The Pleasure Of Her Body

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She stood under the water falling on her wet body. Her hand caressing her titties, down over her tummy to her pussy. She slips a finger down in her clit, lifting a leg to the tub side, she pushes that finger inside her pussy. She kept moving that finger making her body feel good, heavy hard breathing, moaning, and groaning in pleasure. She was close to cumming, and she knew it, and wanted to cum.

Naked half asleep still he walked into the bathroom, closes the door, then noticed that someone was in the shower. He woke up fast when he saw that it was his daughter fucking herself with her finger. He had his cock out and stroking it. Peeing was why he came in but it was a long way from his mind, as he looked at his hot sexy naked daughter’s body. He wanted her badly.

“Oh god, yes fuck me, mmmmm, fuck me so good. Ooooooohhh God!!!!” she groaned.

He pulls back the curtain and steps inside with her, putting his hand over her mouth, and bending her a little he pushes his hard cock up her pussy in one thrust. When he was sure she was not going to scream he takes his hand away and she pushes back against him hard. He pulls her up and presses her against the wall, he thrusts hard into her, with his lips close to her ear.


He felt her squeezing his cock, stroking him as he move inside her.

“OH GOD BABY DADDY’S GOING TO CUM, GET READY, AAAAAAGGGHHH!!! CUMMINGGGG!!!!” he jerked hard into her and grunted. He left her there and hurried out before he was caught.

Days later he found himself alone with her again. She walked into his study wearing only a robe open for him to see. She walked over to him and kneel on the floor in front of him. Her hands rubbed back and forth over his covered cock.

“Take him out daddy, and let me suck him.” she said softly.

He let her take his cock out and then lean back ataşehir escort bayan and let her take her sweet time sucking his cock. She had him hard, throbbing, and came close to cumming many times, only to pull back. Then she did something he always wondered about. She took her huge titties and wrapped them around his cock, and with every upward stroke he made she took his cock head in her mouth and sucked him hard. That only took a few minutes more and he exploded, cum all over her face, tit’s and hair.

Then they heard a car door slam shut, she ran upstairs, and he wipe the cum off and stuff his cock back in his pants quickly, seconds before his wife walked in the room. He looked up surprised.

“Hi Honey I did not hear you coming, Just finishing up these contracts, there done, and they are off to the office. Is there anything I can do to help?” he said.

A month has gone by now, and his wife is leaving town because her parents are sick and they are calling the family to come. He was putting her bags in the cab. Gave her a big kiss bye and told her to be safe. Closed the door, and the cab was off.

He watched as his daughter got out of the car, waved bye to her friends and he went to the front door. When he heard her he open the door and pulled her inside closing the door quickly and pressing her against the door. His hand squeezed and pulled on her ass, as he rubbed his hard cock against her ass.

“Mmmm, good afternoon baby, daddy’s got a long hard cock just for you.’ he whispered in her ear.

“OH daddy God how I wish we can have more then these quickies, they are good but I want more.” she moaned.

“Then I guess it’s a good thing that we have the house to our self’s for the next week. So we can have this quickie, then you are going upstairs to shower dry off and go to my bedroom and lay down on the bed spread your legs baby and wait for daddy.” he told her.

She escort kadıöy looked up at him and waited for him to tell her but all he said was to go take a shower and clean real good. She ran upstairs and hurried to the shower. She took awhile. He laid out a long silky dress that would cling to her, no bra, and no underwear. When she was done in the shower, she dried off and walk to her daddy’s bedroom.

He was waiting there for her, she lay down and spread her legs and he moved between them with his face. His hands kneaded her titties to hard, firm melons, nipples hard and aching. His finger fuck her ass hole, as his tongue licked and fucked her pussy. She was shaking, trembling, and jerking on the bed. Between her moaning, groaning, and grunting he knew she was close to cumming, then she screamed she was cumming. That was when he moved his body above hers and slam his cock into her pussy, a few strokes later and he was filling her pussy with hot cum.

“Your dress is on your bed, everything you need, do not add to your outfit, then come down and we will go out to eat.” he told her.

She got up and slowly walk into her room. The dress was soft, silky, and thin, no bra or panty’s just the dress and shoes. She put on her favorite perfume on and dressed, and went down stairs. Her daddy waited at the bottom of the stairs.

“Mmmm. Mmmm, good baby. You look delicious. Its time to go.” he said.

The building was dark, and did not look like any one was there. They went inside, a soft glow of light in the center of the room, a table set for three people and that was when she saw the third person. He turned and she saw that it was her Uncle Jack, the black sheep of the family.

“Well, well my you sure have grown up my dear. Let me look at you. Mmmm, Mmmm god how I have wished over the years for you.” he said in a ragged voice, and his hand brushing over her tits, making her nipples jet maltepe escort out hard.

They lead her to the table and held the chair for her, she sat down and watched as her Uncle Jack went under the table. Her daddy stood to her side. She felt hands pushing her legs open, and fingers moving up and into her pussy.

“OH god!!.” she groaned.

Jack was finger fuck her hard, and fast. Her head fell back and her eyes closed, then she felt something against her mouth, opening her eyes she saw her daddy’s cock there, she took him in her mouth, sucking him. Under the table Jack had to hold her in the chair, she was cumming so hard that she was sliding right off. When she was done, he wipe off his face and came out from under the table and sat down, smiling at the sight of his niece sucking on her daddy’s cock.

After dinner Jack took her for a long walk on the beach, they came across a blanket and he pulls her down on it and slips off his pants.

“Come over here baby suck my cock some before I take you home.” he told her.

One touch told her that her Uncle Jack’s cock was enormous, much bigger than her daddy’s cock. She took what she could fit in her mouth. She took off her dress and stood up straddle his lap and lowered her pussy down on to his hard cock. She was riding him good when a cop walked up, asking them what they thought they were doing.

“Hell man if you had a young girl like her would you not let her have her way with you, damn she has got a tight fucking pussy, and can suck a cock like a pro.” he grunted at the cop.

“Come stand in front of me, and I will let you fuck my mouth.” she smile and looked up at the cop as she told him.

He steps over Jacks body unzip his pants, down they go, and out pops his hard cock. She takes it and licks it, thens she takes him into her mouth, holding his hips she moves him back and forth in her mouth showing the way. Soon he holds her face and fucks her fast, Jack’s cock is thrusting hard into her, and she is close to cumming, then she feels Jacks cum filling her pussy, and the cops grunted hes cumming, blasting her mouth and throat. She watched the cop drive away, and Jack dressed and they walk back to the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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