The Queen of My Heart

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I finally got back into writing recently, working on finishing a few pieces that should have been done a while back. Anyway, this is my first attempt at a Hallowe’en story for the contest and if you would like to vote on it, I’d appreciate it.
There isn’t a lot of sex in this but there is a father-daughter scene that puts this into this category. It’s based on my experiences in the English/Welsh borders, but isn’t based on anyone in particular. All of the sex in this story is between consenting adults.
I’d really love to hear what you think about it, please leave your thoughts at the end, thanks.

In the failing light of the afternoon of Hallowe’en I saw her, walking down the slope of the field that runs up away from the cottage.

Dark hair, and darker eyes, lightly clothed despite the lowering temperatures, she walked bare legged through the grass wearing low, light slippers.

She walked through the gate from the field into my garden like she owned it, and made her way across my lawn and straight up to me.

I looked at her closely, wondering where this was going. Her make-up shadowed beautiful grey eyes, clear and so very deep. A few freckles dotted her otherwise flawless skin which had the warm tones of someone used to being outside. She stood in front of me partly presenting herself and partly challenging me to do something. There was a wanton air about her. Not slutty, never slutty, but the kind of woman that looked like she would be up for anything, bed wrecking, end of the kitchen table, swinging from the curtain pole, any time anywhere, but never just anyone.

I’d seen her once or twice about the village, over the summer and she always had the same sort of look about her. She was the kind of woman that stood out in a crowd, not that I ever saw her in a crowd, and that was just one of the unusual things about this strange woman who had just presented herself at my cottage door, no one knew who she was or where she was living.

“I’m Lara. Invite me in.”

“On Hallowe’en? You’re joking right?” I was only half serious, this mystery woman was seriously sexy, and I was very interested. “You might be a vampire or something.”

For a moment her eyes flashed darkly, “I swear I will do you no harm!” she said, then she smiled, “You may even enjoy it.”

Well put like that, I thought, why not? I stood aside and she strode into my cottage.

Unlike most people she did not look around at the eclectic furniture and the collection of pots on shelves, or even the unwashed dishes in the sink. Instead she turned around and she looked at me and for a moment I felt like I was getting one hundred and fifty percent of her attention as she looked into my eyes. There was a sort of otherworldliness about her eyes, that was both intriguing and a little of-putting and intriguing at the same time.

“What have you got to drink?” She asked.

I wiped a couple of glasses, “Cider okay?” I asked her.

“Is it the local stuff?”

It was, I told her, brewed a couple of miles up the road, and she accepted it cheerfully.

“Would you like to go to bed?” Lara asked.

In the green, patch-work folded lands of the English border counties that aren’t quite England and not quite Wales, is a small village. It’s set around the slopes of a low hill and on either side of a river that rises in Wales and flows away until it joins up with the Severn in England. Cramped houses, especially round the foot of the Norman castle have been there over a thousand years, and the streets wind unevenly around. People tend to pass us by — the main road by-passes the village. Generally, if they do stop it’s for business, agriculture being the main reason, but recently we have seen a growing artistic community. There are an increasing number of writers and artists living in and around the village, and of course some of them are bringing their own industry to the village. They find the setting inspiring and the peace and tranquillity conducive to creating. It’s that kind of place.

Around the village the hills rise quite steeply — not high but steep – crowned by hanging woods, dark green caps, that preside precariously over the pastures and the herds below. On both sides of the river little valleys wind up between the hills and out of sight of the village.

We’re close to nature and the seasons here. Spring, summer, the autumn and winter roll round, each season marking its arrival with its effect on the landscape. And with the seasons come the festivals — Christmas, Easter and harvest festival are all celebrated, along with Bonfire Night and Hallowe’en.

I’ve lived here most of my life. I did go away for a couple of years but came back to live after I discovered that I preferred working with clay to trying to teach unruly children, and moved into a cottage across the river from my parent’s farm, up the road from my sister and around the hill from my brother, yeah, it’s that kind of family. I have cousins and second cousins, aunts and uncles, once, twice and even three times removed all within escort ataşehir a few miles. Family get-togethers are pretty good.

I live with my daughter in a cottage poised between heaven and earth — above us up the hill is a hanger wood, called Heaven Beech, and at the bottom of the hill is Earth Delving Lane. I bought it from my nan on my mum’s side when she went to live with my parents when she got poorly. I set up a studio in one of the sheds, and I work with clay, wood and metal. Not long after I moved in I met my wife and a year later my daughter arrived.

So how I met Lara is where it all gets strange.

“Would you like to go to bed?” Lara asked putting her glass down on the table. I coughed.

“What?” She asked. “Do you want to do that whole circle dance as we decide whether we want to or not? I want to. You certainly look like you do, why waste time?”

There was a stunning directness to her logic. I certainly wanted to, I was just surprised by the way this had come out of the twilight at me.

“Why me?” I asked, I desperately wanted some thinking time, though I had a good idea what the outcome was going to be.

“You’re not unpleasant to look at,” she said, “And it would be wrong if I had to sleep alone tonight.”

“Simple as that?” I asked. She nodded brightly, smiling what I would come to know as her sweet sexy smile. For myself — not having had a woman in these last seventh months, I didn’t need much convincing.

I opened the door to the staircase, and invited her to go past me, “On the left at the top.”

She walked past me and as she started to go up the stairs I was confronted with the most delicious looking, pert arse I have ever seen. In her black dress it looked enticing and well-worth exploring. I grabbed the glasses and the cider from the table and followed her up.

Standing in my bedroom she started to take her dress off.

“Wait!” I told her. I needed to get a measure of control back, “Allow me?”

She nodded and turned so I could get at the zip, she smelled sweet, flowers and clean fresh scents. I leaned in as the zip slid down and I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I kissed the nape of her neck. Tasting her skin, her sweet tanned skin.

Lara shrugged her dress off her shoulders and it formed a puddle on the carpet around her bare feet. I briefly wondered where her shoes had gone to before I realised that she wasn’t wearing any knickers either.

I was about step forwards and take her in my arms with the aim of reaching round and exploring her body, when she turned in my grasp and kissed me.

Oh dear Lord above and all of his little angels!

Talk about sweet kisses. Her lips moulded to mine and she clung to me tightly. We kissed and kissed and kissed. Our tongues explored each other’s mouth, we clawed and chewed at each other in the most wondrous kiss I think I have ever had. I have no idea how long it lasted but eventually we had to stop so that we could breathe.

“You’re still dressed!” Lara said. A couple of seconds later I wasn’t.

“What name should I call out in the heat of passion?” She asked as she explored my skin with her cool graceful hands.

“Er — Daniel!” I stuttered, “Everybody calls me Dan!”

“You’re beautiful Dan, so handsome, and so well put together.” She said, but it felt as if she was talking to herself. “And this,” she smiled as she reached down for my aching cock, “This is more than acceptable.”

“Take me Daniel.”

I was always brought up to pay attention to what a woman wants, and when she says ‘take me Daniel’, I do my very best to respect her wishes.

We did a naked tango back towards the bed (thank fuck I had made it that morning) and fell on to the quilt. Our hands were everywhere, well mine were, and so was one of hers, but the other never left my dick as Lara stroked and fondled it, wanking me gently. We rolled about on the bed, me on top, then her, and then we rolled and faced each other sucking on each other’s faces and swapping spit like it was going to be banned tomorrow.

I knelt up on the bed and got between her legs lowering my head to kiss her small boobs, with their large nipples, taking each one in my mouth and licking them so that my tongue flicked them.

“Inside me Daniel!” Her whisper was urgent in my ear, “Get it inside me. Fuck me now!”

Normally I would never consider going straight in without making sure my partner had had her fair share of attention but the lady wanted to be fucked so the lady was going to be fucked.

She was tight. I’m not massive (I’m big enough but it doesn’t dangle down my leg or anything) but she was almost virginal tight. But Lara wasn’t a virgin. I slid in, feeling the sensuous pleasure of penetrating her. She obviously felt it too because several times she shifted her hips to accommodate me. Lara gave little ‘ah’s of pleasure as I entered her, until satisfied that I was truly inside her, she lifted her arms and legs and wrapped them round, telling me “fuck me good Daniel.”

I kadıköy escort am proud to say that I did as I was asked and fucked her. Even in the cool bedroom we worked up a sweat, we started in that almost missionary position but soon I had lifted her legs and placed them on my shoulders as I strove to do as I had been asked so urgently. Soon I rolled on my back and Lara was bouncing up and down on my cock.

As she fucked I watched this strange woman who just wandered into my bed. As she rose and fell she had this serious, determined expression on her face, as if she was doing the most important thing in her whole life.

We changed position again, this time Lara turned away from me and got on her hands and knees leaning her face against the quilt, she looked at me turning her head to her left and regarding me over her shoulder. It was a look that spoke loudly of invitation, of lust, of pure savage fucking.

I went for it. Plunging into her I grasped her hips and started slowly grinding my way into her, rotating my hips and screwing my way in.

“No! Harder!” She scolded over her shoulder, as she braced herself by grabbing handfuls of the quilt and pushing that lovely cute arse with its rounded cheeks up at me.

“Faster!” She urged me again. “Mmmmm harder! Yesssss!” Her hands were clawing at the quilt below her, as she hissed her growing pleasure. “Fuck me good Daniel, fuck me hard!”

Suddenly, with hardly any build up, she came. Screaming, she pushed back into me, nearly forcing me off the bed, “Ohhhh! Fuck! Fuckfuckfuckfuck! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” This last sound was made as she crumpled down, almost melting onto the bed spread.

The problem was I wasn’t done. Lara squeaked in surprise as I hauled her arse up off the bed and started again, desperate to finish. Her savage joy, revelling in the sweaty sex had become my desperate desire to finish in this mysterious, sexy woman.

And finish I did, pumping stream after stream of hot cum into her as she wriggled on my thrusts. We both grunted — me wordlessly roaring as I took her for my own, and she groaning as she received my seed.

We fell back onto the bed.

“Thank you, Daniel.” Lara said grinning widely, “That was amazing.” Well every man wants to hear that, don’t they? But even I thought it was pretty magical. It hadn’t been the longest sex I had ever had but I genuinely felt like all of my caveman ancestors were looking down on me and applauding appreciatively.

I got up and drew the quilt and sheets back suggesting we get in the bed — I didn’t have any form of heating in my bedroom and the night was getting cold. Lara scampered up and slid beneath the sheets.

I joined her and we snuggled in.

I studied her in the dim light of the bedside lamp. I’d have been hard pushed to tell her age, anything from eighteen to her early thirties, I couldn’t say. Her eyes were shining and her beautifully shaped mouth formed into that sexy little smile again.

I had a dozen questions I wanted to ask, the biggest one being why? But I looked at her and felt her cool hands exploring my skin again and thought, you know what? Fuck it!

I slid below the bedclothes, licking and sucking, her nipples, pulling her body close to mine. She started to pull back but eventually gave in and let me draw her to me.

My hands roamed across her back and down to her bum, as I slid deeper under the covers, past her navel and down to the light fuzz that covered her mons. I couldn’t tell whether she shaved it or what, and quite frankly I didn’t care, I knew where I was going and this was just a stop on the way.

Finally, I reached her pussy. The pussy I had just been pounding, and I kissed it. Kissing it softly all over before licking it in one slow motion from bottom to top and then — feeling Lara shudder under the touch of my tongue. I could taste my own spend on her, feel it coating her outer lips, tasting more of it as I plunged deeper.

Lara’s hand reached for my head, gently pressing me into her. I shifted my hands under her bum and lifted her hips up. Her hips moved, almost as if they had a life of their own, but I kept at it, and soon enough the involuntary twitches and jumps Lara was making became a shuddering cum, that rumbled on and on as I lashed at her clit with my tongue, until the hands that had been pressing me to her pushed me away.

I made my way up the bed, emerging into the light to see Lara looking at me.

Now I’m a pretty ordinary sort of fellah, I’m creative, can be quite sensitive, I like a good laugh and a decent meal, but I have never been a great believer in head-over-heels love.

Or at I didn’t until I came out from under those covers. All of a sudden, I wanted this woman in my life. Like NOW. It was like a spell or something. One minute I was still wondering how in hell’s name I was in bed with this stunning woman who let me fuck her and it wasn’t even our first date yet. The next minute I was falling deeply in love with her and I didn’t give a wet slap! But it seemed maltepe escort bayan natural.

We cuddled up, and snuggled in under the covers, and soon I was asleep.

I woke several times during the night, once because Lara was giving me a great blow job, once because I just wanted to make love to her again, and once because I just wanted to look at the woman who had just walked into my life and taken it over.

I lay on one elbow looking at her, at the button nose, the sweet curve of her lips, the tiny freckles, the smudged eye shadow, and the way she made little buzzing noises as she slept.

I must have lain like this for a long half hour and then just as I was lying back down, without opening her eyes, Lara spoke. “I will leave you, you know? I won’t stay for that ’til do us part.”

All I could take from this was that she was staying. “If you’ll have me?” She asked.

I told that I would. “But I won’t marry.” She went on.

I don’t think I was listening properly at that point, Lara was staying!

The rest of that weekend was pretty much more of the same, we pretty much screwed for the whole weekend, only getting up to go to the toilet and eat things like cheese on toast.

My family accepted Lara like they’d known her all their lives, and no one, especially not me, ever thought to query where she had come from or how she had picked on me. I read a word once that described how fairies enchant people by casting a spell called a Glamour on them. It must have been something like that because she had us all under her spell. Not that it wasn’t hard to like Lara, she charmed everyone, with her girlish looks and easy smile.

I spent a lot of time drawing her, I painted her image in water-colours and sculpted her in clay, making sensuous forms based on her lithe body. It was some of my best work and when I sold some of it later, it gave me a real foothold in the local market as “Dan, our local sculptor

It all progressed and soon, in the way these things happen, on the following Hallowe’en Lara gave birth to our daughter Annie.

Then one day I woke up and went down stairs, Lara was nowhere around and there was a note on the dining table.

‘I have always told you that I would have to leave one day. Well today is the day. Remember that I will always love you and Annie with all of my being but please don’t ever try to find me. Live your lives and love each other and remember me fondly. L’

I was stunned. Today of all days? Allhallows. Seven years and a day after she had first walked into my life and the day after Annie’s birthday! I didn’t know what to think or what to feel, and sat for an hour just looking at the note in my hand, until Annie called me from upstairs.

“Mum’s gone?” She asked me simply.

“Yes.” I said.

“She always told me she would go, so it’s just you and me now dada!” My daughter was incredibly matter of fact, very business as usual, taking my hand in hers, she hugged it to her and said, “We’ll always love her though, won’t we?”

I nodded, still trying to get my head around the sudden change in my life, and how maturely Annie was reacting.

I went back down stairs and sat beside what was left of the fire, staring into a patch of darkness.

It was like a fairy tale – a boy meets and marries a mysterious woman and after a time she leaves him. In the stories the boy would go after her to fetch her back, but with a young child to look after, to provide for, a quest like that was not a luxury I could afford.

I had no idea where I would even begin, not knowing very much about her life before we had taken up with each other, I had nowhere to start. But after a while I resolved that Annie would come first in everything I did and everything I would do would be done for her. And thinking that, with the cat curled up on my lap and the dog asleep on my feet I too dozed off.

The next day our lives began again.

When people asked me, I told them that she had left us, and was puzzled when a lot of people — my family, and friends – who knew us just nodded their heads knowingly, as if to say that they had always known she would.

I was lucky, working from the studio I had time to raise Annie. I had time to walk her down the hill to school and go and fetch her and listen to her story of the day as we walked back up the lane. If the weather was bad sometimes we’d go in my old ‘drover, but generally we walked.

At weekends we would be inseparable, she came with me for the weekly shop, I went with her to the music teacher and listened to her playing the violin. We went swimming, and read together, we drew together — when she was at home she would often come into the studio and watch me work with her grown up eyes and solemn face. I came to enjoy this because Annie kept me honest. If she ever asked a question or criticised, it was worth listening — even if I didn’t act on it, just the pause for thought was worth it.

Annie became my muse, and she filled my life so much that although I missed Lara I was able to get by. As my daughter got older, and became a social animal, even though she was gone to friends or doing her own thing I could feel her presence in the house, and it totally replaced her mother’s even though there were still so many things that reminded me of her.

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