The Pick Up

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Big Tits

Edited by JennyWren

I am sitting at the bar alone drinking my beer, trying not to stare at you, like every other guy in the room. I can’t stop myself from sneaking the odd surreptious glance. It’s not, trust me, that I don’t want to, because, hell, I do, but I hate the thought of you catching me. That’s what you’re after, I think, the attention of every man in the bar, whether they have a woman with them or not. Me, I’m no extrovert, so I content myself with the odd shy look and focus on the pint in my hand.

You are wearing a low cut white shirt, which shows off a deep cleavage and a pair of big nipples clearly visible through the shirt. A short black skirt with a long slit up the middle provides an ample view of your soft pink thong when you bend over ever so slightly. To top it off, you’re wearing a pair of black high heels showing off your beautifully toned legs, and, when you walk, your ass. I am wearing a white t-shirt, shorts and flip flops.

My surprise must be visible when you take the seat next to me. “Hi hottie, are you going to buy me a drink?”

Caught like that, I’m completely flustered and bumbling. I order you a beer, and you seem to enjoy the fact that you are torturing me by talking with me. My shyness seems to turn you on, as you start hitting on me. Quite soon and you lay your hand firmly on my thigh and begin rubbing my leg, leaning into me so that your breast rubs against my arm. “I think you’re sexy, you say softly.”

My cock is extremely hard now and I’m trying to think of other things to make it go down. Unable to handle your advances, I stutter, “Erm, are you enjoying your beer?”

In response, you run your tongue around the top of the bottle and then close your lips on the rim and slide your mouth down the neck.As you do this your hand moves down onto my hard cock and as you give it a squeeze you say, “I think it’s time you took me home”.

As we leave the bar to hail a cab, I can tell that every guy is jealous of me. Inside the taxi I become a bit more comfortable, “Why did you choose me to take you home, you could have had any guy tonight?”

“Don’t be offended sweetie, but tonight I want to get fucked by a guy who I’m suspecting never gets laid”.

I don’t want to admit that you’re right so I simply shrug.

“I find shy guys like you are so surprised to be in bed with me that they try super hard and I get some of the best fucks I’ve ever had. I love bringing you quiet guys out of your shells so that you completely dominate me.”

As you güvenilir bahis lean in, kiss my neck and rub my cock, you whisper, “Plus, it’s your lucky day”.

As we arrive at your apartment,any doubts I had about being used are completely wiped off the planet. My eyes follow every jiggle and sashay of your ass up the stairs and when we arrive at your door I stroke your curvy ass. You remove my hand telling me to be patient.

We go through to your bedroom. You unbutton your shirt and your beautiful big boobs spring out. I am just about as horny as I have ever been and I feel a dark side come out of me. Remembering what you said about being dominated, some hidden, inner sexual demon takes control, and I hear myself say the words, “Bitch, kneel on the bed.”

Not only do you do as I command, but you show a high degree of eagerness. As you kneel on the bed I take off my pants and place my hard cock between your supple breasts. You immediately hold your voluptuous tits, tight up against my cock and I thrust myself between them. I ride my dick up and down between your magnificent tits and after about five minutes I tell you to open your mouth, which you do. I guide your head down onto the tip as it pops out between your breasts. You suck away eagerly as I pause between thrusts holding it sticking up out. You then slide your damp mouth further down my shaft letting your boobs go and let my cock pass into your mouth and your throat. You then slowly remove your mouth from me, looking directly into my eyes waiting for my command.

I say, “Slut, eat me,” and you just attack my cock with your mouth, your lips, your tongue. You suck the tip hard, digging your teeth into it, then you suck the whole length of me rapidly and with such force it feels like you are stripping off a layer of skin. All the time your eyes have never left mine. I realize that I have never had such a painful or more pleasurable blow job. At this point, I cannot stand idly by, and now thrust my cock into your mouth. You suck even harder and your tongue wraps itself around me . I am in such a heightened sexual state it doesn’t take long before I am ready to cum. As I feel this getting closer, I pull out and you are reading my mind as you squeeze those boobs of yours together, lifting them up just in time for me to shoot my hot sticky cum all over them.

You squeeze my balls as you lick my head and I feel you suck my cum as it oozes on out, and I let out one enormous groan of sheer satisfaction. As you continue to suck me I say, türkçe bahis “You’re one dirty little whore.”

You stop briefly, and breathlessly reply “I’m you’re dirty little cum-filled whore”.

I watch as you greedily lick me from your nipples. Then I push you down onto the bed as I kneel on the floor and take off your panties which are completely soaked at the crotch. I open your legs wide then place my tongue on your hot, wet pussy and let the taste of you seep into my taste buds. From here, I begin to lick along your pussy as you squeeze your boobs and pinch your nipples. My tongue enters you and with big licks my tongue feels out every single inch of your pussy. My tongue then darts quickly in and out of you . I replace my tongue with two fingers and as my fingers start to fuck you, you arch your back and move your hips in rhythm to my fingers.

I then suck on your engorged clit. I nibble and bite it and I feel you pull at my hair in response to the pleasure I’m giving you. I suck your clit hard and fast as my fingers rapidly fuck you. With my fingers in your pussy making circular motions, I move on up your body. I begin to suck at each nipple, nibbling it and plucking it with my teeth. I now kiss your neck, then your ear. When my mouth is at your ear I whisper, “Slut, where do you want me to fuck you?”

“Everywhere, I want your cock to fill every hole,” you proudly boast.

I respond, “You really are a cock-hungry slut”

I have been pressing my hard cock up against your swollen clit. I shout at you, “Tell me you want me to fuck you, tell me you’re a dirty slut, tell me you’re a cock-whore”

You have reached down and are rubbing my cock up and down against your clit. You repeat everything I said to you. I push my cock deep into you, and you start to chant, “I’m your cock-whore, I’m your cock-whore…”

This really turns me on and I pound your pussy, mercilessly calling you, “Tramp” “Bitch” and, “Whore”. I am still standing on the floor as I pound you and I pull your hips hard onto me, as I continue to fill your pussy with my cock. You are moaning so loudly as I fuck you, and I want us to get more physical; you have such an incredible body, I want to own it. I want to feel my body on yours and your skin against mine. I lift you up while I’m still inside you and move onto the middle of the bed.

I move my cock slowly now as you have taken control. You clamp on down with those muscles of yours, firmly grasping my cock and then you ride along it. Meanwhile, I am engrossed güvenilir bahis siteleri by your boobs. I squeeze them all over, kissing them and nibbling them; so soft yet soooooo firm and I feel privileged to play with them like this. As you begin to ride my cock faster I take your nipple in my mouth rapidly my tongue flicks it, tugs at it, and I feel it grow inside my mouth. I then put your two nipples together so that I can suck on them both.

As I delight in sucking away there, you bring me back to the little matter of our fucking, as your tight pussy is still riding me and now I feel your fingernails dig into my back. I lower my chest onto yours and again relish the feel of your boobs. I am now thrusting harder again and you pull up your legs at your knees further opening the entrance to you, letting me penetrate you deeper and deeper. With your legs in the air, you plant your high heels firmly into my ass. Once again I’m confronted with pain and pleasure. As I pull out, your heels dig into me forcing me to thrust my cock deeper into you.

I reach under your back and grip your shoulders, pulling you down onto me as I pound you and your pussy’s grip is getting tighter and tighter as your nails and heels dig into me, creating a frenzy of sex.

Your moans become calls of, “Fuck your slut, harder, harder”

My grunts become “Bitch, bitch, bitch”.

The bed is bouncing, the springs are creaking, your body’s arching cat-like, my body’s tensing, our sweat is pouring, our juices flowing, the heat is growing, bodies slamming, , faster, faster, harder, harder an orgy of sex. Climaxing, I hug on to you tight, with my cock deep inside and you grasp me breaking my skin with your nails , I release a full load of cum, shooting it right on up into your pussy. You scream and I continue thrusting hard into you, while you bite me hard on the shoulder; your body bucks and your pussy, with a vice-like grip on my cock, is totally saturated.

We are completely locked together when you scream loudly, “Fuck, yes” and collapse under me.

I relax and my head falls into the cushion of your boobs. I can feel our combined cum flow out of your pussy down over my balls and even as my cock grows smaller I don’t remove it from inside you.

What would have been unthinkable two hours now seems so natural. I am on a sexual high, with a feeling that there are a few more fucks on the cards tonight. I take my weight off you and lie at your side. You turn and nestle your hard ass up against my cock. With one hand I stroke your ass feeling its firmness. You respond by rubbing yourself slowly up and down against me. So comfortable, now, we have the feel of old time lovers, and pause… a gentle hiatus before before the next explosion of serious fucking.

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