The Prize Holiday

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Marie rolled onto her back and stretched sensually. Her back arched as her hands and arms reached out above her head, her hard nipples, perched at the tip of her firm breasts, reaching up towards the sun. She relaxed, resting back on the towel that was still cool despite the heat of the late afternoon sun, her hands still above her head, her breasts taut on her chest.

Slowly, she sat up and looked around, hugging her knees. Brenda, her good friend, was beside her, stretched out on her towel, the sun glistening on her back. They were on a small wooden deck, near the edge of the lake. From the lake, a lawn swept up to the house that Brenda, and her husband Tom, often used at weekends, somewhere to get away from the city.

“Swim?” Marie asked, reaching out to gently prod Brenda.

“Good idea,” Brenda murmured, half asleep in the afternoon heat, “The boys will be back soon.”

Marie watched as Brenda sat up, a tingle spreading down from her belly to her pussy as she watched Brenda’s full breasts sway forward as she knelt, then stood, up. She reached out a hand to Marie and pulled her to her feet. They stood close together, their tanned bodies in contrast to each other.

Marie was the more slender of the two of them, with long legs that flowed into the swell of the hips and firm ass. Her waist was narrow, her belly flat. Her breasts were full and pointy, her nipples dark and wide. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail, away from her pretty face.

Brenda was fuller, more voluptuous but still firm and well toned. Her breasts were large and firm, topped by wide, dark nipples that responded to the slightest provocation. Her waist pinched in above the swell of her hips, leading down to her firm, rounded ass, and her shapely legs. Her hair was dark and short, hanging around her shoulders and framing her face and her full, kissable lips.

In their early forties, both Marie and Brenda looked stunning, the time they spent in the gym – where they had met ten years before – really paying dividends for them, and their husbands, Tom and Simon. They had hit it off straight way, and had become firm friends from the moment they met. Over time, the four of them had become even closer, enjoying their time together more and more, especially as they became free of their children and could spend time alone together.

It was a year since they had taken a holiday together, just the four of them. And it was then that their relationship had moved on. Before that they had made love, in couples, in the same room, each of them casting furtive glances at the other. But on that holiday, things had gone further, much further, a relationship that had developed even further as time had gone on.

“Let’s skinny dip.”

It was Brenda calling out to Marie. She was stood by the lake, naked apart from bikini bottoms that were little more than a thong.

“Come on.”

Marie started to move, but then stopped to watch as Brenda bent over as she pulled her bikini bottoms down her over her thighs. Her back was to Marie, her ass and hips forming a perfect heart shape as she bent over, her pussy peaking out from between her soft thighs. With a groan, Marie felt the tingles again, in her tummy, spreading down towards her pussy. She pulled her bottoms off as well and plunged into the water, thankful that the lake was so isolated.

They swam for a while, enjoying the cool water, enjoying being naked together. After a while, they waded ashore, they water pouring off them as they moved back onto the grass, and then onto the decking. They reached for their towels, standing naked, aware of each others body. After lying back down, they let the sun dry there still naked bodies.

Once they were dry, Marie sat up and reached over for the sun tan oil. She carefully poured a little into the palm of her hand before putting the bottle down. Transferring some of the oil to her other hand, she cupped her breasts and began to smooth the oil into her hot skin.

Brenda rolled over and watched for a moment, feeling the wetness in her pussy as her eyes followed her friend’s hands moving over her body, from her breasts and nipples, then down over her smooth belly. Marie reached down to her thighs and legs, smoothing the oil as far as she could reach before sliding back up until her fingers were almost touching her mound, which was covered in short blonde hair that did little to hide the pinkness below.

“Yes,” Marie enquired, indicating the bottle of oil to Brenda.

“Please,” Brenda murmured huskily, rolling quickly back onto her front, all too aware of her friend’s nakedness, of her own wetness.

Up at the house, Tom and Simon had just got back from the nearby town where they’d been to pick up some fresh food – and some more beer and wine – for the barbeque they were planning for that evening. It was their last night at the lake, and they were all ready to celebrate having had a great few days away. Tom was about to call out when he spotted Marie with the bottle of sun oil. Seeing their nakedness, the discarded bikinis, ataşehir escort he touched Simon’s arm and pointed down at the lake.

Standing on the balcony that ran along the back of the house, they watched as Marie poured some oil onto her hand, and then leant over Brenda, her oil on her body glistening sexily in the sun light.

Brenda sighed as Marie ran her hands over her back, soothing the oil into her hot skin. Her hands moved slowly, running right from her shoulders, down to the small of her back. Gradually they went further, straying down her sides to catch the fullness of her breasts, sweeping down onto the swell of her ass.

Marie turned slightly, and then ran her hands down the back of Brenda’s legs. As she stretched, her swaying breasts caught Brenda, her hard nipples sliding easily over her skin. Marie ran her hands back up Brenda’s legs, her fingers slipping along the inside of the thighs, reaching higher with each time she soothed the oil in.

They were both very aware of Marie’s touch as her hands slid up the back of Brenda’s legs, then around over her hips onto her back, then back down towards the curve of her ass. The circle that Marie was marking out got smaller as her hands moved onto Brenda’s cheeks, moving ever closer to the cleft between them.

Brenda moaned as she felt Marie’s breasts on her again, her legs easing open of their own accord as Marie’s fingers edged towards the tight gap between her firm cheeks. With a sigh, Brenda arched her back, her ass lifting towards Marie in invitation. Marie slid her finger slowly over Brenda’s puckered hole, both of them shuddering as she touched the tiny ridges of sensitive flesh. Marie leant further forward, her hand sliding lower until she was cupping her mound.

She could feel the heat, the wetness, of her friend’s pussy, the hard nub of her clit against her hand. Brenda rocked as Marie’s searching fingers reached inside her, one then two fingers sliding deep into her body. Brenda’s pussy squeezed the fingers inside her, and then relaxed as they began to move more quickly, more insistently.

The men stood on the balcony watching, transfixed by the sight of Marie leant over Brenda, her breasts almost touching her, her fingers moving quickly as she fucked her friend. They watched as Brenda’s hips rocked, as her back arched, as her ass lifted off the towel to make it easier for Marie to push her fingers in deeper, for her to move faster.

The spell was only broken when Brenda cried, as her pussy clamped around Marie’s still moving fingers, as her orgasm crashed through her. Simon and Tom ran towards them, discarding their shirts in a flurry of buttons, tugging at their shorts, trying to free their raging hard cocks.

Tom dropped to his knees behind Brenda, as she moved onto her hands and knees, reaching out to the rail at the side of the decking for support. Tom drove into her, replacing Marie’s fingers with his thick cock, stretching her as he reached deep inside her. Beside them, Simon had rolled Marie onto her back and was fucking her hard, his long, hard cock reaching deep inside her as she writhed under him.

Marie reached out to Brenda, feeling the weight of her breast in her hand as they were both fucked hard. Tom and Simon cried out, almost animal like in their lust, their need. They came together, yelling as they sent jet after jet of thick cum deep inside their wives wanton bodies. And even as they felt the throbbing cocks inside them, flooding their bodies with warm cum, Marie and Brenda were crying out as their orgasms ran through them, their cries of pleasure echoing out over the still waters of the lake.


They left the lake the next morning, and it was almost a week before they saw each other again, though they spoke most days. Tom and Brenda hadn’t long got dressed, after enjoying a long lie in on a Saturday morning, when there was a loud and insistence knocking at the door.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Tom called out, a little irritated by the continual banging.

Even as he opened the door, Simon and Marie burst past him in their excitement. Marie was waving a piece of paper at Brenda as she rushed into the lounge.

“We’ve won, we’ve won,” she shouted breathlessly.

“Won what?” Brenda eventually asked, once Simon and Marie had calmed down a little.

“Sorry,” Simon told them a little sheepishly, before explaining about the holiday for four they had won in a competition – first class flights, a few days at a luxury island resort, then a week cruising around the Caribbean on their very own luxury yacht, complete with a crew of two.

Now it was Tom and Brenda’s turn to jump up and down excitedly, before collapsing back into the chairs they had leapt up from. Tom fetched a bottle of Champagne to celebrate, and they were soon chatting away, planning the holiday.

It was only a little later that Marie called out loudly to Simon.

“Who do you think we should take with us?” she asked teasingly, knowing fine well what bagdat caddesi escort the answer was.

“Oh I don’t know,” Simon told her, joining in with her teasing, “I suppose there’s your sister, although her husband is so strange. Or maybe Jack and Lynne up the road. I know they’re getting on a bit now, but they might enjoy it. Or what about….”

Marie was laughing with Tom, but they stopped as Brenda stood up and sashayed across to where Simon was sitting, a delicious smile on her face.

“Is there anything I could do to help you make up your mind?” she enquired innocently, undoing one more button on her blouse as she leant forward.

Her full breasts were barely contained by her bra as they pressed against the thin white material of her blouse, as Simon was offered a tantalising view of her deep, tanned cleavage. Before he could speak, Brenda had knelt over him on the settee, her knees each side of his legs, her breasts inches away from his face, her already short skirt now high up on her thighs.

“I’m sure I could think of something,” she pouted, teasing his shirt open and scratching lightly through the hairs on his chest.

Her hands reached lower, one inside his shirt rubbing at his chest and belly, the other tugging his buttons undone. Once his shirt was undone, she started on her blouse, buttons popping off in her haste. She leant forward and kissed him, her tongue sliding along his lips before plunging into his mouth. She pressed against him as their tongues danced over each other, her breasts warm against him, her nipples poking into his chest through the flimsy material of her bra.

“I would be very good if you took me with you,” she told him, with a deliciously wanton pout.

Simon could then only gasp as she shuffled backwards off his lap, and dropped to the floor between his knees. He moaned as she stroked the hard bulge filling his jeans, before popping the button undone and easing his zip down. She tugged the waist band of his underwear down, his cock springing up to meet her, long and hard, beads of pre cum already spreading over his cock head.

She looked up at him, her eyes locked on his as she licked slowly up and down his cock, before sucking him deep into her mouth. Across the room, Marie and Tom watched as Brenda’s head began to bob up and down. Tom’s cock was rigid in his shorts, Marie’s pussy throbbing and wet behind her panties.

Tom moved first, pulling Marie around on the sofa she was sat on so that she was almost lying down. He pushed her already short skirt up higher on her thighs, his eyes on hers as he felt the heat of her firm flesh on his hands.

“I’d really like to go as well,” he told her.

Moments later Marie let out a deep sigh as she felt Tom’s hands tugging her wet panties to one side, and then his tongue flicking over her lips and clit, before plunging inside her.

The room echoed to Marie and Simon’s moans and groans, to the wet sucking and licking of lips and mouths on cock and pussy. And then Marie was cumming, her fingers entwined in Tom’s hair, pulling him hard to her as her orgasm tore through her body. She cried out, almost sobbing, as her pleasure reached every part of her, as her juices flooded into Tom’s mouth. Moments later Simon came, his cum erupting in a torrent as Brenda clamped her lips around his throbbing shaft and sucked on him, not wanting to miss a drop of his cum.

Simon looked across at Marie as they caught their breath, grinning to each other, holding Tom and Brenda to them. And then they were moving around, swapping positions as Simon and Marie set out to give their friends as much pleasure as they had enjoyed. Later, Tom flopped back in his seat, his cock slipping from Marie’s mouth. She moved across to where Brenda lay back in her chair, still panting from her own orgasm, and kissed her, sharing the taste, the feel, of Tom’s cum.

“I guess you can come along with us then,” Marie told her as seriously as she could.


Tom woke up first, the bright sunlight streaming through the windows that dominated one end of the bedroom. He rolled onto his side, and stared down at Brenda. He automatically reached out for her naked body, gently stroking her firm, flat stomach.

Her hair was a tangled mass, framing her face against the pillow. Her face seemed so peaceful, her eyes closed, her full, moist lips apart. Her large, firm, breasts rose and fell gently as she breathed, her nipples taut and welcoming.

As she was lying so still, her tummy was totally flat, her navel nestling in the bowl of her belly. He glanced lower, towards her prominent pubic mound. She stirred, drawing a knee up, and away from her body. He glimpsed her pussy between her legs, the triangle of short, dark hair doing little to hide her pale, moist lips. Her sensitive little clit was nowhere to be seen, still hidden behind from view. Tom slid closer to her, his now hard cock resting along her thigh.

He bent over her, blowing softly on her ripe, suckable bostancı escort nipple. She stirred slightly, but didn’t open her eyes or wake up. He licked gently across the same nipple, leaving a wet trail behind him, before swirling the tip of his tongue around the hard nub of flesh, licking her in small, wet circles. She stirred again, her head tossing from side to side. She pushed her body up to meet his mouth, her hand reaching out to hold his head to her breast.

Tom sucked on her nipple, drawing it into his mouth, tasting her, his tongue rubbing across the hard, rubbery flesh. His hand slid from her tummy towards her pussy. As he ran his fingertip along her slit, her juices sprung from her. His hand went past her pussy, and onto her thighs, caressing the soft flesh on the inside of each one before sliding back up to her wetness. He rubbed her clit softly, teasing it out of its hiding place.

Moving away from her nipple, he kissed her full lips, the tip of his tongue licking along them. She stirred, automatically kissing him back, her hips beginning to jerk upwards as his fingers played around her clit and pussy.

Sliding down the bed, he settled between her thighs, his tongue now working gently on her pussy before flicking up to her clit. She moaned, her eyes still shut, her hands reaching for his head, pulling him to her, pressing her hot wetness onto his hungry mouth. He plunged his tongue inside her, fucking her quickly, tasting the sweet juices pouring from her.

As her moans got louder, as she started to really wake up, he moved back up the bed, his hard cock hanging heavily below his body. He rested his cock head against her pussy, her hands moving instinctively to hold him. She stroked him urgently, pulling his foreskin tight back to fully expose his helmet before dragging him towards her demanding pussy, her hips thrusting upwards to meet him.

With a groan, he drove into her wetness, burying his cock deep inside her. She cried out, her pussy clenching his cock, drawing him deep inside her. Tom bent his head forward and sucked an erect nipple into his hungry mouth, his cock driving into her harder and harder as she thrust her hips up to meet him, as she urged him to suck on her, as their cries filled the room.

Brenda held his head to her breast, her fingers tangled in her hair. He drew her breast into his mouth, his tongue lashing across her nipple. She clawed at his back with her other hand, demanding that he fuck her harder, deeper.

His balls slapped noisily against her bum as he fucked her, her juices leaking from her as he slammed into her, his hips driving his cock deeper inside her with every thrust. She pushed up to meet him, their rhythm perfect for the hard fuck they both wanted, that they both needed.

Brenda shouted as she came, her climax exploding outwards from her pussy and across her body, her nipple seeming to swell in Tom’s mouth as it washed through her. Moments later Tom buried his cock inside her, holding himself deep in her pussy as his cum shot out of him to flood her body. Brenda cried out again as she felt his throbbing cock, felt his hot cum, so far inside her.

They clung to each other, Tom now moving slowly inside her, as their bodies came back down to earth. They kissed softly, lovingly. At last they separated, Brenda reaching down to hold Tom’s semi-erect cock, loving the feeling of their wet juices on him.

Simon smiled to himself as the sounds of Tom and Brenda’s love making filtered through the suite to other bedroom. He glanced down at Marie. She was naked, a sheet clinging to her body as she slept. Simon smiled to himself, thinking back to their own love making during the night, wondering if Tom and Brenda had heard them.

He slipped out of bed, being careful not to disturb Marie, and went out to the lounge that dominated the suite, pulling on a towelling robe as he walked.

The lounge was lit up by the bright, early morning sun that flooded through the glass panels running along the front of the room. Simon opened one of the wide sliding doors that opened out onto a patio, which in turn led straight to the beach. He stood for a moment, and then walked back across the lounge to the kitchen area off to one side. By the time he had put some coffee on to brew, Brenda and Tom had come out onto the lounge, dressed in the same type of robe as Simon.

“Morning, Sexy,” Brenda called out, walking towards Simon for a good morning kiss.

Their lips met briefly, Simon conscious of the warmth, the softness, of Brenda’s body even through her gown as he slipped an arm around her. They walked across to the doors, Tom and Brenda both gasping as they took in the view for the first time. It had been dark when they had arrived the night before, so this was the first time they had been able to enjoy the view.

The resort they were staying at was situated on an island. Each of the “rooms” was a detached bungalow, with a patio opening out onto a private part of the beach. The bungalow consisted of two bedrooms, each with a private bathroom, and a large, open lounge area, with a small kitchen. At the opposite end of the lounge to the patio, a door opened out onto a small garden, which in turn led to a path that took them to the central area of the resort where the swimming pool, restaurants, health club and the like were situated.

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