The Photo Shoot

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Walking along the winding path leading from the parking lot to a hiker’s trail, Mike was aware of the cool morning air through his lightweight jacket. He carried several canvas bags carrying his cameras, film and various equipment he needed. Judy walked just a few steps behind him, carrying his coffee and a canvas tote containing her pens, notebook and an old fleece throw. She looked chilled but never uttered a complaint. He smiled. She wore a pair of shorts based on the weather report they’d seen earlier predicting a warm late spring day, but a baggy hooded sweatshirt was zipped securely to her throat, her hands pulled inside the sleeves as far as possible.

She didn’t have to come along, Mike told her. It was too early. They would need to leave the house while it was still dark to be in the park to catch the best lighting. No, Judy replied, she loved watching him work and she wouldn’t be able to sleep without him in their bed. So she was up before him that morning, made his coffee and woke him with a long, deep kiss before luring him willingly into the shower.

Mike felt a little kick in his groin at the memory of Judy jerking him off in the shower while he soaped her breasts and played with her puffy nipples. She was so responsive to his touch and aroused by their fondling that she had orgasmed without any clitoral stimulation when he had ejaculated in her hand.

“Sorry you came along?” Mike called over his shoulder now. Judy shook her head, offering him a playful smile as she asked:

“Have I ever told you that I’d follow you anywhere, just to see your ass in some nice fitting jeans?”

“You’re just saying that because you want to stop at that flea market on the way home,” he teased her. “And you figure you have to flatter me into doing what you want.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she caught up to him as he came to a standstill at the top of a wooded hill. “I’ve been able to get you to do some things you might not have wanted to without flattering you at all.”

“Like what?” he challenged, looking down at her. She was short, just 5’2″ compared to his own 5’10” height.

“You really wanted to take my sisters with us last weekend?” She asked him and his laughter broke the stillness.

“You wanted to spend time with them,” he shrugged. “And as long as they had their own hotel room, I didn’t care. But you do know that they heard us making love. You can never be quiet when you’re enjoying yourself…”

“Well, next time I’ll make sure to restrain myself,” Judy stuck her tongue out at him and continued on the path ahead of him. Mike laughed even louder at that thought. Judy being quiet during sex was an impossibility. But he was surprised she didn’t point out that he was no wallflower when it came to noise. They seemed to draw it out of each other – the heat and passion that left them unable to keep their hands, and other parts, away from each other.

It was Mike’s turn to watch Judy as she walked. The sweatshirt covered her ass, so his view was somewhat restricted. Her long brown hair was pulled into a ponytail and bobbed as she walked. His gaze moved along her legs and he was glad that she had started wearing shorts. He enjoyed her bare skin and having easy access to it pleased him.

“This way,” he whistled, nodding his head to the left when Judy would have continued straight. The narrow path had ended and there was now enough room to allow them to walk alongside each other and Mike slid his arm across her shoulders, pulling her lightly against his side.

“I’m glad you’re here,” he told her. “With me.”

“You’re the whole reason I am here,” she told him.

Mike found the spot he wanted to set up his equipment. It was high up on the hill, overlooking the large lake. Below, the company offering hot air balloon rides had arrived and were setting up for take off. Judy didn’t touch his cameras. She was too nervous of breaking them. In the dark room, she was becoming an invaluable asset, her interest in developing Mike’s film allowed them to share many hours together in complete darkness, simply talking and touching.

Judy set Mike’s coffee on a large rock and took the fleece throw from her bag. She spread it out on the rock and climbed onto it, drawing a corner up over her legs to keep warm. Once settled, she retrieved her notebook and pen and lost herself in her thoughts.

She could hear the click of Mike’s camera as he began taking pictures. She’d look up every so often to watch him in deep concentration and smile. He had such an eye for the interesting, she thought, tipping her head to the side as she studied him. Some of his photos were breathtakingly beautiful, some brought tears to her eyes at the thoughts and emotions they evoked but they were canlı bahis şirketaleri all special to her, because Mike was so special to her.

“Judy, look!” Mike called to her and nodded towards the brightly colored hot air balloon taking off. From her position on the rock, she had a perfect view and her eyes lit up in delight at the sight. She heard the camera clicking away, but kept her focus on the balloon. There were four people inside the small basket and when the chain was pulled a large flame lifted the balloon higher.

It wasn’t until she heard the snap of a twig that she looked at Mike. He had stopped taking pictures of the balloon and lake. He was now taking pictures of her, seated on the rock.

“Don’t waste your film,” she advised him. “I’ll break your camera!”

“You’re beautiful,” he told her with a sincerity that caused her to smile and blush at the same time. “Come on, honey, let me get some candids of you. You never let me ‘shoot you’.”

She was about to refuse but couldn’t say ‘no’ to the man who stood before her. She loved him too much to deny him anything. She set her notebook and pen aside and leaned back on her arms, smiling for him. Mike moved around the rock, taking every angle he could manage, telling Judy which way to turn and directing her where to place her arms or legs.

“Take the blanket off your legs,” he told her and she did so. As he continued snapping pictures, Judy relaxed and began to improvise for him, posing and laughing. Mike stopped to put a new roll of film in the camera and Judy reached for the zipper of her sweatshirt.

“Hey, handsome,” she called and Mike turned his head, looking at her over his shoulder. She pulled the zipper down just far enough to expose one breast to him before pulling the jacket closed. Mike hadn’t been with her when she dressed that morning but he assumed she wore a bra and shirt. To his utter pleasure, Judy just showed him he was mistaken.

“Do it again,” Mike urged her and she did, exposing her other breast. “Again,” he repeated and lifted the camera to his face. What was the harm, Judy thought? There was no one around to see and she trusted Mike beyond question. She flashed him again but this time he snapped a photo of her.

The thrill it gave her shocked her. She exposed her other breast, pinching the nipple. Her puffy nipples were one of Mike’s favorite of her attributes. He continued to shoot her, allowing her to direct her poses, whether she was exposed or covered. The more comfortable she became, the more daring she became. She opened her legs as she cupped a breast through her sweatshirt and watched as Mike took a step back to focus. She watched his Adam’s apple bob in his throat as he swallowed and felt the cold air hit her overheated flesh, exposed by the loose fitting legs of her shorts.

Mike moved the camera away from his face for a moment. He studied her parted thighs, his gaze moving over the nest of dark hair he saw. His lovely, shy, wanton Judy had gone completely commando.

“Open your legs wider,” he instructed her and she did. “Very nice,” he said, almost to himself, causing Judy to smile. She was becoming aroused and because of this became more playful and daring.

She unzipped the sweatshirt all the way, completely exposing both breasts to him. Mike continued to take pictures, moving closer to her.

“Ummm, you’re getting the idea…” he said and Judy’s gaze moved over him, knowing him intimately enough to know that he was getting turned on by her openness. The sun was just beginning to top the trees and the warmth felt good on her exposed skin. “Any interest in getting rid of your shorts?” Mike wanted to know and Judy only hesitated for an instant before slipping off her sneakers and kicking off her shorts. .

“Are you wet?” he asked her, certain she was, but wanted to hear her voice her lust.

“Why don’t you come find out?” she invited, spreading her legs wide and then closing them tight.

“Open your legs, Judy, let me show you how you look when you’re aroused…”

She seemed to consider his request for a moment, looked ready to refuse, but the certainty in his voice gave her all the courage she needed.

“I want you to see what I see, the woman that I see. I love you, Judy.”

He told her to touch herself, her breasts and between her legs. She did so, her gaze following her hand between her thighs to watch as she parted her feminine lips to stroke herself. Part of her listened for the sound of anyone approaching them, part of her was too engrossed in the sensations in her body. It was still early so most of the people in the park were the walkers who adhered to the paved trails below them, walking around the lake. The hikers wouldn’t canlı kaçak iddaa venture out until it was warmer. No one could see them and Judy made herself a promise that she’d remain silent. No matter how aroused or intense this encounter became, she’d prove to Mike that she could resist the need to cry out. That she could revert back to the quiet woman he first met.

She masturbated slowly. She delighted in Mike’s eyes on her. She imagined that they were his fingers on her and slipped a finger inside, joined it with a second and made a circular motion with her hand before moving them in and out in a fucking motion.

“Talk to me, Judy,” Mike spoke from behind the camera. She could tell by the low timbre of his voice that he was aroused. She shook her head, not saying a word. She was going to show him, she thought stubbornly. Not one word or moan would pass her lips. “Tell me what you’re thinking. What are you feeling?”

She closed her eyes, her head tipped back as she began to rock her hips into her fingers. The sound of her juices and the suction caused with her fingers filled the air between them and Judy bit her lip, not trusting herself to remain silent.

“You have no idea how you look,” Mike told her. “Your breasts – your nipples are rock hard, and aching for me to suck them. They’re moving like they’re inviting me over for a visit. You’ve got your legs splayed wide open and I can see everything – your hair, you’ve got your lips parted and your clit is swollen. Every time your fingers slip out, more of your juice escapes…”

His words played on her senses, arousing her even more and she felt her orgasm rising. She felt the scream rising in her throat, but swallowed it down. No, she was determined that there would be no noise. Mike sensed her inner battle. When they met, Judy had been a soft spoken woman, quiet to the point of timid. He suspected she was passionate but never given the opportunity to express her true sexuality. She had been stifled and discouraged by her ‘proper family’ and abusive ex. The first time they had made love, she emerged as a woman beyond Mike’s wildest imaginings. She was open to anything with him.

Now, she needed to tease him. She needed to show him that she could slip back into the ‘quiet one’, the woman who didn’t make a sound during intercourse because it was wrong and slutty. He laughed at the contrast laid out before him. His Judy was naked on a rock in a state park where they could be discovered at any moment, masturbating for their mutual pleasure while he photographed her. But she was determined not to cry out her pleasure because of a comment he made earlier.

He stood directly in front of her now, the camera aimed down to get the full effect of her face and pussy as she came. She exploded, a low whimper escaping her throat, but not the loud cries Mike wanted to hear. Her thighs clamped shut around her hand and her hips arched up off the rock as she fell back. As her movements subsided, Judy’s hand slipped from between her thighs and she just lay there, panting. Her eyes closed, Judy tried to slow her breathing, hearing an intermittent ‘whir’ as Mike continued to take pictures of her.

She opened her eyes wide in surprise when she felt hands grip her thighs, pulling her down a bit off the rock and suddenly Mike was there, between her legs. His jacket was gone, his shirt on top of it with Judy’s clothes as he pushed his hard dick into her.

He talked to her, lewd, dirty words mixed with soft, loving words as he moved in and out of her. Thrusting deeply into her as his hands caressed her breasts. Judy wrapped her legs around his hips, raising herself up for him. Her head twisted on the blanket, consumed in her desire for the man above her, his hardness inside her filling her and making her writhe with growing arousal.

“You like this don’t you?” Mike growled. “You love feeling me inside you – knowing I’m going to come inside you?

Judy nodded, her fingers gripping the blanket on either side of her. Mike slammed into her, his balls hitting her ass.

“Or do you like me in your mouth better, Judy? You like the taste of my semen in your mouth…” Again, she nodded but he heard the small meeewing sound in her chest. “When I come inside you, I’m going to lick you clean and make you tastes us – taste our mixed juices off my tongue. Do you want that? Do you want to suck my tongue? Or would you rather suck my dick into your mouth? You could lick me and suck me clean. What do you want, Judy? Tell me what you want!”

Judy shook her head but knew that she couldn’t deny him this. There was no way she could ever go back to the introverted woman Mike first took to his bed. In public, with her family, she was still canlı kaçak bahis quiet, but with Mike she was free to be herself and she cherished that freedom.

“Tell me what you want,” Mike repeated, fucking her harder. His movements were becoming more urgent as he felt himself ready to release his load into her.

“You – I want you!” Judy said loudly, unable to deny him. “All of it – I want everything! I want you inside me – my mouth, my pussy – my ass! I want you to come in me and on me and I want to taste you everyday!” She was panting now, unable to focus as she felt him between her legs. “God, Mike, please…”

“Are you mine? My Judy? My lover?”

“Yes,” she nodded, more quietly, aware of the sound of her voice echoing around them in the clearing.

“Do you want me to make you cum? Will you cum for me now? Out here?”

“Yes, yes,” she whimpered, so close, so very close. She felt Mike’s thumb on her clit and lost it. She cried out his name, her hips pistoning against his cock inside her as her orgasm shook her. She heard his name reverberate around them, but didn’t care. People on the other side of the lake heard her, she was certain. “Oh, please – please let me feel you cum,” she pleaded and their voices mixed loudly as Mike growled her name loudly and Judy screamed in pleasure as his seed filled her. Mike collapsed on top of her, his mouth claiming hers as he kissed her deeply. She wrapped her arms around his neck, returning his kiss as her legs around his hips kept him buried inside her.

The loud, sudden sound of propane making fire frightened her and she broke the kiss to look up. Floating soundless above them, trapped in a pocket of air, had been the balloon Mike had been photographing earlier. Their audience had watched her, them – spellbound and silent.

Blushing hotly, Judy buried her face in Mike’s throat even as the balloon drifted upwards and the sound of applause filled the air. Mike chuckled against her hair as she held onto him tightly and she whispered:

“You knew they were up there, didn’t you?”

“Yes, and they saw just how beautiful you are, too,” he kissed her cheek, before turning his face to find her lips. “Because you are, beautiful.”

“I’m not,” she denied, studying his face. “But I’m so happy that you think I am.”

One day, Mike hoped that she would be able to see herself through his eyes. When they got home later, he’d ask her to help him develop the photos he took today. She was helping him to set up a website to become more publicly accessible. She suggested that he take some scenic shots, although they weren’t necessarily his favorite. She thought it would add to the website, show his scope and talent.

He thought of getting her into the dark room and developing the earlier photos. The lake and hot air balloon would bring her joy watching the colors burst forth as they came alive on paper. Once they were done, he would bring out ‘her’ film and they would develop them together. He would stand close behind her as they worked. Their bodies would brush and touch as she saw herself ‘through his eyes’. She was so vibrant and vital, funny and passionate, playful and giving that he wanted her to see that.

He straightened, prepared to move away from her so they could dress, but before he did so, he retrieved his camera to take several more photos. He aimed the camera between their bodies and snapped a picture of her pussy, swollen and open, some of his semen dripping from her slit. And then one more – of her face. It was flushed and glowing, her eyes alight with passion and love, her love for him, he knew and the thought filled him with pride.

Judy slipped off the rock and went down on her knees before him, doing just what he had suggested earlier. She sucked and licked his now flaccid penis, cleaning him completely of any evidence of their lovemaking. He watched as his dick disappeared into her mouth, wishing he could reach his camera, but there would be more time and more pictures. He’d make certain of it.

Before he could push her back onto the rock to clean her pussy for her, they heard voices coming up the path and he felt Judy stiffen. He never wanted her to regret anything that happened between them

They dressed, touching and stroking each other. Judy pulled on the sweatshirt first before reaching for her shorts. Mike offered her his jacket to dry herself but she shook her head. She collected as much of the wetness from her thighs as she could on her fingers before dipping them into her mouth. Mike watched her, transfixed at the sight before she pulled her shorts on.

“When I walk, it turns me on to feel your cum slip out of me,” she told him. Not to mention, she thought, how turned on Mike got when she had a wet spot on the crotch of her pants.

They made their way back down the path the where the Jeep sat and loaded Mike’s equipment into the back. He walked her to the passenger side door, pulling it open for her and dropping a light kiss on her lips.

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