep breath, and hold it.” She did, and he stuck his cock into her mouth again, although this time he didn’t pull back. He just kept pushing more and more of his cock into her.

He reached a certain point, and his progress stopped, but he just held her head and kept pushing. Something seemed to release, and he was going down her throat. It visibly bulged her nec; he could see the extra distension where his cockhead was. He kept going, and shortly the head was no longer visible on her throat—he had moved past that point. Still he kept pushing. He felt the cockhead sort of free up; he must be into her stomach!. He pushed in a bit further, and felt a burning illegal bahis siteleri sensation on the tip of his cock. He had pushed his cock in so far that it was being burned by her stomach acids.

But Sam was in ecstasy. He had had his cock sucked by some girlfriends, but none of them could take it in the throat at all and he wasn’t ready to end the experience. He pulled back a few inches, and started fucking in and out, trying to keep the tip out of the acid, but not always succeeding. After 15 seconds or so, he blasted cum straight into her stomach. After a couple of ropes, he started pulling out while he was still cumming, thereby coating the entire inside of her throat and ending up with some in her mouth. Finally he pulled out and ran to the sink, where he started running water over his acid-burned cockhead.

Mary realized what had happened and called him to her. She ripped her blouse off, baring her massive breasts. As he reached her, she started squirting milk on his reddened cock, saying “That should help it feel better.” Sam was amazed! His mother was lactating. And it did feel better, but seeing those huge nipples expressing his mother’s milk was too much, and he lay down with his head in her lap and started sucking on her breasts, switching back and forth, feeding from each in turn.

[Note: She had nursed her son until he was 3, and then weaned him, but he was unaware that she had been lactating for the past 15 months. Later, when he asked her about it, she explained that when Dani turned 18, she had resumed, at Mary’s request, nursing at her mother’s breasts several times at day, until finally she induced lactation. After that, either Mary would suck her own breasts, reveling in the milk, or Dani would. One or both of them did this at least daily, to keep her breasts producing.]

Sam was gulping down breast milk, and his mother’s nipples seemed to get longer and longer, and she started groaning with arousal. Sam continued sucking until finally Mary came, squirting all over the back of Sam’s head. Just about the time he realized this, Mary shifted back a bit, pushing his head down to her pussy. “Open your mouth,” she told him. When he did, she positioned his head just right and started rubbing his open mouth on her pussy. It felt so good!

She started squirting again, but this time she was squirting directly into his mouth. His mouth filled, and she told him to swallow. He did so, getting squirted in the face while his mouth closed to swallow, but then he opened it and his mouth began to fill again. After he had swallowed four mouthfuls of his mother’s juice, she finally finished cumming and squirting. But still, she pulled his mouth to her and said, “Lick”. After a minute or so of this, she was too sensitive, and pushed his head away. She got up off the floor, looked sadly at Sam, and said, “I’m sorry son; I lost control. This shouldn’t have happened,” and ran from the room.

Sam was left sitting on the bathroom floor, spent for the moment, drenched in his mother’s milk and squirt. He didn’t feel at all sorry, just very surprised and pleased at what had happened.

For the rest of the day, they avoided each other, or rather Mary avoided Sam.

Later that evening as his mother was getting ready for bed Sam walked into her bedroom. He wanted to talk about what had happened, but he caught her pulling her filmy nightgown over her head, the front of her ridiculous body fully exposed to him. Seeing her like that, he started becoming aroused, felt his cock starting to come alive, slowing lengthening and hardening. Not what he had in mine when he came in to talk.

When she realized he was watching her, she gasped and pulled the gown all the down and pulled a pillow in front of herself.

“I don’t want you to be sorry about what happened,” Sam said, “I totally enjoyed it. And apparently,” he said, motioning to his cock, “I want us to continue.”

Mary noticed his partially erect cock only when he motioned to it; she had had her eyes locked onto his. “We can’t,” she said.

He approached her, the head of his penis swing back and forth as he walked. “Really?” he asked, pushing the pillow aside, and bringing his cockhead into contact with her gown right where her legs met.

She whimpered “No,” but she shifted her stance, spreading her legs farther apart and hunching forward a bit, allowing his cockhead to indent the gown and push between her legs, right into contact with her pussy lips.

“Yes,” he said, inching the gown upward.

“We can’t,” she said, humping back and forth on his cock through the gown. “We can’t. We shouldn’t.” Now she was moaning, and as Sam continued to raise the gown higher, it quickly rose high enough that her pussy was exposed, allowing his head to spread her lips, she said “No, no, oh, oh, oooh, yes!”, and put her hand on his cock and started moving it more, starting it on its path into her dripping pussy.

After a minute, she backed up to the bed, fell backward and spread her legs wide, all the canlı bahis siteleri while maintaining her grip on his cock. Once on her back, she fed him into her, deeper and deeper, until he bottomed out in her. Nine inches was still not in her, but she could take not more. He starting stroking in and out, and she started fucking back, raising herself on his down strokes, his head banging up against the back of her pussy. It hurt, but it also felt good. She had never been so full.

Sam had gotten so turned on that after a dozen or so strokes, he pushed in, held it, and started blasting cum into his mother. As she felt this, she started cumming, drenching them both. She couldn’t contain all the cum he shot into her, and it started coming out around his cock, mixing with her juices.

They stayed like that for a minutes, then she pushed him back. As he pulled out of her, a flood of his cum came out, forming a big puddle of cum in the middle of the soaked spot on the bed. She eased herself off the bed, careful not to disturb the puddle, and sank to her knees in front of him. She started licking him, getting all of his and her juices. She took the head into her mouth, but he said, “Wait.” He went into the bathroom and came back with a large bottle of Rolaids. “Take several of these. Maybe they will neutralize the acid in your stomach enough that I won’t burn my cock again when I fuck down your throat into your stomach. And if it does, I can fuck all the way down, over and over, my cock in your stomach, over and over, and not get burned again.”

Mary quickly took the bottle from him, put about eight tablets into her mouth, and chewed and swallowed them. “But will it work immediately, or will it take a while?”

“It will take a while, I guess, which is why we are changing positions.” He pulled her to her feet and lifted the gown completely off her. He then turned her around and pushed her head down, putting face right into the puddle of cum soaking into the bed cover. “Lick up all that cum, then suck on the cloth, getting as much of my cum and your juices as possible.”

He kneeled down behind her, spread her legs, and licked her from her clit to her asshole. He tongued her ass, repeatedly licking it and pushing at it with his tongue. Then he moved down to her pussy and licked his cum from her. He licked it up from all over the outside, then stuck his tongue into her and sucked it out of her pussy. He repeated these actions over and over until her pussy had no signs of cum, inside or out, and her ass was gaping slightly from the force of his tongue stabbing her over and over.

He stood and put his plum-shaped cockhead at her anus. She gasped as he pressed forward until the head was completed in her. He held it there for a bit, just flexing it, not really pressing farther into her. “Are you going to fuck me there?” she gasped. “I’ve never had anything even near that big in my ass.”

“No,” he replied, “not now. Now I’m going to see if those Rolaids worked.” He stood up and positioned her on the bed so that she was on her back, her head hanging off the side of the mattress. She opened her mouth and placed his head in it. He started pushing into her, in and out, going deeper each time. He hit the back of her throat, and she gagged a little bit. Then she adjusted her self, pulling him deeper as she tried to swallow. Her throat relaxed and he was in! He continued pushing more and more of himself into her mouth.

Again, he saw the head become evident, visible as a bulge in her throat, in her neck. He took her hand and placed it there, saying, “Now you can feel it both inside and outside. Feel it as I fuck back and forth into your face. Feel it as I go deeper and deeper into your throat. Feel it as it passes deeper. As he spoke, he fucked back and forth, deeper, deeper. Finally he could feel the head of his cock exit her throat. He was in her stomach again! Did the Rolaids work?

He fucked her face deeper and deeper. He could feel liquid around his cockhead, but no burning sensation. “Mother, the Rolaids worked! I am in your stomach, and it isn’t burning. Now I am going to try to get every inch of my cock. I want your lips pressed against my balls.”

He pulled all the way out of her mouth, kissed her lips, and started feeding her again. In one continuous push, he went past her mouth, past her throat, and into her stomach. He kept pushing, more forcefully now, trying to get all the way in. Finally, with one final effort his balls were touching his mother’s lips.

He started stroking in and out about five inches, fucking her face/throat/stomach until he could feel the tension in his cock and balls. He pushed in one last time, forcing himself as deep as he could. His cockhead was encountering resistance; he was apparently bumping on the bottom of her stomach! The thought and feelings were too much, and he started blasting his hot cum into her.

As his erection started to subside, his mother pulled herself off his cock and just lay there gasping for breath. When her breathing normalized, she started licking the head of his cock, and said, “‘Yes’ was correct. We definitely have to keep on doing this! I don’t think I could stop now, even if you wanted to. But I doubt you want to,” as she sucked again on his cockhead.

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