The Pool Ch. 1

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Usual B.S. – If you’re not old enough to be reading this then don’t, If you don’t like this kind of stuff then don’t. This file will appeal to a certain audience only, and they are the only ones that this was written for!

* * * * *

I was home sick from work one day when I happened to look out my bedroom window into my neighbors backyard. There was movement back on the pool deck, so I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Joan, a divorced mother of two, sunbathing. As it turned out though it wasn’t her, but her two daughters, Kelley 20, and Annie 18, both of them knockouts just like their mother.

Being a single guy, I had a lot of time to look over this lovely family, that I was happy to have for neighbors, without getting in trouble. It’s not that I watched every move they made, but rather the fact that they all dressed rather provocatively. So I just couldn’t help notice them.

I had never thought of the girls, as far as a sexual situation between me and one of them, however, that being said, didn’t stop me from thinking that they were sexy anyway. Until that day the only one whose pants I had wanted to get in, was their mothers. She was a few years older than me, but with makeup applied the right way, could easily pass for the 20 year olds twin, not identical, but the same age anyway.

Anyway, after looking/staring for a minute, I noticed that the two girls were actually out there stark fucking naked. And they weren’t tanning either, I actually stood there and rubbed my eyes, because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The two girls were in a 69 position on the pool deck.

After a minute or two of watching this, I was smart enough to get out my video camera from the closet. I put on the telephoto lens so I could get some good close ups of the two, and started taping. Since I was hard as a rock by now, it was getting really hard trying to rub my boner, and tape these two lovelies, so I got out the tripod and set the camera on it.

I watched them do everything from rubbing each others tits, to eating each others pussies, for about 20 minutes. Before I saw out of the corner of my eye, another female walking through the back door, and out to the pool area. It took me a moment to realize that it was JOAN!!!

She had on a very small bikini that showed her extremely good figure ataşehir escort bayan quite nicely. What amazed me most, was that her two daughters never once stopped what they were doing. Joan leaned down and gave them both a VERY HOT kiss, not a motherly type, but a lovers type of kiss.

Joan then dove into the water, soon to be joined by her daughters, who finally broke free from one another. Joan took off her suit in the water, and went and sat up on the side of the pool. Upon seeing that, young Annie swam over to her and started to play with her tits with one hand, and fingering her with her other one.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I was seeing this live, as well as getting it on video, I still wouldn’t believe it. I only stroked myself for less than a minute before I came, but I couldn’t stop watching. I zoomed the camera in and out, so I could get the best shots, and when the camera was zoomed right in on Annie and her mother, I left the room to get myself cleaned up.

When I came back into the room, I saw that Kelley was standing over her mothers face and getting her pussy eaten. Annie was still in the the water, hanging over the side of the pool eating her Mother. But now Joan was bucking her hips up into Annie’s face, obvouisly cumming. I thought that I would cum again right then.

When Joan finished feeding her pussy to her youngest Daughter, Annie got out of the pool, and laid on one of the towels that the two Sisters were using for their 69 earlier. She played with herself while her Mom and Sister finished their playing.

When Joan had made Kelley cum, they both went back into their house, but Annie stayed outside for a few more minutes. I continued to tape until she went inside, then turned the video camera off and hooked it up to the television to make sure that I got everything on tape.

I went to sleep that night, jacking off while watching the tape, and the next day (saturday), when I saw Joan outside, I asked her what she did yesterday. Much to my suprise, she said that I should know since the girls told her that they had spotted me at the window, and when they told her about it, they decided to put on a show for me.

I wanted to tell her that they couldn’t have seen me, but decided to ask her if they did that very often. She told me escort kadıöy that she had always been bi, but when she and her husband got divorced, she decided that she didn’t need a man in her life. I asked her if she was sure, just to see if I had any kind of chance with her, and her response was quite comical. She told me that men were in fact good for only one thing, paying alimony checks.

That answer didn’t make me want her any less, but rather I was wanting to get her into bed even more.

I told her that I really did enjoy the show that they put on, and would love to see it in person the next time. She told me that she would talk to the girls that afternoon, and would let me know what their decision was.

That evening Annie came over to my house and asked me if I would like to come over for dinner. I of course said yes, and she in turn told me to bring my video camera. Well, after last night, I made sure that I had plenty of blank tapes, and charged up batteries ready to go.

As we walked back to her house, naturally I walked behind her so I could watch that fine little 18 year old ass move side to side. I should have been smart enough to tape that sight, but wasn’t.

We walked into the house, and it was almost totally dark. I turned on the camera, just to be ready, and was led down the stairs to the recreation room. The only light once we got down the stairs, was from about a hundred candles that were burning. I knew that the candles would play tricks on the video camera, but what the hell, I was about to see an all girl show here, and the girls were all from the same family.

Joan and Kelley were not in the room just yet, and when I asked Annie where they were, she told me to patient. She lit some incense, and said she would be right back.

About two minutes later Joan came into the room, quickly followed by both of her daughters. I was also smart enough to bring my tripod, so I was able to set my camera up pointing at the door, so I could capture them on tape as they walked into the room.

Joan and the girls had the whole evening planned for us, telling me that they would start off with a striptease, and then make love to one another, before finally getting into a threesome. Well, it took some of the suprise away, but at least I knew for sure what maltepe escort to look forward to.

I then set my camera up, so that I could capture the whole area where Joan had told me that they would be “performing” for me. I wasn’t interested in alot of closeups, so I didn’t have to worry about moving the camera all around.

Before they got started, Annie handed me a package that looked like it was a present. But when I opened it, I had to chuckle, it was a container of lotion, and a hand towel. Boy, were they prepared!

Joan was the first to start with her striptease, I sat back in the chair and watched as the sisters sat down on either side of me. I was so in awe of what was going on, that I just stared at Joan, while the two girls were sitting there hooting and hollering, for their mother to “take it off”.

It didn’t take but a minute before I finally snapped out of my trance, and noticed that I was rock hard. I may not be very large in that area, but when I’m hard, my dick feels like it’s a frickin’ sequoia tree.

Seeing how everyone present knew what I was there for, and they did supply me with the proper instruments of destrucion for satisfying myself, I undid my pants, took my dick out, and with the help of some lotion, I slowly stroked my hand up & down.

After a few short moments of stroking, I came so much that a few droplets laned just a few inches from Joan’s feet. After I was made to clean up my mess, they Joan told me that since I probably needed some time to rest, we would all go back upstairs and eat dinner.

As with most guys that I know, I was almost too tired to eat, however Joan told me that I should eat something since I was going to need my strength tonight. I ate pretty good, trying not to stuff myself so full, that I’d get so tired, that I didn’t feel like whacking off watching these females make it with each other.

We all walked back downstairs after the table was cleared, and sat down in the same chair that I was in earlier. This time, Joan told me, it was Kelley’s turn to strip for me. I was also told that I shouldn’t bother getting my self off so soon this time, that I should wait for a few moments, until after Annie did her striptease for me.

I told her that I would wait as long as I had to, if it meant that I could watch her daughters make love to each other right in front of me that night. She assured me that I would indeed get to see that, as long as I was patient.

End of part 1

* * * * * *

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