The Photo Shoot

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My names Candace, but I like to be called Candy and my account begins when my husband Phil suggested that it would be a nice idea if myself and my daughter Katie had some professional photographs taken before she left home for university and to celebrate my forty-first and her nineteenth birthdays. It sounded like a good idea and Katie was up for it, especially when Phil suggested that we should spend a couple of days at a spa in preparation. We spent a little time researching a suitable photographer, for portraits and eventually settled on a lady named Sarah who came highly recommended by a friend of mine.

Katie and I arrived at the spa at eleven o’clock on the Monday and stayed until Wednesday morning. We’d enjoyed a variety of treatments, facials, body-wraps, massage etc and utilised the swimming pool, sauna, sun-beds and fitness facilities and felt really chilled out as we departed. We’d arranged to go to visit Sarah direct from the spa and had outfits with us for the shoot. Katie did the driving and we eventually arrived at Sarah’s at about eleven o’clock, her studio is in an annex of her country cottage. We unloaded our small cases and knocked on the cottage door. It was eventually opened by a very striking looking woman, early thirties, dark hair and quite petite. “Ah! You must be Candy and Katie,” she said.

“And you must be Sarah,” I responded.

“I am indeed, come on in,” she beckoned walking ahead of us into the lounge. “Please sit down, can I get you anything to drink tea? coffee?”

“No I’m fine,” Katie answered.

“So am I,” I added as we both sat down on the sofa.

“You found your way I see. Good journey?”

“Yes it was fine, sat-nav’s are a godsend. We haven’t come from home, we’ve spent a couple of days at The Belfry,” Katie replied.

“The Spa? That’s nice. So you’re all nicely relaxed for your photos. So many people arrive here quite tense and that isn’t the best for good pictures. We’re not going to rush ourselves today, our object is to get the best results. The studio is through in the barn, there are changing rooms for you, if you’d like to follow me,” Sarah continued as she led us through to the studio. “This is Nigel, my lighting and technical assistant… Nigel this is Candy and Katie our models for today,” Sarah said as we were introduced to a good-looking guy in his mid-forties.

“Hi! Nice to meet you,” he said, extending his hand and shaking ours in turn.

“Just wear what you like and that you are comfortable in,” Sarah suggested. “These are your changing rooms, make yourselves at home and join us when you’re ready,” she said showing us into the dressing area.

I certainly felt good and quite excited as I got dressed ready for my first professional photo shoot. I had decided on a little black dress with black stockings and Katie was wearing a white and grey dress with grey hold ups, neither of us like wearing tights.

“You look great,” Sarah said as we emerged into the studio. “I like the dresses, they’ll work well when we photograph you together and we could also do some very nice black and white shots.”

It was quite a strange environment working in front of the backdrop and waiting for Nigel to get the lighting and technical aspects right. I now realise that models don’t have it easy. When ready Sarah was clicking away furiously taking what seemed to be hundreds of pictures. Although in the digital age I don’t suppose it matters.

We’d donework sitting and standing, solo and as a pair and from full length to head shots with Sarah directing our body positions and facial expressions. “I see that you’re wearing stockings Candy and Katie’s got hold ups,” Sarah observed. ” Would you like some photo’s revealing them?” she questioned.

“Shall we mum? It’ll be a bit of fun,” Katie suggested before I’d had time to think.

I’d been relaxed and enjoying myself. “Go on then,” I said giving a little chuckle.

“Don’t worry I’ll keep them tasteful,” Sarah added with a little giggle to herself. We completed a set of pictures which revealed Katie’s stocking tops and my tops and suspenders, sitting, kneeling and squatting, solo and together. “That’s a really good set of photos,” Sarah informed us. “The length of your session is not a factor but are you considering any lingerie shots?… Quite a few women do,” she continued.

I hadn’t even considered it. I looked at Katie and she gave a little nod and a smile which indicated she was keen. “That sounds good, so yes we’d like to,” I informed Sarah.

“O.K then, Take a little time to freshen up then we can carry on,” Sarah suggested and myself and Katie returned to the changing room.

“You’re so naughty,” I said to her once we were inside.

“Come on mum, it’s not every day you get to perform and be treated like a glamour model is it. It’s good fun,” she responded.

“I suppose it is,” I replied in agreement, giving her a big smile. I was actually enjoying my time under the lights. We both slipped out of our dresses. Katie was wearing a grey French lace ataşehir escort underwire basque teamed with matching Brazilian brief both with gentle white scalloped edging and of course her grey hold up stockings. I was wearing a black lace half cup bra, matching thong and suspender and my black stockings. We tidied ourselves up and made our way back into the studio. I felt a little under-dressed and more exposed than Katie but I was still enjoying the experience.

“Are we doing topless today?” Sarah enquired after a while. “Nigel doesn’t need to be present for this.”

“I’d like to,” Katie replied quite quickly. “Mum?” she questioned.

“Go on then,” I eventually said.

“The contrast between their boobs will look good when you photograph them together,” Nigel commented as he made his way to the changing room.

“Listen to him, photographic genius,” Sarah said jokingly. I unclasped my bra and Katie unfastened her basque. As we did so I realised Nigel was right, my 38D boobs were now exposed and they are a contrast to Katie’s pert young 34A’s which were also visible. “It’s a little warm in here for your nipples to be nice and erect for good photos,” Sarah informed us. ” I could get Nigel to tweak them for you,” she said teasingly. “Or we can use the models trick, an ice cube,” she continued, as she disappeared in to the dressing room. She returned with a couple of ice cubes on a plate. “Just rub them on your nipples,” she instructed. We did as suggested. It was quite a shock to the system but my nipples certainly hardened and were fully erect as were Katie’s. We continued with the photo session with Sarah making any small changes to lighting and continuing to direct us whilst snapping away. “Are we going to go for some birthday suit shots ladies?” she enquired matter of factly.

“In for a penny in for a pound,” I responded as I felt that I had little to lose only having my thong and suspender left. I slipped them off and Katie divested herself of her briefs. I was now revealing my landing strip of dark hair and Katie her wispy little patch, which, being blonde, gave the appearance of being completely shaved. The shoot had progressed quite smoothly with Sarah putting us at our ease, accompanied by encouraging words from Nigel earlier on. We were both relaxed and had had no problem with the session developing to be a little naughtier and more risqué. Sarah was very professional with all the shots being very tasteful and quite arty and I especially liked the black and white shots she’d taken.

We were progressing with the shoot when Sarah suddenly surprised us. “These types of shot are always better and are certainly enhanced with a male presence. I think Nigel should join you.”

“Err…” was all I had time and the ability to say as both Katie and my eyes were attracted to the dressing room door as Nigel appeared naked.

“Wow! ” was all Katie could utter as we both gazed on Nigel’s fit well toned forty something body. More importantly we were both transfixed as we ogled his very large cock and balls.

“He’s impressive isn’t he,” Sarah continued. “You can see how he can supplement and add to the subject matter of your pictures.”

“He’ll certainly add to the content , in a big way,” I said humorously and in agreement, with still a little hint of surprise in my voice.

“He certainly will. He’s nicely endowed,” Sarah added. “What do you think Katie?”

“I don’t know about ‘nicely endowed’, he’s huge,” she answered and I could still see the look of shock and surprise on her face.

“Thank you for your endorsement and may I say that I can see that both of you have gorgeous looking bodies,” Nigel said, complementing us.

“If we’ve finished our mutual admiration shall we take some shots? Candy are you married?” Sarah questioned.

“Yes I am,” I replied.

“And you Katie.”

“I’m not married but I have a boyfriend.”

“O.K. So I imagine the next set will definitely be for your own collection then.”

“Oh yes! I’ll share my photos with Phil, especially as he’s paying, but not those involving Katie in her lingerie and beyond and none involving Nigel.” I informed her.

“The same with me. I’ll show Andy, but no mum in lingerie or us with Nigel.”

“Fine, that’s not a problem, we can bundle them in separate albums,” Sarah informed us. “As you both seem quite happy let’s crack on,” she continued. We both posed with Nigel, together and singly. Our first pictures were with Nigel standing between us with his arms around our waists. He then moved up and I felt his hand cupping my breast. It was a shock initially but I was comfortable with it. Later he rested his hand on my bum cheek and once he felt I was at ease with it he cheekily ran a finger gently up and down my anal crack. I must admit that I was getting a little turned on and surprisingly it was the thought that he was probably doing the same to Katie that had the greatest effect. We had pictures of us kneeling in front of him looking avrupa yakası escort directly at his cock which was a magnificent circumcised specimen. Our final pictures involved the three of sitting on the large brown leather sofa.

“That’s it all done,” Sarah eventually announced. “Why don’t you enjoy the rest of the afternoon with Nigel… I’ll see you back in the house later,” she continued, making her way out of the studio.

I knew exactly what she was hinting at and I must admit lustful thoughts had been going around in my head since Nigel had joined us. I fancied him and I was feeling quite horny but my dilemma was Katie, I didn’t know how she was feeling or what her reactions might be. I really wasn’t sure what to do or how to proceed and I felt a little awkward sitting there in the nude alongside Nigel and Katie.

I needn’t have worried as Nigel broke the ice. He put his arms around both of us, giving us a gentle hug, pulling our heads on to his chest. “I meant what I said earlier that both of you have gorgeous looking bodies. They’re a real contrast, and I’d love to have both of you.”

He couldn’t have made his intentions any plainer. Katie and I looked at each other and I could see a wanton look in her eyes as she smiled at me. I instantly knew that she approved of his suggestion. Without saying anything I moved my hand and cupped his large balls, gently fondling them, as a signal of my acceptance of his idea. Katie moved her hand and took hold of his limp cock. I thought she looked a little nervous and tentative as she made her first contact with his meat but I needn’t have worried as she slowly lowered her head, stuck out her tongue and licked all over his large purple helmet. I was totally mesmerized as I watched my daughter going to work. She continued licking, giving special attention to the corona and fraenulum, which showed she knew what she was doing, before gradually taking his huge cock head into her mouth. Nigel could be in no doubt now that his wish of having mum and daughter would come true. It was very surreal. I’d always wondered what Katie and her boyfriend’s got up to and how she serviced them, now I didn’t have to imagine any more. Even though he was still fairly flaccid, but hardening, his head was already filling Katie’s mouth.

I then felt Nigel’s hand on my boob. This was different to when we’d been photographed. Now he was squeezing and kneading my ample flesh as he began sexing me. “Nice firm tits,” he said in a hushed voice looking down at me. “With lovely big nipples,” he continued. “And hard and erect already,” he went on, as he worked my nipple between his thumb and fingers. I moved my head up towards his shoulder and he responded by lowering his. Our lips met and his tongue gradually eased its way between mine. It began to explore, and soon both our tongues were entwined in a slow dance that seemed to, blissfully, go on for ages. Eventually our lips parted. “Does mum suck dick?” he enquired in almost a whisper.

“Uh huh,” I replied, with a small nod of my head. I slowly manoeuvred myself, my head sliding down towards his stomach. I could see that Katie was still administering oral skills, but now to a far more erect member. It had certainly lengthened but what sent a shiver through me was the fact that Katie couldn’t close her hand around his shaft and he wasn’t fully hard yet.

“Oooh! your tongue feels good,” Nigel informed her.

“Does he taste good?” I enquired.

“Mmmm,” she responded before removing her mouth off the head and licking her lips. “Why don’t you try it?” She pushed and angled him in my direction. I grasped him as Katie relinquished control. Even my hand, which is a little bigger than hers, could not encircle his large appendage. I lowered my head towards his helmet which was shiny with Katie’s saliva and it also looked a little sticky. I was also very aware that I was now the one being observed as I stuck out my tongue and licked him. It tasted so good and it was obvious that Katie had been able to suck some pre-cum out of him. I then opened wide and took him into my mouth. His head filled it and was all I could take. I don’t like being uncomfortable during sex as it’s something I want to enjoy, and running my tongue over him and probing into the eye was something I was relishing.

“Your little tits are wonderful,” I heard him telling Katie in his quiet soothing voice and I knew she was having them fondled like mine had been earlier. “Your nipples are gorgeous, such tiny hard little buds,” he continued. After a short while Nigel adjusted his position, leaning down to his side. I could see him, as I glanced up, encouraging Katie to move also. From their new positions I knew that Nigel would soon be working on and playing with Katie’s pussy.

I couldn’t tell what he was doing but whatever it was resulted in Katie purring away softly for several minutes. “Mmmm Katie your slits lovely and moist already,” he informed her. “I think someone’s a very randy young lady who’s enjoying this bağdat vaddesi escort a lot.”

“I can’t help it, it’s a result of what you’re doing to me,” she explained.

“I want to taste you and see if we can get you wetter… Sit on the edge of the sofa and spread your legs for me,” he instructed, as he lifted my mouth off him before standing up. I felt a real twinge of excitement listening to him directing my daughter into position so he could pleasure her. Katie had complied with his instruction and he was now kneeling on the floor between her open legs. I was standing next to him when he caught hold of my hand. “Kneel here with me, you’ll get a better view,” he suggested as he gently pulled me down towards him. I was now also kneeling in front of Katie. I had a heightened sense of anticipation and a feeling of awkwardness at the same time. I didn’t really know what to do. I just watched as he started to work on Katie. I’d never seen anything like this before, only on porn sights. I’d never been involved in a MFF threesome before, although I’d been done in a MMF scenario on two occasions. This was also so different because it was my daughter. I could also feel that he would be ignoring me whilst he gave his attention to her, which was right I guess ,as it was her he was pleasuring. What was nice about him was the calm and tender way he went about things, roughness and a wham bang attitude was not his style. “Let’s get your legs up here,” he said, lifting them up and gently pushing them back so her feet were either side of her head. This made her pussy far more accessible to him.

I observed, as he placed his hands either side of her slit, pulling her pussy lips apart revealing her pink gash. It was shimmering and obviously moist. He lowered his head stuck out his tongue and licked along her length starting at her love hole and lifting off just before making contact with her clit. “Mmmm Katie that tastes so good,” he informed her before repeating his actions many times. She responded by quietly moaning her pleasure. Watching was certainly having an effect on me and I was getting ‘turned-on’. Without thinking I somehow instinctively caught hold of his hard shaft and gently started to stroke it. “Candy that feels good,” he uttered in response.

“Mmmm I like that, it feels nice,” Katie said as Nigel started rimming her. His tongue was swirling around and probing into her pink, puckered ring. “No one’s ever tongued me there before,” she added.

She was enjoying it and his actions were making her squirm. He cleverly and determinedly followed her movements in order to continue his licking and probing and to prolong her pleasure. As he did so I had to release my grip on his tool. After a while he helped Katie re-adjust her position back to where he’d started on her. He pulled her open again and started licking along her slit once more but now he flicked his tongue lightly over her clit at the end of each pass. He also used his tongue to probe into her little love hole. He was slowly working her up which was reflected in the length and volume of her moaning and the increased depth of her breathing. “Candy, play with my dick again,” he requested as he took a short break from his actions. I took hold of him and could feel that he was still extremely hard. He started pressing his thumb against her clit making tiny circular motions as he did so. Katie had closed her eyes and was biting her lip.

“Mmmm! Oooh!” she gasped as he slid his middle finger into her. It slipped in easily which reflected her state of arousal.

“Katie you’ve got a wonderful and extremely tight little love hole,” he said with his digit fully inside her. “I think it’s the tightest pussy I’ve ever fingered. It feels fantastic.”

“Your finger feels terrific jiggling inside me,” she responded. Nigel lowered his head, his mouth and tongue took over the work of his thumb on her clit. He also began finger fucking her nice and deep. She was now moaning and groaning continually whist her upper body was twisting and writhing with pleasure. “Oh! Fuck! Yes! Yes! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she shrieked as a terrific orgasm swept through her body and she jerked uncontrollably.

Eventually , as she recovered, the room went quiet, apart from the sound of her heavy breathing, as she stretched out her legs and let them return to the floor. Nigel and I stood up with me still holding his meat. “I think she’s good and wet now and ready for fucking. What does mum think?” he questioned.

“There’s no doubt that she’s ready for you,” I answered.

“Katie what position do you want me to take you in?” he asked her.

“It’s got to be my favourite ‘doggy’,” came a quiet tired voice off the sofa.

“Kneel up on the edge, head down, and raise your bum nice and high,” he instructed and she slowly made a move. “That’s nice Candy, keep me good and hard for your daughter. Do you think Katie will want a rubber?” he enquired.

“Katie does Nigel need a condom?” I asked her.

“No! I want him as he is,” she replied from her kneeling position.

Nigel moved and stood behind her.”Candy why don’t you put me into her.” he suggested. It was a bit of a shock to be asked but what an erotic suggestion. I couldn’t say no. Continuing to hold him I moved his large cock-head to the entrance of Katie’s love hole and moved him up and down a little. He gave a small push.

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